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Thread: GO Recent Happenings Thread

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    No one around here's been wanting to do Suicune raids. What, so the temperature's gone down 30 degrees and suddenly everyone's allergic to the outdoors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WishIhadaManafi5 View Post
    I wonder about that one too. Unless it's shiny, it doesn't make sense to have Metapod there. Magikarp, I get, since they're harder to come by.
    Yeah, I can understand the Kanto tier 1s because they're easy to do by yourself and some people may not have them yet. I know I almost NEVER see Charmander, so I'm happy for those this benefits. As for the new raid bosses, well...I'll be honest and a bit more blunt than usual. I think the new raid bosses suck. Keeping Machamp, Lapras, Tyranitar, etc was a good move in that people could always use more of those, but Victreebel? Cloyster? Poliwrath? Metapod?! It just seems to be a bit of a let down. On the bright side, however, at least Porygon has become MUCH more accessible, which is freaking fantastic since I know quite a few people in my raid group on campus still haven't gotten one yet. That and it'll provide a great opportunity to get some candy for Porygon 2 (just a few weeks after I finally walked mine enough to evolve it, but that's beside the point XD). Golem and Omastar are cool too, so it's not a total loss.

    Either way, I'm gonna really miss those Magikarp raids. I was hoping I could find another shiny Magikarp that had decent IVs at some point since mine is junk XD
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    Metapod, like Magikarp, is a joke raid boss. It can't really attack you much like Magikarp. I think the primary reason for the Generation I raids is to give anyone who doesn't have them yet to fill them in for their Pokédex. Also, I believe that when Generation III comes in December, the likelihood of finding Generation I Pokémon will be significantly reduced. There are a few new raid bosses that I still need for my Pokédex, but it's hard to do so by finding others to help you out, as you don't really see much going after any level raid besides legendary raids and possibly Tyranitar. The three new raid bosses Cometstarlight mentioned above are actually ones I still need, but can't take them on alone. Porygon is nice to have around here, however, Porygon is useless to me since I already have a 100% Porygon by hatching it.

    Would want to do the Nidoqueen and Nidoking raids for Pokédex entries, and Golem for a better one, since the one I caught out in the wild is crap.

    And speaking of raids, I did a Gengar raid with two other people at a restaurant while having dinner. I wasn't going to go after it since I was alone at the time, but when I looked it up after a bit, two others joined in. And joined with about a minute to spare (in lobby) to start. And luckily, I caught that Gengar. Now I have the whole Gastly family without evolving. Even though Gengar is a level 3 boss, I guess the others in my group either still needed a decent Gengar or have yet to use the daily free pass.

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    I caught Mewtwo at the EX raid last night! : D : D : D

    Snagged it on the first ball too! I'm still amazed that I even got invited at all. I'd only done one raid for an entire month before they sent out the passes, and it was a freaking Magikarp that I did on a complete whim. The even better part is... I got invited to another EX raid next weekend, at the same gym that I got my Suicune at last week! I can't believe my luck right now. Helps make up for a really crappy couple of weeks at work haha.
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    I have been trying to catch everything that I can to help out with the Pokémon GO Travel thing. My Pokémon GO wriststrap broke so I am carrying it in the little pocket of my jeans now. We have unlocked double XP so that's those millions of Pidgey & Rattata being evolved whilst typing this too
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