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Thread: Fairy Tail Shippings 2.0

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    Default Fairy Tail Shippings 2.0

    Well, since the other one is apparently closed, I thought I'd make this. So yeah, you know the deal just list your favorite Shippings and why you like them.

    For me I like NaWen (I don't care if she's 12, age is but a number, technically 19 anyway) and Cappy. NaWen because they're both kind-hearted dragon slayers. And I also just really like the close relationship between the two of them. Even Lilly said they make a great team. And also because of Happy's crush on Carla. I drew a connection there since you know their each other's best friends and all. Speaking of which the main reason why I like Cappy is because of the events that transpired in the Edolas arc. Carla slowly warming up to Happy and finally calls him by his name as he is protecting her was so extremely memorable and tearjearking that I just couldn't resist shipping them. Little dude deserves to get what he wants.

    Anyway, that's enough out of me. What are your favorite ships in FT? Discuss.
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    Are we allowed to give Manga spoilers? Anime isn't airing for a while now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDragonfangirl View Post
    Are we allowed to give Manga spoilers? Anime isn't airing for a while now.
    Yes, but please highly consider using spoiler tags to be on the safe side, as other members might not caught up with the series and/or manga.
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