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  • Original Series (Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto)

    6 8.82%
  • Advanced Generation (Hoenn, Kanto [Battle Frontier])

    6 8.82%
  • Diamond & Pearl (Sinnoh)

    27 39.71%
  • Black & White / Best Wishes (Unova - Season 1, Season 2 [Episode N + Decolora Adventure])

    7 10.29%
  • XY (Kalos - XY, XY&Z)

    22 32.35%
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Thread: Favorite Saga/Series, V3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maldread View Post
    If BW had a fresh slate (new protagonist), some of its key flaws could have been forgiven. Series had a lot of potential, and S1 wasn't too bad, but then it went downhill with the uneven focus and pacing.
    You're right there. Frankly Johto S1 (which doesn't deserve to be lumped in with S2) > BW S1. This is true (especially after TR vs TP was cancelled).

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    In general i always liked the most Kanto, Orange and Johto. Not just because i grew up with it, but because of depth and lot of emotion this series had going for. Ash, Misty and Brock as main cast worked perfect imo having highly close, meaningful and natural communication between them through lot of moral support and solidarity, moments of clash, arguing and witty jokes like friends in real life would. Being helping hand to each other and produced lot of drama and comedy with their various escapades and spats.

    Feeling like their friendship fermented and reached new level of depth becoming even more closer to each other (to this day "Gotta Catch Ya Later!" remains one of/if not the most touching goodbye imo with tears, sadness and disappointment reflecting truly how Misty, Brock and Ash felt about splitting up).

    Writers put lot of effort and originality in making this series unique, permeated with various fresh ideas and lot of their own imagination. Probably one of reasons why it seemed like older seasons followed games to lower extent. Enjoying in various anime only mini side stories and arcs such as island of Giant pokemon, St, Anne, Whirl islands ending crowned with so far most detailed and important water tournament we ever had, side story with gym leaders, episodes dealing with abnormal pokemon (Tentacruel, or Gengar and Alakazam wanting to wreck whole world), mischief pokemon which supplied anime with various unique running gags which embellished series appeal making it more memorable and fun to follow. Especially Jigglypuff but Delibird too really liking his crazy presents never knowing what to expect next who got introduced there.

    Reflect of creativity was apparent the most during Orange Islands though imo. Whole region and setting taking place in tropical like environment, interesting subplots with gym leaders and concept of love where Misty played notable role, crisis with bulky pokemon like Snorlax which after lot of struggle Ash caught with gym leaders, league, champion , even challenges Ash had to pass in gyms being very innovative and enjoyable to follow.
    Especially because writers had to create everything out oi their imagination not having games to rely on.

    I don't think i disliked any series to be honest. Like i brought up many times before all new generations like AG, DP, BW, XY, SM(currently) offered something new and entertaining to follow, but looking back original series had more emotion, maturity and depth imo with anime feeling more like its own story which builds on itself and strong continuity it followed. Not to mention group dynamic was absolutely golden and most natural as far as im concerned.

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    Sinnoh remains my favorite overall, but XY(&Z) sort of comes close...

    Looking back, my only problem with it really is just how long it takes for the show to move. DP hit the ground running with Dawn, Paul, J, and Galactic all appearing from early on and being developed throughout the entire run. That more story-intensive direction was part of what made DP so different and fascinating when it was new. In XY...Ash basically has no struggles until Greninja, Serena spends several of the early episodes without an objective (and I know that's kind of the point, but its not exactly something that I want to watch when its dragged out...), and the actual plot is developed in the background through the Mega Specials until Z.

    But maaaaan when that plot finally comes around...

    I loved everything pertaining to Zygarde, Team Flare and Alain. Easily the best written villain plot in the entire show, and I wish the story of Kalos in the main series games was half as good as what we got here. Full exploration of Zygarde's role in the world, Alain as a secondary protagonist was incredibly refreshing, Lysandre as a villain comes off as more sinister and calculating than he did in-game (mainly through how he carries himself as this clean cut business type, and his manipulation of Alain), and the way it all came together in Lumiose City was hella suspenseful. Bringing the full cast of characters together to face that situation was something special, too. It made the journey and all of their major encounters feel as though they really mattered and built toward something. Best of all, this climax very quickly made me forget about how garbage the preceding Kalos League was on the whole. Ash's own side of the show did a-lot more of what I had wanted to see post-DP; difficulties (because in my opinion, if Ash is going to stay on the show forever then he has to be doing something). I think the woods bit was kinda over-dramatic, but I do still appreciate what they were going for with Ash losing and finding himself.

    Also did I forget to mention minimal filler?

    I would say that Z (+ the Mega Specials) gave us some of this show's very best episodes. Kind of cherry picking (since its only a fraction of XY), but I would put them very close to DP in my personal ranking.
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    Now that XYZ is over in the dub I'll rank them as of right now:
    XY(Z) Serena/Alan/Team Flare episodes=Battle Frontier>DP>BW season 1=XYZ>XY season 2>Orange Islands>AG=Kanto>>>>>BW season 2>>>>>Johto=XY season 1
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    Diamond and Pearl is my all time favorite.Ash was very competent and experienced trainer and had an amazing and experienced rival(Paul).A rivarly that started because of the two trainers' different beliefs when it comes to training pokemon with Chimchar being in the centre of this conflict.Chimchar's development was handled great and Ash improvised many good moves thanks to Dawn.Also the Acuity Lake's battle which led to Ash's devastating defeat made him more mature than ever and he started trusting his own pokemon even more.The other rivals too looked competent as well and Ash using his reserves while keeping the team which he lost in Acuity Lake for the battle against Paul in the league was also a nice message to show that you can trust your pokemon and show them love to unlock their potential.And Infernape finally showing his amazing potential becoming one of Ash's best pokemon and one of my favorite too.Also losing the league against a broken character while he managed to beat two of Tobias' legendary pokemon was a great feat since no one could even beat his Darkrai.
    Dawn's character was also handled great and her trying to be like her mother had a negative influence in her self-confidence.She was the only pokegirl that was handled as a co-star besides Ash and also as I stated before she helped him improvise new moves.Her defeats and wins where more realistic than May's and Pokemon Contests were improved.My favorite pokegirl by far in the series.
    Team Galactic was my favorite team in the anime and had some great arcs as well.Hunter J was also dangerous and seeing her death at the end was unexpected.

    Just like every series though it had some cons as well:
    -Brock was very bland in this season without a clear goal.
    -Torterra should have been handled better and not being overshadowed by Infernape.
    -Dawn's rivals were underwhelming compared with May's.
    -Many fillers.
    -Tobias should have been foreshadowed a long time ago since he had such a feat using only his Darkrai in every fight.
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    For me, it's DP. I'm probably going to sound biased from nostalgia here, but it was the first series of Pokemon I ever watched. As I got older, I started watching more and more of the other series, but DP remained the highest in my rankings.

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    Kanto series. There was humor, emotion, & every episode was unique & original. The characters all were interesting (even cotd like duplica, AJ, Giselle, etc...) ash actually and the only time he was relatable 10 yr old (shoot I related to him as an 8 yr old girl), Misty had relateable problems (being outcasted) & while she's a bratty, bossy, priss, you can at least admire that she wouldn't let her self-centered sisters put her down. Brock had awful parents who ditched him & forced him to look after his tons of siblings, & you can see how that effected him on how he takes care of Misty & ash's fights & is the calm one who takes care of the group. Even pikachu had more personality even after he friend's ash as he has more cute antics (the treadmill problem, the ketchup love, and running around saying pikachu to get a spot in a hotel to name a few). With the few times he ran into Gary was funny (how ash always got pissed off at everything about Gary. Ash trying to befriend/show Paul up each time was stupid). TRio was pretty threatening at least in the beginning of the series & had the most personality out of any other series with Jessie being a bossy, self-centered brat, James had a lot going for him with his cute antics & family problems, & meowth being the clever cat who was unique in that he taught himself how to walk & talk.

    Ash showed the bond & care for ALL his Kanto team, not just pikachu & one of the region starters (snow way out, bye bye butterfree, Pidgot's last episode, charizard's struggle, helping show how squirtle is the best to the fire squad, etc). Their's great humor in it, & even if the overall plot wasn't there, the fillers were unique & fun. Most gym leaders were unique & memorable (Sabrina, surge, Giovanni, Brock & Misty). And there was some funny moments in there. It seemed like an adventure since it wasn't all just plot in your face. But the plot in the episodes weren't just about them talking about food or whatever (f u lucky star).

    Of course battles were s**t, but Pokemon isn't just an action show. And I don't think most of them got to BW's level of bad. Some were pretty good too (blain's, surge, etc...).

    Johto is pretty unmemorable to me besides the end, hoenn was good but ash become a tad more unrelatable & boring, most Pokemon we're unmemorable, contest imo weren't that great yet, mostly unmemorable CotD's, drew was Gary contest version & may's other rival is unnecessary obnoxious to May for a stupid reason. While Soledad is pretty much a huge Mary Sue. Good points is may and her development & relationship with max, battles were better (but some were stupid aka thunder amour) tension with her rivals. Sinnoh was good. Had great battles, one series that had a plot and decent region villians, interesting contests, and dawn was a great character. Ash was mostly boring though, Brock seemed way more background than usual with the only main not doing much while dawn & ash are focused upon mostly, Paul was just a prick who made little sense, Ursula was just a whinny sore-loser who had no good reason to be mean to dawn, Kenny was only interesting for Dawn's backstory, Nando didn't appear to much despite being on both contests & gyms. Dawn was only interesting character, while ash was only interesting to me with his battle strategies. And this is were fillers got bad. BW... I'll just say the only good things is iris character, her backstory, the Pokemon personalities, & Stephen when he stopped Cilan from doing his 'evaluation time!' or whatever that pointless c**p was called. XYZ series should all be renamed to 'Pokemon, the cliche series' or 'Pokemon, unoriginal series'.

    In short: OS > DP > Hoenn > XY(Z) > BW
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    Tier S:
    Kanto & XY&Z

    Tier A:
    Battle Frontier & XY

    Tier B:

    Orange Isles, Hoenn Saga, Sinnoh Saga, BW Season 2 & Episode N

    Tier C:
    Johto Saga & BW Season 1

    As for a bit of explanation for my favourites...

    The Kanto series is full of amazing humour, emotional moments and is fast phased. The Pokemon have likable personalities and so do the protagonists that all seem very relevant. I kinda dislike that there's a huge amount of filler between the sixth and seventh badge (iirc) and at times Ash is a little bit too derpy for my taste. Aside from that a brilliant season, especially the humour just makes it very enjoyable to watch.

    I think the drama and action in XY&Z is really done well. Both Ash and Serena had a very interesting plot, with interesting rivals for Ash, interesting villains and interesting Pokemon. The battles are very well done as well. I dislike that Clemont is mostly irrelevant and the lack of humour though.
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    A+ Advanced Generation Series

    A Diamond & Pearl Series

    A- Original Series

    B+ XY Series

    C+ Best Wishes Series

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    As it stands, I enjoyed each series a lot, don't really hold one over the other in terms of favoritism as there is very little separating them. That being said, Best Wishes is probably the closest to being my favorite. Cilan is probably 50% of the reason, while Krookodile is 49%, the other 1% is for pretty much everything else about the series of which I loved nearly every second of.

    If I look the other way from Cilan and Krookodile, then rivals were probably a big reason themselves. I loved them all, so many, all got some nice focus, and I just loved them interacting and battling each other(Which is thanks to the Don tournaments which is another thing I loved a lot).

    As always, I just loved seeing all the Pokemon and them doing whatever it is they were doing. Ash's Leavanny's voice got me every time, dub and original, just love the voice. Leavanny itself was also really cool. A lot of the main cast Pokemon just had some great personalities and were fun to watch.

    Team Rocket were fun too, I love them no matter what though, but seeing them not as goofy villains was nice.

    I could list all the things I loved about it, but I'd basically just be listing everything about it, so I'll leave it as such.
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