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    Looking for a Power Construct Zygarde, preferably starting as 10% form. I'm still trying to figure out what would be a fair trade but I was thinking of giving 3 bank ball mons for it.

    I have Friend Ball Chikorita, Love Ball Cleffa, Love Ball Dhelmise, Heavy Ball Honedge, Beast Ball Vulpix, Beast Ball Gible, Beast Ball Riolu, and Level Ball Riolu and probably some others I'm forgetting.
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    Looking for:

    Timid Lunala
    Naive Pheromosa
    Modest/Careful Celesteela
    Impish Zygarde

    I have:

    Adamant/Impish/Jolly Kartana
    Timid Tapu Koko
    Timid Tapu Lele
    Adamant Tapu Bulu
    Timid Tapu Fini
    Gentle/Hardy Zygarde
    Hasty Silvally
    Jolly Type: Null
    Timid Nihilego
    Adamant/Careful Buzzwole
    Timid/Modest Xurkitree
    Calm/Timid/Adamant Solgaleo
    Modest Guzzlord
    Timid Necrozma
    Naughty Pheromosa

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