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    none of your business


    kor unhatched easter eggs with proof
    all lang of saori's machamp with proof
    all lang but spa lunar magikarp with proof
    all lang of shiny tapu koko with proof
    jp corocoro charizard with proof
    chs,cht,jp,ko charity pika with proof
    all lang of greninja,munchlax and magearna with proof
    jp birthday comefy with proof
    eng,chs,cht,fre,ita,jp,kor sapporo vulpix with proof
    spa bday pika with proof
    jp bday eevee with proof

    other lang east eggs with proof
    other lang of charizard with proof
    other lang of charity pika with proof
    upcoming korean tapu koko with proof when released
    other lang of comefy with proof
    other lang of vulpix with proof
    other lang of bday eevee,pikachu with proof
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    Offering HA Comfey in Friend Ball

    HA/Ball Trade List
    Friend Code: 2681 - 0099 - 9302
    Sun/Moon IGN: Cole (Look for a Female with this name when trading!)
    Time Zone: EST (GMT/UTC -5) Best trade times between the hours of 5pm - 10pm but I'm flexible
    by CJsux

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    As usual I try to breed for the rarer gender and end up with several 5IV Comfeys for trade! All are female, Bold, Triage ability, 31/xx/31/31/31/31. Half are in Friend Balls and half are in Love Balls so please specify which one you want.

    Looking for:
    -Quick Ball Dratini
    -Lure Ball Crabrawler
    -Dream HA Bulbasaur
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    Looking for Cosmog and/or Lunala for living pokedex. Do not care if cloned or hacked. Can offer many egg moves of most breedable mons with 5IVs
    Y FC: 4682 8542 6813

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