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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    Looking for a shiny 6IV foreign to USA Ditto

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    Since this is (sadly) probably my last Pokemon game due to the disappointment of gen 7 and having no desire to get a Switch, I'm trying to go out with a bang and complete my competitive shiny collection.

    Therefore, I am offering 2 for 1 (and 5 for 2) on any of these competitive shinies I need:
    Red and Orange Minior
    non-HA Charmander (or evolutions)
    Male HA Ralts (or evolutions)

    Additionally, for any shiny UBs (especially Ultra Sun exclusives) with a decent competitive nature, I am offering 3 for 1 (and 4 for 1 if we trade more than 1).

    FT: Everything is legit to the best of my knowledge, but they may be cloned. I expect anything offered to be legit as well and not hacked in any way, but clones are fine!
    Any non-flawless Shiny or Legend in Bold font I have a HT version of as well! I have enough FC and Bottle Caps to HT multiple Pokemon, so I can HT train anything that has not been yet on request.
        Spoiler:- SM Competitive Shinies:

        Spoiler:- SM Competitive Legends/UBs (shiny ones listed first):

        Spoiler:- 7th gen events:

    Anything from this list of my XY/ORAS competitive shinies, shiny legends, competitive legends, and gens 3-6 events:
    *NEW NICKNAMEABLE SHINY ORAS LEGENDS ADDED! (Regice, Registeel, Uxie, Mesprit, Virizion)*

    Multiple competitive breeding Ditto (6IV, TR, HP Fire, Grass, Rock, Ground, Ice), any HA Pokemon, any item, every competitive nature of Synchronizer, and any Pokemon for dex completion

    Competitive shinies from SM, especially any new Pokemon/forms I don't have
        Spoiler:- Competitive shinies I'm specifically after:

    Competitive UBs/Legends from SM (Hyper Trained is fine), including ANY NEW UBS IN USUM AND ULTRA SPACE-CAUGHT LEGENDS, ESPECIALLY SHINY ONES!!!
        Spoiler:- Legends/Tapus/UBs I'm specifically after:

    Competitive Ultra Sun-exclusive Totems (will be adding my own Ultra Moon Totems to my list here shortly, just gotta SR Kommo-o after I finish the current shiny hunt)

    Events I don't have

    PM/VM me if interested!
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    Trust The Process

    FC: 2680-9085-8247
    IGN: Andy
    PotW VGC Writer

    VM/PM me if you're interested in some VGC18 battles!!
    Also check out my trade post ( my list of hundreds of competitive shinies, events, and competitive legendaries up for trade!

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    looking for shiny Stakattaka offering shiny Blacephalon
    3ds fc is 1864-8996-6344

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    Been breeding Venipede for shinies, willing to trade away any shinies that do not have the Hidden Ability Speed Boost.

    Their IVs and ability are random, but they are otherwise Adamant and have the Egg Moves Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Pin Missile.

    Willing to accept any competitively bred pokemon or other not-perfect shiny pokemon.

    Please note, I am not playing Pokemon as dedicated as before.
    Friend Code: 3926-5853-1176
    In-Game name (AS, Sun): Ishii
    IGN (UM): Ish
    Discord: Xenomata #2036
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT -8)

        Spoiler:- Breeding Projects. "Show Spoiler" to see what I have planned for the future:

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    Hey guys. I have a shiny relaxed level 100 perfect nature celesteela with pokerus that I'd be more than happy to trade for a non shiny timid perfect IVs Latias caught in Ultra moon
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    I have a shiny arcanine and shiny yanmega for trade, wanting a destiny knot.

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    Default Wanted shiny Honedge and shiny Electrike

    I have the following shines that I want to trade for shiny Electrike preferably with the timid or modest nature but not riquired. Also a shiny Honedge preferably with the nature sassy or adamant but not required.

    1.Shiny Tentracool level 25 Nature=Relaxed
    2.Shiny Magcargo level 62 Nature=Lonely
    3.Shiny Geodude Level 100 Nature=Timid

    I also have some Pokémon with pokerus if your interested

    1.Feebas level 1 Nature=Gentle
    2.Gabite level 26 Nature=Jolly
    3.Houndoom level 29 Nature=timid
    4.Gorebyss level 19 Nature=Adamant
    5.Claydol level 37 Nature=Hardy
    6.Decidueye level 34 Nature=Quirky
    7.Golisopod level 42 Nature=Impish

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    ** Nevermind
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    LF:Shiny machamp that was caught or bred in a friend ball (or any pokeball that matches it's shiny form) with the adamant nature & possible EM

    FT:Self bred shiny Greninja that was bred in a dusk ball with hasty nature,HP Fire,& it's HA

    Please message or comment me if you can help.
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