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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    LF: MARSHADOW (willing to do 2 for 1)
    NA Natl Champ Arcanine
    Unova, Kalos, Alola Hat Pikachu
    RBY Virtual Console Mew

    including all other Hat Pikachu, English HP Ground shiny Tapu Koko event, and Japanese HP Ice shiny Tapu Koko event
    Trust The Process

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    IGN: Andy
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    VM/PM me if you're interested in some VGC 2017 battles!!
    Also check out my trade post ( for my list of hundreds of competitive shinies, events, and competitive legendaries up for trade!

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    none of your business


    other lang of corocoro ho-oh with proof
    marshadow other lang with proof
    jpn charizard,lucario and piplup all lang with proof
    kor eeveelutions with proof
    NA arcanine with proof other lang
    eeveelution events other lang with proof
    korean easter eggs with proof
    korean wcs mew other lang with proof
    other lang of pc bewear with proof
    other lang of kor league tapu koko with proof
    all hat pikas with proof
    other lang egg set with proof
    2017 corocoro charizard all lang with proof
    other lang of 2017 charity pika with proof
    bday comfey,pika,eevee other lang with proof
    2016 tanabata jirachi both ots other lang with proof will do 2-3 proof event per jirachi or 5-10 non proof event per jirachi(1 for 1 if rto or vrto is picked)
    Pika Pika Pokémon Spa Pikachu other lang with proof will do 2-3 proof event per pika or 5-10 non proof event per pika(1 for 1 if rto or vrto is picked)
    other lang of repeat pika and vivillion with proof
    other lang of kor shiny mewtwo with proof
    pgl landorus other lang with proof
    repeat gengar other lang with proof
    other 2015 birthday events with proof
    kor league gyarados other lang with proof
    hiroshima repeat charizard all lang with proof
    hiroshima repeat rayquaza other lang with proof
    eng lab charmander with good proof
    jp kanto lab starters with good proof
    johto lab starters other lang with redemption proof
    taiwan hoopa and arceus all lang with redemption proof
    kor movie legends all lang with redemption proof
    other lang of korean shiny teeter dance pika with redemption proof
    FRE,JP guidebook mareep with redemption proof
    korean megabattle charizard other lang with redemption proof
    korean pikachu with proof
    SPA watertribe manaphy with redemption proof
    other lang of vega and altair jirachi with redemption proof
    saytay pikachu other lang with redemption proof
    eng,ita,jp,spa guidebook shaymin with redemption proof
    other languages of current/new events with proof

    ft many proof events including
    ita,jpn corocoro ho-oh
    chs flareon,vaporeon vrto or other eeveelutions
    eng,fre,ita,jpn marshadow
    all lang of wifi tapu koko
    all lang of 7-11 mew
    eng,fre na arcanine vrto or other lang
    ita pc jolteon vrto or other eeveelutions
    pc victini all lang
    all lang of lillie vulpix
    all stars battle diance jpn
    fre pc jolteon
    chs,cht,eng,fre,ita,jpn,kor,spa alolan cap pika vrto or other lang
    all lang of kiawe turtonator
    all lang of mallow's steenee
    all lang of kalos cap pika
    2016 bday umbreon
    chs pc jolteon
    chs,cht,fre,ita,jpn,kor unova cap pika
    cht pc jolteon
    cht pc leafeon
    eng,cht,fre pc sylveon
    chs pc umbreon
    all 8 pc eeveelutions jp
    ger,kor korean wcs mew vrto
    all lang of guardians rising lycanrock
    eng(vrto or for missing hoenn caps,chs sinnoh or eng unova),cht,fre,ita,jpn,kor,spa sinnoh cap pikachu
    fre easter egg goomy unhatched
    ita easter egg mareanie
    all lang of hk/tw tapu koko
    all lang of kor diglett,grimer,sandshrew
    fre,ger,jp,kor,spa hoenn cap pika
    unhatched easter eggs eng,jp,kor
    eng,chs,fre,ita,jp,kor,spa pc bewear
    all lang of ash pikachu kanto hat
    korean league tapu koko
    all lang of korean alolan vulpix
    shiny easter egg set with reddit links showing shiny values being found and eggs being sent to person to be hatched
    eng,jp gen 1 vc mew
    eng,fre,ger,jp,kor corocoro charizard
    spa bday 2017 pikachu
    jp bday 2017 eevee
    all lang of japan shiny tapu koko
    all lang of charity pikachu
    all lang of saori's machamp
    all lang of demo greninja
    all lang of lunar magikarp
    all lang of sapporo vulpix
    jp bday comefy with proof
    all lang of munchlax,magearna
    and many gen 6 event with proof
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    Marshadow. I especially am looking for this. I am willing to trade more/multiple for this.
    Any Ash-hat Pikachu. Currently, it does not matter which one in particular.

    FT: Many shinies and events from generations VII and earlier. I have a good amount currently, so feel free to PM me about what I have.

    Thank you very much.
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    Shiny Count: 250+
    Shiny Clauncher Magnet

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    Looking For
        Spoiler:- Alola Born 5IV+:

    For Trade:
        Spoiler:- 5IV Hatched Pokemon (Kalos Born):

        Spoiler:- 6IV Hatched Pokemon (Kalos Born):

        Spoiler:- 5IV Hatched Pokemon (Hoenn Born):

        Spoiler:- Event Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Other Legends:

    Legit Pokemon only! No Hacks or Clones!
    Other ligitmate shiney, events, and 5/6IV trades are welcome. PMs only thank you.
    3DS Friend Code: 5429-7866-6445 IGN:Adrian

    Friend Safari Pokemon = Octillery, Gyrados, and Poliwhirl!!

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    Will trade Tapu Koko shiny event for a shiny Noctowl that's either timid or modest

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