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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    none of your business


    new gen 7 events with proof
    other lang of gen 7 event with proof
    gen 6 proofed events i don't have
    other lang of gen 6 events with proof

    ft many proofed events including
    cht,eng,ita,kor hk/tw ash pikachu rto for eng,ita,kor and vrto for cht
    lang set of shiny kyogre event
    lang set of shiny groudon event
    lang set of hajime syacho corsola
    chs,spa korean ash charizard vvrto (chs for other lang)
    chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,kor,spa korean marshadow (chs,cht,fre for other lang and kor is nft for time being,ger nft)
    chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,ita,jpn,spa scrap sets (missing kor hoopa and meloetta)
    chs,cht,eng,fre,kor world exeggutor
    chs,eng,fre na champ arcanine
    ita,kor korean autumn league mimikyu
    eng korean shiny silvally
    chs,spa korean verity piplup for other piplups
    all lang of korean sorrel lucario
    korean store glaceon and vaporeon vrto
    tanabata jirachi lang set
    ger,kor korean champ mew
    cht,jpn bday eevee
    jpn,spa bday pika
    eng,ger,jpn bday comefy (ger for other bdays only)
    and more
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    Hello! I am looking a legit careful nature DW benette with cotom guard! (language doesnt matter, prefered untouched) I have events (some have download it myself) If you have one and want to trade sent me a pm/vm!
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    Stuck in a flood zone


    Got what I was looking for.
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    Not a chance.


    'm for looking for NA shiny silvally codes

    I have these shiny staters and events to offer

    2 NA Marshadow codes

    UT Shiny Bulbasaur lv 1 Bold nature
    UT Shiny Charmander lv 1 with dragon dance and dragon rush
    UT Shiny Squirtle lv 1 Bashful nature with pokerus
    UT Shiny Chikorita lv 1 Serious nature*
    UT Shiny Cyndaquil lv 1 Careful nature
    UT Shiny Turtwig lv 5 Bashful nature
    UT Shiny Chimchar lv 5 Relaxed nature
    UT Shiny Piplup lv 1 Hardy nature
    UT Shiny Lugia lv 70 Lonely nature
    UT Shiny Deoxys lv 30 Naughty nature
    Event UT Shiny WCS Milotic lv 50 Timid nature
    Event UT Shiny GAMESTP Pichu lv 30 Jolly nature
    Event UT Shiny WIN2011 Suicune lv 30 Relaxed nature
    Event UT Plasma Genesee lv 15 Naive nature
    Event UT SMR2012 Keldeo lv 15 Timid nature
    Event UT SPR2013 Meloetta lv 50 Hasty nature
    Event UT MYSTRY Mew lv 10 Timid nature
    UT Shiny Phione lv 1 Quirky naturer

    And many other shinies pm me a pokemon to see if I have a Shiny of it

    Am willing to trade 2 shiny starters/non legend shinies for the code
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    im looking for an event rockruff and 3 of the pikachus with hats

    I have tons of events and shinies for trade.. also 3 pikachus with hats
    Sun FC: 3582-9600-6411
    IGN: Majin Seijin

    Pokedex count: Living Dex

    170+ separate evolution Level 100's
    Cloning Service available, just send me a message
    I really like trading and think that trading is apart of gameplay for pokemon

    Looking for Shiny Litten, Rapidash, and anything I dont have

    Shinies for Trade:

    Xerneas, Yveltal, Diancie, Silvally, Tapu Koko

    Wishiwashi, Alolan Marowak

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    Hello! I looking for adamant/bold/careful/modest pgl banette with cotton guard! If you have one and wish to trade tell me i have many events and shinies for trade

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    I am looking for a few shiny Silvally codes (the North American version). In exchange, I can offer Target Charizard codes (also from North America). Please feel free to contact me for further details.
    Resources and Related Services:

    5 complete Living Pokedexes (Platinum, White, White 2, Y, Omega Ruby)
    1 complete Regional Pokedex (Ruby)

    --> Available for complimentary Pokedex entry trading, or for past Generation breeding

    Access to all main-series games, as well as to all compatible GameCube and Wii titles
    --> Happy to help with activities exclusive to a specific title, such as Bank Balls, tutor moves, and more

    Access to all available breedable Hidden Ability Pokemon & Pokemon Dream Radar
    --> All reasonable Hidden Ability breeding requests honored

    Access to: 2 Complete Ditto Nature Sets (Y, Omega Ruby)
    1 Complete Ditto 0 IV Stat Set
    --> Able to breed any Pokemon with any nature and/ or 0 IV stat value

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    I have shiny Silvally codes to trade for event rockruff if any one is interested.

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