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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    none of your business


    other lang of gen 7 event with proof
    gen 7 event with proof i don't have yet
    gen 6 with proof i don't have yet and other lang with proof

    ft many proofed events including
    korean silvally eng vrto or other lang
    ita autumn korean league shiny mimkyu vrto or other lang
    cht,eng,jpn carnival set wc
    korean steenee lang set
    pal marshadow lang set
    target charizard lang set
    western release kanto,hoenn,sinnoh,unova,kalos cap lang sets
    chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,spa pc shiny mimikyu
    chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,ita,spa gs celebi
    new aether silvally all lang
    championship arcanine(eng,fre) and exeggutor(eng,chs,fre,kor)
    all lang of kor lillie vulpix
    chs,jpn and fre yokohama outbreak pikachu
    eng,chs,cht,ger,ita,jpn,kor tanabata 2017 jirachi
    all lang of the 7-11 movie event pokemon and 7-11 mew
    and many more
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    second fc 5258 3034 6289 Kevin
    rare gba events-gen4&5events
    Event Shop
    update 1
    update 2
    update 3
    gen 7 events

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    Play! 2016 Shiny Mewtwo(Modest Nature with Max IVs in Special Attack)

    Celebii Code(Gold and Silver)
    Shiny Tapu Koko event
    Meloetta GF Event
    Keldeo GF Event
    Victini GF Event
    Celebi GF Event
    Jirachi GF Event
    Manaphy GF Event
    Shaymin GF Event
    Hoopa Event
    Zygarde XYZ Event
    Shiny Yveltal XYZ Event
    Shiny Xerneas XYZ Event
    Marshadow Code(US)
    Ash Hat Pikachu(Unova)
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    I am looking for lots of Marshadow codes (I'd like to put together a language set of it).

    Please PM me with what you're looking for, and I'd be happy to let you know if I have it.
    Resources and Related Services:

    5 complete Living Pokedexes (Platinum, White, White 2, Y, Omega Ruby)
    1 complete Regional Pokedex (Ruby)

    --> Available for complimentary Pokedex entry trading, or for past Generation breeding

    Access to all main-series games, as well as to all compatible GameCube and Wii titles
    --> Happy to help with activities exclusive to a specific title, such as Bank Balls, tutor moves, and more

    Access to all available breedable Hidden Ability Pokemon & Pokemon Dream Radar
    --> All reasonable Hidden Ability breeding requests honored

    Access to: 2 Complete Ditto Nature Sets (Y, Omega Ruby)
    1 Complete Ditto 0 IV Stat Set
    --> Able to breed any Pokemon with any nature and/ or 0 IV stat value

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    Hi there people of serebii! It's been a while! <3. Due to inactivity I have missed the shiny tapu koko event. I am seeking any type of this event. For people who can't clone I can offer shiny vgc machamp OT screenpeekaz or Japanese tourney qualifiers landorus I think it's also called hylian landorus. For those willing to clone my trade and give it back to me please check my trade list from my gen 6 events here. All my events should be legit as I check all the dates for power saves. Thanks!
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    LF: Got the codes I was after, but always open to offers on any events I don't have!

    FT: 1 Salazzle code I'm trying to get used up
    Anything from my post here:
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    FT: Salazzle code

    LF: Competitive Pokémon with good IV/nature.

    PM me if interested

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    hey, looking for events i don’t have.

    For trade:
    Events 2015
    Rayquaza OT:Galileo ID:08055
    Diancie OT:Hope ID:07245
    Serperior OT:Present ID:01225
    Emboar OT:Present ID:01295
    Samurott OT:Present ID:02105
    Hoopa OT:Harry ID:10235
    Hoopa OT:Mac ID:11275
    Dragonite OT:JUN2015 ID:06225

    Events 2015(JP)
    Hoopa OT:えいがかん ID:07185
    Diancie OT:ポケセン ID:12125
    Arceus OT:デセルシテイ ID:03075
    Lugia OT:7 SPOT ID:00711
    Yveltal OT:XY&Z ID:11055
    Xeneas OT:XY&Z ID:10295

    Events 2016
    Megearna OT:Ember ID:872677
    Articono OT:Aldora ID:03116
    Zapdos OT:Aldora ID:03116
    Moltres OT:Aldora ID:03116
    Mew OT:GF ID:22796 (gba)
    Mew OT:GF ID:02016
    Celebi OT:GF ID:03016
    Jirachi OT:GF ID:04016
    Darkrai OT:GF ID:05016
    Manaphy OT:GF ID:06016
    Shaymin OT:GF ID:07016
    Arceus OT:GF ID:08016
    Victini OT:GF ID:09016
    Keldeo OT:GF ID:10016
    Genesect OT:GF ID:11016
    Meloetta OT:GF ID:12016
    Munchlax OT:Ember ID:872677
    Meowth OT:Happy ID:08196
    Mewtwo OT:Play!2016 ID:07266
    Mewtwo OT:Nintendo HK ID:06096
    Volcanion OT:Helen ID:10016
    Machamp OT:Screenpeekaz ID:05146
    Yveltal OTescartes ID:05026
    Xerneas OTescartes ID:05026
    Zygarde OTescartes ID:05026

    Event 2016(JP)
    Hydreigon OT:ゲーチス ID:06232
    Volcanion OT:ネーベル ID:04166
    Pikachu OT:オンライン ID:02056
    Vulpix OT:サツポロ ID:161201
    Zapdos OT:Pスクラップ ID:03016
    Sharpedo OT:アオギリ ID:11214
    Nidoqueen OT:サカキ ID:01294
    Weavile OT:アカギ ID:09138
    Camerupt OT:マッブサ ID:11214
    Pyroar OT:フラダリ ID:10123
    Audino OT:ポケセン ID:01016

    Event 2016(other)
    Espeon OT: 포켓몬스토어 ID:170715
    Pikachu OT: P-Cafe ID:05276

    Event 2017
    Pikachu OT:Ash ID:091303
    Pikachu OT:Ash ID:060407
    Charizard OT:Bullseye ID:100117
    Lycanroc OT:Rocky ID:051517
    Salazzle OT:Clovis ID:080817
    Tapu Koko OT:Melemele ID:170714
    Celebi OT:Ilex ID:040601
    Magikarp OT:Lunar ID:170128
    Exeggutor OT:Worlds17 ID:081817

    Event 2017(JP)
    Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:970401
    Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:021121
    Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:060928
    Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:100923
    Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:131017
    Pikachu OT:サトシ ID:161117
    Silvally OT:エーテル ID:170922
    Marshadow OT:テンセイざん ID:170715
    Pikachu OT:カー二バル ID:170809
    Mimikyu OT:ポケセン ID:170922
    Mimikyu OT:カー二バル ID:170814
    Ditto OT:カー二バル ID:170814
    Solrock OT:サクジ ID:170726
    Lunatone OT:サクジ ID:170726
    Vulpix OT:リーリエ ID:170705
    Ho-Oh OT:テンセイざん ID:170715
    Jolteon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Flareon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Vamporeon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Umbreon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Glaceon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Leafeon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Sylveon OT: ポケセン ID:170513
    Turtonator OT: カキ ID:170626

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    I was given 2 Marshadow codes but only need 1. Anyone need one that doesn't have?


    Code was given out. I will try to get more.
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    I have 7 more Target Charizard event cards that were just put out. Will give out for free or if you’d like to trade something in return I’ll accept whatever.

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    I'm looking for a shiny yvental. I can offer 2 marshadow codes in return. I can also offer previous events if you missed them. Pm if interested.

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    Looking for Mashadow codes (us) and I have shiny Scizor
    or a shiny Type-null to offer! ^^

    3DS FC: 4227-2881-7628

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    Looking for the event Diancie!

    I can trade the Unova cap Pikachu - Ash ID No. 021211

    3DS FC: 1264-0815-5241

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    Hey guys!

    Thanks to you i do have all the pokemon out there! Except for one: Diancie
    Is there somebody who can help me fullfill my wish of having every pokemon? You’d make me super happy!
    If you don’t have a Diancie, i’m also looking for Pikachu Hoenn, and Alola Cap! In return i do have some interesting pokemon

    Thanks in advance!

    You can send a private message!

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    Ash Pikachu with HP Ice or Fire (Kanto and Hoenn Hat. ENG tag)
    Happy Hour Greninja with HP Fire and Naive nature
    Shiny Timid PC Tokyo Charizard

    All obtained by me unless stated otherwise.

    Gen 4
    Gamestop Jirachi (Jolly 31,31,31,x,31,31) (Trained, Lv 50, EVs HP 252, Speed 252, 4 ATK) (Nickname: Oathkeeper) (No longer has event move Draco Meteor)
    TRU Shaymin (Modest 22-23, 14-15, 12-13, 31, 6-7,30)
    Gamestop Deoxys (Hasty 24-25, 22-23, 8-9, 31, 6-7, 30)
    TRU Arceus (Hardy 29, 24, 3, 23, 11, 17)
    Custom lv 1 Sinjoh Ruins Dragons (Shinies are possible. Give me some time and I can do custom ID/OT also. I have the Arceus for proof.)

    Gen 5

    SPR2012 Zekrom (Calm 15, 27, 8, 26, 29, 25)
    May2012 Darkrai (Timid 31,x,31,31,31,31) Trained lv 100. 4 def, 252 spatk, 252 speed
    Plasma Genesect (Naive 6 IV) Trained Lv 100. 4 def, 252 spatk, 252 speed
    Win2013 Keldeo (Timid HP Ghost 31,22,31,31,30,31) 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 SpDef
    Win2013 Keldeo (Timid HP Electric 31,19,31,30,31,31) 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 SpDef
    Sum2013 Shiny Dialga (Modest 31,x,31,31,31,31)
    Sum2013 Shiny Palkia (Naďve 6 IV)
    Sum2013 Shiny Giratina (Impish 31,31,31,x,31,31)
    SPR2013 Meloetta (Timid 31,x,31,31,31,31)
    Entrée Forest Arceus (Jolly 31,31,31,x,31,31 Premier Ball, EVs 252 ATK, 252 Speed, 4 DEF) (Nicknamed G.O.A.T) (OT: Light ID: 45267)
    Most of the US Gen 6 events (Haven’t redeemed any of them yet)
    All of the 20 Annivs
    Hold Back Beldum
    XY Torchic
    Pokeball Viivillon
    Fancy Vivillon
    XYZ Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, Zugarde
    HA Legendary Birds
    Hope Diancie
    Sly Zoroark
    Mac Hoopa
    Spooky Pumpkaboo
    Play! Mewtwo
    Galileo Rayquaza
    HA Gen 5 Starters
    Bank HA Regis (redeemed) OT: May ID: 09118
    HK Shiny Jirachi Adamant nature
    PC Shiny Diancie Naive nature
    Worlds2016 Bulbasaur Modest Nature
    Gen 4/5 RNG and Apricorn Ball Requests

    20 more years.......

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    Looking for 2 English Sinnoh Cap Pikachu

    I really have nothing of great interest to offer, so I'm open to discussion on what you'd like for them (sorry)
    I can breed decent IV's and Chain-Fish Shiny Hunt in Gen 6 and trade up to Moon if you desire anything from there.

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    All traded. Thank you!
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    I have 3 marshadow codes (well 4 but ones already taken for another trade) am willing to trade the codes for shiny suicune, Raikou and Entei pm with offers (you get priory if they're from the VC gold and sliver but its not necessary )
    Fire Red Team
    Emerald Team
    Platinum Team
    Heart Gold Team
    Black 2 Team
    Pokemon X Team
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Team:

    3DS FC: 3153-4454-8518

    pokedex: complete -
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    I am currently seeking a Shiny Rayquaza - preference would be for an english version (Galileo I think? but any english named version would be awesome!)

    I can offer:
    Keldeo (OT is GF, lv 100)
    Victini (OT is GF, lv 100)
    Meloetta (OT is GF, lv 100)

    I do have a few others I might consider trading (Magearna, Marshadow and quite a few legendaries) so if interested, please PM me!

    Please PM me if interested!

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