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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    Have four NA shiny sivally codes. Please PM if interested. =)

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    none of your business


    gen 6 event i don't have with proof
    other lang of gen 6 event with proof
    gen 7 event i don't have with proof
    other lang of gen 7 event with proof

    ft many proofed events including
    pokemon store glaceon,vaporeon vrto or other korean eeveelutions
    fre,kor korean kiawe turtonator vrto or other lang
    NA shiny silvally lang set
    korean silvally eng vrto or other lang
    ita autumn korean league shiny mimkyu vrto or other lang
    cht,eng,jpn carnival set wc
    korean steenee lang set
    pal marshadow lang set
    target charizard lang set
    western release kanto,hoenn,sinnoh,unova,kalos,alola cap lang sets
    pc shiny mimikyu lang set (ita and kor nft for now)
    chs,cht,eng,fre,ger,jpn,ita,spa gs celebi
    new aether silvally all lang
    championship arcanine(eng,fre) and exeggutor(eng,chs,fre,kor)
    all lang of kor lillie vulpix
    chs,jpn and fre yokohama outbreak pikachu
    eng,chs,cht,ger,ita,jpn,kor tanabata 2017 jirachi
    all lang of the 7-11 movie event pokemon and 7-11 mew
    and many more
    fc 1607-3951-9913 Kevin
    second fc 5258 3034 6289 Kevin
    rare gba events-gen4&5events
    Event Shop
    update 1
    update 2
    update 3
    gen 7 events

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    Hey all LF a Shiny Larvitar, Ivs and Nature don't matter for my Ultra Moon team Offering a Unscratched/Unused Shiny Silvally code NA region, if you're interested I can pm you proof
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    Unova Cap Pikachu
    Alolan Marowak (Totem-sized)
    Lurantis (Totem-sized)
    Vikavolt (Totem-sized)
    Gumshoos (Totem-sized)
    Ribombee (Totem-sized)

    NA - Marshadow Code Or Untouched Marshadow Pokemon - Multiple Available
    NA - Shiny Silvally Code Or Untouched Shiny Silvally Pokemon - Multiple Available
    NA - Kartana - Beast Ball - Untouched X2
    Fre - Kartana - Beast Ball - Untouched X1
    NA - Pheromosa - Luxury Ball - Untouched X2
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    FT: 1 PAL Shiny Silvally code and 1 PAL Marshadow Code.

    LF: A Shiny Silvally event Pokemon and a Marshadow pokemon.

    I don't care if you offer me the Pokemon for these codes or if you offer me event versions from another region.

    I do not accept hacks or clones, so please do not trade me either of these.

    [EDIT]Traded the Marshadow Code for a Shiny Silvally with Minigoth. Awaiting a trade on a different forum for the Shiny Silvally PAL Code.
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    Not a chance.


    I'm for a NA shiny silvally code
    A shiny ut shiny silvally from the event
    Shiny ut tapu koko

    I have these shiny staters and events to offer

    NA Marshadow codes

    UT Shiny Bulbasaur lv 1 Bold nature
    UT Shiny Charmander lv 1 with dragon dance and dragon rush
    UT Shiny Squirtle lv 1 Bashful nature with pokerus
    UT Shiny Chikorita lv 1 Serious nature*
    UT Shiny Cyndaquil lv 1 Careful nature
    UT Shiny Turtwig lv 5 Bashful nature
    UT Shiny Chimchar lv 5 Relaxed nature
    UT Shiny Piplup lv 1 Hardy nature
    UT Shiny Lugia lv 70 Lonely nature
    UT Shiny Deoxys lv 30 Naughty nature
    Event UT Shiny WCS Milotic lv 50 Timid nature
    Event UT Shiny GAMESTP Pichu lv 30 Jolly nature
    Event UT Shiny WIN2011 Suicune lv 30 Relaxed nature
    Event UT Plasma Genesee lv 15 Naive nature
    Event UT SMR2012 Keldeo lv 15 Timid nature
    Event UT SPR2013 Meloetta lv 50 Hasty nature
    Event UT MYSTRY Mew lv 10 Timid nature
    UT Shiny Phione lv 1 Quirky naturer

    And many other shinies pm me a pokemon to see if I have a Shiny of it

    Edit: Am willing to trade 2 shiny starters/non legend shinies for tapu koko if they are untouched
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    Stopped collecting around the release of Sun and Moon because of job, hoping to do a little catching up. Also looking for some in-game trades
        Spoiler:- LF:

    My list is now in my signature since the character limit has been exceeded
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    FT: Pokemon I Choose You-Theater Distribution Ash's Hat Pikachu
    Hundreds of other events in my list below

    LF: Anything I mention here:

    but especially these competitive shinies:
    Red and Orange Minior

    and also UT Fire Fang Own Tempo Rockruff event, UT Thunder Fang Own Tempo Rockruff event
    Trust The Process

    FC: 2680-9085-8247
    IGN: Andy
    PotW VGC Writer

    VM/PM me if you're interested in some VGC18 battles!!
    Also check out my trade post ( for my list of hundreds of competitive shinies, events, and competitive legendaries up for trade!

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    Fast Balls
    Treecko, Froakie, or Kanto Starters in Fast Balls/Beast Balls
    Happy Hour Greninja with HP Fire and Naive nature
    Shiny Timid PC Tokyo Charizard

    All obtained by me unless stated otherwise.

    Gen 4
    Gamestop Jirachi (Jolly 31,31,31,x,31,31) (Trained, Lv 50, EVs HP 252, Speed 252, 4 ATK) (Nickname: Oathkeeper) (No longer has event move Draco Meteor)
    TRU Shaymin (Modest 22-23, 14-15, 12-13, 31, 6-7,30)
    Gamestop Deoxys (Hasty 24-25, 22-23, 8-9, 31, 6-7, 30)
    TRU Arceus (Hardy 29, 24, 3, 23, 11, 17)
    Custom lv 1 Sinjoh Ruins Dragons (Shinies are possible. Give me some time and I can do custom ID/OT also. I have the Arceus for proof.)

    Gen 5

    SPR2012 Zekrom (Calm 15, 27, 8, 26, 29, 25)
    May2012 Darkrai (Timid 31,x,31,31,31,31) Trained lv 100. 4 def, 252 spatk, 252 speed
    Plasma Genesect (Naive 6 IV) Trained Lv 100. 4 def, 252 spatk, 252 speed
    Win2013 Keldeo (Timid HP Ghost 31,22,31,31,30,31) 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 SpDef
    Win2013 Keldeo (Timid HP Electric 31,19,31,30,31,31) 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 SpDef
    Sum2013 Shiny Dialga (Modest 31,x,31,31,31,31)
    Sum2013 Shiny Palkia (Naďve 6 IV)
    Sum2013 Shiny Giratina (Impish 31,31,31,x,31,31)
    SPR2013 Meloetta (Timid 31,x,31,31,31,31)
    Entrée Forest Arceus (Jolly 31,31,31,x,31,31 Premier Ball, EVs 252 ATK, 252 Speed, 4 DEF) (Nicknamed G.O.A.T) (OT: Light ID: 45267)
    Most of the US Gen 6 events (Haven’t redeemed any of them yet)
    All of the 20 Annivs
    Hold Back Beldum
    XY Torchic
    Pokeball Viivillon
    Fancy Vivillon
    XYZ Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, Zugarde
    HA Legendary Birds
    Hope Diancie
    Sly Zoroark
    Mac Hoopa
    Spooky Pumpkaboo
    Play! Mewtwo
    Galileo Rayquaza
    HA Gen 5 Starters
    Bank HA Regis (redeemed) OT: May ID: 09118
    HK Shiny Jirachi Adamant nature
    PC Shiny Diancie Naive nature
    Worlds2016 Bulbasaur Modest Nature
    Gen 4/5 RNG and Apricorn Ball Requests
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    Golden Bottle Caps
    Battle Tree Mega Stones(The ones you have to buy with Battle Points)

    Shiny Tapu Koko event
    Meloetta GF Event
    Keldeo GF Event
    Victini GF Event
    Celebi GF Event
    Jirachi GF Event
    Manaphy GF Event
    Shaymin GF Event
    Arceus GF Event
    Hoopa Event(Mac)
    Hoopa Event(Alexander)
    Zygarde XYZ Event
    Shiny Xerneas XYZ Event
    Marshadow Code(US)
    Shiny Beldum
    Shiny Mankey
    Shiny Bagon

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    Looking for:

    - Hoenn Cap Pikachu UT
    - Sinnoh Cap Pikachu UT
    - Unova Cap Pikachu UT
    - Kalos Cap Pikachu UT

    (clones are fine)

    For trade:

    - Alola Cap Pikachu UT
    - Battle-ready HT Naive Pheromosa (nicknameable)
    - Marshadow UT
    - I can breed for some Ball/Egg Move/HA combinations and 5IV, ask if I have anything and I will see what I can do
    - Items:


    I'm willing to trade more than 1 thing for 1 Cap Pikachu. Every Pokemon offered is cloned.
    If you have questions or want to trade, please leave me a PM/VM. Thanks.

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    Hey guys I can’t seem to find a trade in the items page.

    I’m looking for unused moonballs for my ultra moon cartridge. I’m now offering events for this 1:1 trade. They will be clones.

    Today through Saturday my offer is a bit limited to what I already have ready but starting Sunday or late Saturday I can do anything in my sig once I get home.

    For now I can offer:

    GF mew jolly
    Shiny yveltal rash
    Stevens shiny bedlum adamant
    Shiny genesect OT 07133
    Shiny sinjohh ruins giratina level 1
    Shiny Hiroshima gyarados
    Shiny diancie timid OT 12125 French
    Competitive shiny feebas 6 iv dream ball I think 4 egg moves bold
    Shiny diancie modest OT 12125 Japanese
    Competitive ivs Latios shiny 4 iv timid master ball
    Competitive shiny charmander adamant ddance outrage ultra ball

    And that’s all I can offer until Saturday or Sunday. Any help appreciated since I won’t be progressing through post game till I can get at least 1 more moonball and that means no battle tree yet

    Also I can offer BP items from royal avenue or move tutors from the beaches.

    Oh I forgot I have a few more competitive shinys from gen 6 so just ask if you want those.
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    I have Ash's Pikachu 2017 Movie Edition for anyone that needs one, send me a message
    Sun FC: 3582-9600-6411
    IGN: Majin Seijin

    Pokedex count: Living Dex

    170+ separate evolution Level 100's
    Cloning Service available, just send me a message
    I really like trading and think that trading is apart of gameplay for pokemon

    Looking for Shiny Litten, Rapidash, and anything I dont have

    Shinies for Trade: Xerneas YveltalWishiwashiTapu KokoSilvallyDiancieFroakie

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    FT: NA & JP Marshadow codes for USUM. PM =)

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    The I choose you pikachu qr code is one per save file but the qr code is reusable here are two for both the UK and USA/Japan

    Also looking for event hat pikachu if anyone can help me out

    I have a lot of event pokemon to trade including multiple diancie and hoopa.

    I am also an eevee breeder, feel free to pm me of you want a tailor made eevee.

    Pokemon Y - Cooki 0361-6144-0164

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