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Thread: Item & Pokérus Trading Thread

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    im looking for a custap berry to put on my pkmn in gen7. i dont have any worthwhile shinies or legendary pkmn but i do have just over 60 bank ball females from my breeding runs in gen6. i'll trade 3-5 of the pkmn in return for 1 custap berry. most have hidden abilities and any useful egg moves. I paired them with some good IV parents but i cant guarantee that i have too many 5IV pkmn. i didnt check or mark those out.

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    Looking for pp maxes and pp ups. If you have any spare please pm me or leave a visitor message on my profile (visitor message prefered).

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    I'm looking for a Lucky Egg, I can offer:

    - PP Max
    - Golden Bottle Caps
    - Mawilite
    - Beedrilite
    - Pheromosa
    - Xurkitree

    Please PM those interested.
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    Looking for Rare Candies!
    For trade: all evolutionary stones

    Also looking for an Ability Capsule, for which I will trade a Pidgeotite OR Medichamite, plus any evo stone.

    Please VM me if interested
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    Lf: bottle caps and pp ups
    Ft: Mawilite Beedrillite level ball love ball starf berry petaya berry ganlon berry liechi berry destiny knot
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    My friend safari has electrode, zebstrika, helioptile
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    Looking for Lucky Eggs.
    I am willing to breed 3 Pokemon with 5iv with egg moves and Hidden ablitites. I can also trade items that can be bought by BP.
    PM if you are interested.

    Thank you
    I have ALL HA Pokemon from gen 1 to 7.

    I am currently looking for lucky eggs.

    My safari: Shuppet; Pumpkaboo & spiritomb
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