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Thread: 7th Gen Nuzlocke Thread Challenge Thread!

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    Just as she had done against Captain Mallow, Necromancer (Alolan Marowak) danced her way to an easy victory over Totem Vikavolt at Hokulani Observatory. Although the Totem withstood Necromancer's first "Flame Charge" surprisingly well thanks to an Occa Berry, her Lightning Rod Ability left the Totem and ally Charjabug with few options other than futile "Charge" and "String Shot." Necromancer eventually baked these bugs without sustaining any damage at all, thus earning me Electrium Z.

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    About to start a Nuzlocke in Ultra Sun, wish me luck!

    I will edit this post once I get far enough to get a few Pokemon!

    Also, Litten will be my starter!

    Currently grinding.

    Also I forgot to mention that if an area with the same name is divided into several with different Pokemon than each other, I count them as separate encounters.

    My current Squad is Achilles the Litten, Kabuterimon the Grubbin, Idsquay the Inkay, and Derpface the Alolan Meowth. Trying to get everyone around level 10 at least.

    Caught Greedy the Wingull, and Dwayne the Makuhita. On my way to first trial now!

    Caught Camazotz the Zubat, putting Derpface in PC for now.
    Caught Dolan the Psyduck, putting Greedy in Pc

    Achilles evolved!

    First trial completed! Nobody died
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