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    Default May's Justice [Revised + Extended]

    Title: May's Justice
    Rating: PG
    Genre: Drama
    Summary: May becomes a defence attorney to save her boyfriend, Ash.
    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story and they belong to their respective owners. This story is written by a fan for fans. The story takes place some time after Ace Attorney: Spirit Of Justice. I wanted to make this suitable for people who are fandom blind, so hopefully you'll enjoy this story even if you don't know all the fandoms used. There will be characters from Naruto, Gravitation, and Digimon that will be clients and witnesses for some of the trials.
    Older versions also availible on FF.Net, A03 and the shipping fic section.

    Chapter One: May's First Job Interview

    "I can do this!" May said to herself with her fists clenched together. "I've got to do this...for me and for Ash. I've never done anything like this before, but I know I've got to do it."

    It was May Maple's first ever job interview. May's father had a firm belief that she would get the job with relative ease. Getting into law was a long journey, but one she felt had to be fulfilled. She had passed all her exams and received her golden badge to prove that she was a qualified lawyer, but she knew that the interview would be tough. Not only did May have to perform well at the interview; she also needed to stand out from the crowd. Just like she had to do when she was a Pokémon coordinator. She didn't know how many people had applied to work at the firm: maybe five or even a hundred.

    She sighed heavily, feeling as if her heart was going to jump out of her mouth. "What if I mess up this interview? My parents would be so mad at me. Mom and Max have been working overtime just help me pay for my studying."

    The firm she was having her interview with was called The Wright Anything Agency. The current owner was a famous defence attorney known as Phoenix Wright. May knew that if she was successful, she would be working within a small team, but would be having her own cases. The concept of working for law both excited her and frightened her at the same time. She would be expected to believe in her client's innocence, but also be able to seek the truth.

    "This is an amazing oppurtunity," May whispered to herself. She didn't want to be too loud, but she couldn't help talking to herself. At the same time, she didn't want anybody to think she was crazy or somebody that came straight out of Arkham Asylum. "I want everybody to be proud of me, even though I haven't seem them in a while."

    Although she gave up her career as a Pokémon coordinator, her passion for Pokémon remained as strong as ever. She contemplated on whether to bring her Pokémon with her to the interview. She still had her Pokéballs attached to her belt, as she felt that they might bring her some good luck. Despite all the academic tips she received, she still felt under-prepared.

    "I'm so nervous..." May's legs began to shake like jelly. "Have I forgotten something? Are my clothes all right? Did I have enough to eat today?"

    It was a painful decision to change her career, but one she felt that she had to do. She had thrown herself into a whole new world and dived into the deep end. She felt that she owed so much to Ash. He had been everything to her; a mentor, a friend, and a lover. Five years ago, Ash had been sent to prison for killing his mother. May felt like she was the only one that believed in his innocence and the lawyers were useless. The prosecutor was allowed to do whatever she wanted whilst the defence attorney cowered at the sight of her black whip.

    "I hate that prosecutor," May snapped to herself. "I won't end up like her. I won't give up. I won't lose."

    The court of law had become a victim of corruption. Innocent people were being jailed whilst murderers were walking away. There were many lawyers out there that only cared about winning and judges who had become too soft. Trials were rushed and witnesses were put under pressure. Justice was like gold dust. Sadly none came to Ash when he needed it the most.

    Ash's trial had only lasted two hours. Although he confessed to the crime, May didn't believe a single word of it. Ever since the incompetent judge declared Ash as a murderer, May decided that she would stop aiming to be the top Pokémon coordinator and become a great defence attorney and she would not rest until Ash's name was finally cleared. Ash was not the only victim of injustice; so many defendants were getting the wrong verdicts that it caused outrage and chaos that was known as "The dark age of the law."

    Ash's cold and distant face burned in May's mind. It couldn't have been any different to the warm and kind loving Ash that she knew and grew to love. The court had failed Ash. But she swore to herself that she would not fail him. May remembered her family's reaction as if it were yesterday. They were shocked but immensely pleased. Countless hours and dollars had been spent to get May to where she was now, but the journey was far from over.

    Despite high stakes, May never gave up. A true Pokémon trainer would never give up on the ones they love. She felt blessed that her close friends and Pokémon were with her every step of the way. Each day that passed was another day closer to clearing Ash's name and finding the true culprit.

    May was concerned that a lack of education in her childhood might prove to be a disadvantage. She tilted her head as wondered if her good academic results would be enough. May had thought of a way to turn her Pokémon experience into a positive thing and to show that she is more than capable of doing her job. Every second felt like an eternity. Her legs wobbled like jelly and fingers were twitching. As she stood outside the office, she observed the surroundings trying to think away the nerves. Seeing the magic props around the office reminded May that Phoenix Wright's daughter was a magician. The plastic plate with floating spaghetti made her stomach rumble.

    She shook her head. She flicked her head and she was surprised that her palms were damp from sweat. Her heart jumped as a door swung open. A young brunette with a tall blue hat burst out of the door. May assumed that it was Phoenix's daughter. Her first impression of the girl was that she had some awesome clothes. She liked the girl's little black dress and the large cape she waved around her body. It seemed really fashionable and unique.

    "Come in, Miss Maple," The girl said. "Daddy will see you now."

    "Oh! Right!" May jumped from her seat and made her way into the small room. She took a deep breath. She knew it was no time to think of other people's passion and it was time to focus on the goal: to pass. She had high hopes that her nerves would melt away the minute the interview began. As soon as she saw Phoenix Wright, the person who would be interviewing her, the nerves multiplied. He looked just as he did in the newspaper with his famous spiky hair and blue suit. His gold pin flashed beneath an opal bulb. Phoenix and May shook hands and they both sat down. His daughter and two other people were also sat in the room.

    All of May's mock interviews were one-to-one. She had no idea what to expect from a panel interview. The four of them looked like judges for a talent show in their grand office clothes and paperwork in front of them. May was beginning to wonder if she was appropriately dressed for the interview. She wasn't sure if she was over-dressed or under-dressed.

    "Thank you for attending the interview Miss Maple," Phoenix said as he opened a notepad in front of him. "As you know, I'm Phoenix Wright. This is my daughter, Trucy. And this is Apollo and Athena. They are both defence attorneys that work for this firm. This is going to be a panel interview. We'll ask you questions about yourself and about the job and we'll make a decision from there. Is that okay?"

    "Sure," May said.

    "There's no need to be nervous," Trucy said with a big smile on her face. May tried her best to stop shaking and nodded. "I'll ask the first question. What do you know about our agency?"

    May looked around the room. There was something peculiar about Apollo's hair. The way it stuck out like a tail reminded her of a certain water-type Pokémon, but she couldn't think which one it was. She liked Athena's yellow jacket; it sparkled brightly like a Pikachu's thunder. May knew that Pokémon she was thinking off. Apollo's brown hair from the way it was styled made her think of a Poliwag for some reason. After a momentary lapse, she was ready to give her answer.

    "I know that the Wright Anything Agency was established by Mia Fey as Fey & Co. Law Offices. After her death it was renamed into Wright & Co. Law Offices and has been through several name changes over the years. But its main goal is to believe in the client and to seek the truth."

    "So can you tell us more about yourself?" Apollo asked.

    May nodded. "Before I graduated from Themis Legal Academy, I became a Pokémon coordinator when I was ten years old. I travelled to many places and entered many contests and won many ribbons for my efforts. During my Pokémon journey, I learned to work as a team with my Pokémon and how to become a good leader for them."

    "What do you think is more important as a defence attorney," Phoenix asked. "Winning the cases or the truth, even if it means losing the trial?"

    "Seeking the truth of course," May responded.

    "What made you decide to become a defence attorney?" Athena asked. "It must have been a really big step you took. I really admire you for it."

    May sunk her head and held back the tears that wanted to flow. She promised herself that she wasn't going to cry and let her demons win. "My boyfriend is in prison for a crime he didn't commit."

    May noticed that all four of them had bounced towards the wall. She wondered if she had said something wrong. Both of the women gasped as Apollo was the first to speak. "I'm sorry to hear that."

    "When your boyfriend was on trial, how did you feel about the process?" Phoenix decided to press on.

    "It made me very angry!" May responded as she threw her arms by her side.

    "Why did it make you angry?"

    "I don't believe my boyfriend had a fair trial," May announced. A few tears had crept out of her eyelids, and May hoped that it was discreet. "His trial only lasted for two hours and it felt more like a battle of wits between the lawyers rather than seeking the truth of what happened."

    "Do you hope that by becoming a defence attorney," Apollo said as he leaned closer to the table, "that you can eventually clear his name?"

    "Yes," May nodded. She felt a wave of confidence inside of her. "I wanted to join a law firm to gain experience and earn respect. I hope to gather enough evidence to clear my boyfriend's name."

    "May I ask, what is your boyfriend's name?" Trucy asked.

    "Ash Ketchum."

    "The Pokémon trainer that was found guilty of murdering his mother," Athena recalled. "Didn't he confess to the murder?"

    "There have been many occasions where people have confessed to murders they didn't commit," Apollo stated. "Things aren't always as they seem."

    "So May...When can you start?" Phoenix asked May.

    "As soon as possible," May replied.

    "In that case: welcome to the team," Phoenix announced with a smile on his face.

    "Oh that's great," May responded with a grin as she bowed to each of them. "I'm looking forward to working with all of you."

    "I'm glad you say that," Phoenix responded. "You'll be meeting your first client tomorrow morning."

    A female voice boomed from behind her. "Congratulations!"

    May twirled around and saw Phoenix Wright's daughter, Trucy with her hands together. "Thank you so much."

    "I knew you would get the job right the minute I saw you!"

    "You did?" May was astonished. "How did you know I was going to get the job."

    "Of course I did," Trucy exclaimed. "You look a lot like Mia Fey: one of Daddy's friends. The dress you're wearing is almost exactly the same one that Mia wore."

    May opened her mouth in amazement. "You mean the woman who started the firm off?"

    Trucy nodded. "Since we'll be seeing each other a lot: let's be friends!"

    "Alright then!" From the moment May shook hands, she had a strong sensation from head to toe. She still couldn't believe that she actually managed to pass the bar exam. She didn't consider herself one of the brightest people in the world. When she was still a trainer, she always assumed that only nerds studied law. Nowadays, she felt that if she could do it, then anybody could.

    May was glad that the interview was over, and that the outcome was successful. However, the nerves never left her. The real work had only just begun. She knew that if she wanted to clear Ash's name, she would have to get more experience and take on any case that comes available. She didn't know how long it would take to set Ash free, but she knew she could not continue her Pokémon journey without him.

    She looked up to the sky and said to herself, "Don't you worry Ash. I'll save you."

    "Ash as in your boyfriend? May didn't realise that she was talking out loud again.

    "Yeah," May replied. "It's been really tough living without him."

    "I bet it is," Trucy said. "I lost my real parents a long time ago. Those were some of the toughest days of my life. Still, I managed to pull through." May couldn't believe how strong Trucy's smile was, and how lovely it was too.

    "I wish I could be as positive as you," May admitted as she followed Trucy to the nearest Starbucks shop. Both girls were greeted with fragrance of coffee travelling through their nostrils and relaxing jazz music.

    Trucy took a heart-shaped purse from out of her handbag, and beamed at May. "What drink would you like?"

    "I'll have a black coffee." May grabbed her purse out of her blazer as a small Glaceon charm dangled below the zip.

    Trucy pushed May's purse towards May's pocket. "I'll get it this time."

    May looked down on Trucy's purse again and noticed that she too also had a little Glaceon swaying below her purse. She gasped. "Hey! You've got a Glaceon on your purse too."

    Trucy nodded and cradled the charm. "Yeah, Glaceon is my favourite eeveelution."

    "Mine too!" May released Glaceon out of her ball and presented the ice-type to Trucy. "I've had her since she was an egg."

    Trucy crouched down to Glaceon's eye-level. "Wow, you look adorable. I'm Trucy Wright. I'm May's new friend." Glaceon only nodded and shook hands with Trucy. "Would you like anything from Starbucks?" Glaceon nodded and pointed to the poster above the barista's head. "Oh so you want a chocolate frappuchino?" Trucy stroked Glaceon's head as she nodded.

    "Glaceon loves chocolate," May informed Trucy. "I think she'll be happy."

    "What can I get for you?" the barista asked Trucy.

    "Can I have one large pumpkin spice latte, one large chocolate frappuchino and one large black coffee please?"

    May had decided that she had already fallen in love with Trucy already. May adored black coffee, it was one of her favourite drinks. She believed that coffee was she did so well at law school, because it helped her concentrate better in her schoolwork. She hoped it would help give her the same effect in her work too. Even though she had only known Trucy for a whole day, she felt extremely comfortable around her, as if she had known her all her life.

    After Trucy paid for her drink, she sat down on a cosy looking coach that appeared to be made out of leather. She jumped on it. "This seat is so nice," she said. "It reminds me of the sofa that Polly has at his house."


    "Oh, that's Apollo's nickname."

    "Reminds me of the Polly Pocket toys I used to have when I was younger," May added as she sat down next to Trucy. Glaceon climbed on the coach and sat in the middle.

    "I had them too!" Trucy cried out. "Such a coincidence eh?"

    "Here's your drinks ladies," the barista said, presenting the drinks on a round tray.

    "Thank you," Trucy said, grinning as she grabbed her orange drink. "So May, are you looking forward to your first trial tomorrow?"

    "I guess so," May said, clutching onto her cup. "Do you know anything about it?"

    Trucy shook her head. "Daddy said if he thought you were suitable, that the trial would start tomorrow."

    "Tomorrow?" May gasped. "But I don't know anything about my client."

    "He's planning on telling you tomorrow morning," Trucy explained. "He noticed how nervous you were and thought maybe you'd like some time to chill out before the real work begins."

    May gazed at her coffee cup.

    "No need to be ashamed," Trucy insisted. "Lots of lawyers get nervous on their first trial. And you're not an exception. I remember when Polly and Athena both had their first trials. They had the chills and they were multiplying."

    "I don't know how I'll get through it tomorrow," May admitted after taking a small sip from her coffee cup, leaving bright lipstick marks around the corner of the mug. "I don't know anything about the client or the crime."

    "90% of our cases are murders," Trucy told May. "So your client is most likely to be wrongly accused of murder and it's up to you to seek the truth. I'll helping you out of course." Trucy raised her cup at the level of her face and May did the same. "Here's the start of a wonderful working relationship and beautiful friendship!"

    May grinned and banged her cup against Trucy's mug. "To hard work and a great friendship!"
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    I've made a new commitment that I will review at least five other fics before posting new chapters from now one. I just think it would be a nice challenge to give to myself.

    Chapter Two: The State VS. Sakura Haruno

    The heavenly light began to fade beneath the dull clouds. It was too light to be called night and too dark to be called day. Beneath grey clouds laid the final resting place of Neji Hyuga. His cousin, Hinata sat in front of his tombstone and planted more sunflowers in the pot. She took a deep sigh and snatched her purple phone from her pocket. The phone greeted her with a screenshot of her with her husband and two kids. She couldn't help it, but she laughed for a few moments. It was one of her favourite pictures.

    Hinata flicked her dark hair behind her ear and called Hanabi, her younger sister. Tears rolled down her face as her heartbeat pounded in time with the beeps of the phone.

    "Hey Hinata," Hanabi said through the telephone, sounding surprised. "I thought you were going to see Fiddler On The Roof tonight?"

    "No," Hinata shook her head. "I'm not feeling very well."

    "Where are you?" Hanabi asked. Hinata could only just about hear her through the sound of the whirling wind. "I can barely make out what you're saying."

    "Hanabi... can you meet me by Neji's grave?"

    "Sure," Hanabi replied. "But... why there?"

    "It's where I feel safe. I've found something...terrible." Hinata couldn't tell who was crying harder, herself or the sky. "I don't know how to tell Naruto or the children..."

    "What is it, sis?" Hanabi yelled through the phone.

    "Ah!" Hinata couldn't stop coughing up red droplets on the grass. She felt pain all over her body as blood dribbled all over her body. She felt as if someone had stabbed her a dozen times in the stomach. She clutched onto the phone with all her might as she slowly grasped for air. She muttered, "I don't know how long I've got left...If you see father, tell him I love him too."

    The phone slipped out of Hinata's fingers as her body imploded against Neji's grave.

    "Hinata!" Hanabi screamed. "What's going on? Say something."

    The sky roared as thunderous rain continued to shower the land. Hinata's body lied lifeless in the cemetery.

    "HINATA!" Hanabi squealed. "What have they done to you?"

    "Hello?" A lady passing by had ran across to check if Hinata was alright and heard Hanabi's pleas as she approached Hinata.

    "Hinata?" Hanabi sobbed through the phone. "Is that you?"

    "No... it's Sakura."

    "What have you done to Hinata?" Hanabi yelled. She yelled so loud it was as if Hanabi was right by the grave.

    "I-I've only just got here," Sakura responded. She rolled Hinata over and could feel no sign of life in her. No pulse, no heartbeat. "Hanabi...Hinata's dead."

    "Sakura... what have you done? YOU MURDERER!"

    "No..." Sakura muttered as she shook her head. "Hanabi...It's not what you think."

    The authorities arrived quickly. A tall man in a trench coat marched towards the grave with a small army of policemen. The detective grabbed Sakura by the arm and lifted her up. "Sakura Haruno, you're under arrest for the murder of Hinata Uzumaki."

    "NO!" Sakura shook her head. Tears exploded from her eyes. "You've got it all wrong."

    "I don't think so," the detective shook his head as he continued to speak. "I think I've nailed the case. You were the last person to see this woman alive. You were the first to find her body. It makes perfect sense. You were close to the victim's husband. You killed her so you could have him for yourself!"

    "No!" Sakura continued to defend herself. "I'm innocent I tell you."

    "I hope you've got a good lawyer," the detective said. "Cause you're going down for your crime."

    May had arrived half an hour earlier than planned. She hoped being early would be beneficial to her case. She was greeted by both Phoenix and his daughter, Trucy. "Good morning, Mr. Wright," May said. "Good morning, Trucy."

    "Nice to see you up so early," Phoenix stated. "It means you have more time to look at the court records."

    "Of course," May responded. Phoenix presented May with a picture of a young woman with bright pink hair and green eyes. "Wow, she's really pretty."

    "That is Sakura Haruno," Phoenix explained. "She will be your client today." Phoenix also presented a photo of another woman. "She is accused of murdering her friend Hinata Uzumaki." Phoenix continued speaking as he passed over sheets of paper. "They have been unable to determine how the victim died. Since they don't know how she died, they can't determine the murder weapon. It's not going to be an easy case, but I'm sure we can turn things around."

    "Why was the defendant arrested?" May asked.

    "The defendant was the last person to see Mrs. Uzumaki alive, but also the first person to find her body."


    "According to the court record, the victim wanted her sister to meet her at the cemetery."

    "Why a cemetery of all places?" May asked.

    "That's for you to find out," Phoenix responded. He flicked through May's papers and brought out a picture of the murder scene. Hinata's head laid next to her cousin's name on the tombstone. If it weren't for the blood, she would look as if she was only sleeping. May noticed that Hinata's hand was open as if she was holding something important.

    "She looks like she was holding onto something," May said to Phoenix.

    "The victim was ringing her sister and died during the call."

    "That's so sad."

    "The prosecution and Detective Looker believe that Miss Haruno killed Mrs. Uzumaki, so that she could marry her husband."

    May browsed through the profiles and a paragraph stood out to her. According to the report, Sakura and Hinata were very good friends. "Why would Sakura want to kill her friend?"

    "Who knows," Phoenix said. "But hopefully today we can reveal the truth."

    "Where do we go from here?" May asked her mentor.

    "I think we should visit Miss Haruno," Phoenix suggested. "Her trial is today. Apollo and Athena managed to grab as much information as they could about the case, but they've got another trial on today. So it will just be you today."

    "That's alright," May responded with her fists clenched. "I can do this."

    May followed Phoenix and Trucy out of the office as they rode to court with their bicycles. After the somewhat short ride, they parked their bikes and made a longer walk to defence lobby 7 where the defendant, Sakura Haruno was waiting for them. The guards who stood as still as ever watched as May approached Sakura. "Are you Miss Haruno?"

    "I am," the lady replied.

    May opened her arm and shook hands with her client. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Haruno. I'm May Maple, and I'll be your lawyer."

    "You're my lawyer?" Sakura gasped. "No offence, but you look really young."

    "Miss Haruno..." May admitted that she was young and inexperienced, but she still had a good shot. "I don't have a lot of experience. But I truly believe that you're innocent. I'm going to find out what happened and clear your name."

    "Thank you, Miss Maple."

    "I have to go," Phoenix said. He looked at his daughter and smiled. "You'll look after May, won't you Trucy?"

    Trucy lifted her thumb up. "I sure will."

    Phoenix left the lobby, but May had a feeling that he would be watching the trial and keeping a close eye on her. As Phoenix left, May took a seat next to her client. She asked Sakura, "Miss Haruno, can you tell me more about yourself?"

    "I'm a Ninja medic from Konoha," Sakura replied. "I live with my daughter, Sarada."

    "What were you doing on the day of Mrs. Uzumaki's death?"

    Sakura lowered her head. "Hinata and I went out for lunch that day. The academy that our children go to were hosting their own production of Fiddler On The Roof. We were both looking forward to it as it had been the first time that the academy had done a musical production before. On the day of the show, I couldn't see Hinata so I went searching for her. I missed the show, but I found her at the cemetery. There was nothing I could do, she was already dead."

    "So you and the victim were great friends?"

    Sakura nodded. "We went to the same academy and I was on the same team as her husband. We were all really close."

    May wanted to cry with her, but there was someone or something in her mind telling her that it was no time to cry. She shook her head. Of course, it was the wrong time to cry. May felt stupid for a few minutes. "Where is Sarada now?" May asked.

    "She's got an exam coming up," Sakura replied. "I told her not to worry about me."

    "There's a few questions I have to ask you," May told Sakura. "They... might come across as hard, but try to answer them as best as you can."

    Sakura nodded. "I'll try."

    "Is there anything about Mrs. Uzumaki that seemed strange to you?" May asked.

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "Did she do anything that appeared to be out of character?"

    Sakura pondered for a few moments before she spoke. "Come to think of it, her chest has shrank."

    May gasped. "Excuse me?"

    "Well what I mean is that she's lost a lot of weight lately," Sakura explained. "She said she had a bad stomach. So she hadn't eaten much lately. She always used to be quite chesty."

    "So other than that? She seemed fine to you?"

    Sakura nodded. "Hinata said she was feeling a lot better."

    "And one more thing," May added. "I wanted to ask what your relationship with the victim's husband was like?"

    "We're quite close," Sakura admitted. "Naruto and I have been through a lot together since we were children. We went to the same academy after all. In our missions we were on the same team: Team Kakashi!"

    "So you've known the victim and her husband for quite some time then." May took a great interest in Sakura's body language. Her eyes were wet and her head was tilted towards her right shoulder. Her pink hair swayed behind her chin, covering the red marks on her neck. May only got to see them for a brief second, but she knew that they were hickeys.

    "That's right," Sakura admitted.

    "Do you have any idea who else would have killed Hinata?" May asked Sakura. "This could be our only lead." Sakura shook her head and had decided to remain silent. "What's the matter?" May asked. "You didn't kill Hinata, right?"

    "Of course I didn't!" Sakura shook her head and clenched onto her shoulders. "Everything is just so...overwhelming. Hinata was a gentle person and I don't understand why anybody would want to kill her." Sakura buried her fingers in her hands. "Naruto and Hinata loved each other: they were each other's first love. Besides, I loved Sasuke!"

    "The trial is about to start," Trucy announced. "Are you both ready?"

    May nodded at Trucy and then turned to Sakura. "You don't need to be scared," May insisted, feeling the great pressure herself. "All you need to do is tell the truth and you'll be fine."

    Sakura nodded and then stood up. May liked her red floral dress and white tight jeans, but she wanted to wait until after the trail to complement her client's clothing. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she should say it at all.

    "Focus May..." May said to herself in her head. "You have to concentrate to save this innocent woman."

    May was overwhelmed by the grand exterior of the courtroom. The smooth wooden decor was so polished, May could see mirror-like reflections of herself and its surroundings. From the golden bars to the leather seats, everything in the courtroom appeared to be luxurious. Apart from the simple plastic chair where Sakura was sitting on.

    Everybody took to their place in the court. Everyone rose when the presiding judge slowly made his way up the stairs. He was a bold man with a beard like Santa Claus'. He must have been at least in his eighties. As soon as he took his seat, everybody in the audience sat down too. The Judge banged his gavel against his stand and said, "The court is now in session for the trial of Sakura Haruno!"

    "The prosecution is ready, Your Honour," The man in the prosecution bench said. May recognized the arrogant man with slick black hair and sunglasses as Gaspen Payne. His older brother was also a prosecutor. Gaspen Payne did a speech for the law school she went to once. She always thought of him as a creep with the way he rubbed his hair like a puppy.

    "The defence was born ready," May said, flicking her fist against the bench.

    The Honourable Judge squinted at May. "That's nice." He glanced over to Prosecutor Payne. "Would the prosecution please give their opening statement to the court."

    "With great pleasure," Prosecutor Payne hissed. "The murder took place on 18th July this year." Prosecutor Payne began his statement. His voice oozing with arrogance with each word he spoke. "The victim was Hinata Uzumaki. Mrs. Uzumaki was a beloved mother, sister, daughter and wife. The prosecution believes that the defendant killed her out of jealousy. Her cause of death is unknown and the first autopsy was inconclusive. She had lost a lot of blood and was believed to have choked. There were also many bruises and bumps on her stomach. A second autopsy report is underway."

    "Can the prosecution please explain why Sakura was arrested?" The Judge requested.

    "Detective Looker shall take the stand and reveal all." Prosecutor Payne announced. Detective Looker was a tall handsome man with a large trench coat. "Please state your name and profession."

    "Detective Looker," He said. "I'm in charge of this investigation."

    "Please give your testimony."

    "As stated, the murder took place on the 18th July. Which was two weeks ago. The victim and defendant were seen having lunch together. The defendant's husband filed for divorce last year and it was finalized this year. The defendant is the only person with a motive for murder. She was also the last person to see her alive. Whilst the victim was on the phone to her sister, the defendant made her move."

    "A flawless testimony," Prosecutor Payne announced with such pride. "If I do say so myself. It makes everything fall into place. The defendant is a ninja after all."

    "I've had parrots and orcas in this court," The Judge retorted. "Ninjas aren't that shocking. I wonder if I get to see a Magikarp in my court." The Judge shook his head and cleared his throat. "Miss Maple, your cross examination if you please?"

    "So Detective Looker," May started. "You said in your testimony that you believe my client was having an affair with the victim's husband?"

    Detective Looker nodded. "That is correct."

    "Do you have any evidence to support your claims?"

    "I do indeed," Detective Looker announced as he submitted a picture of Sakura with a tall man with blonde hair and distinctive face marks. "This man is Naruto Uzumaki, the victim's husband. He is the Seventh Hokage of the village."

    "And on planet earth, what does that mean?" The Judge asked curiously.

    "He's what you would consider the town hero and leader. As you can see in this picture they look very close."

    "Objection!" May roared. She inspected the picture of Naruto with his arms around Sakura and with both their tongues out. "I don't see what makes this picture so suspicious."

    "You should have gone to Specsavers," Prosecutor Payne yelled at May. His sharp voice made her jump. "It's a very sexual picture."

    "Prosecutor Payne is right," The Judge said as he nodded his head. "This picture certainly looks suggestive. Look how close their cheeks are."

    "They look like best friends on a night out," May explained to the court. "I make selfies like these with my friends all the time."

    "Selfie?" The Judge muttered. His eyes widened.

    "To be fair Miss Maple," Prosecutor Payne snorted. "You're not exactly a woman of grace."

    "Please continue with your cross-examination," The Judge ordered.

    "How is my client's divorce related to this case?' May asked.

    "Keep going May," Trucy whispered. "You're doing a grand job."

    Detective Looker took out a piece of paper from his notebook. "Here I have the divorce papers of the defendant. Sakura and Sasuke had been married for fourteen years. They have a fourteen-year-old daughter, Sarada. I believe that the defendant wanted to kill Mrs. Uzumaki to marry her husband. It makes sense."

    "OBJECTION!" May roared at the top of her voice. None of it made any sense to May. Sakura had divorced her husband and if Naruto really wanted to marry Sakura, he would have applied for a divorce as well, but he didn't. He chose to stay with Hinata.

    Trucy clapped and smiled. "That was an awesome objection."

    "Miss Maple," The Judge sighed. "There is no need to shout. I might be old but I've still got my marbles."

    "The prosecution's argument is based on assumptions," May announced. "The defence demands hardcore facts."

    "Quiet you!" Prosecutor Payne hissed at May. "You're just a rookie."

    Trucy growled and clenched her fists together. "Oh he makes me so mad. Just ignore him, May."

    "You don't know the murder weapon, you don't know how she died and the autopsy was inconclusive. ..." May raised her left arm and pointed at him. "YOU HAVE NO CASE AGAINST MY CLIENT!"

    "YES I DO!" Prosecutor Payne shrieked as if he had been kicked in the groin. "The prosecution would like to bring its next witness. The victim's sister, Hanabi Hyuga."

    Detective Looker left the stand and returned to his seat. May was amazed at how much Hanabi had in common with her late sister. Her long hair and unique lilac eyes. May looked up and noticed in the front rows above Prosecutor Payne, a lot of men with the same eyes as Hanabi. May assumed that they were all related to the victim.

    "Name and occupation please, Miss."

    "Hanabi Hyuga, I'm a ninja and heiress to my clan."

    May had never seen a young girl so distraught. Hanabi's pale face and lilac eyes were a face of sorrow.

    "So Miss Hyuga, you're the victim's sister?"

    "That's right."

    "You were on the phone to your sister at the exact time she died."

    Tears rolled down Hanabi's face. "It still haunts me."

    "Miss Hyuga," The Judge gulped. "When you're ready please give your versions of events." Tears were beginning to roll down his face.

    "I received a phone call from Hinata the night she died. She said she had something to tell me and asked me to meet her by our cousin's grave. Then suddenly..." Hanabi paused. "I heard her making these sounds. Her last words were: Tell Father I love him." She buried her hands and burst into tears.

    "How incredibly sad," The Judge croaked. "Can someone please give the witness a tissue?" Within five minutes a bailiff gave Hanabi a box of tissues. "I urge the defence to be sensitive in the cross-examination."

    "Miss Hyuga..." May wanted to start her cross-examination, but there was something about the glares all around her that made her feel intimidated. "Why did she ask you to meet you in the cemetery?"

    "Neji and Hinata were really close," Hanabi replied, wiping her tears with the tissues. "He gave up his life to save Hinata during the war."

    "The war?"

    "17 years ago," Prosecutor Payne butted in. "Konoha was involved in the 4th Shinobi War. The victim played a very important role in stopping the war and bringing peace to their nation."

    "What a remarkable young woman," The Judge cried in amazement. "I don't know why the defendant would wish to kill her."

    "Hinata visited Neji's grave on a regular basis," Hanabi added. "But since February, my sister visits Neji's grave every day. She would sit for hours with Neji. She would start talking to him. She felt safe around Neji."

    "Can you describe what sort of sounds she was making?" May asked Hanabi.

    "It was hard to tell at first because of the weather," Hanabi sobbed. "Then when the thunder stopped I could hear choking noises as if she was being strangled. She sounded like she was struggling to breathe." Hanabi gulped.

    "The autopsy report showed that the victim had vomited and that there was lots of blood," Prosecutor Payne added. "A rather terrible way to go if you ask me."

    "Did you ever find out what the news was?" May asked Hanabi. "Did your sister leave any clues?"

    Hanabi spoke, but May couldn't fathom the words through the sounds of her crying.

    "Your Honour, if I may," Prosecutor Payne said. He brought out an old tape player from behind his bench and brought it to the court. "We have the witness' final call with her sister on tape."

    "Then play the tape," the Judge demanded. Prosecutor Payne did as he was told and listened to the tape with a huge grin on his face.

    "Hey Hinata, I thought you were going to see Fiddler On The Roof tonight?"

    "No. I'm not feeling very well."

    "Where are you...? I can barely make out what you're saying."

    "Hanabi... can you meet me by Neji's grave?"

    "Sure. But... why there?"

    "It's where I feel safe. I've found something...terrible. I don't know how to tell Naruto or the children..."

    Payne stopped the tape and pressed the rewind button. "Let me play this part again."

    "Hanabi... can you meet me by Neji's grave?"

    "Sure. But... why there?"

    "It's where I feel safe. I've found something...terrible. I don't know how to tell Naruto or the children..."

    Payne stopped the tape again. "The victim says that she doesn't know how to tell Naruto or the children. This statement from the victim clearly supports Detective Looker's theory that Miss Haruno had a sexual relationship with Mr. Uzumaki. Maybe Mrs. Uzumaki knew that her life was in danger. She couldn't consult her husband because of the affair, so she sought advice from her dear sister."

    "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" May shouted. "That statement proves nothing."

    "OBJECTION!" Payne screamed right back. "This tape is definitive proof that Miss Haruno is guilty. I shall continue playing the tape." Payne raised his hand above his head and pointed at May. He then slapped his left shoulder and tilted his head backwards. "Surrender now, Miss Maple. I promise that nobody will look down on you."

    "I'm sorry," May whispered without hesitation. "I don't quit. I became a lawyer for a reason."

    "We'll talk about that later," the Judge informed May. He rolled his head over to Payne. "Carry on playing the tape."

    "What is it, Sis?"

    The audience gasped in horror at the sounds of excessive coughing and coarse breathing coming through the tape. May could even hear sounds of vomiting. On her left, May saw Trucy with her eyes welling up. Nobody could deny the contagious chills spreading around the courtroom.

    "Ah! I don't know how long I've got left...If you see father, tell him I love him too."

    "Hinata! What's going on? Say something."

    "HINATA! What have they done to you?"

    Prosecutor Payne stopped the tape. "This is the part where the victim tragically dies. And where the defendant pretends to be a person passing by with her Oscar-winning acting."


    "Hinata? Is that you?"

    "No... it's Sakura."

    "What have you done to Hinata?"

    "I-I've only just got here. Hanabi...Hinata's dead."

    "Sakura... what have you done? YOU MURDERER!"

    "No...Hanabi...It's not what you think."

    "STOP THE TAPE," The Judge demanded. "I think we've put Miss Hyuga through quite enough now. This cross-examination is over."

    "Wait!" May cried out. "I've got one more question for the witness."

    "OBJECTION!" Payne cried out with his hands in the air. "I think you've asked enough questions for today, Miss Maple."

    "What question is that?" Hanabi asked May. She wasn't crying, so May was able to understand her. May thought that one would have to have a heart covered in icebergs if they didn't feel sorry for Hanabi. She was a brave woman standing before court and testifying about the time her sister died on the phone, and now she would have to go through the grieving process again.

    "Why did you accuse Sakura of murder?" May asked curiously. She walked up to Hanabi as she spoke. "Going through the tape, it just seems strange that you would suddenly accuse Sakura of killing your sister without any proof. Did you actually hear Sakura's voice as Hinata was dying?"

    Hanabi gazed at the floor and quickly raised her head. She stared at May with strong tension. Her lips trembled. "No..."

    "How dare you manipulate my witnesses," Payne snapped with red cheeks of cherry anger. He took a deep breath and his face quickly became a normal colour again. "I think we can end the trial now," Prosecutor Payne announced as he placed his hands in his pocket. "I believe that we've come to the end of the road."

    "Yes," The Judge nodded. "You're quite right. Should I deliver my verdict now?"

    "NO!" May cried out. She slammed her desk against the bench. "This trial is nowhere near finished. We still haven't determined her cause of death."

    "Weren't you listening?" Prosecutor Payne giggled. "Mrs. Uzumaki was strangled. You could hear it in the tape."

    "That's not enough," May pressed herself against the edge of the bench.

    "Alright then," The Judge squawked. "I shall allow the defence to call upon one more witness. Make your choice wisely, Miss Maple."

    It was only Sakura and Hinata that were in the cemetery at the time of the murder. What if there was a possibility of another person being there? What if Hinata was poisoned by somebody else before meeting Sakura? May had so many questions in her mind, that she was finding it hard to make the right choice. Could she bring Detective Looker or Hanabi back onto the stand?

    "If I were in your shoes," Trucy whispered. "I would bring Mr. Uzumaki up to the stand."

    A bright light sparked in May's mind. "That's it!" May muttered. "Thanks a lot Trucy."

    "Has the defence made their decision?" The Judge asked as he lifted his hand and was ready to slam his gavel.

    May nodded. "I would like to bring the victim's husband, Mr. Naruto Uzumaki to the witness box please."

    "Very well," The Judge said. "Can Mr. Uzumaki please step forward."

    "This is a huge waste of time," Prosecutor Payne moaned as he rubbed his hair. "I look forward to seeing the look on your face when you're defeated, Miss Maple."

    Naruto marched to the witness box as if he was walking to a scaffold towards his execution. His eyes never left the floor as his chin was firmly attached to his neck. May took one look at him and decided that he was a guilty man. Perhaps he's the one that killed Hinata.

    "Please confirm your name and occupation," May asked as soon as Naruto halted behind the stand.

    "I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I'm the Seventh Hokage. I never thought I would be standing here."

    "Mr. Uzumaki," May sighed and took a deep breath before she continued speaking. "I'm going to ask you very straight forward question."

    "Go ahead."

    "Oh my goodness," Prosecutor Payne muttered.

    "Have you ever passionately kissed or made sexual contact with Miss Haruno?"

    "Huh?" Naruto gasped. He folded his arms and pursed his lips. His cheeks were a strong shade of pink. "I withhold my right to remain silent."

    "This is serious," May yelled at Naruto. "If you don't co-operate with me then Sakura is going to jail. You need to understand that if Sakura is found guilty then she'll be sent to death row. Is that what you want, Mr. Uzumaki?"

    "OBJECTION!" Prosecutor Payne wailed. "Miss Maple, Mr. Uzumaki has the right to decline your questions. Perhaps Mr. Uzumaki can testify where he was on the night of the murder?"

    "That sounds like a good idea." The Judge coughed to clear his throat. "Mr. Uzumaki, please tell the court where you were at the time of your wife's death in your testimony."

    "I was at the academy watching Rumble In The Bronx." Naruto announced. "It was a great show with lots of full of action. During the interval, I noticed that Hinata wasn't at the academy. I used my Shadow Clone Technique to help Sakura look for Hinata whilst I enjoyed the rest of the show."

    "Hmm..." The Judge pondered. "What does the prosecution think of this?"

    "Once again," Prosecutor Payne mouthed. "Another flawless testimony."

    "We've yet to have any flawless testimonies," May muttered beneath her breath.

    "Miss Maple, can we please have the final cross-examination."

    "There's bound to be contradictions here," Trucy told May. "You gotta catch 'em all!"

    "Mr. Uzumaki can you explain to the court what this Shadow Clone Technique is?" May requested.

    "It's one of my specialities," Naruto explained. "I'm a very busy man nowadays. So I often clone myself so I can do all the things that I want to do."

    "I see," May replied. She raised her hand in the air with her index finger pointing at Naruto. "But hold it right there, are you sure that musical you watched was called Rumble In The Bronx?"

    Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "Of course. What's wrong? I have a solid alibi."

    "I want to believe you," May admitted. "You seem to be a very nice guy: you remind me of my friend, Brock Harrison."

    "Brock Harrison as in the creepy gym leader?" Naruto asked. Suddenly, Naruto's face appeared very purple for some reason. His lips quivered. "How am I like that pervert?"

    "A one woman's man is what you want to be," May said as she remembered Brock's song about Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. "But there's two perfect girls for you!"

    "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Naruto yelled, straining his throat. "Hinata was my first love. She'll be my last love too. I will never love another woman the way that I loved Hinata."

    Naruto's words about Hinata were lovely, but they came too late. May shook her head, smirked a little bit and pointed at Naruto. "You've just made a very big contradiction in your testimony."

    "WHAT!" Naruto blared out again. "Where is my contradiction?"

    "Can the prosecution please play the first five seconds of the tape," May announced.

    "Hey Hinata, I thought you were going to see Fiddler On The Roof tonight?"

    "You did it, May!" Trucy said at the top of her voice. "Now finish him!"

    "It's a little too early to celebrate," May responded. "Just got to hang in there a little bit longer."

    "What's just happened?" Prosecutor Payne popped with his mouth wide open.

    "Mr. Uzumaki has testified that he saw Rumble In The Bronx," May repeated. "Though in the tape and previous testimonies clearly state that the play at the academy was Fiddler On The Roof. Mr. Uzumaki cloned himself to make it look like his real self was watching the play. Also when the tape was played out in full, there was not a single dry eye in the courtroom. Except for one..." May's finger sharply pointed at Naruto. "That's you, Naruto."

    "Are you trying to pin Hinata's death on me?" Naruto snarled at May.

    "If that is the truth, then yes," May replied. "I am close to pinning it on you. I know you still have an alibi... but that's not the one you've submitted to the court."

    "If you know what's good for you," Naruto snarled at May, "You will stop telling lies about me."

    May didn't feel intimidated in the slightest. She brushed Naruto's comments away. Then she thought of something, she remembered Sakura saying that Hinata had lost a lot of weight and was complaining of stomach ache. What if Hinata wasn't murdered? What if there was a third party involved? What if she died of natural causes? Pinning the murder on Naruto would make the case become an easy win, but after hearing what Naruto said about Hinata, May felt that there was no way that he would have murdered his own wife for another woman.

    "May," Trucy cried out. "What are you doing? We're so close to finishing this case."

    May sighed. "Please trust me, Trucy."

    "Miss Maple," The Judge banged his gavel to promote order in his court. "I must confess that I am really confused right now. I don't know what you're trying to achieve."

    "I'm going to get to the bottom of all of this," May replied. "But first I want to get down to why Fiddler On The Roof and Rumble In The Bronx got mixed up."

    "What's the difference?" Naruto asked.

    "Fiddler On The Roof is a musical about a Jewish guy with five daughters," May replied. "Whilst Rumble In The Bronx is an action movie with Jackie Chan in it."

    "Daddy loves Rumble In The Bronx," Trucy added. "Coincidentally, the film was on air on the night of Hinata's death."

    "So Mr. Uzumaki," May said. "Can you tell us what you were really doing that night?"

    Naruto gulped. "No comment."

    "Alright then!" May snapped with her arms folded. "I'll tell them for you. While I do believe that you did look for your wife, it wasn't the first thing you did. When you found out Hinata wasn't there, you said that you get your shadow clones to look for her." May pointed directly at Naruto's face, marched over to Naruto and slammed her hands against the wooden frame. "But that's not what you did."

    "What's your point?" Naruto barked. His arm dug into his chest with clenched fists. He looked as if she was ready to attack May.

    "My point is, that it shouldn't have taken you long to find your wife."

    "Shut up!" Naruto yelled at May. May decided to run back to her post, before she ended up being a victim. "You don't know anything. You noob!"

    "Okay then," May snapped back as she flicked her fringe. "I might be a rookie attorney, but I know for a fact that you didn't even look for Hinata."

    "Oh yeah?" Naruto shrugged his shoulders and leaned over towards May. "AND WHAT MAKES YOU SAY THAT?"

    "Because Mr. Uzumaki, it was my client that found your wife's body. And if you wanted to look for your wife, all you needed to do was look for her in the cemetery." May picked up a photo of the crime scene and presented it to Naruto. "Neji Hyuga's grave!"

    "That's just ********!"

    The Judge slammed his gavel with a strong wrinkled frown. "Mr. Uzumaki! The court does not accept foul language."


    "Mr. Uzumaki is really heating up," Trucy said, commenting on Naruto's red skin and the fire-like aura circulating around his body.

    "Mr. Uzumaki, have you even been listening to the trial?" May asked the witness. "Your sister-in-law testified that Hinata spent a lot of time by Neji's grave."

    "I didn't know that!" Naruto spat with his arms folded.

    "Well if you hadn't have been cheating on your wife, you would have known that the graveyard was the only place she would be. And whilst one of your clones stayed on to watch the play, the real you went off and had sex with my client!"

    "You can't prove that," Naruto yelled playing the act of a broken man well. "You have no authority to throw these accusations at me." He hand crashed onto his chest as he steered his head towards May. "I've just lost my wife! Show some compassion!"

    "You weren't showing any compassion when you cheated on her!" May yelled. She looked up in the gallery where members of the Hyuga Clan had taken up all of the rows available. "Don't you think Hinata's family deserve the truth?"

    "I've already told the truth," Naruto spat out, struggling to compose himself in court.

    "I can't stand men like you, Naruto Uzumaki!" May's voice became louder and louder. "Flashy men with lots of power and sleep with women then dump them when they're done."

    "You've never been in love!" Naruto barked at May. "You can only imagine the pain that I've been through."

    "I am in love," May snapped back at Naruto. "My boyfriend is in prison for a crime he didn't commit. I don't know what happened to make Ash think he was guilty, but I'm determined to get to the truth behind what happened five years ago. Just how I'm determined to get to the bottom of this!"

    Naruto shrieked with his hands in the air. He took a few steps back and ran over to the Judge. "Do something about that mad woman!"

    "Sakura told me something really interesting before the trial," May said quickly interrupting the Judge.

    "She did what?"

    "I asked her if there had been any changes in Hinata lately," May explained to Naruto. "Her response was quite interesting. She mentioned that her chest had shrank due to losing weight."

    "So?" Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "Hinata was fine the way she was, she didn't need to lose that weight."

    "I think it seems pretty odd that her boobs shrinking are the first thing that came to mind."

    "I agree," the Judge added his words of humble wisdom. "It sounds quite odd indeed."

    "It sounds something that only a guy would say," May added. "I can just picture you two in bed right now. You both had an amazing session, then you kill the mood by complaining about how Hinata's boobs have shrank."

    "OBJECTION!" Payne roared. "That's too much information. This conversation is highly disrespectful."

    "Please change the subject," the Judge requested.

    "Miss Maple!" roared the Judge as he steered over to May's direction. "Can you prove that the witness and the defendant were an item?"

    May grinned. "Yes I can! May I please have a look at my client's divorce papers." Detective Looker passed May the divorce papers and May flicked through all the pages until she found what she was looking for. "I got it. My client's late husband has listed 'infidelity with my best friend' as one of his reasons for divorce."

    "I don't like where this is going," Prosecutor Payne admitted as cowered behind his desk.

    "Mr. Uzumaki," May called out. "How come you never divorced your wife?"

    "I took my wedding vows seriously," Naruto announced. "I loved Hinata with all my heart. I wanted to grow old with her."

    "Mr. had sex with my client," May announced. "That gives you both a solid alibi. And if you really wanted to grow old with Hinata, why have sex with a friend?"

    Naruto quickly became silent afterwards.

    May looked up to the Judge. "Your Honour, not only does it give them a solid alibi, but it also proves that my client did not kill Mrs. Uzumaki."

    "Then who killed Mrs. Uzumaki?" the Judge asked.

    "Nobody," May declared to the court. "Mrs. Uzumaki's death was a tragic accident."

    "But the defendant is clearly guilty," Prosecutor Payne gulped. "You said so yourself that she was having an affair with Mr. Uzumaki, and then she killed his wife."

    "No Prosecutor Payne," May shook her head. "That's not what I said at all. Mrs. Uzumaki died of natural causes. And when the updated autopsy report comes back, it will tell us the same thing."

    "He's always trying to twist things," Trucy added.

    "You have no proof," Prosecutor Payne sneered at May as she shook his head. "She was covered in blood. There was no way she could have lost that much blood through natural causes alone. The defendant now has a solid motive for crime. The defence is digging a very big hole for herself."

    "And the prosecution has yet to determine the murder weapon."

    "She's a ninja," Prosecutor Payne retaliated. "She strangled Mrs. Uzumaki with her bare fights of course."

    "Then she would have left fingerprints," Trucy told Payne. "But they found no fingerprints on Hinata's neck!"

    "The reason we have failed to determine the murder weapon is because it doesn't exist," May confirmed. She looked up to the Judge. "Your Honour..."

    "Yes, Miss Maple."

    "I would like to bring one more person to the stand."

    "Not another one," Prosecutor Payne groaned.

    "Alright then," The Judge said. "Just one."

    "The defence would like to bring Himawari Uzumaki to the stand," May announced.

    "MY DAUGHTER!" Naruto said. A small girl with blue hair and with Naruto's cheeks ran towards the witness box next to her father.

    "I'm Himawari Uzumaki," Himawari said. "And my father is not a killer."

    "I no longer consider your father a suspect," May admitted. "I wanted to ask you a couple of questions."

    "Oh..." Himawari seemed nervous. She held onto her father's hand. "Go ahead."

    "Have you ever noticed anything strange with your mother before she died?"

    Naruto shook his head in disbelief.

    "Actually... I have," Himawari admitted.

    "Can you be more specific?" May pressed.

    "Hey Mom!" Himawari cried out. "You've barely even touched your food. What's wrong?"

    Hinata shook her head. "I'm fine, I'm just not very hungry." Eating was a daily struggle. Even the smallest of portions would make her feel bloated. She looked up to her husband and son. She predicted that Boruto and Naruto would often fight over the leftovers. "You either of you two like to finish it off?"

    "Sure!" Boruto cried out, sliding the heavy plate over to his direction.

    "Hey!" Naruto pulled the plate towards him. "Save some for me, son!"

    Hinata did her best to carry on with her daily routine, but she found even the most simplest of tasks hard to get through without coughing up blood and the medication only made her feel ten times worse. She knew that she was going to die, but she just couldn't bring herself to tell her family. The only person that knew was Neji's spirit. Hinata knew that Neji was watching over her, protecting her whenever possible.

    "When Daddy was away she would cough lots and lots," Himawari explained. "Sometimes she would cough so much, blood would come out. She was burping more often, worse than Daddy and Boruto combined. Three months ago, she wasn't eating, drinking or sleeping that much. She kept giving most of the food and drink away to us. She would only have a fraction of her meal, and then say she was full."

    "How did I miss this?" Naruto asked himself.

    Himawari looked up at her father. "Mom was putting on a show for you, insisting she was fine. I knew she wasn't but Boruto, my brother didn't believe worst thing was that she wouldn't go out any more. Only to buy flowers for Uncle Neji's grave. If I ever wanted to find Mom, she would either be at home or at my uncle's grave."

    "Does the prosecution have any medical history on the victim?" May asked.

    Prosecutor Payne closed his eyes and ignored May.

    "Prosecutor Payne, I'm asking you a question."

    "No, I don't!" Prosecutor Payne snapped.

    "Then you won't mind if I have a look at your records for myself then," May snorted. She marched over to the other side of the court and browsed through all of Prosecutor Payne's paperwork.

    "OBJECTION! Prosecutor Payne yelled, but it was too late. May had waved a piece of paper in the air. Prosecutor Payne tried to snatch it off May, but she passed it over to a bailiff, who then went on to pass it on the Judge.

    "What's this then?" The Judge asked curiously. "Hmm... Medical Records for Hinata Uzumaki and a testimony from her doctor, Hiroshi Nakano." The Judge skimmed through the medical records out and opened his eyes wider in shock. "It all makes sense now," The Judge announced. "Mrs. Uzumaki was diagnosed with stomach cancer on the 18th February. Exactly six months before her death. Her last appointment was on the 18th July... The actual date of her death. Cancer: what a terrible disease. I hope there comes a day where cancer is just a star sign."

    "We'll never know what Hinata knew about her husband's affair," May announced. "But we do know that she didn't want her family and friends to worry about her, that's why she never told anybody. Let's play the tape again."

    "Hey Hinata, I thought you were going to see Fiddler On The Roof tonight?"

    "No. I'm not feeling very well."

    "Where are you... I can barely make out what you're saying."

    "Hanabi... Can you meet me by Neji's grave?"

    "Sure. But... Why there?"

    "It's where I feel safe. I've found something... Terrible. I don't know how to tell Naruto or the children..."

    "What is it, Sis?"

    "Ah! I don't know how long I've got left... If you see father, tell him I love him too."

    "Hinata! What's going on? Say something."

    "HINATA! What have they done to you?"


    "Hinata? Is that you?"

    "No... It's Sakura."

    "What have you done to Hinata?"

    "I-I've only just got here. Hanabi... Hinata's dead."

    "Sakura... What have you done? YOU MURDERER!"

    "When she was told she didn't have long left to live, she would seek confidence in Neji. She distanced herself away from the family as she didn't want to become a burden. Meanwhile, Mr. Uzumaki becomes close to my client, Miss Haruno. The two became so close... That they made love not just once, but many times. Mr. Uzumaki and Sakura did not look for Hinata straight away, it wasn't until after she had sex, did they try to find her."

    The courtroom doors swung open as another bailiff came in with a piece of paper to hand to the Judge. "Your Honour, Mrs. Uzumaki's 2nd Autopsy report."

    The Judge opens the envelopes and skims through the letter. "You're right, Miss Maple," The Judge said. "The autopsy confirms that Mrs. Uzumaki's cause of death was indeed natural causes. The cancer in her stomach had spread all over her body..."

    "Having sex with a married man as his wife dies of cancer..." Prosecutor Payne spat. "It's disgraceful."

    "Making love isn't a crime," May reminded Prosecutor Payne. "Withholding evidence is."

    "You are right there," The Judge heartfully agreed. "The Chief Prosecutor shall be informed about this. The court finds Sakura Haruno... NOT GUILTY!" He slammed his gavel and confetti and a round of applause poured over Sakura like cherry blossoms across the courtroom. "That is all, this cause is adjourned." The judge raised from his chair and left the courtroom via a small door. May was pleased to have won her first case, but even happier for Sakura to be found innocent. The way that Sakura smiled at Naruto after her verdict made May well up in tears.
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    Chapter Three: A Special Request

    The blonde novelist never opened his eyes the entire time that his friend came to visit. Before his arrest, the world knew him as the charming romance novelist, Eiri Yuki. His smart suits and exotic looks were an epitome of a modern day prince charming. He appeared to be in a happy relationship with singing sensation Shuichi Shindou. To the ones that were close to him, he was Eiri Uesugi, a vulnerable man with a dark past.

    As his brother-in-law and best friend since childhood, Tohma Seguichi knew and understood more about Eiri's past more than anyone else. Tohma held himself responsible for the devastating events in his past. Now that Eiri has been arrested, Tohma felt that it was his duty to protect him and to hire a lawyer.

    "You're wasting your time," Eiri told Tohma. "This is my karma. I deserve to be here."

    "Eiri... What happened all those years ago is not your fault," Tohma whispered.

    "I killed them all," Eiri moaned.

    "No you didn't," Tohma responded. "You should know by now that I'm not too proud to beg. I will hire a lawyer and clear your name in any way possible."

    May's first case had been successful. Even though her client, Sakura bowed her head in shame, she could tell that she was happy deep down. Both of Naruto's little ones glared at him like he was a murderer. They may have been young, but they were old enough to understand what was going on.

    In the corner of a room, May saw the transparent figure of a tall beautiful brunette with large breasts and long hair. The figure was wearing the same black skirt and jacket as May. The lady smiled and waved, but nobody seemed to notice her. By the time May blinked, the woman had vanished. It reminded May of the dreams she had had since she left her hometown at the age of ten. The mysterious figure she saw resembled the comforting ghost of her dreams. The one that told her not to cry and to laugh at her worst times.

    "Thanks a lot," Sakura muttered. She blushed, but she still lowered her head in shame.

    "Miss Haruno," May patted Sakura's back and smiled at her. "You don't need to feel guilty anymore. You're free." When May saw the tears roll down on her client's face, she hugged her. Prosecutor Payne made May's blood boil with his sexist remarks against Sakura. Besides, lots of people cheat on their partners, so May felt that Sakura had nothing to worry about. "At least now, you can start your future with Mr. Uzumaki and the kids."

    May could understand why the affair happened. Their actions were not justified, but May could see that none of them were bad people. The affair shouldn't dent the amazing services that Naruto and Sakura gave to their village. With Sasuke being away all the time and with Hinata distancing herself to hide her illness it left Naruto and Sakura to spend more time together. It allowed them to do things that they hadn't done with their partners in a while. She could also see why Hinata hid her illness for so long, she didn't want to become a burden to her family.

    "I should have known something was up," Sakura admitted. "I wonder if she knew..."

    "I don't know if she knew," May replied. "But if she was as kind and as sweet as others described her, then it's safe to say that she's forgiven you, already."

    Sakura lips had curled slightly. "I guess you're right."

    "S-Sakura..." Naruto mumbled with his chin to his neck. "I'm sorry for making you go through this."

    "I guess it can't be helped." Sakura told Naruto as she squeezed his hands.

    "I think a lot of people in the village hate me at the moment..."

    "I'm sure you can easily regain the village's trust again."

    "You know what?" Naruto rubbed his stomach. "I'm hungry. Let's go and grab some ramen."

    "Okay then."

    "Dad!" Himawari cried out bursting into tears as she stood by her brother. "IS FOOD ALL YOU EVER THINK ABOUT? I SEE WHAT BORUTO MEANS WHEN HE SAYS YOU DON'T GIVE CARE ABOUT US!"

    "Himawari?" Naruto ran towards his daughter and tried to pick her up, but she stepped back behind her brother. "What are you talking about? Of course I care about you both."

    "Then why would you cheat on Mom?" Himawari roared. "You should have known she was sick!"

    Visiting Neji's grave suddenly became a daily task for Hinata. Whenever somebody wanted to look for Hinata, they would always find her in the cemetery, sitting by Neji's grave. Himawari found her mother and ran towards her.

    "You should go to a doctor," Himawari told Hinata. She knelt by her mother and grabbed onto her skirt. "This isn't right!"

    "I will see him tomorrow," Hinata promised her daughter. She patted her head and smiled. "Don't worry, I will be just fine."

    "Mom!" Himawari yelled. "You're not okay! You never eat. You're always coughing up blood and you're always here. We never do family things anymore."

    "I'm having lunch with Sakura tomorrow," Hinata informed her daughter. "I think it will be good."

    "You should go out more often instead of sitting here all way," Himawari suggested. "You can't stay here all day when it's raining or if it starts snowing."

    There was nothing Hinata could say. All she did was hug Himawari as if her life depended on it. She really wanted to tell Himawari the truth, but she just couldn't bring herself to say it. She didn't want to add any stress to her and her family. She saw the doctor the next day just as she promised. There was nothing the doctors could do for Hinata now.

    "She was facing cancer all by herself," Himawari sobbed in her brother's arms. "If everybody had done more to help her, then she might still be here right now."

    "Himawari," May approached her. "I don't think your mother was ever truly alone."

    "Why is that?" Himawari asked. Hot stream of tears rolled down her face. "Show me proof that she wasn't alone."

    May presented a picture of Neji, Hinata's beloved cousin. "Hinata kept you all in her heart. She was ready to die knowing that she would be reunited with her best friend soon."

    "Oh mom..." Himawari continued to weep. "She was always so selfless and kind. Thinking of others before herself."

    "Why don't you two go with your father?" May suggested. "It's been a long day. I'm sure you're both hungry."

    Sakura and Naruto left the courtroom, holding hands. Naruto's kids quickly followed them. They all waved at May and she waved back. May hoped from the bottom of her heart that Naruto and Sakura could get their relationship to work.

    "Congratulations," a voice spoke from behind them. It was Phoenix's voice. "That was a truly great turnabout."

    "Thanks, Mr. Wright!" May looked over and smiled at Trucy. "But I wouldn't have been able to have done it without Trucy."

    "Me?" Trucy giggled. "Sure I was there for support... But you did most of the work on your own."

    "Anyway May," Phoenix said. "I've got a new case for you."

    "A new case?" May then noticed that there was another man behind Phoenix. The man had white hair partially concealed in a fluffy black hat and a blue coat the same shade as Phoenix's suit. Both his coat and hat were equally fluffy. The man resembled a keyboard player that May remembered seeing on her mother's wall once. May thought that the man was Tohma Seguchi from Nittle Grasper. The band did occasional reunions, but Tohma had been busy running his own major music label.

    "Pleased to meet you, Miss Maple," The man said. There was pride in his broad shoulders, but the tone of his voice resembled a beggar man. "My name is Tohma Seguchi. I'm the president of N-G Records. I'm in desperate need of your assistance."

    "I thought it was you," May smiled. She shook Tohma's hand. "What can I help you with?"

    "I need you to defend my friend," Tohma whispered. "My wife's brother... Has been framed for murder."

    "It's been all over the news," Trucy told May. "That novelist Eiri Yuki has been arrested for the murder of Taki Aizawa."

    "Why don't we discuss this over lunch?" Tohma suggested.

    "Sounds like a good idea," May nodded. Then she lowered her head when she remembered her nearly empty purse. "I haven't got a lot of money though..."

    "Not to worry, Miss Maple," Tohma responded with a warm smile. "It will be my treat."

    "Oh!" May felt a huge wave of relief had been lifted from her shoulders. "Thank you very much."

    May never expected her morning would end with a trip to Kozue restaurant, one of the finest restaurants in the Shinjuku District of Tokyo. It was a perfect summer's day, so Mt. Fuji could be seen from the window. Tohma was even paying for her, Phoenix and Trucy. May was starving, but she didn't want to take advantage of Tohma's good will. She reminded herself that this was still a business venture.

    They all mingled on fresh sushi, hearty miso soup and yummy yakitoris. If May's mum had known where she was right now, she would have been very jealous. Her mother was a big fan of the bands that were signed to N-G Records and had a great admiration for Tohma's talents. She was surprised at how Tohma was just as sweet and polite as he was on the camera.

    "You really care for Mr. Yuki don't you?" Phoenix asked Tohma.

    "Yes," Tohma announced. "More than anything in this world."

    "Can you tell us more about Mr. Yuki?" May asked.

    "Of course," Tohma nodded. "Eiri Yuki and I have been friends since childhood. I'm married to his sister, and his boyfriend's band is signed to my label."

    "That's Bad Luck isn't it?" Trucy asked. "Klavier joined the band two years ago."

    "Indeed," Tohma responded. "Two of the members left the band. Leaving only Shuichi, so I hired Mr. Gavin and Mr. Ishida. The Chief Prosecutor has assigned Mr. Gavin as the prosecutor of Eiri's trial. I've failed Eiri once," Tohma admitted. "I would never live with myself if I failed him again."

    "Mr. Seguchi," May said curiously. "What do you mean when you've said you've failed Eiri once?"

    "Eiri was gang-raped by our tutor and other paedophiles," Tohma whispered. "A tutor that we both highly looked up to. It's all my fault."

    "Why is it your fault?" May asked.

    Tohma lowered his head. "I was the one that hired him."

    "That's not your fault," May shook her head as she spoke. "You were tricked."

    "Wasn't this already resolved?" Phoenix asked. "Eiri was arrested for killing his tutor, Yuki Kitazawa and his accomplices. But he was found not guilty for numerous reasons."

    "Eiri was very young when it happened," Tohma mumbled. "Then they discovered the statue of limitations had expired. They were able to see the truth and deliver a Not Guilty verdict. So the court ruled in his favour once, but I fear the prosecution will use this against him."

    "That sounds so sad," May thought. "Don't you worry Mr. Seguichi. I will do everything in my power to clear his name."

    May's words had turned Tohma's frown upside down.

    "After lunch, I think it would be a good idea to go to the detention centre," Phoenix told May. "And after that, go to the crime scene to gather some clues."

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    Chapter Four: Detective Gary Oak
    From dazzling views from a fancy restaurant to the dull walls of the detention centre, May had grasped a sense of reality. For May, a trip to the detention centre had become a part of her routine. She wouldn't be seeing her boyfriend this time, but instead her client, Eiri Uesugi. She still wondered how Ash was getting on, but she felt bad for not being able to see him. When the guard escorted them to Eiri's cell, May noticed a tall brunette sitting down and three children leaning against the glass in front of Eiri.

    May recalled that Tohma had two children: one of each. He went on to explain further that Riku was Yuki Kitazawa's orphaned son. Riku had been living with his transsexual aunt, Yoshiki Kitazawa until she left him with Eiri and Shuichi to look after. Eiri ended up adopting Riku, which surprised May. Eiri didn't appear to be the kind of man who would be interested in children. From what she had seen of Shuichi in the media, he wouldn't have had the time nor place to look after a child.

    The boy's biological aunt, Yoshiki Kitazawa was found outside Eiri's house. Eiri was the prime suspect, but he was released without charge. Her killer was never found and the case was eventually closed. The deeper May got into Eiri's life story, the more she realized how much she was getting herself in for. She wished she was back in her childhood, and on her Pokémon journey. She used to travel around the Pokémon regions without a care in the world. Times had changed. She was an adult and she had a job to do: She had to seek the truth at all costs. If Eiri was innocent, then she would defend him at all costs. If Eiri was guilty, she wouldn't hide it, but she wouldn't give up on her client.

    It was a lot to take in, but May felt she knew enough about Eiri to help him out. She could see that Tohma was a dedicated family man who worked his butt off for his family to live in comfort. Eiri was a huge part of the family that Tohma.

    "Uncle Eiri," The little blonde girl said. "I thought only bad guys go to prison."

    "Your uncle has done something terrible," Eiri responded. The pain he showed in his voice made May's stomach churn. She gulped as she watched Eiri hide his face in his hands. His fingers crawled all around his face. May was startled of how deep and soft his voice was. "I am a bad guy… I have to be punished."

    "Daddy! That's not true," The tall blonde boy said. "Uncle Tohma is going to get a really good lawyer to save you." When the three children saw Tohma and May's reflection through the glass, they turned to face them. They all scurried towards Tohma and embraced his coat. The tall boy cried in happiness as the other two children called for their father. "It's great to see you, Uncle Tohma. Have you hired the lawyer?"

    "Yes, Riku..." Tohma told his nephew. He nodded as his arm reached out towards May. "Here she is."

    "Daddy..." The girl muttered. "She's the lawyer? But she looks so young."

    "She is young," Tohma nodded as he spoke. "But she's the just the kind of lawyer we're looking for."

    "I think it's time to take you all home," The woman said. May assumed that the woman was Tohma's wife, or at least the mother of both of the kids. That would have meant that she was Mika, the defendant's sister.

    "Home?" Riku said. "With Daddy Shuichi? He's not in the best of moods right now."

    "Then why don't you stay with us?" Mika offered as she patted the top of Riku's head. "Your cousins could do with your company right now."

    "Okay Aunt Mika," Riku said with a smile on his face. Riku and his cousins followed Mika out of the room, which left Tohma and May alone with Eiri.

    "So you hired this brat to represent me in court?" Eiri hissed. "You know I'm going to be guilty anyway."

    "Eiri," Tohma raised his voice. "Don't talk like that. That was in the past and it's been resolved. I know you didn't kill Mr. Aizawa and Miss Maple will prove that."

    "But I'm a killer," Eiri stated with his hands over his ears, his eyes wide open and his lips shivering.

    "That was a long time ago," Tohma roared with his hands pressed against the glass. "You shouldn't have to suffer for a crime you didn't commit because of your past."

    "Tohma's right," May nodded. "He told me about your old tutor. They can't bring you to trial over that anymore because of double jeopardy. It seems to be that the prosecution wanted to tie you in with something else."

    "I'm the only suspect," Eiri snapped. "Everyone knows I'm a killer. Band members get shot, one of them dies and they think it's me cause I'm a killer."

    "Did you actually kill Taki Aizawa?"

    Eiri glared at May and remained silent.

    "Either you did or you didn't."

    "No..." Eiri whispered.

    May believed in him. "Then you don't need to suffer from your past anymore."

    "Where's Shuichi?" Eiri asked. "How is he? Does he think it was me?"

    Tohma shook his head. "Shuichi is crying a lot, but that's nothing new."

    "Is that why Riku didn't want to stay at Shuichi's house?" May asked.

    Both men nodded.

    "Shuichi's a fun guy," Eiri admitted. "But he can sometimes get too hot to handle."

    "What do you mean by that?"

    Tohma chuckled as he hugged his cloak. "Mr. Shindou can be a very difficult person to work with."

    Eiri banged his fist on the table as pressed his forehead against the table. "Try living with him!"

    "Mr. Uesugi... Please don't take this the wrong way." May gulped before she continued to speak. "But if Mr. Shindou gives you so much misery, why are you still with him?"

    "Because I love him," Eiri responded. But May couldn't detect any sense of emotion in his plain tone. If anything, May could almost detect a sense of sarcasm. He didn't even smile when talking about Shuichi. Conversations about loved ones are meant to make one smile. On the other hand, May realized that she was in Eiri's position, smiling would be the last thing on his mind.

    "Your relationship with Shuichi could be an important part of this case," May announced. "We'll get back to Shuichi later. Right now I need to talk about that happened on Taka Aiwaza's death. Do you remember what you were doing?"

    "I was taking a walk around the cemetery," Eiri admitted. He pulled himself up and straightened up his shoulders.

    "Were you with anybody at the time?"

    Eiri shook his head. "I was alone."

    "I was afraid of that," May admitted. She lowered her head for a few moments then lifted them back up. "I was hoping that there would be some witnesses to give you a solid alibi."

    "Well," Eiri hissed. "What you want and what you get are two very different things, Darling."

    "What were you doing walking around the cemetery?" May asked.

    "I had to clear my mind," Eiri snapped.

    "Eiri and Mr. Shindou were meant to be going out on a date," Tohma told May. "They quarrelled, and Mr. Shindou ended up eating alone."

    "How do you know?" Eiri barked.

    "Remember what I said? I am always watching over you," Tohma proclaimed to Eiri. His black gloves crushed against the glass and his face wasn't so far. "I failed you once," He suddenly whimpered. "I can't fail you again." Tohma had so much passion in his voice that May felt that Tohma was madly in love with him.

    "You won't fail," May told Tohma. "Because Eiri is innocent."

    "NO I'M NOT! Eiri yelled.

    "You are," May declared. "You've been set up to believe that you're a serial killer. That's not the case."

    "Can ya prove it?" Eiri snapped. "I bet you can't."

    "I don't have any evidence on me right now," May confessed.

    "That means you can't prove it?"

    May shook her head. "Well, I've heard a lot about the real you from Tohma." Why would Tohma go all this way just to hire a defence attorney? Why is Tohma covering all the legal fees and extras? Why did Yoshika leave her nephew with her brother's supposed killer? Why would Shuichi stay with you? Why do fans all over the world proclaim your innocence and still love you regardless of your past?"

    Eiri shrugged his shoulders. "Because it's a mad world."

    May stood up. Her chair slid off and crashed on the floor as she slammed her hands so hard against the table it hurt. May sneered over to the glass and roared at the top of her voice, "BECAUSE YOU ARE INNOCENT! YOU KILLED NOBODY!"

    "KEEP THE NOISE DOWN!" The prison guard demanded.

    "Oops..." May whispered. All three of them remained silent. "I'm sorry for that. I didn't mean to scare you."

    "Someone out there still has it in for Eiri?" Tohma asked.

    May nodded. "I'm pretty sure whoever tried to frame Eiri this time, is the same person that tried to frame him for Yoshika and Yuki's death." May pursed her lips and her mind hovered for a few moments. "I'm going to go to the crime scene," May decided. "I'm going to speak to the detectives and see where we are heading."

    "Okay," Eiri muttered. "Bye."

    May was going to defend Eiri and clear his name: whether he liked it or not!

    The crime scene was the cemetery three streets away from N-G Records. Tohma had decided to go home, but as he left May, he had a warm smile on his face. May had a feeling that he was going to sleep well tonight. It didn't take her long to find the crime scene in the cemetery as she followed the sounds of flashing cameras and police jargon.

    "I'm sorry Miss," A young man said behind her. May jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Only authorized personnel are allowed past this point." May swiftly turned around. It was a tall man with a white coat and large spiky brown hair. He looked very familiar and so did the sound of his nasal voice.

    "Oh I'm looking for the detective in charge of this case," May responded.

    "That would be me," The guy nodded. "Hey!" He cried out. "I remember you. You're Ash's girlfriend."

    May was able to remember him. "Gary Oak, right?"

    "Detective Gary Oak at your service. Mr. Wright was right; I thought he was pulling my leg when he said you joined his agency. So what made you become a lawyer?"

    "I'm going to clear Ash's name," May told him with a huge smirk on her face. "But I need the experience first."

    "That's the same reason why I became a detective," Gary admitted. "I know Ash is innocent, but I need to get the evidence and experience to convince the Chief of Police to reopen the case. So you're Mr. Yuki's lawyer?"

    "I am indeed." May nodded. After the meeting with her client in the detention centre, it felt strange for people to call Eiri by his pen name. "So what have you found so far?"

    "It's a triple murder," Gary announced. "Ma-Kun and Ken-Chan passed away in the hospital."

    "They're the other band members?"

    "Taki, Ma-Kun and Ken-Chan formed the band, A.S.K. in the 90's. Their popularity has gone up and down over the years but their music was always pretty solid. They were first signed to N-G Records, but after a dispute, they were dropped."

    "What was the dispute about?" May asked, thinking she could find some clues.

    "Do you know about Mr. Yuki's previous trial?" Gary asked.

    "Yes I do," May replied. "And I also know about his past too. I believe that he was framed for all the murders."

    "You do?" Gary asked. "Sorry to break it to ya but he's known to the police as a killer. You won't have much a chance in this case."

    "The evidence is out there," May retaliated. "And the truth will speak for itself in the trial."

    "Anyway, your friends are over there," Gary pointed over to a man in a blue suit and a girl in a big blue hat. May knew from a distance that it was Phoenix and Trucy.

    "Hey!" Trucy shouted out with her palms pressed upon her face. May heard her and decided to run towards her. "I don't think this has anything to do with the case, but take a look at this!"

    "What have you found?" Phoenix asked.

    "Take a look at who's name is on the stone," Trucy shrieked.

    "What is it?" May asked curiously.

    "No way!" Phoenix shrieked. "It's..."

    May crouched over towards the small white grave as the words engraved with gold sent shivers down her spine. She gasped with twice as much horror in their faces as Phoenix and Trucy. "That's...That's my name."

    May Maple

    Beloved Daughter Of Norman and Caroline

    Forever missed

    "Maybe it's a coincidence," Trucy muttered with little conviction. "Maple is a common surname, right?"

    "Maybe," May shuddered. "But Norman and Caroline are the names of my parents!"

    "Hey guys!" Gary yelled across the graveyard. "That's the cemetery for the babies and children. There's nothing to see there!"

    "Is it really appropriate to be shouting in a place like this?" Trucy asked.

    "Nope," Phoenix quickly responded. He looked over at May. "I wouldn't worry about the grave. Like Trucy said, Maple is quite a common surname. And Norman and Caroline are very common names. Must be a coincidence."

    May carried on with her investigation, but she took a picture of the grave on her phone. For some reason, she couldn't believe Phoenix when he said it was just a coincidence. May felt that the image of her grave would burn her mind for the rest of her life.

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    Chapter Five: Strange Locks
    Seventeen cups of black coffee was the secret to May's burst of energy. She needed the caffeine to keep herself awake after staying up for most of the night. May had spent most of her night on YouTube watching music videos and listening to interviews related to music generated from Tohma's record label. May found herself listening to the entire discography of Nittle Grasper, Bad Luck and A.S.K. She had hoped that hidden in their music would be clues and evidence that would lead to the true culprits behind the triple murder. May drifted off to sleep as her head rested against the side of her laptop at 4:35AM. When May opened her eyes it was 8:00AM.

    At first, she didn't understand why Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper's music sounded so similar, but then once she found out that Shuichi had idolized Ryuichi Sakuma, the lead singer of Nittle Grasper in every aspect possible, it made sense to her. They had the same staff and same producer. Ryuichi and Shuichi were fierce music rivals at one point, but now they were very close friends, almost like lovers according to comments by fan girls.

    For J-Pop, she thought the music was decent. The music wasn't bad for generic pop, but after spending hours listening to the music, she yearned for classic rock acts like Queen, Nirvana and Iron Maiden. May decided to check her emails to see if she had any new messages other than random notifications and she found that she had an email from Detective Gary Oak.

    May clicked on Gary's email and waited for it to load. "Come on computer," May muttered to herself. "Good thing I'm not in a hurry." When the message finally loaded, May noticed that there was a lot of attachments in the email. From the small colourful logos, she could tell they were images.

    Hi May,

    Sorry to send you this so early in the morning. I didn't get much sleep last night so I decided to gather up I have so far and send the information I should have sent yesterday. I've got some photos of the crime scene attached, along with the profiles of all the victims. The prosecution wants believes the deaths of the members of A.S.K are related to the deaths of siblings, Yuki and Yoshiki Kitazawa. I thought it might help you to get prepared for tomorrow's trial.

    Hope this all helps.

    Best regards,

    Detective Gary Oak

    "Thank you Gary," May whispered at the screen. She downloaded all of the pictures and finds a message from Gary, containing photos of the crime and important details. May printed them and added them to the court record. May opened the PDF file first and carefully skimmed through the pages until she could find the important information that stood out for her.

    She then downloaded the crime photos and could see that the three young men had all been shot directly in the heart. The murder weapon was believed to be a magnum revolver as the bullets in the crime scene all had 357 Magnum engraved around them. The very same gun that killed Yuki and Yoshika Kitazawa. May was amazed at how quickly the old cases were linked together. May printed them all out and put them in her bag.

    May didn't notice when Phoenix walked through the door until he spoke.

    "Have you been up in the office all night?" Phoenix asked. "How's the case getting along?"

    "I know one thing for sure," May responded. "Eiri Uesugi is 100% innocent."

    "Perhaps there will be more clues in N-G Records," Phoenix suggested. "I would talk to the people who work there, especially the ones that know Mr. Shindou and Mr. Uesugi. "

    "Okay," May nodded.

    "I don't think N-G Studios is far from here. I think it's four blocks away from the big hotel.

    "Thanks for your help, Mr. Wright. I'll be going now." May left the office, flew down the stairs and then took her bike and cycled to N-G Studios. She could have used one of her Pokémon like Venusaur to ride her down. In the end, she decided not to as traffic wardens would not appreciate huge Pokémon riding in the middle of a busy street.

    When May entered N-G Records she parked her bike outside and approached the receptionist by the counter.

    "Good morning," The receptionist smiled. "Welcome to N-G Records. What can I do to help you?"

    "I'd like to speak to Tohma Seguichi please."

    "May I ask who you are?"

    "I'm May Maple. Eiri's lawyer."

    "Okay, one moment please." The receptionist dialled a few numbers and after a few seconds, she got a response. "Mr. Seguchi, Eiri's Lawyer is here... Okay, I'll send her in. Thank you." The receptionist placed the phone down and smiled at May as two doors swung open. "You can go on through Miss Maple."

    "Thank you." May ran straight into the doors as Tohma Seguchi greeted her from the staircase.

    "How did you get here so early?" Tohma asked.

    "Oh I used my bike."

    "I could have picked you up," Tohma said with a warm smile on his face. "So what brings you here to N-G Studios?"

    "Well, I was hoping to talk to some of the guys who work here, especially Shuichi. I think the true killer could be somewhere in this building."

    "In that case, you have my full permission to investigate wherever you want in the studios."

    "That's great," May exclaimed. "Thank you, Mr. Seguchi."

    May went up the stairs and followed the stairs up to the first floor. It was one of the many studios in the company building. Once she stood inside she saw Detective Gary Oak interrogating a man with pink hair and red lips. May knew that it was Eiri's boyfriend, Shuichi. She could hear Gary threatening to arrest Shuichi if he failed to co-operate. It must have been the final straw for Shuichi as May could see his cheeks turn into a beetroot red as he stormed off with full speed. His shoulder bashed against May and he slammed the door shut.

    "Dammit!" Gary hissed. "If only he could co-operate."

    "I wouldn't worry about it," One of the guitarists said. "He's always crying."

    May spotted something twinkling bouncing towards her. When it clashed by her shoe, May picked it up and discovered it was a ring. "Does this belong to anybody." They all shook their head. May brought the ring closer to her face and admired the rainbow hues and sparkling diamonds. May placed the ring back in her pocket. She had concluded that the ring had belonged to Shuichi Shindou.

    "Hey May," Gary strutted along towards her. "Did you get my email?"

    "I did," May replied. "Very helpful. Thanks."

    In the room, there were two men with blonde hair. One was much taller than the other but they both had guitars strapped around them light proud knights with their swords. Gary rested against the table and began to talk again. "This is Klavier and Matt. They're members of Shuichi's band, Bad Luck. Klavier is also the one prosecuting the case."

    "Really?" May gasped. "Well, it's nice to meet you both."

    "You're Frau Maple?" Klavier asked as he hunched down to May's height. "Herr Forehead has told me all about you."

    "Herr Forehead?" May honestly had no idea who Klavier was on about.

    Matt chuckles and put his hands on his feet. "You mean your boyfriend, Apollo?"

    "Apollo Justice?"


    May still didn't get it. "I'm curious, why did you take the case knowing you would be accusing your bandmate's partner of murder? Wouldn't that hurt Shuichi?"

    "I didn't have a choice," Klavier explained. "The case was assigned to me."

    "Do you think that Eiri Uesugi really committed those murders?"

    Klavier's mind had wondered for a few moments. After standing up tall again, he put his hands in his pockets and said, "We'll have to wait and see."

    In other words: He didn't have a clue.

    "Would it be alright to ask you both some questions?" May requested.

    Both guys nodded.

    "So I've heard that Shuichi Shindou is very difficult to work with, can any of you confirm this?"

    "He can sure be a nightmare to work with," Matt admitted. "I would hate to live with him. Sometimes on tours, he's absolutely insane. Though he is a great guy with a big heart. Somehow he always manages to get through his deadlines."

    "With our help of course," Klavier added.

    May's next question was, "What do you guys know about his relationship with Eiri Uesugi?"

    "From what I can gather," Klavier stated in a thick German accent. "There's nothing wrong in that department."

    "That department?" May raised her eyebrow.

    "We know too much," Matt moaned. "He always talks about Yuki. Yuki this! Yuki that!"

    "Did Shuichi ever mention Riku?"

    "Huh?" Matt commented. "Who the hell is Riku?"

    "The guy from Kingdom Hearts?" Klavier guessed.

    "That's strange," May confessed. "Shuichi always talks about his dearly beloved Yuki, but never told you that he had adopted a boy named Riku."

    "You're the first person to tell us this!" Klavier stated.

    "I don't know how you don't know," said May. "After all, Riku is Yuki Kitazawa's biological son. A man that Eiri Yuki was accused of murdering a few years back."

    "Shuichi never mentioned a kid," Matt declared. "Shuichi is a big kid himself; he wouldn't have a clue how to raise one. He's probably the reason why the others left."

    "Hang on Matt," May cried out. She sat down next to Gary who had been listening to the chat the whole time. "What do you mean when you say the others?"

    "Hiro and Suguru," Matt replied. "They left the band before Klavier and I joined."

    "Do you know why they left the band?"

    "I think it's pretty obvious that they had enough of Shuichi's ****," Matt hissed with his hands in his pocket.

    "Hiro said he left to spend more time with his wife and kids," Klavier confirmed. "Last time I heard from him, he was a doctor. Suguru left to pursue a solo career and to do other projects."

    "I think Suguru left because he hated Shuichi," Matt stuck on to his theory. "He had enough of him."

    "Have you ever met the previous bandmates of Bad Luck?"

    "Nope," Matt replied. "Never met them in my life."

    "What about the victims?" May asked. "The members of A.S.K: have either of you had any dealings with them?"

    Matt and Klavier shrugged their shoulders. Matt closed his eyes and placed his feet out on the table as Klavier said, "I know some of their popular hits, but I never knew them personally."

    "I see," May said. "I wonder if I should have a look around in the studio."

    "There's nothing really important in here," Gary whispered to May. "I think we should move along. I'm going to go the smoking room."

    "I guess I gotta go and find Shuichi," May announced. "Thanks for your help guys."

    "No problem," Klavier said. "I hope you are ready to rock tomorrow?"

    "You bet I will be!" May cried out as she gave Klavier a thumbs up, and then she went into the next studio. At first it seemed to be an empty meeting room until she lowered her head and found Shuichi was hiding under the table like a pussy cat. He shivered causing the top of the table to shake and the chairs around him to rumble. May gulped and closed her eyes.

    She tiptoed towards the table and then crouched down to her knees and said, "Hi Shuichi!"

    Shuichi gasped and crawled to the back of the room.

    "Hey!" May roared. "I'm just a defence attorney; I'm not going to bite." She folded her arms and asked, "What were you doing under the table anyway."


    May felt so uncomfortable as she had never seen a man cry so hard before. In fact, she had seen babies cry softer than him. She knew that Shuichi is upset, but something told her that these are crocodile tears. Perhaps he was seeking attention or that he was simply barking mad. May believed that the latter was a more logical answer.

    "So I was wondering what you were doing on the night the killings took place?"

    "I was playing on my Gameboy," Shuichi announced. "I was at home with Yuki."

    "What game were you playing? And what was Yuki doing at the time?"

    "Tomodachi Life!" Shuichi shrugged his shoulders and stared at May. He must have been lying. Had he have been truthful, he would have known Yuki's exact actions. Besides, Tomodachi Life is a game for the Nintendo 3DS: the franchise never existed when the gameboy was about.

    "Well a witness saw you dining alone in a restaurant after an argument with Yuki," May confronted him. She peered over to Shuichi and crawled under the table with him. "What was the argument about?"

    "Don't know what you're talking about." Shuichi hopped out from under the table and sat against the corner with his back facing May.

    "You've dedicated your whole life to Yuki and Bad Luck," May commented as she stood up and sat down on one of the chairs. She folded her legs and kicked Shuichi's back. "But you never told your bandmates that you and Eiri adopted a son. The son of a man he supposedly killed. Shuichi... How come your bandmates had no idea who Riku was when I mentioned him?"

    "I DON'T KNOW!" Shuichi yelled. Suddenly May jumped as the room became engulfed by pitch darkness. She sees the room become covered in chains and three red boxes around Shuichi's heart. Each box had a keylock.

    "What are these chains and locks all about?" May asked.

    Shuichi refused to look at May. "What are you talking about? I don't see any locks or chains," Shuichi faced the wall as he shrugged his shoulders. "It's all the lawyer weed you've been smoking."

    "I don't smoke or take drugs," May made it known that it was not true. As the darkness slowly faded along with the locks and chains, the room returned to normal. May realized that only she could see locks around his heart. She didn't understand why she could see them or if it was wise to open them. She wondered if she would ask her boss, Phoenix, but the last thing she needed, was her mentor to think she was crazy too. He says he can't see any locks, chains or blackness and that she must be going crazy.

    May wondered if she should continue to interrogate Shuichi or come back later when he had calmed down. May turned around and marched to the door she came in. There was no way Shuichi was going to give her any information in his current state of mind. A tall man in a black suit approached her as soon as she stepped outside the door. He introduced himself as Mr. Sakano.

    "Mr. Seguchi would like to speak with you now," Mr. Sakano told May. "Please follow me."

    May followed the man into the lift and took May onto the top view. As soon as the elevators opened, Mr. Sakano opened the door for May and she was quickly greeted by a large office with huge windows showing the amazing views of Tokyo. Tohma was sitting patiently by his desk.

    "Morning Miss Maple," Tohma said. "How is the investigation going?"

    "It could be better," May struggled to get the words right. She didn't know how to describe Shuichi to Tohma.

    "Is Mr. Shindou giving you grief?" Tohma asked. "As I expected, he's been very challenging, especially when it comes to Eiri." He looked over to Mr. Sakano. "Please advise Shuichi to co-operate."

    "Right!" Mr. Sakano bowed and left the room.

    "What's your opinion on Shuichi Shindou?" May questioned Tohma.

    Tohma smiled as he removed his coat. "I don't really have an opinion on him."

    Like before, Tohma's office became shrouded with darkness as the room as chains decorated the room. There was a lonely lock against his heart. Tohma didn't seem to be fazed, so May knew that only she would see them. May wondered why does Tohma only have one instead of three? May had a feeling she might be able to break Tohma's lock.

    "Is something the matter?" Tohma asked. "You seem to be looking quite... Pale."

    "Tohma..." May spoke as she bit her lip. "I don't think you hold a very high opinion of Shuichi."

    Tohma seemed to be surprised. He folded his arms and smiled. "What makes you say that?"

    "Every person I've spoken to today, including you has mentioned how challenging Shuichi's behaviour can be," May confronted him. "As president of N-G Records, you demand nothing but absolute perfection from your artists."

    Tohma nodded. "We cannot afford to have poor music being churned from our label."

    "Let's be honest," May persisted. She got out three sheets of paper from her folder and slapped them on Tohma's desk. "Shuichi's song writing is rather poor compared to your other artists." Tohma had been presented with lyrics from Nittle Grasper, Bad Luck and A.S.K. "You can tell who wrote what based on the handwriting alone. So which one is the odd one out?"

    Tohma had the choice between the following lyrics; Dare To Dream by his own band, Nittle Grasper; Italy Loves Pasta by Shuichi's band, Bad Luck; or Let's Fight Love by the deceased A.S.K. Tohma quickly selected the piece of paper that had his own lyrics on. "This one," he replied. "The other two songs never recorded."

    "Trust you to pick your own song," May giggled. "That wasn't what I was thinking of though. I would say that Shuichi's lyrics are the odd one out because of how crappy the lyrics are. The reason you failed to drop Bad Luck is because of their sales. I believe that they generate... 30% of N-G Records profits. If you were ever to drop them, that 30% would be a disastrous loss to your company."

    "There are some things that are more important than profit," Tohma argued.

    "That's true," May added. "When Bad Luck first joined your label, you felt that they needed an extra member. That's why you hired Suguru, your cousin. From what I've heard, Shuichi was quickly envious of Suguru's talent. Klavier told me that Hiro's reason to leave was to spend more time with his family and then he began to work as a doctor. Whilst Suguru left because he couldn't handle Shuichi's behaviour anymore."

    "I know who you mean," Tohma said. "We used to be very close."

    "Used to be..." May thought. The lock and chains were swaying but they weren't ready to break. "You have a lot of reasons to hate Shuichi: from putting your own company at risk from turning your cousin against you. BUT... There is one reason why you despise him."

    "I wouldn't go that far," Tohma noted.

    "Tohma... You've been in love with Eiri for a long long time," May explained. "You and Eiri have been friends since childhood, and you've been with him through the thick and thin. You were even there to support him when his first novel became an instant bestseller. And then some guy comes along and claims Eiri for himself... You wanted to add more workload to Shuichi to keep him and Eiri apart. You wanted to keep Eiri... To yourself."

    "You've got me." Tohma gasped. The red box shattered into little pieces and the chains flew away. May had found herself back in reality and back in Tohma's office. May thought if she could break Tohma's locks, then maybe she can unlock Shuichi's too.

    "Sorry to bust into your secret like that," May apologized. "But I needed to get closer to the truth."

    "I understand," Tohma didn't seem to be the slightest fazed.

    "Can you tell me what you know about the previous bandmates in Bad Luck?" May asked. "What were their personalities like?"

    "Hiro was sometimes a calming influence on Shuichi," Tohma whispered. "They were best friends from school. When I hired Suguru to join the band there were tensions at first, but together their music was wonderful. When Hiro and Suguru left the band's music had dropped in quality, but I still couldn't drop them."

    "Are you still in contact with them?"

    Tohma shook his head. "Hiro has gone on his own path, and Suguru never responds to my messages anymore."

    "Do you think that Shuichi is responsible?"

    Tohma froze on the spot. "It wouldn't surprise me."

    "Thank you, Tohma," May said. "I think I've finished with the questioning."

    "Before you go," Tohma said. "I have something to give you. I went to Eiri's house earlier this morning and got these. They're Riku's adoption papers, I thought they might help with your case."

    "Thank you," May said with a smile on her face. She flicked through the papers and realized that Riku's adoption files could be very important evidence. She could only see Eiri's name on the adoption papers, but they are signed by Yoshiki, Riku's deceased aunt. May found it strange that Shuichi's name was not mentioned on any of Riku's paperwork. "Tohma, you don't need to feel guilty, these papers are proof that Eiri didn't kill anybody."

    "You better catch the one that did it then," Tohma demanded with a grin on his face and a tear running down his cheek.

    May went through nearly every room in the company building until she found Shuichi in the men's bathroom, covering himself in toilet paper. May was dreading stepping into the men's bathroom. May had enough of Shuichi's antics and marched into the men's bathroom. May was alerted by a piece of paper with writing. She leaned over and picked the paper up. May was mortified when she read it: A receipt for a ring sold for five hundred million yen.


    "To find your secrets," May pushed him.

    "I have nothing to say to you," Shuichi responded with his tongue out.

    The three locks around his heart said otherwise.

    "So Shuichi," May folded her arms and tapped her feet. "It seems you have a couple of big secrets."

    "Why should I tell you my secrets?"

    "Well your boyfriend has been arrested for murders he didn't commit," May reminded him. "I wonder why you haven't visited him in prison?"

    "Because I've been working," Shuichi snapped.

    "Tohma and Mika have been working too," May responded. "But they still have time to visit Eiri. Were you seeing other people? And another thing? How come your name isn't on Riku's adoption certificate? You and Eiri are a couple after all."

    "Shut up!" Was all that Shuichi could say.

    "On the night of the crime you and Eiri had an argument," May reminded him again. "You were meant to be going out on a date, but you ended up eating alone." May noticed that Shuichi looked extra sad. With the receipt and ring in her hand, eveything suddenly made sense. "Shuichi... Did you by any chance try to propose to Eiri? But Eiri declined? I don't know why he declined, maybe he wasn't ready or he had a lot on his mind. That's why he had the argument and that's why you dined alone?"

    May broke Shuichi's locks and he succumbs on the floor. "Yuki wouldn't hurt a fly!" Shuichi whimpered. "I lost the engagement ring. I was going to return it just like Yuki asked me to."

    "Is this the ring you're looking for?" May asked as she opened out her hand.

    "WHERE WAS IT?" Shuichi exhaled. "Did you steal it!"

    "Of course I didn't," May snapped. "You dropped it when you ran away from Detective Oak. I don't think you had any intention of returning the ring to the store. It's worth a lot of money. You still wanted Yuki to have it. It gives me the impression that you and Yuki have split up."

    "That's blasphemy!" Shuichi snorted. "Me and Yuki are still together!"

    "So, why don't you visit Eiri in prison? And why do you never mention Riku?" May asked. Shuichi glared at her. "It's okay," May said. "You can take your time. Tell me everything you need to know."

    "Me and Riku don't get on very well," Shuichi admitted. "When we was younger we used to be really close. He used to call me mummy. Then Eiri became really fond of the kid, I guess I got... Jealous."

    "Why are you not mentioned on your son's adoption certificate?"

    "Riku's no son of mine!" Shuichi snapped. "Anyway, the law would consider Eiri a single parent. Even if we did get married, Riku would never be my son."

    "What has Riku done to upset you? He's just a kid. I think there's something much deeper than that. You miss your old bandmates don't you?"

    Shuichi simply nodded and stood back up.

    "Eiri's trial is tomorrow," May told Shuichi. "Eiri needs all the support he can get. He needs you now more than ever. Now isn't the time to be moping around."

    "They all deserved it!" Shuichi snapped. A serious and much more evil face was engraved on Shuichi's face. "They hurt me and tried to hurt Yuki... THEY DESERVED IT!"

    May dreaded to know what Shuichi meant by that, but she had a feeling he was on about the victims. "Do you think Hiro and Suguru would help us with our investigation?"

    Shuichi shrugged his shoulders. He gave May a business card with an address to a clinic written in the middle. "Is this where Hiro works?"

    Shuichi nodded and then ran off.

    "Wait!" May cried out. "Shuichi what about your ring?"

    It was too late, he was gone.

    "Doctor Nakano, Miss Maple is here to see you."

    "Send her in!"

    May recognised his voice from when he used to be on the television. She thought the rock-star to doctor transformation was incredible. What was even more fascinating was that he had barely aged since his school days. Doctor Hiroshi Nakano was in his late forties, but could still pass for eighteen. Behind the doctor was a much shorter bloke with green hair. The other guy had his back towards May, and his arms were fiddling as if they were doing something.

    "Well, Miss Maple," Hiroshi said. "I'm sorry that I was unable to attend Miss Haruno's trial. Had I have been allowed to attend the trial would have been a lot shorter."

    "It's fine." May nodded politely. "I understand that you had a lot of patients to see. And I'm grateful that you agreed to meet me at short notice."

    "Shuichi brought you here?" Hiroshi asked. "I do worry about him. He always seems to get involved with the wrong crowds."

    May gasped. "Doctor Nakano..."

    "Please, call me Hiro," Hiro requested.

    "Hiro, what do you mean by that?"

    "I only want Shuichi to be happy," Hiro admitted as he swirled around the table. He frowned and drifted his eyes to the floor. "He's been in love with Eiri Yuki for so long. If only I knew the truth... if only I stepped in before..." Quickly he shook his head and smiled. "But then I wouldn't have my wonderful wife and kids, would I?"

    "I guess. Anyway, what do you mean when you say Shuichi was mixing with the wrong crowd?"

    "Naruto Uzumaki for instance," Hiro started. "Have you heard about all the chaos he used to cause as a kid? You wouldn't believe it. Doesn't surprise me that he was a cheat."

    "Have you met Mrs. Uzumaki's husband?"

    Hiro nodded. "Why yes! He once came into my clinic asking for viagra."

    "...Really?" For some reason, it didn't surprise May one bit.

    "Mrs. Uzumaki died of stomach cancer," Hiro stated. He sighed. "If Mr. Uzumaki doesn't reduce his salt intake, he'll be joining her. That ramen he likes is full of salt."

    "I always wondered what Mrs. Uzumaki knew about her husband's affair," May admitted. She knew Hiro would know, he knew Hinata Uzumaki better than May ever would. "Come on, Hiro..." May pleaded as Hiro shook his head. "Mrs. Uzumaki trusted in you. You must have some idea. She visited your clinic the day she died."

    "She was my favourite patient," Hiro admitted. His fingers swept his little tears away. "I know I shouldn't get emotional over patients, but she was a wonderful person. She deserved so much more. I gave her the best medication and sent her to the top cancer specialists in the available. I still don't understand why the treatment was unsuccessful. I had to tell her that there was nothing we could do for her. She seemed happy. She asked for all her medication to be stopped. She knew everything that was happening. She chose death, so Naruto could be with Sakura."

    "Wow... You really should have been there for Miss Haruno's trial. And if it's okay with you, I would like to discuss Eiri Yuki's trial a bit more."

    "Oh!" the man with green hair cried out. He flicked his back and gasped. It was at that moment when May realised that it was Suguru Fujisaki. Both of Shuichi's old bandmates were in the room the entire time. "So you're May Maple! Your mother always sends me lovely fan-mail."

    "Yeah that's right!" May said.

    Suguru jumped over to May and sat next to her. "And I bet your family are so proud of you. Well as the daughter of a Pokemon Gym Leader, I'd expect great things to come from you."

    "Um...yeah! My family are delighted. Now about the trial..."

    "The trial?" Suguru pondered. "Oh yes, the trial! Well it wouldn't surprise me if Shuichi did play a part in the crime."

    "Suguru..." Hiro muttered. "Shuichi wouldn't even hurt a fly let alone a whole band."

    "You're a doctor," Suguru snapped at Hiro. "You should know that you have to stick to the facts. You're too upset over that patient. It's time you faced up to the truth. Mrs. Uzumaki is dead and Shuichi is a monster. We were right to leave the band when we did."

    "So Mr. Fujisaki..." May regretted coming to the clinic. All the people she met at NG Studios were all just as mad as each other. "I take it that you don't like Shuichi very much."

    "That's an understatement," Suguru signed, folding his arms. "I hate him. He's a disgrace to the music industry."

    "That's funny because Shuichi really seems to miss both of you when I spoke to him."

    Both men dropped their jaws and stared at May. "I've listened to Bad Luck's entire discography. And it's clear that all three of you are talented and compliment each other. And it's the earlier records with both of in where Shuichi' really seems to shine the most. Whatever happened between you three before, leave it behind. Because Shuichi needs your support right now. It's what Mrs. Uzumaki would have wanted..."

    Hiro's phone began to rang. "One moment please," he said.

    "If it's Shuichi again, hang up!" Suguru ordered.

    "Hello... oh hi Shuichi."


    Hiro didn't have his phone on speaker, but it was loud and clear. Suguru sighed as he got back to what he was doing before.

    "What's happened this time?"

    "Some horrible lawyer stole Yuki's engagement ring!"

    "What!" May gasped.

    "Relax," Hiro laughed.

    "How can I relax?" Shuichi roared through the telephone. "I went to Detective Oak about it and he said I dropped it."

    "She's here in my office," Hiro assured Shuichi. "Don't worry, I'll get it back." As the telephone called contimued, May took the ring and receipt from her pocket and placed it on Hiro's desk. "It's alright Shuichi, I've got the ring and receipt here. I'll give it you tomorrow... Okay, bye now." Hiro smirked. "We'll be there. Guilty or not guilty, we'll be there to comfort Shuichi."

    May returned to the Wright Anything Agency and found Trucy hugging a Piplup.

    "Hi May," Trucy said with a smile on her face. "Look at Mr. Piplup! Isn't he cute?"

    "Of course," May said. Mr. Piplup appeared to be enjoying himself.

    "How is the investigation going?" Trucy asked. "The trials tomorrow, right?"

    "Some strange things have been happening," May admitted.

    "Such as?"

    "Well it turns about that Shuichi's best friend was Mrs. Uzumaki's doctor."

    Trucy gasped, covering her mouth. "Really? Wow, you're good. What else did you find out?"

    "That's just the start of it. The most craziest thing was when I interviewed Tohma and Shuichi I saw lots of chains and red blocks near their hearts. I don't know what they're for but only I could see them."

    Phoenix's heart jumped as soon as he heard the descriptions of Psyche-Locks. He knew exactly what they were. He was curious to why May could see them and why she was able to see them. There was only one person that could have answered his questions: Maya Fey.

    "Those are called Psyche-Locks." Phoenix told May as he walked into the office. "They represent a secret in somebody's heart. It's strange, without a magatama, you shouldn't have been able to have seen the locks."

    "So that's what they were," May said. "But how come Shuichi had three when he was hiding all that stuff, and why did Tohma only have one when he was hiding his love for Eiri?"

    "One lock would normally mean a very small secret," Phoenix explained. "The more locks they have, the more the person has to hide."

    "Come to think about it... Tohma made his love for Eiri very obvious."

    "You've been working all day," Trucy told her as she patted her back. "You deserve a rest. Why don't you come out with me and my friends tonight."

    "Sure," May said with a sigh of relief. "That actually sounds like a nice idea."

    When May and Trucy left the room. Phoenix took his phone from his pocket and went on to ring his friend, Maya. He thought that perhaps she would know more about it then he did.

    "Hey Nick!" Maya cried out through the phone. "How are you?"

    "Hey Maya! I'm good thanks. I wanted to ask you something."

    "Oh. Okay, what is it?"

    "It's about the new lawyer that's joined my agency," Phoenix explained. "Her name is May Maple. She has some rather unusual powers."

    "Unusual powers?" Maya retorted. "You mean like flying broomsticks and summoning demons under the ground?"

    "Not quite," Phoenix chuckled. "She was able to see Psyche-Locks without a magatama."

    "Really?" Maya gasped. "She must be a Fey! There's no other explanation for it."

    "And during investigation, we saw a baby's grave with her name on it."

    "Okay Nick," Maya said over the phone. "Now this is getting really creepy. I can try and contact my sister and see what she knows about it all."

    "You will?" Phoenix said. "Thanks a lot Maya."

    "What if..."Maya mumbled through the phone. She paused for a while and it made Phoenix nervous as he jumped out of his seat.

    "Maya, are you alright?"

    Maya giggled. "Yeah I'm fine. I'm just wondering if she's the one."

    "What do you mean by that?" Phoenix asked raising an eyebrow.

    "It's not something I can say over the phone. It's better to talk to you about it personally. I'm gonna get going and I'll see you tomorrow."

    "Right, see you tomorrow, Maya."

    Maya hung up on him, to channel his sister.

    He knew that he would now be unable to attend May's 2nd trial, but he was happy that May and Trucy were getting along so well. Phoenix began to think about May and how many of her traits reminded him of people that he knew. She wore a black dress in her trials, a lot like the one that his mentor used to wear. Drinking seventeen cups of coffee before a trial, reminded him of Diego Armando. Her huge appetite also reminded him of his special friend, Maya Fey.

    He kept his phone in his hand and saw that Trucy had changed her profile picture. The picture was in a public bathroom, but they were both in shiny dresses. Trucy was in blue and May was in pink. He typed into the comment box: my beautiful daughter and her pretty friend. In the end, he never posted it as he didn't want people to get the impression that he was hitting on May. He deleted the text and instead wrote: great picture girls. Have fun tonight.

    He went through Trucy's pictures and saw hundreds of pictures of Trucy and May. They were all precious, every single of them.
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    Chapter Six: The State VS. Eiri "Yuki" Uesugi

    "I hope you've had a good night sleep," Trucy told May.

    "I'm fine," May yawned. "I've had seventeen cups of coffee today."

    "Seventeen?" Trucy gasped with her hands on her hips. "May, that's way too much coffee. You shouldn't put your health at risk like that; it puts you and the client in danger."

    "It's been a daily routine of mine for ages," May said. "Ever since Ash went to prison."

    May was aware of the consequences of too much caffeine, but she could not deny the fragrance of dark coffee in the premature sunrise. As a child, she used to despise the bitter taste of coffee, but now she couldn't get enough of it. The gallons of black coffee each morning had helped her stay bright and alert. She didn't think that she could get through any of the trials without the big dose of coffee.

    "While I was finishing off my report," May told Trucy. "I had a look at both of Mrs. Uzumaki's autopsy reports. They both seemed a little odd."

    "That's the past," Trucy told May.

    "I have a feeling that Mrs. Uzumaki's death is also related to this case," May admitted. "When the time is right, the truth will come alight."

    All the courtrooms and lobbies were beginning to look the same. They were in lobby three, but May couldn't tell the difference between lobby one, two or three. Today was an important day for Tohma. If May messed up, she dreaded to think what Tohma had in store for her. Even though Tohma had been very kind to her since she took the case on, she didn't know how long it would last.

    "Please do your best," Tohma requested. His body shook with more nerves and tension than the defendant. His cheeks lost the radiance that it had yeterday. The emotions must have been geniune, thus May didn't consider Tohma a suspect. Eiri sat quietly on one of the chairs near the door. Shuichi was talking to his friends in the courtroom. "I'm afraid something terrible will happen if the truth doesn't come today."

    May nodded as she scurried to her place in court with the court records on her side. On the other side of the court, was Klavier Gavin. May thought he seemed out of place as he dressed up more like a rock star than a servant of justice. May looked around the court, it was a full house. All the people she met during the past couple of days were on the front row. There also appeared to be a lot of paparazzi with all their gear.

    The pressure was on.

    "The court is now in session for the trial of Eiri Uesugi!" The Judge announced.

    "The prosecution is ready to rock!" Klavier yelled as he did with his hands as to what could only be described as playing an air guitar.

    "The defence is too," May added.

    "Ah," The Judge said. "Prosecutor Gavin... Does it seem awkward having to prosecute against your band-mate's lover?"

    Klavier looked at Eiri and then looked at the defence bench. He shook his head. "Nein Herr Judge, if Eiri is truly innocent then he has nothing to fear."

    "Which he totally is by the way," May retorted.

    "Are you sure about that?" May felt as if she was being taunted by him. "The evidence says otherwise. Eiri Yuki or known by his real name, Eiri Uesugi was indeed a charmer. He was accused of murdering his tutor, Yuki Kitazawa ten years ago. He was found not guilty due to self-defence. However, he's been on a killing spree ever since."

    "You are aware that Mr. Shindou and Mr. Seguichi are present today?" May asked. "I'd hate you to be in trouble with work."

    "The music is just a hobby," Klavier chuckled. "This is my true career."

    "I remember him in The Gavinners," Trucy whispered to May. "Their music was totally awesome. Much better than Bad Luck anyway."

    "I just want to get this trial started." May rammed her nails against the bench and then took a step back. She was so glad that Shuichi didn't hear Trucy.

    "With so many victims it would have been hard to get away with it for so long by himself," Klavier announced. His fingers clicked over at Shuichi who simply stuck out his tongue.

    "What do you mean by that?" May questioned.

    "Our romantic killer here had an accomplice... The accomplice is none other than my bandmate, Shuichi Shindou."

    "YOU VILE TRAITOR!" Shuichi bellowed as pounced onto prosecution's desk and dug his nails into Klavier's shoulders. The Language that spewed from his mouth afterwards was most foul. Shuichi was escorted out of the court by three bailiffs before he could do any life-term damage. People's mixed reactions were expected, but the one that stood out for May the most was Tohma's forehead resting on the palm of his hand with his face hidden from view. Poor bloke, May thought. It appeared that Tohma was on the verge of breaking down. The suspense was contagious.

    "Is this really trail really over before it's even started?" the Judge cried out.

    "Of course it isn't. Yuki Kitazawa's death took place way before Shuichi and Eiri had met," May announced to the court. "So how can Shuichi be his accomplice?"

    "That's right," Klavier shook his head as he hissed. The intensity in his voice almost scared May. "But he could have still teamed up with Shuichi anytime between the murders. Eiri is the only one with a motive. And Shuichi out of pure love would do anything to please him... Even help him commit a crime. The only witness to Yoshiki's murder was Herr Aizawa and his crew. Now they're gone, they are no witnesses left. So we have to let the evidence do the talking!"

    "I'm still standing by my belief that Eiri Uesugi killed nobody."

    Klavier remained laughing. "You really are a stubborn one, Fräulein Maple. The defendant has even admitted that he's a killer."

    May flicked open her case file and brought out Riku's adoption certificate. "Do you remember me telling you that Eiri adopted Yuki Kitazawa's son?"

    "Ja," Klavier nodded. "What about it?"

    May presented Klavier the adoption certificate. She pointed at Yoshiki's signature. "If my client was indeed the killer, then why would Yoshiki leave her nephew in his care? No offence to my client, but if I was in Yoshiki's shoes and I knew of the accusations made against Mr. Uesugi, he would be the last person I would have left my nephew to. Now we have to ask ourselves, why Yoshiki dump her nephew on the man that was suppose to have killed her bother? Maybe it was only meant to be a temporary thing. Perhaps she was going to take the child back in her custody. But Eiri wanted to adopt the child and Yoshiki agreed to do so."

    "What are you getting at?" the Judge croaked.

    "Your Honour... this adoption certificate tells me a lot out my client," May explained to the Judge. "Yoshiki Kitazawa had many reasons not leave Riku in Eiri's case, but she did. And you wanna know why she did that? Because my client, Eiri Yuki Uesugi is innocent and he is not a murderer. And she knew it."

    "Wonderful words," Klavier exclaimed, clapping his hands. When he finished clapping, he began to chuckle and shrugged his hands behind his back. "You would make a fine politician. However, I have a something that contradicts your claims. Perhaps... she didn't know that he played a scene in her brother's death?" Klavier shrugged his shoulders.

    "Eiri's first trial was in every newspaper in Japan. Yoshiki wouldn't have missed it."

    "Mr. Kitazawa worked in New York; perhaps Yoshiki would have been in New York at the time."

    "Then New York would have heard about it too."

    "Not every murder hits the time news, Fräulein Maple."

    "Hey you two!" Trucy yelled. "Cut it out."

    "Would the defence please return to her post," The Judge demanded. "And does the prosecution have anyone that we can testify or cross-examine?"

    "Oh yes!" Klavier said with a slick grin. "When there is a will, there's a way. So Fräulein Maple, why don't you show us the way?"

    "I think we should look at things in a whole different perceptive," May told Klavier. "Since we can't do it from the inside, we should think outside the box."

    "Ja!" Klavier agreed. "Very good, Fräulein. Now... Are you to ready to rock?"

    "The defence was born to rock."

    "I'm glad we can agree on things," Klavier sighed with the click of his fingers. "I would like to bring Fräulein Skye to the stand."

    "Eh...Who?" May asked.

    "You know, Fräulein Ema Skye!" Klavier chuckled. "The beautiful forensic scientist."

    "I was thinking of calling Detective Gary Oak to the stand," May thought out. "He's the one in charge of the investigation."

    "He can be next," Klavier reported.

    May simply nodded. She had never met the woman before, so she couldn't judge Klavier's taste in women. Klavier spoke of her as if she was a Hollywood actress. When Ema Skye came to the stand, she seemed like anything but a Hollywood actress as she shamelessly threw one of her snacks at Klavier. Klavier caught the snack in his mouth.

    Ema Skye was a young and attractive lady. But not even the large lab coat could hide her huge bump. She had a big bag of Snackoos, a popular brand of chocolate covered karintos. Karintos were a traditional Japanese snack that was popular among young kids.

    "State your name and occupation, please."

    "Ema Skye," She muttered. She looked up to the ceiling with her neck turned away from Klavier. "Forensic scientist and... Mum-to-be." She continued to snack away as every crunch grinded May's ears.

    "She loves her Snackoos," Trucy whispered in May's ears. "You can always see her with some."

    "So they're not just a pregnancy graving." May couldn't help but think all that sugar and calories in those bags can't be good for her or the baby.

    "It's your fault I'm in this mess, you glimmerous fop!" Ema hissed.

    "Did something happen between those two?" May asked.

    "Fräulein Skye and I go way back..." Klavier said back.

    Ema crunched louder. "You won't have a back by the time I'm through with you."

    Trucy shrugged her shoulders. "I think Klavier is the father."

    "Congratulations Miss Skye," The Judge announced with a smile on his face. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

    "Double trouble!" Ema sighed.

    "Must be twins," Trucy added.

    "Alright Miss Skye, please give us your account on the events."

    "The members of A.S.K were all gunned down by a magnum revolver. The same way that Yoshiki Kitazawa was killed a few years ago. At the crime scene I found a lipstick which belonged to Miss Kitazawa in Mr. Aizawa's pocket. Whoever killed them would have been someone with a lot of experience. Which is why Mr. Uesugi is the only possible culprit."

    "Thank you Miss Skye." The Judge banged his gavel. "The defence may begin the cross-examination."

    "Do you have the murder weapon?" May asked.

    Ema shook her head. "The murder weapon was never found."

    "Objection!" May cried out at the top of her voice. "How do you know if it's the murder weapon if you don't have it?"

    "From the bullets." Ema smirked. "We examined the bullets from all victims and they all come from the same weapon."

    "He's been arrested quite a few times hasn't he?" The Judge pondered. "Why was he not convicted for Miss Kitazawa's death? And why did he serve no jail time for Mr. Kitazawa's death?"

    "For Yuki Kitazawa's death: A plea of self-defence and the fact he was a minor at the time of the crime," Ema responded. "Also, the statue of limitations expired on the second day of the trial, so they had no choice but to give a not guilty verdict. For Miss Kitazawa's death, he was arrested, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence."

    "My client is 100% innocent!" May roared.

    "OBJECTION!" Klavier retaliated. "Her Uesugi isn't even 1% innocent."

    "The prosecution has a point," The Judge admitted. "He admitted to killing three people in first trial."

    "Mr. Uesugi may have shot Yuki Kitazawa, but he didn't kill them."

    "Any proof?" Klavier raised his eyebrow.

    "Take a look at these!" May presented the pictures of each three of the crime scenes. She pointed to the picture of Yuki Kitazawa's body as her finger rested on his shoulder. "The ones on the victim's shoulders are the ones that my client took. Compare these gun wounds to the others. The rest are directly in the heart. Which means that Eiri Uesugi cannot be the only suspect."

    "Objection," Klavier screamed. "That only proves that the crimes are connected. And their connection is that Eiri Uesugi killed them all."

    "And what about Shuichi being the accomplice?" May reminded Klavier. "How does that fit in?"

    "I can explain!" Ema exclaimed.

    "Please do!" The Judge begged.

    "Mr. Shindou must have helped the defendant drag Yoshiki from the real crime scene to their house with the intention of disposing it later."

    May objected. "That makes no sense."

    "Why not?" The Judge sneered at May.

    "Because if Eiri was really the killer why would he dump the body outside his house for everyone to see!"

    "Good point," The Judge agreed. "That would be very strange."

    "How so?" Klavier questioned. "Maybe he had to deal with Shuichi's antics."

    "The real killer has the murder weapon. Until we find out where it is, we cannot judge my client like this." She saw Detective Gary Oak and scurried over to him. "Can you do me a favour?" May asked Gary.

    Gary nodded. "Sure what is it?"

    "The murder weapon is still missing," May reminded Gary. "I think the real killer is hiding it somewhere. I need you to investigate two locations." May gave Gary a small note with the details of the locations already written on it. "Is that okay?"

    "Sure it is," Gary responded with enthusiasm. "I'll ride on Pidgeot to get there."

    "In the meantime," The Judge announced. "The court shall take a 15-minute recess."

    Right up until the very last moments of a quick recess, there was silence. Everyone had been unusually quiet, especially Trucy. May went through the records one last time to check that she hadn't missed anything. After listening to everybody's testimonies and how the case was linked to the murders of the Kitazawa siblings, May was able to see a pattern. They were all killed in the exact same way, which meant that it must have been the same killer all along. Klavier's theory about there being an accomplice also seemed to make sense. It was all coming together to reveal the truth.

    "Deep in my heart," Tohma whispered out of the blue. "I wanted to believe that you were innocent, Eiri. I should have followed my heart a long time ago."

    "Don't worry," May told him. "Today is the day Eiri will get his acquittal."

    "What if the prosecution play dirty tricks?" Tohma asked.

    "Then I will counter their tricks with some of my own," May responded with a large grin on her face. "Recess is over. It's time to go back."

    Everybody nodded as they all returned to the courtroom to continue the case.

    "The trial of Eiri Uesugi shall continue," The Judge announced. He looked over both sides of the court and realized that prosecution bench was empty. "Where is Prosecutor Gavin?"

    "He's been knocked out by an unknown assailant," One of the bailiffs screeched.

    "OH MY GOD!" Trucy exclaimed. "I hope he's okay!"

    The Judge banged his gavel. "Then trial shall continue tomorrow when Prosecutor Gavin is feeling better."

    "HOLD IT!" May screamed. May had an idea who the killer could be. She couldn't believe that she didn't figure it out earlier, but it all still made sense didn't have the evidence the concret evidence, but May hoped that she could user her conversation skills to squeeze the truth out of the culprit. The true killer wanted to play games, this person wad trying to troll the court and push everybody in the wrong direction. May wanted to make sure that the killer never harmed another living soul again. "We can't leave it like this!"

    "Why not?" The Judge cried out. "We cannot continue this trial without the prosecution."

    "He's right, May!" Trucy told him. "Besides, it means we will have more time to investigate."

    May shook her head. "Trucy, I don't need any more time." Trucy took a few steps back as May crashed her hands against the table. "Your Honour... If we leave the trial for another day then the true killer will escape! He will go out and kill more people," May replied. "Besides," May smirked as she folded her arms and shook her shoulders back. "I know who the killer is."

    "What!" Trucy gasped.

    "YOU DO?" The Judge screeched. "Please tell us!"

    "Prosecutor Gavin's theory is very accurate," May announced to the court. "There is an accomplice. The only error in Prosecutor Gavin's theory is the name of killer, and the guy who helped him cover up his crimes." May left her bench and marched around the courtroom. "Would the real killer please stand up? You've got ten seconds... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... One."

    "YOU ARE A *****!"

    The audience gasped in horror as Suguru sprinted from his seat and leaned towards the witness box.

    "May... I don't know what's going on," Trucy told May, her eyes buried under her hat. "But I'm really frightened right now."

    "Why, because I'm telling the truth?" May laughed. "THAT makes me a *****?"

    "Because you know how shitty that is!"

    "Mr. Fujisaki?" The Judge panted. His head made a firm shift in May's direction. "Miss Maple, Mr. Fujisaki is the only one standing up. Are you suggesting that he is the culprit?"

    "He's hardly protesting," May answered.

    "Phew," Trucy sighed. "You've done it again." She raised her fists in the air. "Now show them who's boss!"

    "I don't get it," The Judge confessed. "What would possess Mr. Fujisaki to commit such terrible crimes? How did you come to the conclusion that it was him?"

    "Other than Eiri's family and Tohma," May started. "The only other person who knew about Eiri's past was Suguru Fujisaki. That fateful night was the day that Suguru Fujisaki discovered his love for killing."

    "What?" Suguru's voice had returned to his normal polite self. "Me a murderer?" Suguru only giggled. "No comment."

    "No comment he says," May pointed out. The case was solved as far as she was concerned. "Not 'I didn't do it'. But of course you did do it, didn't you?"

    "Suguru..." Tohma cried out. "Why would you risk tarnishing your reputation with these foolish acts of violence?"

    "I would have gotten away with it if you'd have kept your nose out of it," Suguru growled at Tohma.

    "But for years, you have been getting away with murder," May acknowledged. "When you murdered Yuki Kitazawa around eleven years ago. You would have been only around ten at the time. You heard gunshots coming from outside Mr. Kitazawa's house. When you walked in, you saw Eiri unconscious as Mr. Kitazawa and his henchmen were severely injured in the corner of the room. There in front of you was a gun by your foot. It was the first time you saw a gun, and you felt bold and excited. As soon as you noted that they were alive you pulled the final blow to everybody. You took the gun and ran off."

    Suguru closed his eyes and folded his arms as he listened to May speaking. His lips were sealed.

    "Wait!" Eiri gasped. "I remember something. After I pulled the trigger... I blacked out. I woke up next to Yuki's corpse, and then Tohma found me."

    "Have you got anything to add to that Mr. Fujisaki?" May asked.

    Suguru refused to speak.

    "For seven years everything was going well until Yoshiki Kitazawa turned up."

    "She was making things hard," Suguru hissed. "She had to go."

    "But there was a witness," May declared. "Somebody saw you shoot Yoshiki. You wanted to frame Shuichi for the crime, so you left Yoshiki's body outside his apartment. Eiri was arrested, but released due to lack of evidence. "

    "I'm only a short guy," Suguru reminded May. "How could I have dragged Yoshiki all the way from the crime scene to Eiri and Shuichi's house?"

    "That's why you had an accomplice." May pointed at Hiroshi Nakano. "As Suguru's accomplice, you helped him move Yoshiki's body with your motorcycle. However, as Shuichi's best friend, you also didn't want him to be accused of the crime. So you suggested to frame Eiri instead. Taki Aizawa witnessed you dumping the body outside their apartment. You both left the band on the very same day that Yoshiki Kitazawa's body was found, so people would never suspect you. For another three years, everything was going fine. Then Taki Aizawa had an appointment with you the day he died. But it wasn't for a check-up. It was a confrontation. You arranged a meeting with him in the cemetery, but you failed to show up. Instead, it was Suguru that showed. When Suguru saw all the members of Taki's band and Eiri wondering around in the cemetery, he took his chance."

    "Sorry Shuichi..." Hiro said with his head to the floor.

    "Why are you saying sorry?" Suguru yelled at Hiro. "This isn't over. They can't prove it without the murder weapon. Look in my house, I dare you!"

    May shook her head. "Detective Oak has already looked. The murder weapon is not in your house."

    "Then how can you pin it on me?"

    "You've already confessed to the crime," May mentioned. "There's no turning back now. But, I think I know where the murder weapon is."

    "Where is it?" The Judge asked.

    "At any second now, Detective Oak will come through these doors and present the magnum revolver," May declared with her left arm in the air. "The gun in Doctor Nakano's office."

    "I'm above the law," Suguru hissed. "If you knew what sort of people they were like, then you would know that they deserved it."

    "There's other victims too," May announced. "Like Mrs. Uzumaki."

    "I'd never wish any harm on her," Hiro cried out.

    May shook her head. "You seemed very fond of Mrs. Uzumaki. You knew that Miss Haruno was innocent right from the start but you didn't attend the trial. You said it was because of work: that's understandable. As a doctor it's your duty to put the needs of your patients first."

    "But Mrs. Uzumaki died from stomach cancer," the Judge interupted. "You said so yourself."

    "That's right," May admitted. "But even though we cleared Sakura Haruno's name, we never truly found out what killed Mrs. Uzumaki. We knew she had cancer, but the circumstances are still mysterious. I think I have a solution to it."

    "Do explain," the Judge requested.

    "I had another look at both of Mrs. Uzumaki's autopsy reports, both signed by you," May kept her eyes on Hiro as highlighted the important parts with a pen from her pocket. "If anyone was present in The State Vs. Sakura Haruno trail, you would recall that the first autopsy report was inconclusive. The second one clearly states that her cause of death was stomach cancer, but if you compare both autopsy reports together: there are some big differences. The first one mentions a lot of poisons in her body and the second one dosen't mention it at all."

    "Why was the poison not mentioned before?" the Judge asked.

    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Your Honour?"

    The Judge nodded. "Yes... there is obviously some foulplay involved here. And Prosecutor Payne was witholding evidence, if I recall correctly?"

    "Which Prosecutor Payne is that?" Hiro asked. "Gaspen or Winston?"

    "Gaspen Payne," the Judge replied. "So Miss Maple, where are going from here?"

    "From our conversation yesterday, it was clear that Doctor Nakano was very fond of Mrs. Uzumaki. He was so unsure why the medicine he perscribed wasn't working. But now we now why. Because your friend, Suguru Fujisaki had been meddling with them."

    "He would do no such thing."

    "Hiro..." May sighed at the doctor who had just been exposed. "Suguru has just admitted that he's murderer. You helped him get away with it for so long. You gave him full access to your clinic. You must have known what he was doing. Even when I was there, he was adding poison to the medication. Mrs. Uzumaki was your favourite patient... and you failed to meet her needs. You didn't like the fact that Shuichi was making new friends, and his relationship with Yuki was getting stronger. You especially didn't like Naruto Uzumaki. And you killed her wife with dogdey medication and was willing to let Sakura Haruno take the blame just to spite him."

    "Why are you picking on Hiro?" Suguru asked, wrapping his arm around him. "I'm the bad guy, not him."

    "Because you wanted Shuichi all to yourself," May hissed. "Once my client was out of the way, you were planning a lot of things for Shuichi. And it's okay, you we don't need to tell them. I've read enough fan fiction to know where you were heading."

    "But if what you're saying is true," the Judge said. "Why would Hiro and Suguru leave Bad Luck?"

    "So they wouldn't become a suspects," May announced.

    The people of the court were alarmed as a giant Nidoking pushed open the court's doors. Detective Gary Oak raced into the courtroom on his Arcanine's back. In Arcanine's mouth was a clear plastic bag. A gun could clearly be seen inside it. "Your Honour," Gary said as he presented the Judge with the magnum revolver. "I found this in Doctor Nakano's safe in his office. Gary expressed great courage in his voice."Suguru Fujisaki and Doctor Hiroshi Nakano, you are both under arrest for the murders of Taki Aizawa, Ma-Kun, Ken-Chan, and Yoshiki Kitazawa. And there will be other charges too." The bailiffs handcuffed both men as they were escorted out of the court. Gary continued to read out their rights.

    "Did you find any poison?" May asked Gary.

    Gary nodded with another plastic bag filled with white powder.

    "I just feel so sorry for Shuichi," Trucy admitted. "They were suppose to be his best friends, right? And they tried to do this to him!"

    "Me too," May admitted. "He really missed them in the band. And now my mom will be sad that the original line up of Bad Luck will never make new music again."

    "Goodness gracious me," The Judge sighed. "What a complete turnabout. I never expected that Mr. Fujisaki and Doctor Nakano to be the culprits." The Judge had his eyes on May. "Miss Maple..."

    "Yes, Your Honour!"

    "Forgive me for only just realizing how talented you are," The Judge confessed. "Not many rookie attorneys can take on two very prolific cases in their first week and win them both. I congratulate you. And out of curiosity, do you think that Mr. Fujisaki was the one that attacked Prosecutor Gavin?"

    "Thank you," May smiled as she bowed before The Judge. "And yes, I do believe that Mr. Fujisaki attacked Prosecutor Gavin. He was the last person to enter the courtroom after recess. Attacking Prosecutor Gavin was the mistake that sealed his fate."

    The Judge admitted, "I still don't understand why Mr. Fujisaki would attack Prosecutor Gavin."

    "Like I said," May responded. "Prosecutor Gavin's theory was almost perfect. That caused Mr. Fujisaki to panic."

    "That makes sense. Ah! One more thing: any chance that you're related to Mia Fey?" The Judge asked curiously. "Your style reminds me of her."

    "I don't think so," May responded. "As far as I know, all of my family live in Hoenn."

    "Ah, I see."

    "I think it's time for your verdict," May told The Judge.

    "Yes," the Judge nodded. "The court finds Eiri Uesugi... NOT GUILTY!"

    "YIPEE!" Shuichi cried out at the top of his voice. He jumped into the middle of the courtroom to hug Eiri. Shuichi appeared to be squashing him but Eiri didn't seem to mind. As May watched the happy couple share a long awaited embrace, she thought to herself that one day it would be her turn to set free the one she loved.

    The Judge slammed his gavel against his bench. "That is all, this case is adjourned."

    The Judge stood up and left the courtroom. Just as May was about to head back into the lobby, she was stopped by another woman. A tall one with brown hair and lots of shiny badges to brighten out her dull brown dress. At first, May was startled by her military stance until the lady greeted her with a stretched out smile.

    "Congratulations," The lady spoke. "Well done, Miss Maple. That was truly an entertaining trial." The woman lifted her hand out and May shook it. "I'm Lana Skye: chief of police." Another lady in a white coat who just slightly taller than Lana stood behind her. May recognized her as Ema, the scientist who was on the stand earlier. "Oh, and this is my sister, Ema."

    "Nice to meet you," May said to both of them.

    "I wonder why you became a defence attorney." Lana asked. "Are you following a certain someone's footsteps?"

    May shook her head. "I'm hoping to get my boyfriend an acquittal. He was wrongfully imprisoned for killing his mother."

    Lana smirked. "You're a clever lady. I'm sure you will clear his name eventually. Well. If you have any evidence to suggest that your boyfriend is innocent, then I will gladly consider reopening the case. Lovely to meet you, Miss Maple, I shall see you soon."

    Both ladies left the court, but May had a feeling that their paths will cross again. Shuichi refused to let go of Eiri in the lobby as his arms were wrapped around Eiri's neck. Tohma watched by from the distance as he watched his nephew and children join in with the hug. May went over to Tohma. "I've never been so happy," Tohma told May. "I've never seen Eiri so happy. You did a wonderful job. I can finally let go of all my hatred."

    "I'm sorry that I had to do that to your cousin." May said. "But it's good that you're letting go of your hatred towards Shuichi. You've got a wonderful family with both your record company and at home, and I think you will all continue to prosper."

    Tohma patted May's back. "And I hope you, Miss Maple will also find true happiness. You deserve it after everything that you've been through."

    The case was over, but the quest for justice was far from over. Somewhere out there was another client that needed May's help. She knew that it wouldn't take long before she would begin to work on her next case.

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    Chapter Seven: An Unexpected Corner
    "Come closer Digi****!"

    Kari skied into the closest cubicle possible, almost knocking the janitor over in the process. She slammed and locked the door as if her life depended on it. Her body curled around the corner of the room as she gasped for air. She heard thunderous steps coming into the room. She was being chased by a man called Brock. He was a renowned gym leader, but he was also a huge flirt to any attractive lady he found.

    Brock had terrified her. He was a lovely guy, but when he was in one of those moods, he could be a monster. The worst thing is that he doesn't even notice it half the time.

    She tried to tell him that she already had a boyfriend, but he didn't listen. She requested him not to touch her, but he couldn't keep his hands off her. Kari had no choice but to run, but still, he followed her. The women's bathroom was the only place where she could hide.

    "Excuse me, Sir," She heard the janitor speak. "The men's bathroom is on the right."

    "Oh... I see," Brock sighed.

    Kari remained silent. She hoped that Brock wasn't waiting outside for her.

    "Good evening M'lady," Kari heard the janitor speak again. "Would you care to die?"

    "It's you..." It was a woman's voice, but she couldn't see her through the cracks in the door. She peered through the opposite crack and saw the janitor with the gun pulling the trigger towards the entrance.

    The janitor marched over towards the door as he was about to leave, Kari heard a series of gunshot and she saw the janitor implode on the floor landing on his head. The sparkling white floor now had huge red blotches. Kari pushed herself against the wall when the sound of the crashing bucket screeched in her ears. Kari tried not to scream as curled herself into a ball on the toilet seat.

    The barrel of the gun was empty, Kari assumed when she heard the numerous clicking. A sudden bang caught Kari's attention. She above her head and saw the gun fly into her head. Kari's hands shook and she screamed as she tossed the gun back.

    "WHO'S THERE?" Kari screamed.

    No answer.

    "I'm not coming out until you tell me who you are," Kari screeched. She frantically twirled around the room as she saw the red pool reach her shoes. "HELP ME!" She cried. "SOMEBODY HELP!"

    Kari got a response. This time, it was the sound of the windows crashing. When Kari unlocked the door; she was alone. Her eyes caught the attention of the broken window. She scurried towards it and saw the body of the janitor squelched in front of the busy city. She swirled over and slipped on the puddle.

    "That's it," Kari whispered to herself. She looked above and the end of a black cape leave the room. "I'm done for. They're going to think it was me."

    Kari blacked out.

    May didn't know much about Digimon. A new Digimon Centre was opening in Pewter City, and the only reason she attended was because Brock invited her. She thought it would be great to see Brock again, as she hadn't seen him since Ash's trial five years ago. The fact that he spent more time ogling on the prosecutor put her off seeing him. She knew that he admired a good looking woman, but she expected... so much better than that from him.

    Pewter City seemed quite packed. Trucy and May and a few of the many people gathered around the tall silver building with a white staircase.

    "This is my first time in Pewter City," Trucy admitted. "It's a very pleasant city. Great for shopping."

    "Just you wait until you see the big supermarket in Celadon City," May told Trucy with a great grin on her straight face. "It's bigger than three Wailords put together."

    Trucy gasped with her hand over her mouth. Her lips quickly turned into a smile. Both girls jumped for joy. "We should totally go there some time," Trucy giggled.

    May nodded.

    Another girl with blonde hair and a pink hat approached them. Her bright blue eyes that almost matched the same colour as May's stood out to them. Her head leant over to May's side as she said, "You're May... Right?"


    "So you're a lawyer now?"

    "I am." May stopped the girl just as she was about to walk away. "Sorry... Do I know you?"

    "Maybe by name," The girl responded with blushing cheeks and a sweet smile. "I'm one of Ash's friends, Serena. You're the one that's going to save Ash?"

    "I hope so."

    Serena giggled. "Do your best."

    "Hey wait..." May shouted, but it was too late: Serena had gone.

    "I've seen her before," Trucy cried out. "She came to one of my magic shows."

    May turned to Trucy. "I really need to go to one of your shows one day."

    "I would like to thank you all for coming here today," Brock announced outside a building surrounding red tape. "As you all know, we've been waiting a long time a Digimon Centre in Kanto." Brock threw his arms in the air as he dropped his mouth to smile. "This will be a marvellous attraction to our city." Brock placed his hands down and bowed as the residents of Pewter City applauded him. "There's going to be a museum, a maid café, and even a store with lots of amazing merchandise."

    "Trust Brock to mention a maid café," May muttered to Trucy.

    "As Gym Leader of this city," Brock announced with great pride. "It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Digimon Centre is officially..." Brock was interrupted by the sound of shattered glass from one of the top floors. "WHAT!"

    "Look May," Trucy called as she pointed to the broken window. "There's something falling from the sky."

    May felt something small and something wet land on her hand. She raised her hand and saw the droplet was red. A quick glance of the sky showed clear blue skies. "It's not raining." She screamed. "So it must be blood."

    Everybody stepped back as soon as the body landed in the middle of the staircase. The police quickly arrived at the scene and asked everybody to either leave or step away from the body. The Digimon Centre had been cornered off to the public as the crowds flocked away.

    "Aww," Trucy sighed, lowering her head. "I really wanted to buy some new plushies."

    "I think the plushies will have to wait," May told her. "Looks like we've got work to do." The two girls saw Detective Gary Oak charge into the building as Brock laid down on the pavement. Brock appeared to be contemplating on life. "I think we should talk to Brock." They scurried over to him and May simply smiled at him. "Hey, Brock."

    Brock opened his eyes and forced himself back up. "Oh hi there." Brock waved his hands as he held onto the lamppost for support. He chuckled. "How have you been doing, May?" He quickly blushed and held Trucy's hand the moment he set eyes on her. "And who is this beautiful lady of magic?"

    "I'm Trucy Wright."

    "Trucy..." Brock murmured. He sighed and clenched her hands tighter. "What a beautiful name. I gotta know more about you Trucy." The way Brock was gushing over Trucy made May felt nauseous: they had only just met. "What do you do?"

    "I'm a magician."

    "You are!" Brock exclaimed. "I'd love to see some of your magic tricks."

    "I've got loads of tricks," Trucy winked Brock. "I bet you'd love to see my magic panties."

    "You bet!"

    May sighed with her hands around her hip. "I can't believe you're playing along with this, Trucy."


    "Oh no," Brock muttered. "It's that digi****."

    A loud voice from across the road alarmed them. A tall guy with a strong tan and auburn hair marched across the road with fierce eyes directed at Brock. If his face got any redder, they would match the colour of his shorts and top. A blue creature clinched onto the edge of his shoulder as the man brought his fists up towards to go directly to Brock. As the man got nearer, May noticed that most of his big hair was covered by huge gigantic goggles. She had seen several young boys wandering around with huge goggles on their heads, but she never understood what it was for. Personally, May thought it was an awful fashion trend.

    The man ran quicker. May dragged Trucy away from Brock as the man pulled Brock's blazer and banged him against the wall. The man gritted his teeth and punched Brock directly in the face.

    "Hey Davis," The little blue thing cried out. "Why did you punch him?"

    "So Brock," Davis snarled as his other hand clutched Brock's neck. "I hear you've been messing with Kari."

    "I don't know what you're talking about," Brock hissed. He clenched his eyes shut and used the edge of his arms to try and push Davis away. "I don't know anyone called Kari."

    "Don't you play that trick with me," Davis snapped. He pushed Brock onto the floor. "People saw you trying to grab her ***."

    "Hey!" Gary barged out from the Digimon Centre and stood between the two men and had glared at Davis. "This is a crime scene. Take your scrap elsewhere!"

    "He deserved it," Davis roared with his hands on his hips. He pointed at Brock and just was he was about to charge into him, Gary intervened. "He sexually harassed my girlfriend."

    "Well your girlfriend has been arrested for murder," Gary barked. "And if you don't calm down, I'll arrest you for assault."

    "WHAT!" Davis yelled. His hands gripped onto Gary. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN KARI'S BEEN ARRESTED?"

    "She's been arrested for the murder of the janitor," Gary explained. "Her fingerprints are all over the murder weapon and she's got the victim's blood all over her clothes. The case is closed."

    "YOU'RE WRONG," Davis shouted. Tears rolled down his eyes. "She's innocent. My Kari would never kill anybody!"

    "Will you lot stop acting like kids," A woman demanded from out of the blue. She looked down on them as she fiddled with her large frilly dress and long purple hair. "Honestly, my kids behave better than all of you put together. I'm trying to get some sleep."

    "Oh Champion Iris," Gary greeted her with a smile on his face and a gentle bow. "I'm sorry for the noise. There's been a murder, but the assailant's been caught."

    "Oh," Iris cried out. "I see. Well, keep up the good work Detective."

    Then Iris walked away.

    "Who was that?" Davis asked, sneering at her dress.

    "Iris Den. She's really pretty though," Trucy said. "I heard she's married to Lance, the champion of Johto."

    "That's true," Gary said. He looked over and his eyes widened. "Sorry there, I didn't see you two."

    It seemed that Davis wasn't the only one who was protesting Kari's arrest. A young girl with short brown hair was escorted in handcuffs into a police car. Her clothes were drenched in blood. A group of other young adults were reaching out towards the cops and trying to stop the police from taking the girl away. May knew the girl being chucked into the police van must have been Kari: Davis' girlfriend.

    May lowered her head and thought back to the time when Ash was arrested. She could feel their pain, and especially Davis' pain. She didn't know what happened between Brock and Kari, but she couldn't help but think that Kari was innocent. If she was truly guilty, then the victim probably would have been Brock. May tried to concentrate on what was happening in her surroundings, but a vision of Ash crying in his cell had mentally drifted her away.

    "YOU THERE MISS!" Davis pointed at May. May blinked and opened her eyes. Her eyes felt heavy as if she had just woken up. His index finger pointed directly at May's golden attorney badge. "You're a lawyer?"

    "Yes..." May nodded.

    "Then you're going to defend Kari!" Davis declared.

    "Davis you can't just hire a random attorney from the street to defend my sister." A tall guy with even bigger hair than Gary spoke with his arms folded.

    Davis turned to him. "Look, Tai! I have a feeling that... I can just trust her."

    "He's right to trust her, Tai," It was Matt's voice. May couldn't believe how different Matt looked without the hair gel and neon clothes. Matt walked up to Tai. "My boss hired her, and she's really good."

    "Matt!" May cried out.

    "It's nice to see you again," Matt swivelled his head. "It's a shame it couldn't have been under better circumstances."

    "Looks like I've got more than I've bargained for," Gary sighed. "Since you guys were in the Digimon Centre at the time of the murder, I need you all to come down to the station and give your statements." Gary turned around to all of them apart from May and Trucy. As Gary seemed too occupied to question Kari's friends, May and Trucy stepped away from the gang as they were all escorted to the station.

    "What do you think our first plan of action is?" May asked Trucy. "So much has happened in one go. I can't think straight."

    "You're a Pokémon trainer, right?" Trucy asked May.

    May nodded.

    "Well you could use your Pokémon and I can use my magic to help in the investigation," Trucy suggested. May thought Trucy's suggestion. She wanted to nod in agreement. Instead, she held onto her sleeves and cowered her head. Trucy quickly noticed it and grabbed her shoulders. "Hey! What's up?"

    "Nothing," May lied. "I was just worried about my Pokémon getting hurt."

    Trucy shook her head. "Your Pokémon could help us solve the case. You should try it."

    "Alright then. Come on out Beautifly!" May called out. She threw her ball in the air and out came a graceful butterfly Pokémon known as Beautifly.

    "She's so beautiful," Trucy squealed. "Seeing it makes me really want to get more Pokémon." As she spoke, Mr. Piplup came out of her hat and pecked her cheek. "Oh, but Mr. Piplup, you'll always be my favourite."

    "Okay Beautifly, take a look at what's going on in the broken window." May witnessed Beautifly zoomed towards the broken window. "I wonder what Beautifly will find?" May and Trucy had waited for about twenty minutes until Beautifly tumbled down from the window. "What did you find?" May asked Beautifly.

    Beautifly swirled around May as she tried to explain to her trainer what she was able to gather. Beautifly explained that the murder had taken place in a girl's bathroom and that the victim was thrown out of the window after being shot several times. May also noticed a white card with a pink Apricorn in Beautifly's hand.

    "That's Shelly De Killer's card!" Trucy exclaimed.

    Beautifly whispered into May's ear. Even if her Pokémon didn't speak English, her bond helped her become able to understand what they were saying. "So there was more than one?" Beautifly nodded to May's question. "So there were loads. That must mean that the victim is Shelly De Killer: the assassin."

    "Look May," Trucy cried out as she looked over to the dustbin near the end of the white tape. "Someone's left their hat Perhaps somebody ran in panic and lost it."

    May followed Trucy towards the dark alleyway where the red hat stood out. When May picked it up from the floor, the white brim and white semi-circle on the hat alarmed her. "Ash wore a hat like this," May gasped. She took a look inside and noticed a tag black letters on it. "AK... Those are Ash's initials!"

    "Could it be Ash's hat?" Trucy asked.

    "If it is," May said. Her stomach churned as she spoke. "What is it doing here? Could this be the key to reopening the case?"

    "Maybe you should ask him?" Trucy asked. "After all, you still need to talk to your client. Let's make our way to the detention centre."

    "All right then. Let's go!" May looked up to Beautifly and pointed the ball directly at her. "Beautifly return!"

    "So May."


    "You haven't talked about your boyfriend very much since your interview," Trucy noticed. "I really want to know what he was like."

    May felt a fuzzy feeling inside of her. Even though talking about Ash was painful, she would never forget the fond memories they had of each other. "Before Ash was arrested," May started. "He was one of the kindest guys I've ever met."

    "What does he look like?"

    "He's got a really nice tan," May started. Her eyes dazzled as she started to praise him. "Black spiky hair and cute birthmarks on his cheek."

    "Is his hair as spiky as Daddy's hair?" Trucy asked.

    "The spikes are more... Horizontal if you know what I mean. The top of his head is flat because he always wore caps." May took out her phone and showed Trucy her display screen. "Here's a picture of him with Pikachu, his starter."

    "He looks so adorable and innocent," Trucy noted. "How did you two meet?"

    "We met when we were ten."

    "Oh, was it like love at first sight?"

    May shook her head. "Not really, it wasn't until we were 15 when we first started dating. He was my first boyfriend too. And I think I was his first girlfriend."

    "That sounds so sweet."

    "He was a lot of things to me," May explained to Trucy. "He was a mentor, a friend, and a partner. Even when we were apart we would still contact each other. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I could always count on him to make my problems melt away."

    "So he really means a lot to you," Trucy said. "Loves like that dosen't come very often."

    "He's done some amazing things." May continued speaking with a smile on her face. "He's done well in every Pokémon league he's played in. He takes care of everybody around him and he's saved so many lives, including mine. He's got a heart of gold. That's why I know that he's innocent."

    "I can't wait to meet him," Trucy exclaimed. "This should be interesting."
    "What?" Ash shrieked in the detention centre. His mouth was wide open as he leaned over with his forehead against the glass. "Iris and Lance are married? Since when?"

    "She basically called all of us kids and that her children behave better," May replied with a nod.

    Ash slid back to his seat. "Iris actually has kids? The world really has gone mad."

    "Wasn't Iris one of your travel companions?" May asked. "I thought you two got on really well."

    "Yeah, we were the best of friends," Ash retorted. May sensed a sarcastic tone in his voice. His tone quickly became loud and angry. "Always calling me a kid even though I'm older than her. Anyway..." Ash glared at May. "What are you doing here? Haven't you got work to do?"

    "I came to see you of course," May responded. Her mouth shivered and she closed her eyes. She opened them again and glared at Ash back. "The same reason I come to see you every time. I've been hired to defend someone's girlfriend. During the investigation, I found this!" May presented Ash the red hat that she found outside the Digimon Centre. "It has your initials on it. Does it mean anything to you?"

    "Nope," Ash snapped. "Means nothing to me." When three psyche-locks appeared around Ash's heart, May knew he was hiding something. May wasn't sure if Trucy could see the locks, but the way her eyes pierced at Ash made her knew that she was onto something. Ash pushed himself back towards the chair. "Why are you both staring at me like that," Ash asked. His body began to shake as his fingers bent around his hair.

    "Why are you overreacting?" Trucy asked Ash. "It's just a hat. There's no need to get so defensive over it."

    "I'm not getting defensive!"

    "Then why are holding onto your hair like that?" Trucy asked. "Why are you so mean to your girlfriend? She's working really hard to get your acquittal."

    "Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind," Ash muttered. He folded his arms. "Now get to the point."

    "You want me to get to the point?" May asked. "Alright then, this hat isn't just any old hat. I bet that this is your hat!"

    Ash smirked. "You've got no way of proving that!"

    "I have." May smirked back and mimicked Ash's movements. "I can always ask Pikachu."

    "Don't you dare."

    "Excuse me," May asked the guard. "Can you let Pikachu out for a second?"

    The guard shook his head. "How do I know you're not going to help a prisoner escape?"

    "You know detaining a Pokémon for their trainer's crimes is against the law?" May stood up and pointed at the guard. She knew Ash was innocent, but even if he was guilty of his crimes, they could not legally detain Pikachu.

    "Fine," The guard squirmed. "I'll open the door for Pikachu, and Pikachu only!"

    The electric mouse came dashing out of the door and jumped onto May's shoulder. May sat down and gave Pikachu that hat to have a look at. With his little black nose, Pikachu sniffed nearly every part of the hat. Once he finished, he placed the hat on his head. "PIKA! PIKA PIKA!"

    "It is your hat," May yelled at Ash. "Even though it's been a long time since you've worn it, Pikachu can still sense a part of you in that hat."

    Ash was speechless and the lock in the middle broke. Ash only had two psyche locks left.

    "Where did you find that hat?" Ash yelled.

    "I already told you," May said. "We found it near the trash can. You always wore your hats, without them you feel naked."


    "Either somebody stole your hat, or somebody was looking after it for you," May acknowledged. "I also saw one of your good friends in Pewter City."

    "Who?" Ash demanded. "I have lots of friends. Brock? Misty? Dawn? Clemont? Bonnie?"

    May shook her head. "I did see Brock, but that's not who I mean."

    "Who do you mean then?"

    "Serena," May responded with a smile.


    "That's right," Trucy said. "May and I both met Serena, but we only had a short chat."

    "Did Serena steal your hat?" May asked. She noticed that the chains holding the red locks together rumbled as if the lock was about to break. "Or did you ask her to look after it for you?"

    "Why would Serena steal my hat?" Ash asked. "There's no way it could have been her."

    The second psyche lock shattered and vanished into thin air. Only one remained.

    "So your hat was stolen?" May asked.

    "I'm not telling you anything else," Ash hissed. "My hat got stolen and you found it. Good for you."

    "Now we've acknowledged your hat was stolen," May announced. "The next part is determining when it was stolen. You didn't wear your hat during your trial. And the last time I saw you wear your hat was before you were arrested."

    "My guess is that the person who stole your hat is the person that framed you for murder," May declared. "That means your hat was stolen on the night your mother died." The final psyche lock broke and the chains vanished. May was back in reality with the sight of grey walls and frozen guards. Ash's cold face had melted as he curled into a ball. "Ash... Are you okay?"

    It was a stupid question: he anything but okay, but it was May's instinct to ask him.

    "Do I look okay?" Ash screamed as if he was about to cry. "I told you I'm guilty. Why don't you believe me?"

    "Because you're innocent," May announced. "Ash, this hat links the man's death to your mother's death. When I present this hat in court, they will reopen the case. Sooner or later, I'm going to find the truth of what happened. Even if I have to force it out of you. I know somebody has set you up. You don't have to say anything, but I'll promise that I'll defend you right until the very end. Even if the truth tastes bitter."

    "You're wasting your time," Ash mumbled. "I've been sentenced to death."

    "Then I'll act fast," May shouted. "Just because you've given up, doesn't mean I will. You have to tell me what really happened that night. Ash, can you at least give me an explanation?"

    Ash shook his head. "Please leave."

    May gasped. A cold shiver ran through her spine as five black psyche locks appeared around Ash. May panted. She had never seen so many psyche locks, and never had they been so cold and so dark. The black locks seemed stronger than the red ones and the chains that kept them in place appeared much stronger. May could see thunderbolts escape from Pikachu's cheek, but the glass bounced the electric currents right back to Pikachu.

    "Didn't you hear me?" Ash yelled. "I said leave. And take Pikachu with you."

    "I don't think there's anything you can do now," Trucy advised May. "We'll have to leave. Maybe we should talk to Kari."

    "You're right," May muttered. She picked up Pikachu and left the room. "Let's go and talk to Kari."

    Another guard escorted May and Trucy into the room where Kari was in. Tai and Davis along with three other creatures that May assumed were Digimon were already inside talking to Kari. As soon as the door opened, Davis turned his head.

    "Hey, what took you so long?" Asked Davis.

    "Please forgive me," May said as she bowed to Davis. "I had an emergency call."

    "Okay Kari," Tai said to his sister. "Davis and I are going home now."

    "I'm not leaving Kari by herself," Davis retaliated as he pressed himself against the wall.

    "Come on," Tai said. "Our visiting time is up. We have to go now."

    Davis was reluctant to leave, but he looked over at Kari and blew her a kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow, Kari."

    "See ya!" Kari said.

    Both men left and the Digimon quickly followed them. Trucy and May took their seats as Kari's happy face quickly became one of sorrow and nerves. Her legs wobbled like jelly. "Hi there," She said. "My name is Hikari Yagami. But most people call me Kari." She looked up to May. "Hey! I know you... You're dating Davis' cousin."

    "Ash is Davis' cousin?" May asked.

    Kari nodded. "His mom and Ash's mom are sisters. But they weren't very close. Ash is the only cousin that will speak to Davis, that he's been in contact with."

    "Only cousin that will speak to him?"

    "I know Davis once said that his Aunt Delia had four children."

    "I always assumed Ash was an only child," May admitted. "Ash has never mentioned any other siblings. And the only relative I've met is Ash's mom."

    "And now you know his cousin: Davis."

    "You learn something new every day," Trucy added.

    "Anyway." May shook her head. "Enough about that... Let's talk about you and what happened this morning."

    "It wasn't me," Kari declared straight away. "Someone else was there too."

    "Did you see who it was?"

    "No." Kari shook her head. "I only heard her voice and saw a black cape just as she was leaving."

    "Why were you in the bathroom?" May asked. "And why were you in there for so long."

    "The gym leader couldn't keep his hands off me," Kari admitted. "I tried to tell him to stop and I tried to be polite, but he just wouldn't leave me alone. He was touching me in private places... So I ran away from him. And he... Followed me. I hid in the girl's bathroom and I heard Brock's voice."

    "What was Brock saying?"

    "The janitor just directed him to the men's bathroom," Kari told them. "Before I went into the bathroom he called me something really horrible..."

    "And what did he call you?" May asked.

    "He called me a digi****..."

    "That sounds horrible," Trucy snapped.

    "It was the way he was saying it that scared me," Kari explained. "It was as if he didn't know."

    "Didn't know what?" asked May.

    "He didn't know that digi**** is a really foul name for a digimon tamer. Some pokémon trainers think of digimon as unnatural: almost like vermin. Brock made it sound like it was a turn on."

    "Maybe Brock didn't know it was offensive," May thought, trying to keep a positive view of Brock in her head - and failing.

    "I don't think so," Trucy said. "He started Davis off when he called him the D word."

    "Let's get back to the crime scene." May said. "Why didn't you leave the cubicle?"

    "I was scared that he would be waiting outside for me so I stayed in the cubicle. Then I heard the gunshots and the window smashing. I fell over and that's why there was blood all over my clothes."

    "How did your fingerprints appear on the gun?"

    "After the man got shot, the killer tossed the gun into my cubicle. It landed in my hands." Kari slammed her hands against the table and leaned closer towards the glass. "This is the truth. You've got to believe in me," Kari begged. "I didn't kill that man."

    "It's okay," May said with a smile. "I believe in you. When Davis found out you were arrested, he asked me to defend you straight away... And I'm going to defend you."

    "Thank you so much," Kari cried with a smile on her face. "This means so much to me."

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    Chapter Eight: Family Puzzles

    Pikachu was so frigid, he was like a doll. He followed May whenever he went, just as Ash had instructed. Last night, May was kept awake by the sound of Pikachu's bawling. It was the first time May had heard about Ash's family other than his mother. She didn't even know anything about Ash's siblings. She had been round to Ash's house many times and there were lots of pictures of Ash and his friends, but nothing to suggest that Ash had any siblings. His mother was the only relative he actually mentioned.

    She hoped she could find some answers through Davis.

    May couldn't stop thinking about that gravestone with her name on it. She didn't bother applying her make-up, but she had her shower and cups of coffee before cycling she called into the Wright Anything Agency. She had plans to meet Trucy and get the earliest train to Pewter City to avoid the big traffic. When she strolled into the office, she saw Trucy on the couch waiting for her just like she said she would. Mr. Piplup sat on Trucy's lap.

    "Good morning May!"

    "Good morning Trucy."

    May sighed. "What a day yesterday was."

    "I know. I just bought some plushies on my phone."

    May raised an eyebrow. "You did? Which ones?"

    "I bought a Biyomon and Palmon plushie," Trucy replied. She flashed a picture of a pink bird with blue eyes and red beak next to a green creature with a pink flower on its head.

    "Wow! They look so cute," May admitted.

    "By the way," Trucy said as she put her phone back in her pocket. "Daddy's in. He wanted to speak to you."

    May and Trucy went over to Phoenix. May had noticed that someone was there with him. A young woman with a unique hairstyle. A small bun at the top of her head and two thin horizontal pigtails and the rest of the hair flowing behind her back. She wore a purple that was slightly covered by a white clock. She must be sweating, May thought. The gigantic beads and a pendant shaped as a 9 also appeared to be heavy.

    "Good morning, Mr. Wright."

    "Good morning May," Phoenix said. The woman next to him smiled at him.

    "Please take a seat."

    "Hi there Miss," May greeted the woman. She bowed to her, as she assumed that she must have been some sort of priestess or at least, a very important person.

    "This is Maya Fey," Phoenix introduced the woman. "Your aunt. She's been a good friend of mine for a very long time."
    "It's nice to meet you, May."

    "It's... nice to meet you too." May couldn't hide the fact she was shocked.*I have an aunt, she screamed inside her aunt. She leaned back against her chair and had to take a few deep breathes. She pondered how it was possible for Maya to be her aunt. If she was her aunt, which side of the family was she on? Her father was an only child, and she never recalled her mother having any siblings either. "Are you a long lost relative?"

    "It seems that you're the long lost relative," Phoenix announced.

    "So the grave we saw is more than just a coincidence?" Trucy asked as Mr. Piplup ran around the table appearing to be oblivious to everything. Nobody was taking much notice and allowed the pokémon to run wild.

    "It turns out your parents had another daughter called May," Phoenix explained to the three women. "But the child was stillborn. They were devastated, but they decided to adopt a daughter to get over their grief."

    "That's where my sister comes in," Maya explains to May. "She was in a happy relationship with Diego, but he was poisoned and fell into a deep coma. She was heartbroken and heavily pregnant at the time Diego was hospitalised. She took advice from Aunt Morgan and she advised Mia to give the unborn child away to be adopted. That child...was you."

    "So I'm adopted?"

    Twenty-one Years Ago

    The Fey clan were the most the powerful family in Kurain. Morgan was the one that was meant to be the head of the clan, but her younger sister overthrew her years ago. Her husband abandoned her and took her daughters away from her too. Then after the DL6 Incident, her sister disappeared.

    Morgan despised every single member of the Fey clan, except for one: Pearl, her youngest daughter. Morgan expected great things from her little Pearl. She could sense great spiritual power from her. More spiritual power than any of her relatives combined.

    "My dear sweet Pearl," Morgan cooed as she held the baby in her arms. "I look forward to seeing you grow up to become the head of our clan." She kissed Pearl on the cheek. "We're just humble members of the branch family, but that will change."

    "Aargh!" Pearl began to cry. Morgan cradled Pearl even more and hugged her tightly.

    "Shh," Morgan whispered. "No need to cry my little Pearl."

    Misty had two daughters, Mia and Maya. Morgan had looked after both of them while they were gone ans raised them like her own. But beneath her maternal demure laid a cold and calculating woman.

    "I won't let those wretched brats run this clan when you're the true heir."

    Morgan was determined to make her young daughter the new head of the Fey clan. She was motivated by the desire to control the village. The village that humiliated her in the past. She raised her nieces like a pig to a slaughter.

    Her worst fears were realised, and yet she remained calm. Mia Fey was pregnant and there were rumours circulating about Misty Fey's return. Of course her sister would want to come back to see her first grandchild.

    Mia had just lost her partner, she was at her lowest point in her life. She had trusted Morgan and told her everything. Morgan knew if Misty was aware of what Mia was going though, that she could turn up at any time. Morgan smiled as she glared at the photo of her sister: the current master of Kurain.

    "I have thought of a master plan," Morgan cackled. "If I get rid of your grandchild, you'll never want to come."

    She grabbed a notebook from her bedside table and walked over to the nearest telephone booth. Her village was still behind in the modern world of technology. They only had one telephone in the entire village. Once she reached the telephone booth, she picked up the phone and dialled a number from the third page.

    The number belonged to her friend, Caroline. She was a bridesmaid to Morgan's wedding and became moral support for her during her divorce and separation of her daughters: Dahlia and Iris. Morgan hated Caroline's husband: Norman Maple. She thought Norman was common as muck, but she held her tongue in case Caroline ever became useful for Morgan's plans to control Kurain.

    Caroline and Norman had been looking forward to the birth of their first child, only for it to be stillborn. Morgan had gracefully agreed to be the child's godmother. The child had been buried yesterday. It was a tragedy. With Norman and Caroline in a dark place, Morgan knew that they would be very easy to manipulate.

    "Hello!" It was a man's voice through the telephone. A shaken and strained voice.

    "Good morning, Sir," Morgan said sincerely. Calling Norman sir, made Morgan want to vomit, but she gulped. "It's Morgan, Caroline's friend."

    "Oh, hi there," Norman stumbled. "Caroline and I could really use a friend right now."

    "Of course," Morgan hissed. "That's why I'm here. I was so shocked and devastated to hear about the loss of your daughter. You both have my deepest sympathy."

    "Thank you," Norman said. Morgan could hear him bursting into tears.

    "May I speak to Caroline?" Morgan requested.

    "She's not really in the mood for talking right now."

    "Oh! I understand. It's just I have a solution."

    "A solution?" Norman roared. "Nothing will ever bring our baby girl back. We have to accept that. I know you're spirit mediums, but you can't bring our little girl back from the dead."

    "Please!" Morgan snapped. "Let me explain."

    "Go ahead..."

    "My niece, Mia is pregnant," Morgan explained to Norman with limited patience. She sound of Norman sobbing through the phone disgusted her.

    "She's a lawyer and she's single now. She was considering getting an abortion." Morgan did not know if Mia actually considered an abortion or not. However, Norman and Caroline would believe anything that Morgan would throw at them.

    "What's this got to do with..."

    "I persuaded her not to have an abortion," Morgan confirmed. "She plans to give it away. And I propose that she gives her child to you."

    "I can't just replace our little girl," Norman moaned. "What if Mia wants to keep the child?"

    "She doesn't," Morgan responded. "She wants to go out in the world and be free. Besides, she the child would be safer with you. Oh please have a think about it. Write back to me when you've made your decision."

    "I promise that I will talk to Caroline about this," Norman vowed. "I'm leaving now. Goodbye, Morgan."

    "Goodbye," Morgan sighed with relief. As she placed the phone down. She grinned, she knew that Caroline would not say no to her.
    Three days later, Morgan received an envelope by the postman and she opened the letter with great anticipation: it was great news.

    Dear Morgan,
    Thank you for your kind support. Losing May was soul-destroying for us. Norman and I had a deep conversation about your offer. We've decided to accept it on the condition that your niece is okay with it.
    Your Friend,

    Mia believed that her life was over before it had even began. She threw herself onto the bed and rammed her head in her pillow. The first man that she had ever truly loved was in an intense coma caused by poison. He would be fortunate if he ever woke up again. On top of that, she was still unable to recover from the terrible result from her first trial: her defendant's suicide. She didn't even know how she was still alive.

    Rolling over to her back, she wiped the hot tears down her face. Her true love once said to her: the only time a lawyer can cry was when it was all over. Mia believed it. She wanted to give up, but there was one thing that keeping her moving forward.

    Even though Dahlia Hawthorne had damaged Mia's life in more ways than one, she knew that one day she was going to get her in the end. One way or another, Dahlia will have to pay for her crimes. Mia made a promise to herself that she would put faith in her clients and not let another criminal escape from her grasp again.

    She held onto the bump on her stomach. She giggled as felt a quick kick inside. The doctors said that it was going to be a girl. Her daughter would be Mia's new source of power. She didn't know how she was going to manage as single mother and a full-time lawyer, but she was confident that would put her daughter in the right place.

    "You're kicking hard tonight," Mia said to her bump. "I still need to think of a name for you. I can't keep calling you bump forever." Mia wanted a simple name that began with an M to keep up with her family tradition. Her mother was called Misty, her sister was Maya and she had an aunt called Morgan. She loved Maya to bits and her daughter was due to be born in May. Mia smiled.
    "Well May, I can't wait to see you."

    May kicked back.

    "Is that your way of saying you like the name?"

    May kicked again.

    "I take that as a yes."

    In an ideal world, Mia and Diego sitting next to each other in a comfy coach. Diego would carry the little May in his arms and try to feed her some coffee. Maya would be playing with her little niece. And they would all watch endless episodes of Steal Samurai together. She knew that Diego couldn't stand it, but he would have tolerated it to keep Maya happy as it would have pleased Mia.

    The chances of that miracle happening were getting slimmer by the minute. The fact that Diego never got to know he had a daughter on the way was heartbreaking for Mia. As much as she wanted to give up, she knew she had to be strong. She had to be strong for Diego, for Maya, for her mother, and for her unborn child.

    Suddenly, her aunt Morgan swung the door open. She scurried over to Mia and hugged her tightly. Morgan whispered smoothly into Mia's ear, "Mystic Mia, my dear niece... I can only imagine the pain that you're going through right now."

    Mia nodded. "That's an understatement, Aunt Morgan."

    Morgan patted her back. "Don't you worry my dear, I have already made suitable arrangements for your child."

    Mia gasped and widened her eyes. "You have?"

    Morgan nodded. "My friend Caroline had a daughter called May. She was stillborn."

    Mia dropped her head on Morgan's shoulders. "I was thinking of calling my girl, May. That's so sad."

    "That's why I think Caroline should adopt your daughter."

    "But Aunt Morgan..." Mia shouted. "I really want to keep her, I have to for Diego's sake. May is the last thing I have of her."

    "May cannot stay here in Kurain," Morgan pleaded.


    "For so many reasons," Morgan explained to her. "The elders would never accept a child out of wedlock. And members of the branch family will plot to kill her. Besides, you've got your job. You promised to seek the truth about your mother. Caroline will look after her. You have to trust me."
    Mia shook her head in disbelief.

    "I'm so sorry," Morgan lowered her head. "But it's in the best interests of the Fey Clan."

    "I'll never see her again will I?" Mia asked.

    "But the child will be safe," Morgan pleaded. "I know I am head of the branch family, but I cannot control their demented thoughts. They will destroy the baby. They'll pit her against Mystic Maya. That's the last thing you want."
    It was with a heavy heart that Mia had accepted Morgan's ideas. She was so close to creating that perfect family. So close but also so far away.

    "Mia must have thought that Aunt Morgan was doing it for her best interests," Maya explained to May. "But little did we know it was all part of her complex plan to overthrow us."

    "Overthrow you?" May asked. "Why would she want to overthrow you?"

    "Morgan's spiritual powers were too weak, so our mother became head of the clan instead," Maya told May. "It's a really long story. You'll learn more about it later, but mother vanished and Morgan tried to get me killed several times to put my cousin head of the clan."

    "I take it that Morgan failed."

    Maya nodded. "It it wasn't for Nick, I'd probably be dead by now."


    "Oh she means me," Phoenix responded.

    "What did my parents look like?" May asked curiously.

    Maya gives May a picture of a couple: a man and a woman. The most noticeable thing about the woman was her large breasts that almost popped out of her black dress. The man had his right arm around her and a cup of coffee in his left. Both seemed very happy. Their strong smiles oozed confidence and charisma. May couldn't help but think how beautiful the woman was and how handsome the guy was. They looked like they fresh from a fairy tale but in a modern setting.

    "Now to answer your question," Phoenix said as he pointed to the woman.

    "This is Mia Fey."

    "The woman that started this firm?"

    Phoenix nodded. "Maya is her younger sister."

    "And the guy that's with her, that's my father?"

    "Yeah," Maya said.

    "Looks like he likes his coffee too," Trucy added.

    "Your parents were very formidable defence attorneys," Phoenix explained to May. "Mia defended me once, then I went to work for her."

    "Where are they now?" May asked. She heard that Mia Fey had been murdered, but today was the first time she had heard of Diego Armando.

    "They both passed away."

    May's stomach churned as all of her muscles tightened. The biggest ache was around her chest. She gritted her teeth. Her eyes clenched shut for a few seconds and then she opened them again like she was hoping it was all a dream. As her eyes became more fixated with the picture of Mia and Diego, images of her family in Hoenn flashed in her mind. May wiped the wet patches from her eyes.

    There were various feelings inside May. First was the feeling of confusion. The more Maya and Phoenix had explained to her about the circumstances of her birth, the sharper her headaches became. Her fingers dug into the palm of her hands as they closed with her thumb holding onto the edge of the photograph.

    She was angry because Norman and Caroline had never told her she was adopted, nor did she tell her about her dead sister. An immense guilt flowed through her veins as she didn't know how to tell her little brother, Max.
    Overall, she felt as if her life had been a whole lie.

    Finally, she was hit by a wave of sadness. When Phoenix told her that Mia Fey and Diego Armando was dead, she felt as if she had been run over. It was a tragedy that she never got to knew birth parents. She was angry at Norman and Caroline, but she couldn't bring herself to hate them. She was devastated for them to hear about their lost daughter.

    "They both look so beautiful," May decided to speak after a long silent pause.

    "They were both defence attorneys like me and they looked like they had a bright future together. So what went wrong for them?"

    When May popped her head back up, she straightened her back. She quickly noticed that Maya's body had suddenly been transformed. She was taller, and curvier and her chest was bigger. Even though her clothes were the same, her body was completely different. Her eyes shrunk and they were an extra shade of blue. There was a black spot on her cheek that caught May's eyes. Every little detail of her face matched the photo in the picture.

    "Aunt Maya?"

    "It's me, May." Maya's voice was deeper than before.

    "Maya Fey is the master of the Kurain clan," Phoenix explained to May. "She can channel the spirits of the deceased. But it takes a lot of training and skill to do it as well. And the skill can only be passed on to girls."

    "So that woman next to you? Is that my mother?" May had never been so confused in her life. She never expected that she was adopted, and she most certainly didn't expect her to be related to a clan of spirit mediums. The day hadn't even started work, but she felt as if she had worked a long day. Both Phoenix and the spirit inside Maya's body nodded. "You know Mom," May said to Mia. "I've been having a really hard time growing up, but I always felt as if someone was an angel or a ghost watching over me. She looked a lot like you."

    Mia smiled. "That's because it was me."

    "What happened between you and my father?" May asked. "What drove you apart."

    "Dahlia Hawthorne," Mia answered. "She was my cousin, but she was the biggest failure that I've ever known."

    "I know a man named Redd White murdered you and framed Maya," May said to Mia. "Because I've seen it in the papers. What did Dahlia Hawthorne do? Did she kill my father?"

    "In a way," Mia replied with her arms folded. "She kinda did. It's a very complicated, so this is going to take a while."

    "I guess we'll have to get through the morning rush-hour on the train," May admitted.

    "We could always fly on Thalassa," Trucy suggested.


    "Thalassa is my altaria," Trucy told May as she let her pokémon out from a pink ball. "A client gave us a swablu egg as a gift. I named her after my mom. The audience love her." Thalassa seemed to be a healthy and happy pokémon. Her skin was bright blue and her white fur resembled clouds.

    "Since when did you have one?" May asked. She had assumed that Mr. Piplup was her only pokémon.

    "I've had her for ages."

    "Diego and I worked together in the same firm," Mia started to explain. "We got on very well and we started starting. On my first case, I worked with Diego. My first client was framed for murder by Dahlia. My client committed suicide on the stand. We started to hit it off right after the trial."

    "So what did Dahlia do?"

    "She poisoned Diego and put him in a coma," Mia admitted.

    "Did she ever get caught?" May asked.

    "I got her in the end," Mia said. "Now, your father did wake up, but I had died by the time he had awakened from his coma."

    "So Father died not knowing I existed."

    Mia nodded. "But when we were reunited, I told him about you. He's been watching over you too. And he has a message for you."

    "What's that?"

    Phoenix smirked as if he knew that was about to happen next.

    "He says keep drinking the coffee."

    Phoenix chuckled, so May assumed that he must have been right.

    "So it wasn't until after Father got poisoned, you got pregnant with me?" May asked.

    "Losing Diego was one of the worst moments of my life." Mia glanced at the photograph in May's hand as she continued to speak. "I found out I was pregnant, and I turned to my Aunt Morgan for help. She had a friend called Caroline who was looking to adopt. So when you were born, you were handed over to Caroline and Norman."

    At that moment May had a flashback from eighteen years ago when May was three. Norman carried her into the lounge as he placed her on his lap. Caroline held May's hand with her right hand and cradled her bump with her right. It was the moment she found out that she was going to be a big sister. When May left home for the first time, Max was too excited to wait and he went along with her, Ash and Brock around Hoenn. Max was eighteen now, and she didn't think that May would know anything about the adoption or their dead sister.

    "You can't cry," Mia instructed to May. "Your dad had this saying: The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over."

    "And it's far from over," Phoenix added to the conversation.

    "But no matter what happens from here..." Mia's tone suddenly became much more serious, but there was also a dash of softness and sincerity. "I will always be proud of you."

    "Thanks a lot...Mom."

    "By the way," Mia said. "About that hat you found yesterday. You should hand it over to Lana as soon as possible. Her office opens dead on 9:00AM. If you're flying with a pokémon, it shouldn't take that long. Well, I better let you get to your job. I hope to talk to you soon...May."

    Mia's spirit had left Maya's body before May had a chance to say goodbye. May knew that Mia's spirit would always be watching over her. May had a feeling that there was so much more Mia wanted to tell her. Explaining why she was adopted and what happened to her birth parents was not going to be resolved in one meeting. Even though she felt as if she had accomplished something, she still yearned for more information.

    May followed her mother's advice and handed the hat to Lana. She didn't say an awful much, other than that she would get her sister to take up some tests and that she would let May know what to do in a few weeks. She didn't know if it was enough to postpone or even cancel his execution date, or if it was enough to trigger a retrial.

    May and Trucy flew on Thalassa and as soon as their touched the ground of Pewter City, they witnessed an argument outside the pokémon centre. It was Detective Gary Oak and Davis, Ash's cousin having a verbal match. The nurse in charge of the centre shooed them away as Davis followed Gary onto the other side of the road. May hopped off Thalassa right before the pokémon was summoned inside her ball by Trucy.

    "If you carry on, you'll be the third person to arrest within 24 hours," Gary shouted. His finger darting towards Davis.

    "You're always threatening to arrest me but you never do it," Davis snapped back. "If you're gonna arrest me go ahead. At least I'll be with my cousin."

    "Hello there, Gary." Trucy waved as Gary turned over to see her. Gary quickly tried to recompose himself.

    "Hi Trucy," Gary said. He spoke as if the argument between him and Davis had never happened.

    "You two have some serious beef with each other," May stated. "You two need to stop fighting and get moving if you want to clear Kari's name."

    "But Miss Lawyer," the blue creature on Davis' shoulder said. "Gary was the one that arrested Kari."

    "And I arrested Brock for sexual harassment," Gary yelled back. He pulled his face towards Davis as if he was about to spit at him. "I hope you and DemiVeemon are satisfied."

    "YOU KNOW WHAT?" Davis yelled. Several pedestrians passing couldn't keep their eyes from him. Gary ignored him and walked the other way with Trucy. "I WON'T BE SATISFIED. NOT UNTIL KARI IS RELEASED FROM PRISON."

    "Pi Pika Pika Pikachu." Ash's Pikachu jumps off May's back and walks up to DemiVeemon. Pikachu's little black eyes were like beads compared to DemiVeemon's enormous red eyes. The pokemon and the digimon shook hands.

    "It's nice to see you again, Pikachu," DemiVeemon cried out. He turned his head towards the sky and tilted his head under Davis' chin. "Hey Davis, it's Ash's Pikachu."

    "Hey there, Pikachu." Davis got down on bended knee and hugged the electric mouse. "It's been a while."

    "So you're Ash Ketchum's cousin?" May asked Davis. May watched him nodded as Pikachu went back on her shoulder. "Kari said that your mom and Ash's mom didn't get on with each other. She also said that Delia had three other children. I've known Ash since he was ten, and this is the first time I've ever heard about him having siblings."

    "Trust me when I say this," Davis hissed. "You do not want to know them."

    "You know that's not the answer I was looking for. Kari told me that Ash was the only cousin who would speak to you. And why does your mom hate her sister so much? So can you please tell me all you know about Ash's family?"

    "Mom hated Aunt Delia because she's jealous." Davis had yelled as if May was choking him against the wall. Even though May was at least three footsteps away from him, the tone of his voice had changed. He panted and hurled to the floor as if someone had punched him. DemiVeemon and Pikachu tapped his back in unison. "I don't know why they just do."

    Just as May had predicted, she was able to foresee a psyche-lock. May gulped.

    "Davis... I think you do know what's going on. And quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this case was related to your aunt's death."

    His jaw dropped. "But Ash killed Aunt Delia five years ago..."

    May tilted her head. "Do you really believe that Ash is guilty?"

    "I don't think so!" DemiVeemon announced in his defence as he jumped on Davis' hair.

    "There's a chance that whoever framed Ash, could also be the same person who framed Kari."

    "How are they even related?" Davis asked. "These are both completely different cases. Ash was guilty: and Kari is innocent."

    "Then what was Ash's hat doing outside the Digimon Centre?" May asked.

    "And more importantly who stole it? Was it the person that framed Ash or was it someone else? I've known Ash since I was 10, and he's never mentioned any siblings to me. And if your mom used to be close to your aunt, then something must have happened."

    "How do you know the hat belongs to Ash?" Davis asked May. "That hat could have belonged to anybody. Red caps like the one Ash wears are pretty popular right now!"

    "Two things," May replied. "One, the hat had Ash's initials on it. And secondly, Pikachu was able to detect a part of Ash on there."

    Davis wiggled his nose over to Pikachu as the electric mouse nodded. "Okay then," Davis responded. "I'll tell you."

    The psyche-lock broke, even though May felt as if she hadn't done as much. She had started to realise what the locks were for and she was beginning to see that the more she pressed on at a person, the more likely she was able to seek and destroy them.

    "Tell me what?" May sighed as Davis paced into the crowded streets. May chased him. "Hey don't run away from me. If you want to clear Kari's name, you have to tell me more about Ash's family," she shouted across the street.

    Davis halted as soon as his girlfriend's name was mentioned. His trainers steered towards May as he crashed into her chest. He was quick to lift his head up and bow his head in apology. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

    "You need to sit down," May demanded. She pointed to the bench behind them and Davis shuffled himself on the wooden planks. Pikachu and DemiVeemon sat on either side of Davis as May inserted loose change into the vending machine behind them. Two cans popped out. May took one in each of her hand as she sat on the right side of the bench. "And have a drink too."

    "Thanks!" Davis quickly slurped with cola. Within a minute the can was in the trash. "Mom never hated Aunt Delia," he admitted to May. "They just...grew apart and she hated her husband."

    "Her husband? Why would your mom hate Delia's husband?"

    "Mom used to be a pokémon trainer," Davis explained to May. "She only had three, but she loved them to bits. She had Slowpoke, Marowak, and Cubone. Marowak was Cubone's mother. All three of them got stolen. Cubone was safe in Lavender Town, but both Slowpoke and Marowak were found dead with some of their remains sold for profit."

    "Sounds like something Team Rocket would do!"

    "It was Team Rocket that killed Marowak and Slowpoke," Davis spat out. "She felt like a failure as a pokémon trainer. She never got any other pokémon after that. But what made Mom made was that Aunt Delia married Giovanni Ketchum: the leader of Team Rocket. She was only 16 when she fell pregnant with her first child, so Giovanni proposed. Mom was furious, but even more furious with my grandparents for letting it go ahead."

    May didn't want to believe the words coming out of Davis. She wanted to shake her head so vigorously that she would wake up from a long and deep dream, but she couldn't. The truth was bitter as black coffee, but May knew she had to swallow it. "So Ash is Giovanni's son..."

    "Yeah," Davis muttered. "I'm too ashamed to tell everyone that my Uncle is the leader of Team Rocket. Even though they've claimed to have changed, I still don't forgive them for what they did."


    "Ever since Aunt Delia died they've rebranded themselves as a charity," Davis said. "I say it's a load of rubbish. They're just using that as a cop-out for all their criminal stuff they've done."

    "And what about Ash's siblings?" May asked.

    "Ash is the youngest of four siblings," Davis explained. "He's the same age as me. I think that's what helped us get on so well. Even though my mom hated my other cousins, she was very fond of Ash."

    "What were your other cousins like?" May asked.

    "Leaf, his sister, was the oldest of the siblings, and then her younger twin brother was Red. Silver was born a year later and when Aunt Delia was 19, Ash was born. All of three of them were exceptional trainers: just like Ash. All of Aunt Delia's children are now considered pokemon masters. Uncle Giovanni's a cruel and cold man his traits got passed on to the other cousins."

    "So the reason your mom was so fond of Ash was because he was a lot like his mother?"

    Davis nodded. "Out of all of my cousins, Ash definitely has the biggest heart...and appetite. His older siblings used to pick on me whenever I was over, but Ash stood up for me. And before Kari was my girlfriend, Ash and Aunt Delia were always encouraging. Even when we went to Pallet Down to visit Aunt Delia, mom never even spoke to her." May noticed that the tone of his voice quickly began to deepen and sound bitter. "Uncle Giovanni was never around," he hissed. "He told Delia he was too busy with his journey as a trainer, which is ********! Uncle Giovanni only came to Pallet Town when he wanted sex with Aunt Delia. If Aunt Delia had divorced him, then she'd still be alive."
    "What makes you say that?" May asked.

    "Mom and Aunt Delia would have been friends again." May couldn't miss the water being held back in Davis' eyes. "Ash wouldn't have had to have gone to prison, and nor would Kari."

    She wanted to agree with Davis. She wished that Ash had never had been accused, but if Ash wasn't accused, then she would have never had become a lawyer. She asked herself, who would have saved Sakura Haruno and Eiri Uesugi if she hadn't have taken on their cases. She would never have known her birth parents or Trucy.

    Fate worked in mysterious ways.

    "Davis... it's pretty clear to me that you were close to your aunt. You miss her and Ash deeply."

    "And it's also obvious that you care about Ash a lot," Davis added. "I used to believe that Ash really was guilty until you came along."

    "Thinking about it," May pondered. "We're both in the same boat. Though, you also seem to have some bad blood with Gary. How come you dislike him so much?"

    "He's a jerk," Davis snarled quickly. "I can't stand him! He claims that he became a detective to clear Ash's name, but he's done nothing about it since joining the police. He used to bully Ash."

    "Did he?" May was surprised. She thought of Gary as one of Ash's best friends from his childhood. They may have had a rivalry, but it seemed like a friendly one.

    "He used to always tease him and put him down," Davis shouted. "He even wrote on a wall: Gary was here, Ash is a loser."

    "Wow..." May was speechless. "That's really stupid. Enough about Gary. Kari's trial is tomorrow, which means one thing."

    Davis got himself up. "What's that?"

    May raised her index finger at Davis as if she was at court. "The front-line needs you today!"

    "Huh? The front-line?"

    "That's right!" May nodded. "First, we're going to give Kari an acquittal. Next, we'll give Ash the not guilty verdict he deserves."

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