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Thread: Specific Poké Ball Trading Thread

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    looking for a levelball wingull, I can offer some pokemons with eggmoves. vm/pm me so we can work something out
    Name: Ray

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    Offering the following

        Spoiler:- Fast ball:

        Spoiler:- Friend ball:

        Spoiler:- Heavy ball:

        Spoiler:- Level ball:

        Spoiler:- Love ball:

        Spoiler:- Lure ball:

        Spoiler:- Moon ball:

    Looking for anything I don't have listed
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    mostly anything I don't have that matches shiny form or normal form good for breeding wise I will take I don't have for what you want

    if you see anything you like please don't hesitate to go to my shop and reply there because it will be much easier for me to manage what you want and arrange a trade XD

        Spoiler:- Apricorn ball choices:

        Spoiler:- beast ball:

        Spoiler:- dream ball:
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    Looking for Competitive Pokemon in matching ball choices check out my Competitive Breeding Shop!
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    Looking for (Luxury Ball):
    - Wimpod
    - Mareanie
    - Drampa
    - Jangmo-o
    - Litwik
    - Honedge
    - Axew
    - Riolu
    - Beldum

    For Trade:
    - Beast Ball - Beldum, Vulpix, Honedge, Riolu, Pichu (4/5 IV), Eevee (4/5 IV), Mareanie (4/5 IV; HA)
    - Luxury Ball - Mimikyu, Scyther (4/5 IV), Eevee (4/5 IV), Dratini (4/5 IV; HA), Deino (4/5 IV), Gible (4/5 IV), Bagon, Pichu, Tynamo, Horsea, Goomy, Vulpix, Dhemise, Venipede, Pancham, Mudbray, Grubbin, Rockruff (4/5 IV; HA)
    - Fast Ball - Cutiefly
    - Level Ball - Turtonator
    - Love Ball - Pyukumuku, Eevee (4/5 IV), Feebas, Salandit, Goomy, Bounsweet
    - Moon Ball - Vulpix, Minior (Purple Core)
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    ***Pokebank updated list***
    Looking for apricornball/beast ball/Dreamball pokemon, or ha pokemon that I don't have(dragons in apricornballs and beastball are higher priority atm). Im also looking for fossils in other balls(will trade 2/1 for shieldon ). I don't have the ha pokemon labeld yet but I do have alot so just ask. (K/a)= (Kanto form/ Alolan form). So far I can breed

    Absol, aerodactyl, anorith, axew, Bagon, bellsprout, bidoof, buneary, Cacnea, carvanha, caterpie, chinchou, corphish, Cottonee, Cranidos, Dratini ha, drilbur, Eevee, electrike, elekid, exeggcute, Feebas, Gastly, gible, gligar, Horsea, houndour, Illumise, Jigglypuff, joltik, jynx, Kabuto, karrablast, koffing, Lapras, lickitung, Magikarp, mankey, mantine, mareep, mawile, meditite, meowth, minccino, munna, Nincada, Omastar, Phanpy, pikachu, poliwag, ponyta, poochyena, Ralts, rhyhorn, riolu, Seedot, seel, shellos(E/W), shelmet, shieldon, shinx, shuppet, skarmory, skitty, slakoth, slowpoke, sneasel, snorunt, solosis, spheal, spoink, squirtle, stunky, swablu, Tentacool, timburr, tirtouga, torkoal, tangela, togepi, Venipede, vulpix, vullaby, wailmer.

    Axew, Bagon, beldum, Deino, dewpider, drampa, dratini, Eevee, exeggcute, Feebas, Goomy, gible, grimer(a), Honedge, Mareanie, mimikyu, magikarp, marill, Oranguru, Pikipek, Sandshrew ha(a), sandygast, scyther, shellder, slakoth, snivy, stufful, swinub, Tepig, togepi, totodile, trapinch, trevenant, turtonator, tynamo, Vulpix, Wimpod, wishiwashi.

    Abra, aipom, Bellsprout, Clefairy, cubone, cyndaquil, Delibird, deino, drampa, drowzee, Eevee, Gastly, gible, grimer ha(k/a), growlithe, Heracross, honedge, hoothoot, hoppip, horsea, houndour, Kangaskhan, Lapras, larvitar, Mareep, marill, meowth(k/a), mimikyu, minor, morelull, misdreavus, murkrow, Nidoran, numel, Ralts, Oddish, onix, oricorio, Pineco, pidgey, ponyta, poochyena, pyukumuku, Rattata(a), rockruff, Roselia, Sableye, sandshrew(a), seel, shellder, shellos, shinx, slowpoke, sneasel, snorunt, snorlax, swablu, swinub, Taillow, tangela, teddiursa, Vulpix(k/a), venonat, Zubat

    Absol, aipom, Bellsprout, bounsweet, buneary, Caterpie, chansey, cherubi, clamperl, clefairy, comfey, corsola, cutiefly, Dhelmise, dratini, Eevee, exeggcute, Feebas, fromantis, Gastly, gible, goomy, Hoppip, Igglybuff, Jangmo-o, Koffing, Lapras, ledyba, Mareanie, mareep, mawile, meditite, meowth(k/a), miltank, mimikyu, morelull, Nidoran, Oddish, Pidgey, Ralts, roselia, Salandit, sandshrew(a), slugma, snubbull, stantler, stufful, swablu, swinub, Togedemaru, togepi, torkoal, Vulpix(k/a), Zubat.

    Absol, aron, Bagon, beldum, Diglett, drampa,Geodude(a), grimer(k), Horsea, Jangmo-o, Kangaskhan, koffing, Larvitar, Machop, magikarp, makuhita, mawile, mudbray, Numel, Onix, Passimian, Phanpy, ponyta, Riolu, Sandshrew(a), skarmory, snorlax, stantler, sudowoodo, swinub, Tentacool, Wimpod.

    Bidoof, bounsweet, Chansey, Cyndaquil, Delibird, dewpider, Goomy, Heracross, Jangmo-o, Larvitar, Oddish, Oranguru, Pyukumuku, Ralts, rockruff, Seedot, Snivy, shroomish, sudowoodo, Yanma, Zubat.

    Abra, Bidoof, Diglett, dratini, Exeggcute, Growlithe, Klink, Magby, magikarp, mareep, Paras, pidgey, pichu, pineco, ponyta, Shinx, stantler, starly, sudowoodo, Torkoal, Vulpix(k), Zigzagoon.

    Abra, Bidoof, Cubone, cyndaquil, Dratini, Growlithe, grubbin, Jangmo-o, Kangaskhan, Mareep, meditite, minor, Passimian, pidgey, psyduck, Ralts, Rattata(k), rhyhorn, Sandygast, seel, slakoth, spearow, spoink, swablu, Weedle.

    Absol, Buizel, Carvanah, chatot, corsola, chinchou, Dhelmise, dratini, Gible, goomy, Heracross, horsea, Lapras, Magikarp, mareanie, marill, Poliwag, Ralts, Shellder, Tentacool, totodile, wishiwashi.

    Barboach, bellsprout, bidoof, Chansey, croagunk, cubone, Doduo, drowzee, Ekans, Gastly, geodude(k), goldeen, grimer(k), Houndour, Kangaskhan, koffing, Krabby, Larvitar, Nidoran, Oddish, onix, Phanpy, Rattata(k), rhyhorn, sandshrew(k), scyther, sentret, shroomish, spinarak, skorupi, spearow, Trapinch, tropius, Venonat, Wooper, Zubat.

    Caterpie, combee, Illumise, Kricketot, Nincada, Paras, pinser, Scyther, Venonat, Weedle, wurmple.
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    Looking to trade my 6iv breedjects from mm-ing for other breedjects. So far I have:
    *Fastbal Torkoal- 3 drought(female), 1 white smoke(male)
    *Fastball Exeggcute- 3 ha(2 male 1 female), 2 non ha(male/female)
    *Moonball cubone- 13 lighting rod (5 male 7 female), 2 rock head(males)
    *Moonball goomy- 1 ha (male)
    My fc is: 0190-0526-2777 ign Valkrie

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    LF tepig in fast ball, and bagon in a friend ball with HA, iv's etc don't matter, I can offer anything listed in my gen7 shop
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    Heavy HA Cubone

    FT: HA Love Salandit, HA Heavy (A) Geodude, HA Timer Pikipek, HA Nest (A) Grimer, HA Luxury (A) Rattata, HA Timer Rockruff, HA Fast Pichu
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    BANK IS OUT and I'm working on combining apricorn balls with HAs that weren't previously obtainable! So far I have:
    -Friend Contrary Snivy
    -Dive/Lure/Beast Sheer Force Totodile
    -Moon/Friend Telepathy Ralts
    -Moon Immunity Gligar
    -Love Speed Boost Venipede
    -Love Shadow Tag Gothita
    -Safari/Friend/Love Leaf Guard Roselia
    -Friend/Safari Quick Feet Shroomish
    -Safari Moxie Heracross
    -Lure Sheer Force Krabby
    -Fast/Level/Luxury/Heavy/Ultra Thick Fat Tepig
    -Beast/Net/Dive/Lure/Love Shell Armor Oshawott
    -Love Friend Guard Cleffa
    -Fast Sheer Force Krabby
    -Friend/Nest/Love Leaf Guard Chikorita
    -Fast/Moon/Level/Beast Flash Fire Cyndaquil
    -Beast Speed Boost Carvanha
    -Moon Unnerve Axew

    Coming soon:
    -Fast Moody Remoraid
    -Level/Friend Unnerve Axew
    -Moon/Beast Guts Shinx

    See my spreadsheet for the full list:

    Looking for:
    -Lure Ball Crabrawler
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    My Apricorn/HA Pokemon for Trade - Now giving away FREE 5IV Pokemon of over 20 species! Check the "Free Competitive 5IVs" tab at the bottom to see what I have to offer!

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    I'm looking for a Swift Swim Anorith or Armaldo in a Net Ball. If anyone can help, PM me and let me know what you're looking for.

    Update: Found one on the GTS!
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    I am now seeking the gen 1, 3 & 4 starter pokemon in DREAM BALL. I believe they can only be male pre gen 7 so would ideally like to trade in gen 6 but gen 7 is fine as long as they are legit.

    I have tons of apricorn ball mons, events, rare move mons and other stuff to other in return.

    Credit to Sworn Metalhead for the amazing banner.

    Looking to trade for apricorn and rare ball pokemon I don't have!

    Quote Originally Posted by Inconspicuosaurus
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    im looking for a bagon HA or not in a levelball, I have some mons to breed just leave me a pm so we can talk about it.
    Name: Ray

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    I have all breedable moonballs from HG/SS (except genderless/male only) for trade

    looking for any new moonball pokemon.

    I also have eevee in moonball and the goofy normal/dragon dude that looks like the thingy from neverending story in a heavy ball.


    copapaste from my old trade thread all should be available listed here for breeding/trading

    dream ball - HA available on all listed

        Spoiler:- show:

    Apricorn Balls - No HA

    level ball - growlithe, houndour, ratatta, graveler
    Heavy Ball - ghastly, magikarp, onyx, clamperl, phanpy, chancey, dratini, rhyhorn, snubble
    fast ball – dratini, growlith, chancey, clamperl
    friend ball – yanma
    love ball - mawile, nidoran, clamperl, chancey, ghastly, dratini, muk, snubble
    lure ball - clamperl, chancey, snubble
    safari ball - none yet

    moon ball (135/135) - click spoiler

        Spoiler:- show:
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    Hi all,

    Safari ball Pokémon - complete

    Dream ball HA Pokémon - complete minus Turtwig and Pikachu (I have the events to breed the newly available ones just haven't had time to do it.)

    Sport ball Pokémon - complete

    HGSS Apricorn ball Pokémon - over 200 different combinations. Will breed HA onto them if asked. Complete list in signature.

    Sun/Moon Apricorn ball Pokémon - list below
        Spoiler:- Fast:

        Spoiler:- Friend:

        Spoiler:- Heavy:

        Spoiler:- Level:

        Spoiler:- Love:

        Spoiler:- Lure:

        Spoiler:- Moon:

    Beast ball Pokémon - list below
        Spoiler:- Beast:

    Sun/Moon Apricorn ball Pokémon
    Beast ball Pokémon
    The following Hidden Ability Pokemon:

    PM/VM trading requests. ^-^
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    miShellder's Apricorn/Beast Ball & Event Pokemon List

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    Trade complete.
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    -Alex (e6life)
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    HA/Ball List
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    So I am just starting my rare pokeball collection. I just caught my first one
    lvl 44 Jangmo-o/lure ball/ sasssy/ male
    I have othera too (premier balls, luxury, other shop balls) but I think this is the thing I'm gonna start collecting . I'm adding egg moves to the Jangmo-mo than I'll be mass breeding him. Anyone interested please pm me like I said I'm just beginning this collection so I will take any apricorn pokemon. Also any recommendations what I should use the rest of my balls on (have all still except lure)
    Looking for Shiny Competitive :
    Also big event collector I own over 10 boxes in Pokemon Bank of event Pokemon always down for a trade.

    Looking to trade for all apricorn balls for the following; Cubone, Growlithe, Pawniard, Houndour, Sneasle, Dratini, Larvitar, Jangmo-mo, Absol, Scyther, Abra, Psyduck, Bagon, and Gible.

    I will post a spreadsheet of all I have soon.

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    hello everyone, I am in need of some dreamball mons. I can trade some items or some apricorn ball mons, please pm me so we can talk about it.
    Name: Ray

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    I'm looking for a Budew/Roselia/Roserade in a Love Ball, I can give you the following:

    • 2 items (Battle Tree Items except Ability Capsule, Destiny Knot, Misc. Items, etc.) if it's in a Love Ball.
    • 3 items (ANY Battle Tree Item, Destiny Knot, Misc. Items, etc.) if it's in a Love Ball and also has its Hidden Ability.
    • 4 items (ANY Battle Tree Item, Destiny Knot, Misc. Items, etc.) if it's in a Love Ball, HA and has the IV spread for Hidden Power Fire.

    You can send me a message with offers and ask for more details, I'll answer quickly. I need it as soon as possible so hopefully there'll be someone interested. Thanks!

    Pokémon Moon Friend Code: 0232 8230 8325

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    I'm looking for a dream ball HA pichu and magnamite. Also a hidden ability Net or Dive ball anorith.

    I can offer any other dream ball pokemon available and some other pokemon in interesting pokeball like dive ball lileep and tirtouga.

    Thank you.
    My FC: 2595-4911-0316

    In game name: Ascot

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    I'm looking for:

    Fast Ball: Cyndaquil
    Moon Ball: Eevee
    Special Item: Mawalite

    I can Offer:

    Heavy Ball: Machop, Snorlax, Togedemaru
    Sport Ball: Scyther
    Fast Ball: Growlithe, Riolu
    Moon Ball: Gastly, Absol, Elekid, Rockruff, Mimikyu, Gible
    Love Ball: Ralts, Vulpix, Salandit, Chansey
    Dream Ball: Zubat, Riolu, Eevee
    Lure Ball: Totodile, Magikarp
    Level Ball: Mudbray
    Beast Ball: Turtonator

    Please, send PM.
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    Hey guys,
    Im looking to finish off my Dream Ball collection.

    LF: Dream Ball: Slakoth, Spinda, Zangoose, Seviper, Baltoy, Duskull, Castform, Kecleon, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Cherubi Glameow, Stunky, Carnivine,

    FT: Any Dream Ball, Beast Ball, Safari Ball, Sport Ball or Apricorn Ball PKMN that I have listed in my Rare Ball Checklist.

    Shoot me a message if you're interested in making a deal
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    My Rare Ball Checklist:

    Sun Version - IGN: Nick /AS Version IGN: Luke FC: 0189 9270 7499 Bug Safari: Paras / Beautifly / Pinsir
    Moon Version - IGN: Lori FC: 2148 8666 0146 Ground Safari: Trapinch / Marowak / Palpitoad

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    Hello everyone! I'm looking to complete my moon ball and safari ball collection and I'm gonna need a lot of them so:

    LF>A lot of moon ball and safari ball pokémon that I don't have! (PM me for my full collection)

    FT>Complete DBHA collection, Apricorns, Beast Balls and other special balls (PM me for my full collection)

    Hope to hear from you
    FC: 0147 0198 6816
    IGN: Alfie

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    I have fast ball tapu koko ( jolly hp ice) moon ball tapu fini (calm) level ball tapu bulu (adamant) and love ball tapu lele (modest) all obtained by me in my one and only apricorn balls. I had to SR, throw the ball, hope that I caught it, and prayed my synchronizer worked. Took a while. PM me for more info on IVs etc
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    Looking for lure ball Eevee have various bank ball pokes for trade such as moon ball togepi and level ball barboach.
    Planned Omega Ruby Team:

    FC: 3282-6940-3153

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    Hello all!

    I offer to provide Pokemon in special balls for free! Specific gender and nature are OK to request, and ability (if available via the wild) can be negotiated, however I cannot and will not provide specific IV spreads.
    I can also catch most in either English or Japanese as I have most of the main series in both languages!

    If you are interested, please see my trade thread for information, as well as a list of games I have in Japanese. (Please see the "Services" post.)

    Thank you and I look forward to trading with you! c:

    .// Road's Trading Bureau
    Lists have been combined but still trading in 6th and 7th! Events, Shinies, services and more!
    ((I live in Japan (GMT+9), please keep this in mind when setting up trade times.))
    Shiny LivingDex (SOOOOOOOON)

    Please do not ask me if I will be receiving certain events.
    Getting real tired of people not reading things, so please do so before you ask me about something.

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