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Thread: Specific Poké Ball Trading Thread

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    heavy ball turtonator
    love ball mimikyu
    love ball salandit
    love ball ha vulpix
    dive ball HA vulpix
    dive ball ha sandshrew
    love ball ha formantis
    love ball ha togedemaru
    Level ball Mudbray
    Love ball ha mareanie
    love ball ha morelull
    love ball ha bounsweet
    Premier ball ha stufull

    Lf: other apricorn and Beast Ball mons especially:
    moon ball ha beldum
    heavy ball ha beldum
    love ball togekiss
    Moon ball vulpix

    I'll take any apricorn and Beast Ball 'mons you have. PM.
    My Pokemon X FC: 2852 9611 1197

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    Love mimikyi
    Friend Snivy
    Level Rockruff
    Lure Dhelmise
    Beast Beldum
    Heavy Turbonator
    Beast Jangomo-o
    Level Drampa
    Beast Salandit
    Love Stufful
    Lure Marenie
    Moon rockruff
    Beast wishwashi
    Love morefull
    Love bounsweet
    Friend bounsweet
    Level Sandygast
    Moon Mimikyu
    Lure Carvanha
    Moon Eevee
    Level Cutiefly
    Love Togedemaru
    Love Eevee
    Beast Gible
    Beast cyndaquil
    Beast mareanie
    Lure totodile
    Beast chikorita
    Beast drampa
    Love Alohan Vulpix
    Beast Lillipup
    Heavy Rockruff
    Heavy Sandygast
    Beast Minior
    Love jangmo-o
    Fast alohan pichu
    Moon alohan cubone
    Beast totodile
    Beast Roggenrola

    Looking for any apricorn/beast mon I don't have!

    Credit to Sworn Metalhead for the amazing banner.

    Looking to trade for apricorn and rare ball pokemon I don't have!

    Quote Originally Posted by Inconspicuosaurus
    Dex Entry: "Alolan Raticate gained the Dark type and used it to beat up local Alakazam and steal their mustaches. This explains both the clean-shaven Alolan Alakazam, and the luxuriousness of Alolan Raticate's 'stache"

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    Edit: Trade Complete

    I'm after Moon-exclusive Ultra Beasts in Premier Balls.

    Looking for:
    Adamant/Careful Celesteela in a Premier Ball.
    Naďve Pheromosa in a Premier Ball.

    Jolly Kartana in a Premier Ball / Beast Ball / ball of your choice (I have one more to catch)
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    Jolly Kartana in a Beast Ball

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    looking for:
    I've got what I was mainly looking for, but feel free to make an offer!

    for trade:
    beast ball: riolu, wimpod, gible, vulpix, magikarp, ghastly, indigo core minior, mareanie
    friend ball: mimikyu (so it can make friends!), pichu, bounsweet
    level ball: mimikyu
    moon ball: mimikyu, vulpix (HA and 4 egg moves available), orange core minior, light blue core minior, indigo core minior, salandit, riolu, litwick, rockruff, eevee, drampa (HA available)
    love ball: jangma-o, mimikyu, vulpix, eevee
    fast: pichu
    other: I have a number of merciless mareanie in netball with all four egg moves and a few ivs
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    MDT 3pm-6pm and after 8pm weekdays are generally good trading times
    looking for ditto and snorunt friend safaries
    friend safari: shuppet, phantump, dusclops
    in game name: ゆめのかげ | friend code: 3480-2595-4791
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    I have Steadfast (Hidden ability) rockruffs in Beast Balls with egg moves if anyone is interested pm me.

    looking mostly for beast ball mons.
    Friend Code: 0662-2766-6216

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    IHere is what I can breed:
    Litten Adamant Blaze 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Egg moves: Fake Out/Body Slam/Crunch/Revenge (Poké Ball)
    Grubbin Modest 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Egg moves: None (Beast Ball)
    Mimikyu Jolly 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Egg moves: Grudge/Nightmare/Destiny Bond/Curse (Moon Ball)
    Cutiefly Timid Shield Dust 31/x/31/31/31/31 Egg moves: Baton Pass/Speed Swap/Bestow/Moonblast (Love Ball)
    Wimpod Adamant 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Egg moves: Aqua Jet/Wide Guard (Heavy Ball)

    Other IV Breed Pokes

    PM me with offers.
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    Hey there I finally got something worth trading folks
    FT: If you have preferred gender let me know
    Cyndaquil Beast/Quick Ball Timid with Extrasensory, Double Kick
    Eevee HA Moon/Love Ball both Timid
    Fomantis HA Friend Ball
    Gible HA Beast Ball Jolly
    Mareanie HA Beast/Lure/Love/Net/Dive Ball
    Morelull HA Heal
    Minior Violet/Indigo Core in Beast ball (Has no HA available)
    Mimikyu Moon/Love/Ultra/Dusk/Poke Ball with Curse and Destiny Bond (Has no HA available)
    Oranguru Timer ball
    Passimian Timer ball
    Rockruff HA Heavy/Beast/Moon/Timer Ball all with Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch
    Sandshrew Alolan HA dive/Moon/Beast Ball
    Salandit HA Love Ball
    Slowpoke HA Nest ball
    Smeargle HA Beast ball
    Stufful HA Great Ball
    Snivy Friend Ball Timid
    Totodile Lure/Net Ball
    Vulpix Alolan HA Love/Dive/Moon Ball all Timid with Freeze-Dry, Hypnosis, Moonblast, and Encore (Note that Moon has Powder Snow, Extrasensory, Freeze-Dry, Moonblast)
    Wimpod Net/Beast Ball Brave
    Pancham Friend Ball
    Chikorita Friend Ball

    (These pokemon are pending I have yet to get them but will once I complete a trade)
    Moon Cubone
    Moon Deino
    Friend Eevee
    Friend Mimikyu
    Heavy Dhelmise

    Eevee HA {Preferred} all Apricorn balls and also Beast (minus Moon/Love)
    Mimikyu Fast/Beast
    Morelull HA Love
    Salandit HA Beast/Moon Ball
    Alolan Sandshrew HA Heavy Ball
    Alolan Vulpix HA Heavy Ball
    Cyndaquil Moon Ball
    Snivy Nest/Moon/Heavy Ball
    Tepig Heavy/Repeat Ball
    Oshawott Moon/Dive/Lure/Heavy Ball
    Geodude HA Heavy Ball
    Totodile Beast Ball
    Dratini HA Love/Moon Ball
    Cubone HA Heavy/Moon Ball

    Other Apricorn or Beast Ball Pokemon I don't already have with HA. IVs don't matter to me by the way.
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    HA/Ball Trade List
    Friend Code: 2681 - 0099 - 9302
    Sun/Moon IGN: Cole (Look for a Female with this name when trading!)
    Time Zone: EST (GMT/UTC -5) Best trade times between the hours of 5pm - 10pm but I'm flexible
    by CJsux

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    • Any other Pokémon in an Apricorn/Beast Ball that's not listed in my list.

    Anything listed HERE
    (Thanks to beiroot for allowing the use of his spreadsheet)

    I don't intend on posting here again. Rather, I update my list and desires on this one post. Anyone interested, check back every now and then.
    Last edited by e6life; 3rd January 2017 at 5:03 PM. Reason: New Pokémon / Needed to update my requests
    -Alex (e6life)
    Trainer Name: Alex
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    Time Zone: EST (GMT/UTC -5)
    HA/Ball List
    Go! Shedinja/Ninjatom/Munja/Nukenin!

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    Default Apricorn Balls trade

    I HAVE

    BEAST: Abra, Bagon, Chikorita, Cubone, Cyndaquil, Deino, Dhelmise, Dratini, Eevee, Gible, Honedge, Horsea, Jangmo-O, Lucario, Machop, Magikarp, Mareanie, Mimikyu, Minior_yellow, Oshawott, Porygon, Rockruff, Scyther, Shellder, Snivy, Snorlax, Tynamo, Vanillite, Vulpix, Wimpod

    FAST: Bagon, Cyndaquil, Diglett, Eevee, Geodude, Growlithe, Honedge, Lucario, Mimikyu, Oranguru, Pikachu, Scyther, Togedemaru, Trapinch, Starly

    FRIEND: Chikorita, Drampa, Eevee, Grubbin, Horsea, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Mimikyu, Minior_green, Pyukumuku, Scyther, Trapinch, Electabuzz

    HEAVY: Dhelmise, Exeggcute, Geodude, Gible, Honedge, Jangmo-O, Lucario, Mudbray, Petilil, Rhyhorn, Rockruff, Roggenrola, Sandshrew, Scyther, Shellder, Swinub, Tepig, Togedemaru, Turtonator, Vanillite, Torkoal

    LOVE: Alomomola, Bounsweet, Bruxish, Clefairy, Corsola, Cutiefly, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Feebas, Fomantis, Goomy, Jangmo-O, Mareanie, Marill, Mimikyu, Sandile, Snorunt, Stufful, Togepi, Vulpix

    LURE: Bagon, Bruxish, Carvanha, Chinchou, Dhelmise, Drampa, Dratini, Eevee, Feebas, Gible, Horsea, Lucario, Magikarp, Mareanie, Marill, Salandit, Shellder, Totodile, Wimpod, Wingull, Lapras

    LEVEL:Cubone, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Gible, Grubbin, Horsea, Kangaskhan, Minior_green, Vanillite

    MOON: Absol, Crabrawler, Cubone, Cyndaquil, Deino, Dewpider, Drampa, Eevee, Feebas, Gastly, Gible, Honedge, Komala, Litwick, Lucario, Meowth, Mimikyu, Minior_blue, Minior_green, Minior_indigo, Minior_orange, Minior_red, Minior_violet, Minior_yellow, Murkrow, Oricorio, Phantump, Rockruff, Salandit, Sandshrew, Sandygast, Shinx, Sneasel, Snorunt, Vulpix, Wimpod

    If a pokemon is on this list, it can has HA on any ball from the lists up.
    (HA) Abra, (HA) (HA) Absol, (HA) Bagon, (HA) Bruxish, (HA) Carvanha, (HA) Chinchou, (HA) Corsola, (HA) Crabrawler, (HA) Cubone, (HA) Cutiefly, (HA) Dewpider, (HA) Diglett, (HA) Dratini, (HA) Eevee, (HA) Exeggcute, (HA) Fomantis, (HA) Geodude, (HA) Gible, (HA) Goomy, (HA) Growlithe, (HA) Jangmo-O, (HA) Lapras, (HA) Lucario, (HA) Machop, (HA) Magikarp, (HA) Mareanie, (HA) Mudbray, (HA) Murkrow, (HA) Pancham, (HA) Phantump, (HA) Rockruff, (HA) Sandshrew, (HA) Sandygast, (HA) Shellder, (HA) Snorunt, (HA) Stufful, (HA) Vulpix, (HA) Wingull.

    Moon Jigglypuff
    and others on apricorn or beast balls
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    Beast Ball Gible, HA, Jolly. Outrage, Sand Tomb, Body Slam.*
    Beast Ball Alolan Sandshrew, Adamant. Amnesia, Counter, Endure, Nightslash.*
    Beast Ball Bagon, Adamant. Rage, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Twister, Fire Fang.*
    Beast Ball Mimikyu.*

    Moon Ball Alolan Vulpix, HA, Timid. Freeze-dry, Extrasensory, Moonblast, Disable.*
    Love Ball Alolan Vulpix, HA, Timid. Freeze-dry, Extrasensory, Moonblast, Disable.*
    Love Ball Stufful, Adamant. Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Wide Guard, Stomping Tantrum, Mega-kick.
    Heavy Ball Riolu, HA. Endure, Crunch, Vacuum Wave, Bullet Punch.
    Heavy Ball Cubone, Adamant. Iron Head, Perish Song.*
    Lure Ball Magikarp.

    Luxury Ball Eevee, HA, (Ask for specific nature). Wish, Yawn, Stored Power, Curse.*
    Luxury Ball Alolan Vulpix, HA, Timid. Freeze-dry, Extrasensory, Moonblast, Disable.*
    Luxury Ball Pichu, Timid/Modest. Volt Tackle, Wish, Electric Terrain, Thunder Punch, Encore, Present.
    Dive Ball Feebas. Hypnosis, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Brine.*
    Dive Ball Corsola.
    Nest Ball Komala. Wish, Sing.
    Nest Ball Slowpoke.
    Nest Ball Minior (green core).
    Timer Ball Goomy, Jolly.
    Timer Ball Gible, HA, Jolly. Outrage, Sand Tomb.*

    *Currently breeding for more available egg moves.

    Eevee in any Apricorn Ball, especially Moon Ball.
    HA Bagon, Sandshrew, Goomy, Cubone and Stufful.
    Any other Apricorn and Beast Ball Pokémon out there, basically.
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    IGN: Alessandra.

    Especially looking for a Mew or bday pokemon redeemed on May 21st! (My birthday!)

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    I have plenty of Friend Ball Chikoritas to go around and a few Beast Ball Vulpixes with Freeze Dry and Moonblast.
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    FT: Quiet Torkoal in Level Ball with Drought, Eruption and 0 Speed IV [31 in Def and SpD, can be bred for better spreads]

    LF: Modest/Timid Petilil in Friend Ball with Chlorophyll [detail the IV spread in your offer please, doesn't have to be perfect]
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    I can breed Deino in Beast Balls (and I think I can do the same with Beldum?), for anyone who's interested. IVs and stuff are completely random at the moment.

    If you're interested, send me a message with an offer.

    PM me if you want my Discord.
    It's way easier than getting in touch with me on here.

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    Moon ball Deino
    Beast ball Gible
    Beast ball Wimpod
    Moon ball vulpix
    Love ball vulpix

    Looking for other apricorn or beast ball mons. Will consider trading multiple items also.

    PM for trade
    black fc: 1677 9749 3067, 3DS fc: 0602 6402 6266 (Attila/アティラ)

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    Everything on my list

    Any other HA Mons that I don't have or fillers for my EM or Mons on a different ball
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    SuMo IGN - Moon

    Got 6IV Modest Lunala after 3 soft resets - 11/27/16 12:32 AM!

    Click here to see the Pokemon I'm offering

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    Looking for Luxury ball or timer ball passimian atm since I have moon version

    I am will to make a trade a timer ball oranguru for it or anything I might have you don't have :3

    Looking for Competitive Pokemon in matching ball choices check out my Competitive Breeding Shop!
    IGN: Allie3ds wfc 1693-1320-3008 PS Name: FairyWitch824
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    Looking to trade for any apricorn or beast ball mon I dont have!

    The link in my signature shows what I have. IV's don't matter

    Credit to Sworn Metalhead for the amazing banner.

    Looking to trade for apricorn and rare ball pokemon I don't have!

    Quote Originally Posted by Inconspicuosaurus
    Dex Entry: "Alolan Raticate gained the Dark type and used it to beat up local Alakazam and steal their mustaches. This explains both the clean-shaven Alolan Alakazam, and the luxuriousness of Alolan Raticate's 'stache"

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    Looking for a fast ball stufful/Bewear

    For trade:
    HA mareanie
    HA togedemaru
    HA formantis
    HA Slowpoke
    HA vulpix
    HA morelull

    HA Rockruff
    HA Eevee

    HA Rockruff
    HA Geodude
    HA Grimer



    Nest Passimian
    Premier HA stufful
    Premier oranguru
    Dive ha vulpix
    Dive ha sandshrew
    Dive crabrawler
    Dive ha gible
    Dive wimpod
    Luxury Rockruff
    Luxury Mudbray
    Ultra Jangmo-o
    My Pokemon X FC: 2852 9611 1197

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    Modest Petilil in Friend Ball
    Other Apricorn Ball Pokémon or matching ball.


    Quiet Torkoal in Level Ball
    Timid Vulpix in Moon Ball/Dive Ball
    Adamant Dewpider in Net Ball
    Cyndaquil in Luxury Ball
    Bagon in Great Ball
    Sassy Oranguru in Premier Ball

    If you want details on the Pokémon, send me a message. I don't need IVs on the Petilil, but the nature would be nice. Most of my Pokémon will have good IVs.
    Friend Code: 3866-8099-9870 - IGN: Pyreon

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    Fast ball: Pichu, HA Pikipek, Scyther
    Friend ball: Bounsweet, HA Comfey, HA Fomantis, Kangaskhan, HA Rockruff, Snivy
    Heavy ball: HA Beldum, Cubone, HA Geodude, HA Riolu, HA Sandshrew, Turtonator
    Level ball: Cyndaquil, Mudbray, Sandygast, Snorunt
    Love ball: Bounsweet, HA Eevee, HA Fomantis, HA Goomy, HA Jangmo-o, HA Salandit, Stufful, HA Togedemaru, HA Vulpix
    Lure ball: Carvanha, Dhelmise, Dratini, Magikarp, HA Mareanie, HA Pyukumuku, Totodile
    Moon ball: Cyndaquil, HA Eevee, Mimikyu, HA Morelull, HA Rockruff, HA Vulpix

    I'm looking for any apricorn ball Pokemon I don't have
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    outrage, dragon breathe, sand tomb hidden ability gible in beast ball for trade
    FC: 3239-5671-6159

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    -Moon Ball Oshawott
    -Other HA/Apricorn/nonstandard Ball Pokemon I don't have

    -Beast Ball: Sandshrew (HA), Vulpix (HA), Grimer (HA) Scyther, Cyndaquil, Smeargle (HA), Bagon, Gible (HA), Vanillite, Rockruff (HA), Mareanie (HA), Minior (Violet Core), Mimikyu
    -Fast Ball: Rockruff (HA)
    -Friend Ball: Chikorita, Snivy
    -Heavy Ball: Sandshrew (HA), Geodude (HA), Beldum (HA)*, Riolu (HA), Tepig, Honedge, Wimpod, Turtonator
    -Level Ball: Cyndaquil, Rockruff (HA), Jangmo-o (HA)
    -Love Ball: Eevee (HA), Feebas (HA), Fomantis (HA), Salandit (HA)
    -Lure Ball: Dratini (HA), Totodile, Carvanha (HA), Dhelmise
    -Moon Ball: Eevee (HA), Vulpix (HA), Cyndaquil, Carvanha (HA), Litwick, Honedge, Goomy (HA), Rockruff (HA), Mimikyu
    -Dive Ball: Feebas (HA)
    -Nest Ball: Minior (Green Core)

    *I will trade HA Beldum only for specific the specific listed Pokemon that I'm looking for
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    Pokemon Spreadsheet

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    Level Ball Salandit
    Fast Ball Eevee
    Friend Ball Scyther and Phantump
    Moon Ball Zubat, Sneasel and HA Abra
    Beast Ball HA Abra
    Luxury Ball Dratini

    Beast Ball Cubone, Beldum, Vanillite, Magikarp, Axew, Geodude and Eevee
    Love Ball Cutiefly
    Moon Ball Rockruff
    Friend Ball Trapinch
    Lure Ball Totodile, Carvanha, Chinchou and Vulpix
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    LF: Apricorn HA, mostly gen 3-6 Pokemon

    FT: My spreadsheet. Hover over them to see which EMs they have.
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    Looking for apricornball pokemon, beast ball pokemon, or ha pokemon that I don't have(dragons in apricornballs and beastball are higher priority atm). So far I can breed:
    levelball: cyndaquil, ha dratini, passimian, minor

    loveball: ha vulpix, ha eevee(ha), bounsweet, Togedemaru(ha), Salandit, morelull(ha), cutiefly(ha), stufful(ha), jangmo-o(ha), fromantis(ha), togepi(ha), feebas(ha), sandshrew(ha)

    lureball: corsola,ha dratini, Dhelmise, totodile, mareanie(ha), carvanha,goomy(ha), wishiwashi

    Moonball: Mimikyu, rockruff(ha), eevee(ha), deino, oricorio, pyukumuku, sneaker, sandshrew(ha), cubone(ha), Vulpix(ha), sableye(ha), drampa(bha), deino

    Fastball: pichu

    Friendball: rockruff(bha), jangmo-o(bha), Cyndaquil, ha goomy, oranguru

    Heavyball: mudbray, sandshrew(bha) ,jangmo-o(bha), drampa(ha), bagon(ha), Wimpod, geodude(ha), passimian

    Beastball: bagon, beldum, axew, Wimpod, Vulpix, pikipek, eevee(ha), oranguri, gible(ha), totodile,dratini(ha), drampa(ha), Salandit, goomy (ha),slakoth, phantump(ha), Snivy, mimikyu, scyther
    im looking for other people that mm alot to help and trade with.
    I have a large list of bankball pokemon, and have or can get most em me if You are interested
    My fc is: 0190-0526-2777 ign Sara

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