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Thread: emerging from the darkness... an awkward weeaboo

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    Default emerging from the darkness... an awkward weeaboo

    Hey, I'm new here, and my username describes my entire life. I'm not great at competitive battling and I don't have a 3DS or any of the new games. I am also terrible at introductions and social interaction. Hopefully I will make some new friends here and not forget about this website less than a month from now. Glad to be here!

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    Hai, welcome I am new here too, although I am not new or short of Pokémon :3 If we do ever make friends, soon enough you will find out I am a awkward weirdo who shares random facts now and then~
    Hi! Welcome to a void of endless awkwardness ;3

    That annoying person you want to annoy but you cant because they annoy you everyday and so on~

    Shiny Eggs... Shiny Eggs :/
    You are beautiful the way you are
    This is a place of imagination and weirdness, feel free in a world where you cant, yep I just said that.
    Aw, thanks I am a ghost type trainer >;3
    Mystery Dungeon Exploreres Of Sky Team Eclipse .- .-
    Pokémon Red Team:
    Cosplaying Pikachu since 21 years ago

    Friend Code! 4528-2559-5330

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