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Thread: Plans for your funeral

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    Default Plans for your funeral

    Not sure if this belongs here, but if it doesn't, a mod can kindly move it to a more suitable subforum.

    The reason I am making this thread is because my grandma died last week.

    If I were to write my last will right now, it would state:
    1. Keep all the religious stuff out of my funeral (I'm an atheist).
    2. No embarrassing stories about me (So what if I'll be dead?!)
    3. If possible, I'd like my body donated to science. (Cremation is my backup)
    4. Play Aerith's theme from Final Fantasy VII at the service.
    5. I want something witty on my tombstone like ("Where's the reset button?")

    Feel free to add your plans here, and discuss whatever you want to happen once you leave this world.

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    1. I feel much the same, though I'd identify as either Deist or Agnostic (or possibly even Gnostic). I just resent the history.
    2. I'd like them to be honest. None of the typical revisionist stuff.
    3. I've long wished for cremation (as strange as that may sound).
    4. Also one from FFVII: Makou Reactor. I feel like it's so fitting for the state of our world. If that's too unfitting for a service though, then "Origin" from Breath of Fire V.

    I would definitely not like to cause anything unfortunate to happen as a result of my demise, like in the position of a company or whatnot. I'd like any transitions to be as seamless as possible.
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    The service can be whatever whoever is still alive wants. For me, what's most important is that my dead body be put to as much use as possible, so I'd want whatever part of me can't be put into a different person to get one of those organic burials where the body isn't embalmed/preserved at all, and instead just put into the coffin equivalent of a peat pot and have a plant planted in it. I'd rather not be made into trash just to look pretty for one day (apparently embalmed bodies have to be put into plastic containers so the preservatives don't poison the ground water. Blech!).
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    It seems there are two ways to view funerals:
    1. A way to respect the deceased's last wishes.
    2. A means of helping the living mourn.

    There are definitely cases where the first option could make things harder on the mourners, especially if they have different beliefs from the deceased (ex. we don't think your soul will go to heaven unless we do X, even though you didn't believe in heaven). That said, a dying person would probably be unhappy knowing their last wishes would likely be ignored once they're no longer around to advocate for themselves. It just doesn't seem respectful.

    All this is to say I'm not sure exactly what I'd want. Would I even care if I'm not around?

    I've almost exclusively gone to Jewish funerals, with only one exception for a Christian funeral. I personal identify as an atheist, but don't really know what non-religious ceremonies look like. Based on this, right now I'd feel comfortable with the Jewish mourning traditions, though I'd want as little talk of a higher power as possible. I'd like the ceremony to have some moments of levity and even humour, and I'd like less flattering details about myself to be shared so that I seem like an actual human being. Also, I don't need a fancy casket but it should get wifi.


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    While not a tombstone writing, Carrie Fisher actually did #5 somewhat. There's photos of her urn in the shape of an antidepressant pill, which is a reference to the time of her life when she was doing drugs and facing mental issues.

    For me personally, whatever my parents will decide on, I guess. If I'm dead, why would I care about rotting or burning? I'm dead, I have no physical attachment to my physical body, and I don't care at that point.

    ...Unless of course stereotypical "dead bodies coming back to life as mindless killing beings" zombies start becoming real, then cremate me.

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    I definitely want to have my body put to good use when I'm no longer using it, either through organ donation or by donating it to science. Why leave a perfectly good, or at least still somewhat useful, dead body to rot in an expensive box

    Apart from that, I don't really have any ideas about my funeral other than keeping the religious stuff out of it. I have, over the years, found a couple of songs that I would want played at my funeral: "Call Me" by Shinedown and "Dear My Friend" from Sonic Unleashed.
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    I never really cared. I wrote that I'd like my corpse donated to science while "Another one bites the dust" or "Highway to Hell" plays in the background.
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    Egh no way would I donate my body to science, sorry not for me.
    I guess Id do what my mom had for my step dad when his accident killed him.
    Dont wanna say much but would have something like " Death to the organized mind is a new adventure" on my head stone.

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