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    Default Hello all!

    Hello all! I am 20 years old and study Graphic Design and Computer Science! I have been playing pokemon for as long I can remember haha, my favorites are Sableye and Ampharos. I'm excited to get to meet some of you all! By the way, how do we gain the right for images/urls in our signature? (I play Dragoncave, a click/view site).

    I hope to contribute to this community!

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    Aw, well welcome to the forums, this is a good place to start off, and I honestly don't know how we gain the right for images.. I spent constant hours trying to simply get a Mimikyu gif in my sig, X3, I gave up after that, just doin my teams in different Pokémon games and simply some stuff about me. Tip: You see that Beginning trainer banner by your username? Well, as you make more posts you will see the Posts on how many you have done on the far right side of the dark green section of the bar, if you get a certain number, its as if you level up, or just seemingly get a new title than Beginning Trainer.
    Hi! Welcome to a void of endless awkwardness ;3

    That annoying person you want to annoy but you cant because they annoy you everyday and so on~

    Shiny Eggs... Shiny Eggs :/
    You are beautiful the way you are
    This is a place of imagination and weirdness, feel free in a world where you cant, yep I just said that.
    Aw, thanks I am a ghost type trainer >;3
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