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Thread: Shipping Oscars 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuu-Tales View Post
    Quick Q: I couldn't help but notice there's no award for Best Male/Male Drabble... is that simply due to lack of slash fics here?
    Yep. The way I made categories this year was that there would only be a category if two or more authors contributed to it (for example, if one author wrote two male/male drabbles, that wouldn't be enough for a male/male drabble category because there was only one author). This year there simply weren't enough slash fics to warrant a Best Male/Male Drabble category.

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    Congrats to all the winners!

    Now let's see how few fics we get for next year's event, lol. XD

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    Big congrats to all the winners. Everyone deserves huge praise for all the work they have done, whether they won or not.

    And a massive thank you to American--Pi for hosting and creating the prizes. I did vote, but other than that I didn't contribute much, so I am truly amazed at how quickly the Oscars were put together and how fast the prizes were finished - just fantastic!

    Looking forward to next year's event. Perhaps we can do even a fanart division or something else. We'll see.
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    Everyone did a great job! Congrats to the winners and also thank you for the host!
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    Quote Originally Posted by American--Pi View Post
    Best Non-Pokemon Drabble of 2016

    And the winner is…

    False Vengeance by matthew11!

    So this is my first time visiting this thread and I was surprised that this drabble of mine won something . Writing something like this was actually just for fun. But thank you so much for all who voted this drabble

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