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Thread: Will the Z-Move Work?! Challenging the Grand Trial!! (953)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shneak View Post
    Ash got a sweep in his first battle during a slice of life series that clearly doesn't give priority to Pokemon battle development. I'm worried.
    Late to the reply here, but did you not see the last two episodes? Ash only does extremely well when using Pikachu, which makes sense. Rowlet has been through the wringer so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maldread View Post
    I'm still waiting for entry hazards, weather, status conditions, and abilities to re-factor in battles once again, like in DP. Combine that with Mega Evolution + Z Moves.

    It probably won't be happening anytime soon, but hopefully later so S&M battles just don't end up always concluding with X KO'ing Y with a Z-Move (or even if that is the case, the battles are complex and interesting leading up to that point).
    I did like this battle at least shown it's possible to avoid or soften a Z-Move, in other words, it can fail (though we knew that from the start, it barely fazed Tapu Koko). Ash even emphasised he had to time and do it right. Hopefully this won't become a standard deus ex machina.

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    I thought this was a good first serious battle, though as much as a big deal it should feel fighting 1 of the 4 kahuna, this battle did not really leave that impression imo. But in the end, I'm content with what we got. Though, it felt a little weird seeing only the Prof and Ash for most of this, compared to the usual companion crowd from past series. Rowlet just keeps on getting better, and the Z-moves look amazing every time.

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    Good, Ash has another chance to use the Electric Z move again. Time to one shot the next opponent!

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