Nice chapter. I'm actually really interested to see how long the story can continue the trend of each chapter complicating what was just about starting to feel straightforward in the last one -- it's really engaging, the way everything keeps fragmenting like that as new perspectives and new problems crop up. That you keep managing to convey how messy this all is without the story losing focus is pretty awesome.

Also, a thing I didn't mention before: your kids are great. Children are difficult to write, especially children in the kind of situation that a trainer journey would realistically place them in, and I think the confrontation scene with Krissy and Travis in this latest chapter was excellent. The way Travis stumbles into viciousness through a combination of fear and just like emotional momentum, so to speak, and the way Krissy responds by like trying to be honest but at the same time not quite giving up her usual project of appearing to be very grown up -- that's all great stuff. One way I've noticed that writers often get children wrong is to empty them out of depth, as if years were the sole ingredient in personality. It's not an accusation anyone could level at your lovable bunch of dorks.