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Thread: I'm rather split here, Digital or Physical?

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    Default I'm rather split here, Digital or Physical?

    Over the years I traded in a bunch of my DS and GBA games.

    I bought said games for the Wii U so I could have the copies "forever" as opposed to the GBA batteries eventually dying or having to fumble with switching cartridges in general (Which has become rather annoying as I've been spoiled by the "easy access" digital)

    But... after a few years I realized that I really don't like the larger resolution of the games, as opposed to the sleek small screen, nor the fact I can only play them in one room at a time as opposed to anywhere.

    And the fact I have a sinking feeling that I'll still have (at least) the DS cartridges long after my Wii U breaks down.

    I feel I've made a bad mistake.

    But at the same time, I love my digital collection. And some games (Such as Animal Crossing: Wild World) actually fix a few issues the DS games had.

    So my question is, I am completely torn over whether I should buy back my physical copies. Because I miss the "play anywhere" aspect but the fact I still have the games playable on Wii U, makes my issue feel rather shallow and makes me look like I just want an excuse to buy more games.

    (I mean, if I'm not desperate enough to play them on Wii U, maybe I don't really care about the games as much as I thought)

    Any suggestions on what I should do?

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    Physical. Even with the Switch's release, Nintendo's rather crap about digital downloads.
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    I prefer the physical. Just easier to carry around. It's better than using some emulator, or something.

    P.S. I would try keeping all your games, not just the old ones you sold. But I guess you were implying that.

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    Physical all the way. To me, downloading just wouldn't feel the same. It's much better to have something there and usable.

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    The Wii U was the first system where I went all digital. The Wii shop was a great experience with the virtual console games but this gen there were quite a few games that I would probably have traded in by now and I can't :/
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