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Thread: For Real?! Mallow's Cooking Operation! (961)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWanderingMist View Post
    EP12 Mimikyu in a spotlight is as close as this series will get to that.
    Pu-shaw, he just wants to kick Pikachu all over the ground.

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    It was great to see Mallow finally get a focus episode and for her Bounsweet to evolve. Also Rowlet was hilarious in this.

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    Rowlet was the only annoying thing about this episode.
    Team Rocket tossing Bouncesweet out like it was trash was hilarious. As was Sophocles. Bouncesweet evolving was long overdue.
    8/10 - would have been better with less Rowlet and more Rockruff

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    If the “forgotten recipe” was in a cookbook (no matter how antiquated), it’s not entirely forgotten.

    I wonder if we’ll ever know what Bewear thinks of TR basically renovating its home.

    About time Mallow got a focus episode. Jessica Paquet must’ve been so bored before now. And now Mallow has a Steenee. As far as evolution episodes go, this was a fun one.

    Neat! Oricorio’s mambo-esque theme returned! See this is why I don’t mind when the dub reuses music; it generally has more rhyme and reason to said reuse. Like here, for example: that mambo-esque theme I mentioned hasn’t been heard since SM008, and both times had to do with Oricorio. Oh, and a lot of yes to the return of the “Under the Alolan Sun” instrumental during the Sweet Scent scene. And as for the other Sweet Scent scene (the one that kept speeding up), I know nobody will believe me when I say this, but I liked how the JP version did that part. And I’m happy the dub kept the joke with its own music. But then it had to keep that use of the Hall of Fame theme, which I felt would’ve fit better sometime after Bounsweet evolved. Mima acted too soon with that track’s use. The battle theme on the other hand was a good choice of JP music retention. So, in general, though I’ll always prefer the dub’s music, I can admit when the JP music is done right.

    So, good episode.
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    Mallow is Hurley from Lost in terms of how long we had to wait to get a focus episode that shows her character's background. In Season 1 of Lost, in episode 1 the main characters' plane crashes on an island, with no backstory of who any of them were before the plane crash. As a result, each subsequent episode focused on one character and told his or her backstory. The character of Hurley was left until last, not having his backstory revealed until episode 18, which in an American serialized drama is super-late, almost near the end of the season.

    In this rather unique season of Pokémon with Ash being thrust into a group of people who are already companions with each other, rather than meeting them one by one and their giving reasons for wanting to travel with him, backstory episodes are required, and we got them for the others in episodes 5, 6, 8, and 11, (although Sophocles's episode told no backstory and was trash), and now Mallow's first focus episode was left for last, coincidentally episode 18 like Hurley from Lost.

    EDIT now that I've finished watching the episode: I'm surprised they didn't just think to ask Lillie's butler to allow them to use his Oricorio to help out. Mallow's clearly mad tight with Lillie and visits there all the time.

    More importantly, Bounsweet's evolution is massive. It proves that they're willing to evolve a cute out-of-ball Pokémon, so I'm really hoping it means Rowlet can evolve despite spending most of its time out of ball

    A further EDIT now that I've read the whole thread and have things to respond to:

    Quote Originally Posted by Janovy View Post

    I will be disappointed if they kept this evolution sequence a one-time only thing, especially since they have NEVER done that before.
    Even though it was not the same because it still had the blue glow, Eevee into Sylveon had Sylveon's ribbon coming out of Eevee's neck before the rest of Eevee's body started evolving.

    Quote Originally Posted by Janovy View Post
    I really don't understand the people saying it is no big deal.

    If any other series did it, people would be praising it as the best series, but since SM is doing it, people are acting like 'meh, it's nothing special, it's obvious'.
    It was a big deal of internal continuity when DP had a massive recurring cast who kept reappearing. Just think back to AG and how May had COTD rivals at almost every contest, for an example of how Gens I-III didn't have much internal continuity.

    It's not a big deal anymore to have internal continuity since DP, BW, XY all did that for three straight generations now of having massive recurring casts (BW until episode 108, and the whole saga for both DP and XY)
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    Huh, I was beginning to wonder if Mallow would ever get a character building episode. I was actualyl fearing it happening, because the other character building episodes have been the worst episodes in Alola so far. Despite that, this was actually an alright episode. Nothing super special, but far above the other character building episodes. I was also surprised to see Bonsweet evolve. I wasn't expecting it to ever happen, let alone this soon.

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    -Bonsweet's Sweet Scent gag right off the bat? Meh.
    -They got zapped after eating the stew? What the heck?!
    - using Thunderbolt as an ingredient for stew is not a good idea, Mallow...
    -Kiawe agrees too!
    -Lovesick Rowlet is a doofus...
    -I couldn't care less about Team Rocket and their secret base.
    -Looks like Ash and Mallow are having a hard time searching for Yellow nectar.
    -So Mallow wants to make their resturant the best resturant in Alola? Well, it's not a battle-related goal like I expected... but it's a decent goal nontheless.
    -LMAO Bonsweet is absolutely drained after using Sweet Scent so many times.
    -Ugh, the Baile-style Oricorio's dub voice is awful.
    -Oh no, here comes Team lousy morons...
    -Whoa, that evolution sequence was great! Steenee's dub voice sounds a lot like Victini's dub voice though.
    -LOL at Team Rocket trying to escape, only to get blasted by Pikachu's Thunderbolt... or NOT?? Damn, I loathe that Bewear.
    -Seriously, the Sweet Scent gag with Rowlet is not funny anymore.

    Music kept in dub (5)
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    • Sun/Moon Hall of Fame Theme
    • Team Rocket Alola Motto music
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    Too bad the movie 18 remix of the classic To Be Continued theme wasn't kept in the dub.
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    I liked watching Ash and Mao search for the nectar, but I was disappointed that we finally saw Mao's Amakaji be active for once, only for it to evolve into Amamaiko by the end. I like Amamaiko somewhat, and I loved how she attacked Nyasu and made his cheeks all red, but the evolution seemed too sudden.

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