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    Default VGC 2017 Team

    I'm new to VGC, and was wondering if I could have some help making a team. So far my team consists of:

    Already made:

    Alolan Ninetales w/ Focus Sash
    Ability: Snow Warning
    EVS: 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
    Nature: Modest
    -Aurora Veil

    Not made yet:

    Garchomp w/ (probably) Rocky Helm
    Ability: Rough Skin
    EVS: None currently
    Jolly or Adamant
    No Moves

    I need help with all of the following:


    If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it<3

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    Hello! I saw the word VGC and thought I should help you out! xD

    First off, protect is a staple move of VGC in general and should be on almost every pokemon. Examples of what to not stick protect on can be P2, AV, and choice item mons. I'd recommend this moveset on Alolan Ninetales as I run it on my team currently

    Alolan Ninetales w/ Focus Sash
    Ability: Snow Warning
    EVS: 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
    **Nature: Timid**
    - Blizzard
    - Freeze Dry
    - Aurora Veil/Encore
    - Protect

    Timid allows you to outspeed Garchomp and speed tie Kartana. Blizzard with snow warning is the bread and butter, freeze dry 1 shots most gyarados without the gyara being heavily invested, Aurora Veil is to bulk up a team or encore locks down your opponent, and protect saves you a turn while the partner KO's the threat. "Elsa" might be a cool nickname as a reference to Frozen the movie on a sidenote! xD

    Garchomp w/ Groundium Z
    Ability: Rough Skin
    EVS: 252 attack / 252 speed / 4 sp.def
    Jolly nature
    - Earthquake(Tectonic Rage for single target Z move)
    - Poison jab/Fire Fang
    - Rock Slide
    - Protect

    This set allows you to bypass Wide Guard with Earthquake's single target Z. It one shots Arc, Muk, and many other threats to A-Ninetales even when once intimidated. Jolly allows you to fall in a great speed tier and outspeed most of the meta except opposing A-Ninetales so you might want a fire type like Arcanine to make this core more complete with some intimidate pressure. "Land Shark" or "Lagerhead" seems like some good nickname options if you'd like.

    I think your next step is to decide on speed control via bulldoze, icy wind(on Ninetales potentially), string shot, tailwind, Trick Room, etc.

    Covering your main weakness of type and pokemon that threat your core specifically is the best way to team build. Never EVER ignore a weak point that becomes a consistent problem. I hope that helped, and if you need further help lmk.

    ~ Emii

    ~Joltik Quee~
    {~Most recent shiny : KARTANA HOPEFULLY! xD}
    {~3DS FC : 0233-3163-0175 IGN Emii(Ultra Sun version)~}

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    Thank you so much for the suggestions! I am definitely going to hunt for an Arcanine later this week. Also, I found an A-Raichu set online, and was wondering if it would work with my team -

    A-Raichu w/ Electrium Z
    Abiltiy: Surge Surfer
    Timid Nature
    Electric Terrain
    Electro Ball
    Grass Knot

    My strategy with this Raichu is to Electrium Z its Electric Terrain and get that triple speed boost, then electro ball the crap out of everything. Psychic is there for STAB and Grass Knot for ground type pokemon (And anything else that's weak to grass)

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