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Thread: Root Fossil or Claw Fossil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovaBrunswick View Post
    In Emerald you could get the Fossil you didn't choose after you defeated the Champion, however. It's really late in the game though, I think after you defeat Steven in that cave near Dewford Town.
    I know about getting the two Fossils in Emerald; I was talking specifically about the limitation in Ruby and Sapphire, which made getting both Anopth (Anorith) and Lilyla (Lileep) difficult. And we never battle Daigo (Steven) near Muro Town (Dewford) in R/S/E.

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    As a kid, I picked the Root Fossil/Lileep all the way. Cradily is so cool! I was shocked when I saw that the weird purple flower because this boss green monster. Anorith and Armaldo were a lot simpler, in my opinion. Last time I played through Sapphire, though, I did choose the Claw Fossil just to try out something different.
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    I picked root :3

    I thought the grass type fossil pokemon were kind of edgy lol
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