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Thread: Returning to competitive (OU)

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    Default Returning to competitive (OU)

    Hello, I havent played competitive mons since before volcanions release, and want to come back but i dont understand the meta, I made this team in an effort to start over. I'm not using any z-moves cause i have no idea how to properly use them.

    Tapu Bulu@Leftovers
    Grassy Surge
    Leech Seed
    Natures Madness
    Horn Leech

    Im using Tapu Bulu cause stats wise he feels like Chesnaught( my favorite Pokemon), im running a defensive stall breaker set, the speed evs let him outspeed normal wall mons that dont run speed evs, Natures madness also helps thinning the enemy front line, while horn leech is a primary stab and with grassy surge and leftovers keeps Bulu in top form, and roar as a phazing option against set up sweepers. Leech Seed helps give recovery to my other mons while weakening my opponent

    Volcarona@Lum Berry
    Quiver Dance
    |Bug Buzz
    Giga Drain

    I heard Volcarona is again a top threat, so i'm using her basic set, quiver dance to set up for late game, im using flamethrower for the extra accuracy, bug buzz as a bug type stab and giga drain instead of roost for the coverage against ground and rock types

    Tapu Fini@Leftovers
    Misty Terrain
    Ice Beam

    Tapu Fini creates a good core with magearna and bulu, while providing defog support for volcarona and a way to prevent status with misty terrain, Taunt lets her shut down mons reliant on status and hazards or set up sweepers, ice beam is here to hit on landorus-t and dragons while moonblast as a stab move

    Landorus-T@Flynium Z
    U turn
    Knock Off

    Landorus is used to deal with bulky grass types like tangrowth or other bulus, while providing heavy dmg with earthquake and utility with knock off and a voltturn core with magearna

    Sand Stream
    Stealth Rock
    Rock Slide
    Thunder Punch

    Im running M-Tyranitar simply as a powerhouse of hitting and providing SR, crunch is main stab move and rock slide was chosen for the better accuracy than stone edge, Thunder Punch is used to get some coverage against celeestela or toxapex

    Magearna@Assault Vest
    Soul Heart

    Volt Switch
    Flash Cannon
    Fleur Cannon
    Hidden Power Fire

    Magearna works as a pivot that can take special moves while hitting on her own. Volt Switch creates a Voltturn core with mandi, cannon arms as main form of stab and hidden power as coverage.

    Well im also kinda rusty form teambuilding but i hope to get better at it again

    Edit: after some practice matches i realized i need a priority move and something to deal with nihilego but no idea on what
    Edit2: As i make changes they will be in bold
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    I suggest run a Charti Berry on Volcarona cause most teams tend to run a scarfer faster than Volcarona with a rock move especially for it. Also I would move Stealth Rocks from Ttar to Lando over Knock Off or U-Turn and make Mega Tyranitar a Dragon Dance set with Fire Punch/Ice Punch/rock STAB. Also many Landorus-T tend to run Smack Down so they can beat Celesteela that want to come in Supersonic Skystrike. Dunno how I feel about the Bulu set since SD bulu already 6-os stall :/

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