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Thread: a wild Arcanine appeared!

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    Talking a wild Arcanine appeared!

    a wild arcanine leapt at you from the grass!

    hiya! I'm Arcan9, and I'm new to... well, everything. I started back when Black and White came out, and has loved pokemon since. However, I haven't ever delved into the competitive side or the forums.. until now, at least! I decided I'd at least give it a shot, so here I am!

    anything else about me.. huh... well, I'm addicted to Wonder Trade and I am a literate RPer (although new to roleplaying Trainers or Pokemon!).

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    Dating Korrina in y :P


    Hey! Nice to meet you! :3 Wanna be friends? I'm very friendly
    Gay, happy triox! Wait, gay also means happy, right? :P Riiight?
    I have a MAJOR crush on korrina and i think she's totally awesome! best gym leader ever. Should be a champion.

    *drool's over her kawaiiness x3*
    ~Lipstick Lesbian and Proud~ Well, i'm actually bi, but korrina's really the only 'attractive to me' character i ever dare look at on a daily basis, soo... :P
    I have autism too
    I may add this one korrina blingee that helps my autism to this sig sometime however i don't feel like changing it as much yet :3 korrina is still powerful to me though^^

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    Welcome to Serebiiforums Arcan9!

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