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Thread: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

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    So, i accidentally reset my Ultra Moon game last night. Staying up all night playing had everything to do with it. About 4 am i was like " I've played to much of this game tonight, I'll start fresh tomorrow".

    Started again this morning, after a nap. Gave Popplio a second chance. Named this one Ember. On the Hunt for a replacement Buneary, i caught 3 Pichu. 1 to possibly evolve and the other 2 for Wondertrade. Eventually caught a Buneary named Peaches. Ended up with a Chinese Pikipek and a Dhelmise from the Wonder Trades. Split the trainers at the School between Ember and Peaches. Peaches managed to Handle the Teachers Rowlet despite being a Lvl below. During the Trainer battles i caught a zorua and
    Grimer to help with the Poke Pelago Ranking's later. Caught a Slowpoke eariler as well, that i just remembered about.

    Ended with some Trainer Customization and Poke Finder Photography

    Ember the Popplio lvl 10
    Peaches the Buneary 10
    Lillie Around the PokeWorld

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    So we have managed to get quite a bit done since our last update.
    Hala didnt really give us an issue with Confusion from Usagi doing most of the work.

    We made our way to the second island and quickly got to work dispatching more trails.
    Lana swiftly taken care of by Usagi (Magical Leaf) and Makoto (Thundershock)
    Kiawe stood no chance against Ami and her Z Move
    Mallow crumbled beneath Rei and her fire moves

    Amara and Ami took Olivia down quickly as well. We ran around the island a few times and collected as many Stickers as we could before we were acosted by Faba and asked to see the Aether Foundation. So we are no headed our way there

    Side Note: What I am surprised at is that even though 5 members of my team are technically traded because they are from one of my other games, I am not that over-levelled so far. Its been a pleasant surprise


    - Ami - Level 33
    - Makoto - Level 34
    - Amara - Level 34
    - Minako - Level 33
    - Rei - Level 34
    - Usagi - Level 32
    My Bro on seeing Mega Abomasnow: "Its looks so fluffy I wanna hug it" ... xD

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