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    Hi all,

    completely new to this (played all previous but only did the story never knew about EV IV ETC but I am starting to learn)

    here is my team I am planning on making to hit the Elite four. I haven't started yet so no natures yet but will post them once I have breed the correct pokes.

    Tyrantitar - Dragon Dan Crunch Brick Break Rock Slide
    Blastiose - Ice Beam Scold Dark Pulse Flash cannon
    Venusaur - Leech Seed Sludge Bomb Energy Ball Toxic/sub
    Salamance - Drag dance Drag Claw EQ Aerial Ace
    Incineroar - Bulk up Fire Fang Dark Lariet Shadow Claw
    Raichu - Calm Mind Thunderbolt Physic Signal Beam

    I know there is a lot of boosters but I do like sweeping teams.

    Should I change incin for Arcanie to get intimidate ? plus he has the speed over incin with roughly the same attacks

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    Incineroar should have Flare Blitz
    And you dont need IVs and EVs for ingame

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