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    Default Connor's PC

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    PC status:
    Unlocked PC on May 26, 2012 with starter (Aipom) at Level 50 and five other Pokemon (Shuppet, Remoraid, Petilil, Plusle, Pansage)
    Unlocked PC upgrade on October 22, 2012, having three Pokemon at least on Level 50. (Aipom, Octillery, Pansage)

    Current number of PC slots available: Unlimited

    See profile for full team information.

    Current party:
    1. Kasimir the Murkrow
    2. Zerase the shadow Elgyem

    Pokemon in PC:
    1. Rhett the Plusle
    2. Jacques the Gliscor
    3. Dionne the Whismur
    4. Lamont the Poliwag
    5. Eleanor the Petilil
    6. Waldemar the Lickilicky
    7. Nowell the Tepig
    8. Cameron the Chimchar
    9. Woody the Marshtomp
    10. Ollie the Seel
    11. Yobachi the Darumaka
    12. Vinay the Shinx
    13. Alanis the Sentret
    14. Palani the Slakoth
    15. Iachima the Scraggy
    16. Todd the Eevee
    17. Ulala the Munna
    18. Xyrie the Buneary
    19. Gaspard the Aipom
    20. Foster the Banette
    21. Sylvester the Pansage
    22. Marco the shiny Octillery
    23. Biondello the Girafarig
    24. Humphrey the shiny Gigalith
    25. Questa the shiny Sandile
    26. Esteban the Emolga
    27. Precis the Chatot
    28. Marvin the Caterpie
    29. Giuseppe the Tropius
    30. Lelei the Pidgey
    31. Bastian the Spearow
    32. Arondight the shiny Hitmontop
    Last edited by uhhhhh; 3rd November 2013 at 5:37 PM. Reason: Edited Foster and Humphrey to reflect their evolutions, traded away the Male Drowzee, added Marvin, Giuseppe, Lelei, Bastian, and Arondight.

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