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    Welcome to Lanette's Personal Computer. Our super computers built by the great Pokémon researchers Bill, enhanced by Lanette, and advanced by her sister Brigette are here to help your everyday trainer. You can store your your extra Pokémon and Items here in your very own Pokémon computer.

    Rules for Lanette's PC:

    PC Access (Total of 44 PC Slots / Overall total of 50 Team Positions)
    - You may access your PC immediately upon joining Fizzy Bubbles.
    - You may store up to 49 Pokémon in your PC (you must always carry one Pokémon on your person). When you reach this limit you cannot add more unless you have Elite slots available.
    - Pokémon in the PC are NOT considered a part of your active team.
    - You CANNOT use PC Pokémon in any Zones, Trainer Battles, Contests, or any other RP related event.
    - You CAN use PC Pokémon in shops (as they are not considered active team members)
    - You can store infinite Items in the PC.
    - Only make ONE post and edit it when you need to withdraw or deposit Pokémon and Items.
    - When withdrawing or depositing leave a short description of your action in the "Reason for Editing:" box as a record.

    Lanette's Elite Upgrade (+1 PC Slot for each Lv.100 Pokémon owned)
    - For each Lv.100 Pokémon you own, you will receive 1 additional PC Slot (1 Lv.100 = 50 PC Slots = Total Team Space of 51; 2 Lv.100's = 51 PC Slots = Total Team Space of 52; etc.)
    - If one of your Lv.100 Pokémon are traded or released, you WILL lose the extra PC Slot it gave you.

    For example:
    You have 56 Pokémon and 16 of those are Lv.100.
    16 Lv.100 Pokémon gives you 16 Elite Slots.
    50 + 16 = 66 which means you can hold up to 66 Pokémon on your current team so still have room to add another 10 Pokémon.

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