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Thread: FB Lanette's PC

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    Where no one can find me...

    Default Status: Unlimited Slots

    >Jessica booted up the P.C.

    >Which P.C. should be accessed?

    LANETTE's P.C.

    Custard Lv. 100

    Bobble Lv. 100

    Rocky Lv. 100

    Haruki Lv. 100 ¤Shiny¤

    Kief Lv. 100

    Kanna Lv. 100

    Atzu II Lv. 100

    Pippa Lv. 29

    Alice Lv. 26

    Tessie Lv. 100

    Mint Mocha Chip Lv. 7

    Waffle Cake Lv. 10

    Blueberry Cream Cake Lv. 10

    Taki Lv. 6

    Link Lv. 6

    Midna Lv. 8

    Coco Puff Lv. 8

    Lv. 3

    Lv. 3

    Patty Cake Lv. 8

    Epona Lv. 6

    Pan Cake Lv. 8

    Mary Lv. 8

    Leo Lv. 10

    Yufi (a.k.a. Trixie) Lv. 8

    Kimball Lv. 8

    Izzy Lv. 1

    Dizzy Lv. 4

    Jessica's P.C.


    3x Snowflake (No Special Effect) (1, 2, 3)
    1x Tractor
    1x Party Popper (Goes POP when Used)
    3x Pink Valentine's Coin Case (1, 2, 3)
    1x Empty Bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom Perfume (No Special Effect)
    1x Golden Fiddle (No Special Effect)
    1x Pumpkin Pouch
    7x Special Edition FB Christmas Coin Case (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    1x 2008 Goodie Bag
    1x Empty Box of Fizzy Chocolates (No Special Effect)
    1x Zombie Pack
    2x Slush Puppy Cup (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    1x 2009 Goodie Bag
    1x Fatal Attraction (No Special Effect)
    2x Red Valentine's Coin Case[/URL] (1, 2)
    1x Buneary Goodie Basket
    1x Cotton Coin Case
    1x Silver Star (No Special Effect)
    1x 2011 Goodie Bag
    1x Bouquet of White Lilies (No Special Effect)
    1x Bouquet of Red Roses (No Special Effect)
    1x Bouquet of Pink Tulips (No Special Effect)
    2x Pumpkin Pail (1, 2)
    1x Fairy Treat Bag
    1x 2012 Goodie Bag
    1x Pink Present
    1x Base Decoration Goodie Bag
    1x Never Ending Birthday Candle (No Special Effect)
    6x Gracidea (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
    1x Santa Sack
    1x 2013 Goodie Bag
    1x Chocolate and Sweetie Lover's Hamper
    1x Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
    1x Birthday Box 1
    1x Vampire Pack
    1x Coin Case*
    1x Miltank Balloon*
    1x Whistle*
    10x Base Token (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    1x Voltorb Card
    1x Promo Articuno Card
    1x Holographic Dark Weezing Card
    1x Ex Hidden Legends Corsola Card
    1x Lapras Card
    1x Charmander Card
    1x Dratini Card
    1x Buneary Card
    1x Super Potion Card
    1x Team Rocket Booster Pack 1 (Minus Psyduck & Dark Golduck)
    1x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 (Minus Slowpoke, Totodile, Miltank, Recycle, & Recycle Energy)
    1x Snover Card
    1x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 2 (Minus Berry & New Pokédex)
    2x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 (Minus Darkness Energy, Super Energy Retrieval, Berry, Clefairy, Bill's Teleporter, 2x PokéGear, Totodile, Moo-Moo Milk, Psychic Energy, Miltank, New Pokédex, Professor Elm)
    1x Dark Jolteon Card
    1x Holo Frosslass Card
    1x Team Rocket Booster Pack 2 (Minus Magikarp, Psyduck, Sleep!)
    1x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 2 (Minus Totodile, Croconaw, Bill's Teleporter)
    1x Corsola Card
    1x Southern Islands Lapras Card
    1x Birthday Pikachu Card
    1x Holographic Dark Machamp Card

    1x Eevee Plushie (Pulses from Red to Blue to White and will Evolve into Eeveelution of One's Choice)*
    1x Smeargle Plushie (Paints Replica of Famous Painting when Squeezed and Name of Painting is Said Aloud)*
    1x Shiny Corsola Plushie (Screams "ONION DIP! ONION DIP!" Over and Over Again Annoyingly Loudly for 10 Straight Minutes When Squeezed)*
    1x Lovely Dragonair Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Luvdisc Plushie (Shoots Heart Arrows)
    1x Minun Elf Plushie (No Special Effect)
    2x Delibird Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    2x Lapras Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    1x Red-Nosed Stantler Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Gardevoir Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Snorunt Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Clefable Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Shiny Corsola Plushie (Tough Contest Replica)
    1x Milotic Plushie (No Special Effect)
    2x Espeon Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    1x Haunter Plushie (Produces 5,000x Coins when squeezed)
    1x Mightyena Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Gengar Plushie (No Special Effect)
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    Jon opened the laptop. The PC was accesed.

    ~>Please enter your verification code.

    Jon quickly types in the code:

    ~> Verification code confirmed. Please enjoy the PC System.

    ~> ALERT: It seems that you have unlocked access to the PC Upgrade. Please present a verification code.

    Jon quickly types in the code:

    ~> Verification code confirmed. Please enjoy the PC Upgrade.

    User Profile:
    Jonathan Cloudsdale:
    -Registration Information-

    [LEFT]Pokemon Storage:
    -Six Storage Slots Owned- [Zero Free Slots Available]

    Tarou the Male Ludicolo: Level Twenty-Five (Starter)
        Spoiler:- Tarou's Information:

    King the Male Arcanine: Level Sixty-Nine (Traded from Dark Magic)
        Spoiler:- King's Information (King is currently in the PC):

    Arnoldii the Male Vileplume: Level Fifty-Five (Adopted.)
        Spoiler:- Arnoldii's Information (Arnoldii is currently in the PC):

    Clesster the Male Heracross: Level Seven (Adopted.)
        Spoiler:- Clesster's Information (Clesster is currently in the PC):

    Faust the Male Hypno: Level Twenty-Six (Traded from Joshua.)
        Spoiler:- Faust's Information (Faust is currently in the PC):

    Hemlock the Female Sandshrew: Level Thirteen (Traded from Skrusti.)
        Spoiler:- Hemlock's Information (Hemlock is currently in the PC):

    Item Storage:
    ~This application is currently not being used.~

    Previous Actions:
    -(4/04/08) Withdrawing Zangoose and depositing Sandshrew
    -(4/04/08) Withdrawing Banette, Sandshrew, and Shedinja, and depositing Arcanine, Vileplume, and Hypno
    -(5/06/07) Depositing Sandshrew and Bannete and Withdrawing Poliwag
    -(3/02/07) Withdrawing Banette
    -(2/27/07) Depositing Banette
    -(2/14/07) Deposited Shedinja and Withdrew Sandshrew
    -(1/22/07) Deposited Heracross
    -(1/15/07) Deposited Sandshrew and Withdrew Taillow
    -(1/15/07) Deposited Taillow
    -(1/15/07) Unlocked PC Upgrade
    -(10/02/06) Deposited Ludicolo, Zangoose, and Poliwag
    -(10/02/06) Created PC Account
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    Number of slots:
    Default: 50
    Elite: 9 (Weezing; Vileplume; Arbok; Qwilfish; Crobat; Haxorus; Venomoth; Seviper; Dragalge)
    Total: 59

    Occupied slots: 59
    Open slots: 0

    Pokémon on hand;
    Slot 1: Meowth
    Slot 2: Crobat
    Slot 3: Banette (Myrtle)
    Slot 4: Carnivine
    Slot 5: Tentacruel
    Slot 6: Gengar

    Pokemon in PC;
    Slot 7: Nidoking
    Slot 8: Arbok
    Slot 9: Qwilfish
    Slot 10: Mightyena
    Slot 11: Toxicroak
    Slot 12: Victreebel
    Slot 13: Seviper
    Slot 14: Feraligatr
    Slot 15: Dusknoir
    Slot 16: Vileplume
    Slot 17: Swalot
    Slot 18: Drapion
    Slot 19: Beedrill
    Slot 20: Swoobat
    Slot 21: Muk
    Slot 22: Venusaur
    Slot 23: Skuntank
    Slot 24: Ariados
    Slot 25: Dustox
    Slot 26: Amoonguss
    Slot 27: Dragalge
    Slot 28: Banette (Helena)
    Slot 29: Stunfisk
    Slot 30: Timburr
    Slot 31: Umbreon
    Slot 32: Pawniard
    Slot 33: Slowbro (Shiny)
    Slot 34: Ivysaur
    Slot 35: Scolipede
    Slot 36: Hariyama
    Slot 37: Blastoise
    Slot 38: Dunsparce
    Slot 39: Roserade
    Slot 40: Weedle
    Slot 41: Heatmor
    Slot 42: Torkoal
    Slot 43: Houndoom
    Slot 44: Ledian (Shadow)
    Slot 45: Nidoqueen
    Slot 46: Haxorus
    Slot 47: Venomoth
    Slot 48: Weavile
    Slot 49: Basculin (Blue-Striped)
    Slot 50: Smeargle
    Slot 51: Camerupt
    Slot 52: Swirlix
    Slot 53: Garbodor
    Slot 54: Beautifly (Shiny)
    Slot 55: Scrafty
    Slot 56: Ditto
    Slot 57: Weezing
    Slot 58: Kakuna
    Slot 59: Starmie

    (for more details on each respective Pokémon, see here)
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    Today, as of this post, I have unlocked my PC.

    2.4.07: I have unlocked my PC Upgrade as of this post

    Pokemon currently stored: 6
    Open Slots: 0

    Slot 1:
    Mekhet, Lv. 56 Pidgeot

    Slot 2:
    Heigana, Lv. 28 Corphish

    Slot 3:
    Guts, Lv. 47 Geodude

    Slot 4:
    Dekar, Lv. 49 Elekid

    Slot 5:
    Nuray, Lv. 53 Jolteon

    Slot 6:
    Lv. 1 Heracross
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    This is where I got myself a PC!
    This is my Upgrade.
    6 Slots.

    Slot 1: Azul the level 27 Shuppet
    Slot 2: Meow Meow the level 25 Meowth
    Slot 3:
    Slot 4:
    Slot 5:
    Slot 6:
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    Claims PC Upgrade

    Species: Spearow (More Bio sometime)
    Classification: Tiny Bird Pokémon
    Nickname: Whirlwind
    Gender: Male
    Level: 25
    Type: Normal/Flying
    Biography: Procratsination is the thief of time...
    Obtained: 12/4/2006 ()
    Level-up Moves: Peck - Growl - Leer - Fury Attack - Pursuit
    Aerial Ace -
    Mirror Coat (31) - Dill Peak (37) - Agility (43)
    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves:
    Advanced Moves:
    TM/HM Moves:
    Beauty Points: 0
    Location: PC

    Species: Riolu
    Gender: Male
    Obtained: 4/1/07

    Species: Ponyta
    Classification: Fire Horse Pokémon
    Nickname: Epona
    Gender: Female
    Level: 18
    Type: Fire
    Biography: Not enough time
    Obtained: 4/2/2007 ()
    Level-up Moves: Tackle - Growl - Tail Whip - Ember - Stomp (19)
    Fire Spin (25) - Take Down (31) - Agility (38) - Bounce (45) - Fire Blast (53)
    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves:
    Advanced Moves:
    TM/HM Moves:
    Beauty Points: 0
    Location: PC

    Species: Mareep
    Classification: Wool Pokemon
    Nickname: Hikari
    Gender: Female
    Level: 20
    Type: Electric
    Biography: Procrastination
    Obtained: 4/18/07 (Adopted)
    Level-Up Moves:Tackle - Growl - Thundershock (9) - Thunder Wave (16)
    Cotton Spore (23) - Light Screen (30) - Thunder (37)

    Egg Moves:
    Move Tutor Moves:
    Advanced Moves:
    TM/HM Moves:
    Beauty Points: 0
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    PC Unlock|Upgrade Unlock

    Elite Slots: 1|2|3

    Name: Yuujou (Male)
    Species: Cloyster w/Icy Rock
    Type: /
    Level: 100
    Nature: Mild
    Obtained: Trade with thed3
    Ball Occupied: Christmas '07 Pokeball
    Cute Points: 95
    Beauty Points (Contest): 20
    Evo Chain: Shellder (Basic)---> Cloyster ( Water Stone)
    Moves Useable: Toxic Spikes (-), Tackle (-), Withdraw (-), Icicle Spear (8), Supersonic (15), Aurora Beam (22), Ice Shard (28-Shellder), Protect (29), Spikes (36), Whirlpool (37-Shellder), Iron Defense (40-Shellder) Spike Cannon (43)Barrier, Bubblebeam, Rapid Spin, Sleep Talk, Endure, Snore, Blizzard, Swift, Ice Barrier
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: Sometimes, he's Shy. Sometimes, he's a prankster. Whatever you see him as, he's like every other Shellder. He's friends with Kaio and Mizuya and he's usually my Contest Partner. We both had our moments, but I can always rely on him to help me out when I need to. He's acts cute just to get my attention, though. =P

    Name: Mizuya (Male)
    Species: Poliwhirl
    Type: Water
    Level: 25
    Nature: Undecided
    Obtained: Caught in Ocean of Mystery
    Ball Occupied: Fast Ball
    Evo chain: Poliwag--->Poliwhirl (Level 25)--->Poliwrath (Water Stone)
    Moves Useable: Bubble (-), Hypnosis (-), Water Gun (-), Double Slap (19), Rain Dance (27), Haze, Counter, Metronome, Mind Reader, Mud Shot, Endeavor, Rest, Solarbeam
    Current Status: Active
    Bio: Boy, this guy was a feisty one when we found him. To put it simple, he's a prankster, always shooting at people with Bubble. I got a bit annoyed when he shot at Kaio (Not to mention overprotective) so I battled him. I felt bad, and decided to take him with me. Since then, he's been a caring Pokemon for me. He's best friends with Yuujou, but not so much with Youko. I think he's attached to me.

    Name: Yokou (Male)
    Species: Lairon
    Type: Steel/Rock
    Level: 32
    Nature: Undecided
    Obtained: Egg hatch
    Evo Chain: Aron--->Lairon (Level 32)--->Aggron (Level 42)
    Moves Useable: Tackle (-), Harden (4), Mud-Slap (7), Headbutt (10), Metal Claw (13), Iron Defense (17), Roar (21), Take Down (25), Iron Head, (29), Rollout, Smellingsalt, Dragon Rush
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: At first I was nervous about keeping the guy, but my mind changed and I decided that he was going to be with me for a while. Like Kain, he's a wuss, but also like Tori, he's not the one to make friends. He's usually trying to gain respect from Nosestache, like when he comforted Youko by bring friends with him at one point. I'm not sure what exactly went on, but those two have been together for a while now. He's pretty attached to me as well. Now that he's a Lairon, he's not much of a wuss anymore. In fact, he's gotten a lot braver than before.

    Name: Shinkou (Genderless)
    Species: Metang w/ Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    Level: 22
    Nature: Undecided
    Obtained: Coins for Prizes
    Ball Occupied: Level Ball
    Evo Chain: Beldum--->Metang (Level 20)--->Metagross (Level 45)
    Moves Useable: Take Down (-), Confusion (20), Metal Claw (20), Mimic, Thunderpunch, Fury Cutter
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: Ever since I saw him in the Coins For Prizes shop, I always wanted a Beldum. It took a long time, but once I got a PC, my first priority was to get a Beldum. That's how Shinkou came to my team. He's a little energetic and I use him for transport when I get tired, but he doesn't mind. He's buddies with Kain as well as Youko.

    Name: Gant (Male)
    Species: Duskull w/ Shadow Lance
    Type: Ghost
    Level: 17
    Nature: Docile
    Obtained: Adoption Centre
    Tough Points: 20
    Smart Points: 30
    Evo Chain: Duskull--->Dusclops (Level 37)--->Dusknoir (Trade w/Reaper Cloth)
    Moves Useable: Leer (-), Night Shade (-), Disable (5), Foresight (9), Astonish (14), Confuse Ray (17), Pain Split, Omnious Wind, Destiny Bond, Memento, Icy Wind, Taunt, Torment
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: The silent, but deadly one in the group. He's not really too talkative, but he will obey orders when he's told to. He's best friends with Kage, not to mention he's her right hand man in all the pranks she pulls off. Those two are really inseperable. He'll actually talk to her, but not a whole lot, mostly nods and stuff like that. He respects me, though, only because Kage told him to.

    Name: Kage (Female)
    Species: Shuppet
    Level: 28
    Nature: Naughty
    Obtained: Adoption Centre
    Ball Occupied: Ghost Ball
    Boutique Items: Blue Headband
    Evo Chain: Shuppet (Basic)---> Banette (Level 37)
    Moves Useable: Knock Off (-), Screech (5), Night Shade (8), Curse (13), Spite (16), Shadow Sneak (20), Will-O-Wisp (23), Destiny Bond, Payback, Pursuit, Imprison, Disable, Foresight, Confuse Ray, Hidden Power, Psywave, Ice Beam
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: My "Second in Command." She's the only member of my team who can actually talk, but she's also the most annoying. She tends to embarass me in front of everyone by correcting me and acting insane. She tends to get crazy over violence too, especially when her evolution line is involved. She and Gant seem to be hanging out together. She's gone through two trades only to be shoved in the AC, leaving me to pick her up weeks later. She and I are good buddies, though, she won't leave me no matter what I do.

    Name: Nido
    Species: Nidorino
    Level: 25
    Nature: Undecided
    Obtained: Trade with Lee-San (As Nidorino)
    Evo Chain: Nidoran (M)--->Nidorino (16)--->Nidoking (Moon Stone)
    Moves Useable: [B][I]Leer (-), Peck (-), Focus Energy (7), Double Kick (9), Poison Sting (13), Fury Attack (20), Horn Attack (-), Horn Drill, Cut
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: Comming Soon

    Name: Marin (Male)
    Species: Buizel
    Level: 7
    Nature: Undecided
    Obtained: Trade with Alilatias
    Evo Chain: Buizel (Basic)---> Floatzel (Level 26)
    Moves Useable: Sonicboom (-), Growl (-), Water Sport (-), Quick Attack (3), Water Gun (6), Odor Sleuth, Slash, Fury Cutter, Baton Pass, Fury Swipes
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: Coming Soon

    Name: Laterus (Genderless)
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Level: 6
    Nature: Undecided
    Obtained: Coins for Prizes
    Evo Chain: Porygon (Basic)---> Porygon2 (Trade w/ Up-Grade)---> Porygon-Z (Trade w/ Dubious Disc)
    Moves Useable: Conversion 2 (-), Tackle (-), Conversion (-), Sharpen (-), Defense Curl (-)
    Current Status: PC
    Bio: Coming Soon

    Slots open: 0
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    Lanette's PC Achieved [Link]

    Slots Available / Slots Used: 3 / 3

    Pokémon: Gyarados (M) Lv. 50 [Starter]
    Pokémon: Goldeen (F) Lv. 50 ****aded from lilbluecorsola @ Lv. 5]
    Pokémon: Drowzee (M) Lv. 14 [Adopted @ Lv. 5]

    8/27/07 - Created Account
    8/27/07 - Deposited Gyarados
    9/17/07 - Deposited Goldeen
    10/31/07 - Deposited Numel
    11/10/07 - Withdrew Numel & deposited Shinx
    11/18/07 - Withdrew Shinx & deposited Drowzee.
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    Wonderful World of Mozz


    12/15/08-PC Unlocked. Level 50 Starter, Sixth Pokemon
    02/16/09-PC Upgrade Unlocked. Level 50 Pokemon #1, Level 50 Pokemon #2

    Slots used: 2/6



    Gender: Male
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Insomnia
    Type: Ghost
    Level: 12
    Obtained: Egg House
    Hold Item: None
    Contest Stats: None
    Beauty Points: None
    -- Knock Off
    5 Screech
    8 Night Shade

    13 Curse
    16 Spite
    20 Shadow Sneak
    23 Will-o-wisp
    31 Shadow Ball
    35 Sucker Punch
    38 Embargo
    43 Snatch
    46 Grudge
    50 Trick

    MT's Learned: Ominous Wind

    Ball: Pokéball



    Gender: Female
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Type: Water
    Level: 1
    Obtained: Egg House
    Hold Item: None
    Contest Stats: None
    Beauty Points: None
    4 Smokescreen
    8 Leer
    11 Water Gun
    14 Focus Energy
    18 Bubblebeam
    23 Agility
    26 Twister
    30 Brine
    35 Hydro Pump
    38 Dragon Dance
    42 Dragon Pulse

    Ball: Dragonball
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    PC Status: [Unlocked]
    Upgrade Status: [Locked]

    Active Party
    03) Froslass ♀
    04) Ekans ♂

    Inactive Party
    01) Gallade ♂
    02) Rapidash ♀
    05) Eevee ♀
    06) Dratini ♀
    07) Misdreavus ♀
    08) Kecleon ♂
    09) Amaura ♂
    10) Blitzle ♂
    AA) Horsea ♀
    BB) Mareep ♂

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    Unlocked here. Upgraded Here. Elite Slot 1 Elite Slot 2 Elite Slot 3

    Slot 1- Chrys the Deerling
    Slot 2- Saffron the Paras
    Slot 3- Dot the Ledian
    Slot 4- Imi the Foongus
    Slot 5- Cubchoo
    Slot 6- Acorn the Shiny Nuzleaf
    Slot 7- Eric the Snover
    Slot 8- Paine the Gothorita
    Slot 9- Erra the Shadow Chimecho
    Slot 10 - Zoran the Shiftry
    Slot 11 - Bellsprout
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    Default Will's PC

    .:Active Squad:.
    o1. Medicham (M), Lv1oo
    o2. Mightyena (F), Lv1oo
    o3. Kingler (M), Lv1oo
    o4. Skarmory (F), Lv1oo
    o5. Zebstrika (F), Lv1oo
    o6. Teddiursa (M), Lv35

    .:In PC:.
    o7.Hariyama (M), Lv1oo

    .:In Shop:.
    o8. Rotom-C (--), Lv35
    o9. Forretress (M), Lv35
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    PC unlocked

    Slot 1: Lv. 7 Grimer

    Slot 2: Empty

    Slot 3: Empty

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    Team Rocket HQ


    Greetings, Guest. Please enter your password. ********* WARNING! PASSWORD UNACCEPTABLE! Please enter your....WARNING! HACK BEING ATTEMPTED! SECURITY AL- **************** Override Successful.
    Welcome CyberBlastoise.

    PC Unlocked
    Upgrade Unlocked

    No longer needed but here for future reference.


    1. Thorn - Qwilfish
    2. Deerling - Deerling
    3. Joy- Woobat
    4. Cotton - Swablu
    5. Parade - Lotad
    6. Death - Duskull
    7. Sparky - Joltik
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    Default Connor's PC

    Click userbar to visit profile.

    PC status:
    Unlocked PC on May 26, 2012 with starter (Aipom) at Level 50 and five other Pokemon (Shuppet, Remoraid, Petilil, Plusle, Pansage)
    Unlocked PC upgrade on October 22, 2012, having three Pokemon at least on Level 50. (Aipom, Octillery, Pansage)

    Current number of PC slots available: Unlimited

    See profile for full team information.

    Current party:
    1. Kasimir the Murkrow
    2. Zerase the shadow Elgyem
    3. Gaspard the Aipom
    4. Humphrey the shiny Gigalith
    5. Sylvester the Pansage
    6. Todd the Eevee

    Pokemon in PC:
    1. Rhett the Plusle
    2. Jacques the Gliscor
    3. Dionne the Whismur
    4. Lamont the Poliwag
    5. Eleanor the Petilil
    6. Waldemar the Lickilicky
    7. Nowell the Tepig
    8. Cameron the Chimchar
    9. Woody the Marshtomp
    10. Ollie the Seel
    11. Yobachi the Darumaka
    12. Vinay the Shinx
    13. Alanis the Sentret
    14. Palani the Slakoth
    15. Iachima the Scraggy
    16. Ulala the Munna
    17. Xyrie the Buneary
    18. Foster the Banette
    19. Marco the shiny Octillery
    20. Biondello the Girafarig
    21. Questa the shiny Sandile
    22. Esteban the Emolga
    23. Precis the Chatot
    24. Marvin the Caterpie
    25. Giuseppe the Tropius
    26. Lelei the Pidgey
    27. Bastian the Spearow
    28. Arondight the shiny Hitmontop
    29. Diadora the Swablu
    30. Volbeat
    31. Mozart the Tympole
    32. Mareep
    33. Boo the Bibarel
    34. Starly
    35. Bleu the Minun
    36. Jacob the Zigzagoon
    37. Lillipup
    38. Horatio the Drilbur
    39. Pansear
    40. Troussel the Klefki
    41. Amelia the Shiny Mime Jr.
    42. Sneasel
    43. Buizel
    Last edited by uhhhhh; 24th February 2015 at 1:40 AM. Reason: Added #29-#43 in box. Withdrew Gaspard, Humphrey, Sylvester, and Todd.

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    Feb 2012
    That one little dot on the map


    *Welcome to Lanette's PC!*

    Active Party:
    1) Lv. 100 Female Gardevoir (Sera)
    2) SHINY Male Eelektrik (Zatch)
    3) Female Liepard (Selina)
    4) Female Blaziken (Vi)
    5) Male Zangoose (Rengar)
    6) Male Druddigon (Sarkhan)


    Box 1:
    1) Female Weavile (Leila)
    2) Female Dratini (Sorano)
    3) Male Torterra (Toby)
    4) Male Larvitar (Gaara)
    5) Female Sealeo (Brittany)
    6) Male Banette (Michael)
    7) Female Espeon (Carla)
    8) Female Ivysaur (Zyra)
    9) Female Scolipede (Aisa)
    10) Female Seviper (Amethyst)
    11) Female Mareep (Conis)
    12) Male Electrike (Benjamin)
    13) Female Shiftry (Daphne)
    14) Male Luxray (Luke)
    15) Female Lanturn (Delilah)
    16) Female Arbok (Shisato)
    17) Male Dunsparce (Charlie)
    18) Male Vibrava (Ezreal)
    19) Male Gabite (Marik)
    20) Male Flareon (Happy)
    21) Male Steelix (Kilogram)
    22) Male Houndoom (Silas)
    23) Female Ponyta (Kenna)
    24) Female Salamence (Wendy)
    25) Female Froslass (Tsurara)
    26) Male Pumpkasaur (Gordon)
    27) Male Arbok (Seshiro)
    28) Male Mightyena (Laika)
    29) Male Tropius (Palm)
    30) Male Axew (Ammon)

    Box 2:
    31) SHINY Female Gothita (Marion)
    32) Male Skarmory (Icarus)
    33) Female Treecko (Nissa)
    34) Female Gyarados (Bubbles)
    35) Female Froakie (Henrietta)
    36) Female Ninetales (Ahri)
    37) Female Mawile (Akali)
    38) Male Scizor (Achaekek)
    39) Female Milotic (Juvia)
    40) Female Lapras (Nami)
    41) Female Seviper (Kinana)
    42) SHADOW Male Tepig (Ganon)
    43) Male Frillish (Ulysses)
    44) SHADOW Male Chimecho (Karthas) *potential zone capture*
    45) *potential zone capture*
    Last edited by Dark Searchman; 10th April 2017 at 12:34 AM. Reason: Evolving Tsurara and Toby, and adding and depositing Karthas

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    Currently living in a pokedex


    *You have accessed joint PC Account #1815201513-310; Please enter the corresponding passcode*
    > ********
    *Correct passcode entered; Welcome!*

    >PC Info
    =Authorized Account Holders: Drew Guildford, Drew "Yellow" Boyd, Lily Almirah
    =Unlocked 7/30/12: Ekans Lv.50, Shadow Budew, Weavile, Murkrow, Horsea, Hippopotas [Lv.50 Starter + 5 other team members]
    =Upgraded 10/29/12: Unlimited Slots
    =Elite Patch Installed 3/13/14: 0 Elite Slots; 12/50 Total Slots Occupied

    >Pokémon Data
    1. Zylia the Female *Shadow* Roselia
    2. Stealth the Male Weavile
    3. Tank the Male Aron
    4. Tamera the Female Exeggcute

    1. Annie the Female Minun [Daycare]
    2. Malcolm the Male Seviper [Daycare]

    Poke Pelego
    1. Salazar the Male Ekans [Isle Abeens]
    2. Sahara the Female Hippopotas [Isle Abeens]
    3. Chess the Male Yanma [Isle Aplenny]
    4. Rossiter the Male Maractus [Isle Aplenny]
    5. Samael the Female Duskull [Isle Aphun]
    6. Lexi the Female Purrloin [Isle Aphun]
    7. Korvéo the Male Murkrow [Isle Elevup]
    8. Arion the Male Horsea [Isle Elevup]

    >Ownership Log
    Drew Guildford:

    Yellow Boyd:

    Last edited by Rotom310; 28th March 2017 at 12:38 AM. Reason: shops

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    Feb 2012


    *Welcome to Lanette's PC. The date is September 3rd, 2012.
    Please, register your Trainer ID and the required parameters.*


    PARAMETER ONE - Team of 6 (six) Pokémon:
    • Minccino (F)
    • Gible (M)
    • Elekid (M)
    • Dunsparce (M)
    • Venonat (F)
    • Beldum

    PARAMETER TWO - Starter Pokémon at Level 50 (fifty):

    *Thank you for your registration. The process was completed successfully.

    Welcome, Levin Sanders.*


    Lanette's PC - Registered Pokemon

    Last edited by MarbleZone; 31st December 2015 at 5:18 PM.

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    PC Unlocked: (9/10/12)

    Active Party:
    1: - Kingler
    2: - Throh
    3: - Venonat
    4: - Nidoran♀*SHINY*
    5: - Murkrow
    6: - Rhyhorn

    PC Slots:
    - Onix
    2: - Pinsir
    3: - Ponyta
    4: - Sneasel
    Last edited by King Ghidorah; 30th November 2012 at 3:24 AM.

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    Sep 2008
    Northern Ireland.


    As of this post, my starter is level 50, so I unlock my initial 3 slots in the PC. Woo!


    Active Party:
    1. Bishop the Hoothoot
    2. Aegis the Wartortle
    3. Steven the Munna
    4. Cloudy the Swablu
    5. Voltron the Shiny Magnemite
    6. Trucy the Kadabra

    In PC:
    1. Isabella the Zubat
    2. Mercutio the Poliwag
    3. Undine the Poliwag
    4. Florence the Torkoal
    5. Livewire the Stunfisk
    6. Rydia the Venonat
    7. Amélie the Nidoran-F
    8. Ace the Eevee
    9. Gem the Staryu
    10. Sonata the Illumise
    11. Zorro the Zangoose
    12. Oswin the Karrablast
    13. Yamask
    Last edited by Son_of_Shadows; 2nd June 2013 at 12:49 AM.

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    Default Alice Hope's PC

    As of this week, my starter Swinub is Lv.51. Lanette's PC Unlocked!

    Active Party:

    1. Swinub
    2. Torchic
    3. Pineco
    4. Bagon
    5. Pichu
    6. Egg

    In PC:

    Stored Items:
    Last edited by Meetan; 30th October 2012 at 2:58 AM.

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    May 2012

    Default Noriko's PC


    In Party:

    1. Kitty the Skitty
    2. Minori the Seel
    3. Elmira the Luxio
    4. Kek the Cacnea
    5. Cherith the Purrloin

    In PC:

    1. Alani the Lileep
    2. Chi-Chi the Sentret
    3. Mitsuko the Oddish
    4. Florence the Shroomish
    5. Kasuga the Deerling
    6. Belladonna the Snover
    7. Magnilda the Tangela
    8. Shinobu the Makuhita
    9. Shyla the Paras
    10. Selena the Sunkern
    11. Allura the Glameow
    12. Aisling the Igglybuff
    13. Kára the Gible
    14. Aidan the Ponyta
    15. Temperance the Meowth
    16. Sofia the Swablu
    17. Katherine the Skitty
    18. Yasuji the Seedot
    19. Luma the Cleffa
    20. Yao the Surskit
    21. Linnea the Bellsprout
    22. Makoto the Cherubi
    23. Francis the Pachirisu

    24. Farfetch'd
    Last edited by kaisap112; 19th August 2013 at 1:25 PM. Reason: Added #21-23 to the roster

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    Ecruteak City

    Default Eric Pier's PC


    Lv. 25 Lv. 18 Lv. 18 Lv. 17 Lv. 5 Lv. 1


    Lv. 22 Lv. 1 Lv. 1 Lv. 1
    Last edited by Thrain; 28th January 2014 at 3:41 AM. Reason: Depositing Riolu. Withdrawing Aron.

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    Hallow sat across form a computer stationed in the local Pokemon Center he was staying in during his most recent adventure,
    "...Username..., Password..., General information...,"

    [Welcome, Hallow Heartless.]
    [Your axcess has been approved.]
    [Number of PC slots, unlimited.]

    --Party Pokemon--
    Athena the Larvitar
    Narissa the Frillish

    --Shop Pokemon--
    Wally the Golett
    J the Duskull
    Grace the Vulpix
    Coralline the Corsola

    --PC Pokemon--
    Last edited by Takeo; 26th November 2012 at 5:59 AM.

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    Default Melissa's PC

    ...accessing Lanette's PC...Input User Identification: Melissa -----...Confirmed...Input Password: **********...Confirmed...

    Welcome, Melissa. Your PC Status is Unlocked. Your number of PC slots is Unlimi-

    ...I'm sorry. Your PC Status has been changed to Limited. You currently have 50 slots.

    ~!~ Active Party ~!~
    Wildfire, male Cyndaquil
    Storm, female Blitzle
    Prince, male Houndour
    Layla, female Cubone

    ~!~ PC ~!~

    Mar, male Aron
    Stella, female Bagon

    Stream, male Finneon
    Imp, female Misdreavus
    Toba, male Torkoal
    Cirrus, male Swablu
    Fossil, male Cranidos
    Signal, male Chinchou

    Breeze, male Wingull
    Eve, female Eevee
    Ledyba, male Ledyba
    Desertsong, female Trapinch
    Ore, male Sableye
    Snuffles, male Swinub
    Annabelle, female Gothita

    Scyther, male Scyther
    Heather, male Phantump
    Caterpie, male Caterpie
    Ponyta, male Ponyta
    Hex, female Vulpix
    Pumpkaboo, female Pumpkaboo
    Fletchling, female Fletchling
    Growlithe, female Growlithe
    Vine, male Snivy
    Vivillon, female Vivillon (Pokeball)
    Fawn, female Skiddo
    Last edited by myahoo; 3rd May 2016 at 9:56 PM. Reason: Depositing: Fawn, Imp, Mar / Withdrawing: Storm, Layla

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