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    .:~You are currently viewing Alilatias' PC~:.

    .:Regi Post:. .:Trainer Memo:. .:Trade List:.

    PC Level: PC Upgrade (6 slots)
    ~PC Upgrade obtained here~

    Pokemon Currently in Main Team: 5 (6 if counting egg)
    Free Space in Main Team: 1 (0 if counting egg)

    Pokemon Currently Stored: 5
    Free Space: 1

    Pokemon currently being stored in PC:

    Tenchi (Stantler)
    Saito (Breloom)
    Serenade (Altaria)
    Meiru (Xatu)
    Yami (Houndoom)
    Last edited by Alilatias; 6th August 2007 at 7:37 PM. Reason: Withdrawing Hikari (Manetric) and depositing Tenchi (Stantler)

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