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    >Jessica booted up the P.C.

    >Which P.C. should be accessed?

    LANETTE's P.C.

    Custard Lv. 100

    Bobble Lv. 100

    Rocky Lv. 100

    Haruki Lv. 100 ¤Shiny¤

    Kief Lv. 100

    Kanna Lv. 100

    Atzu II Lv. 100

    Pippa Lv. 29

    Alice Lv. 26

    Tessie Lv. 100

    Mint Mocha Chip Lv. 7

    Waffle Cake Lv. 10

    Blueberry Cream Cake Lv. 10

    Taki Lv. 6

    Link Lv. 6

    Midna Lv. 8

    Coco Puff Lv. 8

    Lv. 3

    Lv. 3

    Patty Cake Lv. 8

    Epona Lv. 6

    Pan Cake Lv. 8

    Mary Lv. 8

    Leo Lv. 10

    Yufi (a.k.a. Trixie) Lv. 8

    Kimball Lv. 8

    Izzy Lv. 1

    Dizzy Lv. 4

    Jessica's P.C.


    3x Snowflake (No Special Effect) (1, 2, 3)
    1x Tractor
    1x Party Popper (Goes POP when Used)
    3x Pink Valentine's Coin Case (1, 2, 3)
    1x Empty Bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom Perfume (No Special Effect)
    1x Golden Fiddle (No Special Effect)
    1x Pumpkin Pouch
    7x Special Edition FB Christmas Coin Case (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    1x 2008 Goodie Bag
    1x Empty Box of Fizzy Chocolates (No Special Effect)
    1x Zombie Pack
    2x Slush Puppy Cup (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    1x 2009 Goodie Bag
    1x Fatal Attraction (No Special Effect)
    2x Red Valentine's Coin Case[/URL] (1, 2)
    1x Buneary Goodie Basket
    1x Cotton Coin Case
    1x Silver Star (No Special Effect)
    1x 2011 Goodie Bag
    1x Bouquet of White Lilies (No Special Effect)
    1x Bouquet of Red Roses (No Special Effect)
    1x Bouquet of Pink Tulips (No Special Effect)
    2x Pumpkin Pail (1, 2)
    1x Fairy Treat Bag
    1x 2012 Goodie Bag
    1x Pink Present
    1x Base Decoration Goodie Bag
    1x Never Ending Birthday Candle (No Special Effect)
    6x Gracidea (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
    1x Santa Sack
    1x 2013 Goodie Bag
    1x Chocolate and Sweetie Lover's Hamper
    1x Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
    1x Birthday Box 1
    1x Vampire Pack
    1x Coin Case*
    1x Miltank Balloon*
    1x Whistle*
    10x Base Token (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    1x Voltorb Card
    1x Promo Articuno Card
    1x Holographic Dark Weezing Card
    1x Ex Hidden Legends Corsola Card
    1x Lapras Card
    1x Charmander Card
    1x Dratini Card
    1x Buneary Card
    1x Super Potion Card
    1x Team Rocket Booster Pack 1 (Minus Psyduck & Dark Golduck)
    1x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 (Minus Slowpoke, Totodile, Miltank, Recycle, & Recycle Energy)
    1x Snover Card
    1x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 2 (Minus Berry & New Pokédex)
    2x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 4 (Minus Darkness Energy, Super Energy Retrieval, Berry, Clefairy, Bill's Teleporter, 2x PokéGear, Totodile, Moo-Moo Milk, Psychic Energy, Miltank, New Pokédex, Professor Elm)
    1x Dark Jolteon Card
    1x Holo Frosslass Card
    1x Team Rocket Booster Pack 2 (Minus Magikarp, Psyduck, Sleep!)
    1x Neo Genesis Booster Pack 2 (Minus Totodile, Croconaw, Bill's Teleporter)
    1x Corsola Card
    1x Southern Islands Lapras Card
    1x Birthday Pikachu Card
    1x Holographic Dark Machamp Card

    1x Eevee Plushie (Pulses from Red to Blue to White and will Evolve into Eeveelution of One's Choice)*
    1x Smeargle Plushie (Paints Replica of Famous Painting when Squeezed and Name of Painting is Said Aloud)*
    1x Shiny Corsola Plushie (Screams "ONION DIP! ONION DIP!" Over and Over Again Annoyingly Loudly for 10 Straight Minutes When Squeezed)*
    1x Lovely Dragonair Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Luvdisc Plushie (Shoots Heart Arrows)
    1x Minun Elf Plushie (No Special Effect)
    2x Delibird Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    2x Lapras Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    1x Red-Nosed Stantler Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Gardevoir Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Snorunt Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Clefable Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Shiny Corsola Plushie (Tough Contest Replica)
    1x Milotic Plushie (No Special Effect)
    2x Espeon Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
    1x Haunter Plushie (Produces 5,000x Coins when squeezed)
    1x Mightyena Plushie (No Special Effect)
    1x Gengar Plushie (No Special Effect)
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