whats up people,
Man this is crazy! lol . Everybody including me was going for the whole Grovyle vs. Swampert match and Metang vs. Pikachu but none of that happened. lol .

You know everyone is talking about how Torkoal is not getting any spotlight and u no what i completely agree with u guys. But i was thinking that since that match between Ash and Tetsuya will be for the top 4 and if ash loses hes in the top 8 again! maybe he will beat tetsuya u never know. And maybe Torkoal will get some spotlight in that match up. I think Pikachu also hasn't gotten anything in the league so far. The writers are probably saving them for tetsuya. o well thats just my opinion.

But next thing I really want to see a Grovyle vs. Shiftry match both can have some major speed and besides treeko once lost to a shiftry maybe its time for Revenge. lol.
And how about a Hariyama vs. Swellow/Corphish match. Speaking of Corphish hes on fire. He must have the most wins right now in the league for Ash.