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    Default The cape of the Ninetails

    This is my first chapter. this one may seem a bit shallow, but as it progresses, It get's a whole lot better. These chapters are just about only... pg let's call it. BTW, I'm not gonna say WHAT shippings are in here, but Misty is in it Enjoy!

    For all you who are just now checkin' this out:
    the chapters are all in "bugandy"
    My author's notes (well most of them unless I'm lazy) are in "lemmon chiffon"
    and Don't be afraid to reply, I like criticizm, I can learn and grow from it.
    Happy reading!

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Chapter 1

    Pr: The hooded lady sat in the early morning hours at the train station, waiting for him to come. She glanced at her small silver waterproof watch, and settled with her back against the nearest tree, waiting for the next train to arrive

    Four friends walked through the sunset. It was just an average afternoon in Hoen

    "Owwww!!! Whined May,

    "My feet hurt, I'm tired! When do we get wherever we're going?" nobody answered.

    "Hello? Ash? Brock? Max? What's up?"

    "Nothing May," Answered Max,
    "They're obviously thinking about somthing"

    The four soon entered a town and still, the gloomy black haired boy kept silent.

    Ash awoke from his day-dreaming as someone stopped him.

    "Ash? Ash Ketcham? Is that you? Where's Mist..."

    Ash glared at the tall, thin boy with the greenish hair.

    "Tracey, she's..." Then Ash became furious and shoved his old friend aside and ran around the corner, out of sight.

    "What did I say?"

    "C'mon, Tracey, let's head to the Pokemon center, and I'll tell you all about it." Said Brock, Taking Max down off his shoulders then walking ahead with Tracey Scetchit.

    "Did I miss somthing?" Max and May said in unison as they followed the two older boys to the Pokemon center.

    Ash sat in the shade under a tree,

    *I can't face her...* He pulled a note out of his coat pocket. It read:

    Ash, please! I beg you! Meet me in Furgonson town. I have somthing to show you! Please!

    *I can't... not after what I did to her...* A silent tear ran down his face,
    *She couldn't have forgiven me... could she?*

    "Nurse Joy! I'm sick with love for you! I'll be your patient any time!"

    "Come again?"

    Max pulled Brock away by the pant leg.

    "Um... We need a place to stay for the night. Do you have any rooms open?" Asked Tracey

    "Oh, I'm so sorry but currently all the rooms are taken for the two big competitions..."

    "COMPETITIONS?!?!?!?!" Cried May,

    "Calm down May," Said Ash as he sauntered into the room,
    "There's one in the next town, Furgonson. I think I know a place to stay..." he said quietly. Let's head for the train station."

    "So, Ash, long time no see. It's been a whole year already! Can you believe that?" Asked Tracey is his usual chipper way.

    "No, not really, I guess. It just seems like yesterday that you were nagging." Ash said sarcasticly and they stepped into a train heading for Furgonson.

    "Yay! I get to rest my feet!" Cried May in her happy [annoying] way. Max, Tracey and Brock had already sunken deep into a conversation about the great wonders of rare Pokemon. May started to dose off then began to snore while Ash gazed out the window,

    *Did she forgive me?*
    Sitting under a huge oak tree by the side of the train station, a cloaked girl sat, watching the trains come and leave.
    *Will he come?*
    She felt on her pointer finger. Without looking she could feel it was still there.
    the train station clock tower strummed four.
    "He's not coming, is he? I knew he hadn't forgiven himself. He doesn't want to face me ever again... But..." She said looking at her finger,
    "Maybe the trains just late."
    But despite what she thought, she had to leave. She walked to the train hand and gave him a letter for Ash.
    "Give this to Ash Ketchum. He's looks about fourteen, he's tan and when he's not wearing his cap, he has hat head."
    She walked away and then opened her cloak,
    "Number 100! I choose you!"
    A giant Ninetails emerged.
    "Hello Perogi. I'm sorry that I have to ride you today, But I have to use you-know-who for the competitions today."
    got on the Ninetails and rode away.
    "Last stop. Furgonson town. Everibody off."
    May snapped out of sleep to find the four boys exiting the train car.
    The clock tower at the train station struck five o'clock.
    "Is there a Mr. Ketchum here? I have a letter for an Ash Ketchum!"
    Ash took the letter and opened it,

    Ash, by what I have figured, If you are reading this letter, you have taken the four o'clock, or a later, train. But, If you have, you've already missed my first diving performance. You remember how much I love diving competitions, right? Anyhow, I'm sure May will be in the contest at six. I will be competing also, and if that make's you uncomfortible, you don't have to come, but I hope you'll come.

    "Who's this from, Ash?" Asked may, snaching the note and reading it before Ash could grab it back,
    "Hm, Ash, It from your girlfriend? OOH! It says she really wants you to come to a contest at- SIX O'CLOCK! COMPETITION! Hey, cool. She mentions me in here... I'm sure MAY will be in the contest!"

    "Where'd you get it was a she?"

    "Only a girl writes like this, Ash. And you never really hear about boys who dive and have exceptional grammer! Well, let's go! I have to enter in the next ten minutes or I'll be banned from the competition!"
    May hurried the four boys along to the arena. Here we are! You guys get seats! Wish me luck!" She pulled Ash back while the others were leaving,

    "Look, Ash, I know who wrote the letter to you and I'll be looking for her. And I know you will be looking too."

    Then she shoved him along and went to enter.
    __________________________________________________ ____

    Chapter 2

    "The competition will now begin! We have 12 reigning competitors We're going to switch the contest around a little and put the battles first then the 'showing!' First match will be between May and Jessura!"

    "Go, Beautifly!" Cried May as she released her bug Pokemon from it's Pokeball.
    "Go Dustox!" said Jessura, seeming nervous.

    "Use Silverwind!"

    Um... Dustox... use...

    But by that time Dustox was already unconcious.

    "You stupid little twerp!"

    "You're Jessie! Beautifly! Use silverwind at full power on Jessie and Dustox!"

    "I'm not going to let you little kid win that easily!" Yelled Jessie as she called out Seviper,
    "Get her, Seviper!" Seviper started to tackle May.

    "Beautifly! Use..." Before she could instruct Beautifly Seviper was wrapped around her.

    "Use Bind Seviper!" Seviper tightened.

    Jessie turned to the crowd (including a whole fleet of Officer Jennys)
    "If you come any closer, my Seviper will...." She was hit from ebhind by a humongous gust of silverwind and she, along with Dustox and Seviper were blown into the air. May heaved in new breathes of air.

    "I'll get you TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPSSSSS !" Cried Jessie and she sored through the open arena roof and out of sight.

    *I wonder where James and Meowth are... O well.* Dismissed May.

    "Um... This match will be considered a forefit. May wins round one. Next round will be between a late entry, Tracey Sketchit and... Madam Mystery!"

    May was still on the field as Tracey entered,

    "Tracey! I didn't know you were competing!"

    "I figured that since you were into it, maybe I have a chance."

    Then May went backstage.

    "Go, Merril!" Said Tracey, revealing his adorible Merril.

    "Go, Ash!" Cried the hooded lady. Ash (the human) nearly jumped out of his seat. Madam Mystery opened her cape and cried,
    "number ten, I choose you!" A Beam came forward and then revealed a black Ninetails. Black?

    The whole crowd "oohed" and "awwwwed" at the sleek black figure.

    "Uh... Merril, use water gun..."
    Merril shot a water gun.

    "I'm sorry If my Ashy starteled you, but no need to worry, I'll make this battle short." Said the lady, her eyes flashing,
    "Mr Announcer, sir, may I please use my own moves that I taught him?"

    "Yes, of course" Said the voice on the loud speaker.

    "Alright! Here we go! Ash! Use Aqua Aurora Beam!"

    The black Ninetails opened its mouth and a bright beam exploded out of it's mouth. It knocked Merril back at lease thirty feet.

    "Use quick attack Merril!"
    The tiny Pokemon ran at the Ninetails and bounced off and fainted out of exaustion. The Ninetails was uneffected.

    "This Match is over! Madam Mystery Takes the round straight!"

    "Thank you."

    Tracey was in shock,
    "But... a Ninetails can't use water attacks! I had the advantage."

    "I'll reveal this secret. My Pokemon were around before your grandparents were born."
    And she walked away.

    There were six more matches that were pretty darn boring.

    "Since there are four competitors left, we will now have a quick break. The finalists are Madam Mystery, May, Fergio and Balvabor. Rest your Pokemon, and then be ready to show them in ten minutes."

    "Hey!" Cried May running up to Ash.
    "I still haven't seen this girl in the letter."
    Ash just walked away.

    Meanwhile, Madam Mystery called back her Ninetails.
    "Ash, number ten, you did good. Now, return and have a rest." She opened her cape,
    "Return!" And "Ash" was returned.
    The Madam started to leave,
    "Madam! Madam Mystery! Wait!" May ran up to her,
    "You were so awesome! Your Ninetails is so beautiful! How on earth did you get it to be black?"
    "May, Ash is over two hundred years old. It lived in the time when Pokemon ruled. It ruled along with one of my other Ninetails, Mis... Never mind..."
    "Mis, what?"
    "Nothing! I must go and get ready to show... Oh, by the way May, for your own good, you better reread the rules. In this competition, for showing, you show two Pokemon." And then she left.

    __________________________________________________ ____
    You like? I hope so. Im going on a road trip for three days soon so I'll write as much as I can today.
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