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    Default Redemption Journey [PG]

    Well here is my first attempt at a Fanfic so I hope you enjoy it

    Night falls on Slateport City in the exotic land of Hoenn, and we find a lone Nurse Joy tending to a last minute patient before she heads home. “Ok your mudkip will be just fine.” She says, as a nervous young trainer waits eagerly in the waiting room. The nervous looking trainer thanks nurse joy and takes his leave. Wiping her forehead, she sighs and begins to shut down the center for the night. After turning off all of the lights and heading towards the door she hears a noise coming from the pokeball storage area.

    “Hello? Who’s there?” She calls out as she makes her way to the storage room. No one answers so she decides to take a look for herself. She goes to the pokeball storage room and turns on the lights. The sight before her causes her to scream in astonishment. In the room there was a young boy with bright red shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes, dressed in blue pants and a black and white striped shirt. On his head he wore a blue bandana marked with a white A on it. In his hand he held one of the pokeballs from the storage room.

    “What are you doing with that pokeball!” Nurse joy cries in distress as the thief begins making his way toward an open window. “What does it look like I’m doing.” The thief replies as he makes his escape. “That pokeball was supposed to be shipped to Oldale town for a new trainer!” She cried out of the window as she watched him run into the dark. Nurse Joy sank down in despair, and realized just who that young boy was. “That was Matt Blaze” She said to herself as she glanced at a wanted poster with the same boys face on it.

    Matthew Blaze was a member of team aqua and a renowned member at that. He was the youngest member of all time being only 11, and perhaps one of the best. He had the highest mission success rate of all the team aqua members, and that night wasn’t any different.
    Elsewhere we find Matt making his way toward a blue submarine waiting for him in the harbor. He gets in and sinks down into a seat in the corner. One of his partners, who was waiting in the submarine, approaches him. “So how did you do tonight, Matt?” Matt pulls out the pokeball he stole and shows it to his comrade. “Nice work, well let’s see it.” Says his partner, urging him to release the pokemon inside. Matt presses the button on the front of his pokeball and watches a white light pour out and form into a pokemon. A happy orange and yellow chick pokemon hops about happily and looks up at Matt. “Tor-chic” It exclaims as it greets what it believes to be its new trainer.

    “What did the boss want you to steal this pitiful thing for?”

    “It’s probably that secret project he has been working on.” Matt responds as he recalls the torchic to its pokeball.

    Matt lies down on his seat and begins to reflect on what he just did.
    I just crushed some girl or boys hopes and dreams.

    What right do I have to take away something that should be cherished by someone else?

    This isn’t a new emotion for Matt. He always feels some sort of remorse after a mission, and strangely is glad when he fails. Matt can’t help but envy the life of a normal trainer as a single tear rolls down his cheek.

    Maybe just maybe, I can start over and strive to be better than who I am right now. Maybe I can do better for myself….

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    Definately not a bad start. It does kinda bug me that the guy is only 11. It also seems a bit young for questioning one's way of life, IMO at least. Either way, I'll be reading the next chapter.
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    Default Chapter 1: A new Beginning

    Im sorry for the delay but without further adeu I present Chapter 1.

    Chapter 1: A New Beginning

    The sun shines high over the beautiful land of Sinnoh and a million new opportunities open up for each and every trainer, including one seeking to escape his past. Out on the ocean a passenger ship draws closer and closer to the shores of Sinnoh and Sandgem town. Aboard the boat we find Matt, now with his hair cut in short spikes and wearing denim jeans, a black short sleeved t- shirt with a red vest over top with a pokeball symbol on the back. Matt slowly climbs out of the bed after awakening to the captain of the ships message announces the boat will be arriving in Sinnoh soon. He puts on his black fingerless gloves, black backpack and walks out into the deck.

    Matt leans on the railing and looks at the never ending sea of dark blue below him. He looks up and lets the salty wind beat against his face. Up ahead in the distance he can see the shore of Sandgem town. Matt closes his eyes and breathes a sigh of comfort and is almost relieved until…

    “You will never be out of Team Aqua’s reach, no matter where you go…..”

    These words haunt Matt’s memory and send a cold shiver of fear up his spine. It’s been about a month since Matt left team aqua yet every now and then these words echo throughout his mind and he can’t seem to shake the feeling that he is being watched.

    When Matt finally sets foot on land, the sky is black and dotted with stars and a half moon that lights the sky. With nowhere to go, Matt finds a bench up against a large building and dozes off to sleep…
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “So you think you can just up and leave just like that!” snaps a large man adorned in a black suit. His blazer had a low v-neck revealing his muscular form. On his head he is wearing a blue bandana with the Team Aqua A on it. His black beard almost gave him the image of a pirate. He was sitting at a large desk and wasn’t pleased.

    “I…..just can’t do this Anymore…Sir Archie” Matt says as he quivers under the fierce gaze that his superior was giving him.

    “So First you lose the pokeball I told you to steal, and now you’re trying to leave Team Aqua!” Archie was standing now as he yelled into the frightened boys face.

    “Im sorry sir but it was a mista-“

    “Sorry won’t cut it” Archie cut in fiercely. “Just know this, You will never be out of Team Aqua’s reach, no matter where you go…”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The next day the sun is high in the sky and a man with long spiky brown hair wearing a lab coat emerges from the large building to take a break. He is startled that someone is sleeping on the bench next to the lab and rushes back into the building. When he returns he is accompanied by a large angry looking old man with pure white hair sporting a brown suit.

    “You see, there he is sleeping on the bench professor Rowan” says the Lab Assistant as they walk over to the bench .

    Professor Rowan stares at the sleeping figure for a few seconds before finally speaking up.

    “You there, Boy! What are you doing sleeping there?”

    Startled, Matt awakens with a start and almost falls off the bench.

    “Me Sir?” Said Matt trying to figure out who the man was.

    “Yes” Rowan said shortly, glaring at the boy

    “I….I didn’t have anywhere else to go…” Matt trailed off remembering the dream he had the night before and still remembering those words….

    “You will never be out of Team Aqua’s reach, no matter where you go..”

    “Why didn’t you make your way to a pokemon center? It’s not too far from here.”

    “It was dark and I was alone and very tired….I just figured it would be ok….” Matt said hesitantly

    “Alone? You don’t even have pokemon for protection?” Rowan looked at him questionably “Well that won’t do at all, if I could just have you follow me inside, and Im sorry where are my manners Im Professor Rowan and you are?”

    Matt paused hesitating before finally answering “Im Matt….Matt Blaze” Matt drew back some, expecting Rowan to shout at him and call the police but instead all he got was a handshake and a warm smile.

    The Inside of the lab was just as Matt expected it would be. Huge, with machines of all sorts spread around the room. Working these machines were many people adorned and white lab coats. Professor Rowan led Matt to the center of the room where there was a table with three pokemon sitting on it, the likes of which Matt had never seen in Hoenn. The first was a little blue penguin like pokemon, the second was a green turtle with a leaf on its head and the third was an orange monkey like pokemon with a flame as a tail.

    “ I won’t allow you to travel around all by yourself Matt, so I want you to choose one of these three pokemon: piplup the water type, turtwig the grass type, or chimchar the fire type.” Professor rowan declared

    “But sir, I couldn’t possibly…”

    “Oh don’t worry about it, just choose.”

    Matt looked at each one and and thought long and hard and than it happened. He locked eyes with piplup and could swear he saw that same torchic from his last mission.

    “Sir if you don’t mind I think ill take this one…”

    “Piplup!!” the little blue pokemon exclaimed as it jumped into Matt’s arms. It pecked gently at Matt’s nose and as it did so Matt began to laugh. Something he hadn’t done in a long time.

    “Ahhh piplup, a fine choice if I do say so myself, let me just get its pokeball” Rowan said as he walked into a back room

    A few moments later professor Rowan returned holding a metal briefcase. He opened up the briefcase on the table and inside where 6 pokeballs, a pokedex, and what appeared to be a watch of somekind.

    Professor Rowan handed Matt one of the pokeballs explaining that this particular pokeball belonged to Piplup and the other five were empty. Matt looked confused as he gazed at the other items in the briefcase…but Professor Rowan noticed his confusion and began to explain.

    “Now my boy, have you ever heard of the pokemon league?”

    “Oh, of course.”

    Matt recalls the days when he dreamed of being a pokemon league champ. He probably would have pursued it if he didn’t get caught up in……But what Rowan said next immediately snapped Matt out of his thoughts.

    “I want you to compete.” Rowan said with a hearty smile

    “What?” Matt said taken aback.

    Rowan continued “The way Piplup warmed up to you in no time at all, I can tell you have true potential.”

    Rowan handed Matt the pokedex and what he explained to Matt to be the poketch. “Now what do you say?”

    “Oh of course” Matt said Happily

    “Well them come over here and let me register you.”

    A few moments later Matt was looking at his pokedex as it showed a picture of him and explained to him that he was now a registered trainer in the pokemon league.

    When it was finally time to leave, Professor Rowan gave Matt a few suggestions.

    “The next closest town from here is jubilife city it’s a beautiful city with a lot of buildings, you should stay there a while and take in the sites, from there you should head to Oreburgh City and challenge the Gym leader there.”

    “Thank you so much Professor Rowan, I really don’t know what to say.”

    “Don’t say anything just go.” Professor Rowan said as he escorted Matt out of the lab.

    Matt looked down into his new partners eyes “Pip?” it said as it looked up at him

    “Are you ready for an adventure?” Matt said with a smile

    “Pip-plup-plup-plup!” Piplup exclaimed

    “I’ll take that as a yes.”

    And with that Matt was ready to leave his past behind and begin his new life as a pokemon trainer.

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    Default Chapter 2

    Chapter 2: Friend or Foe?

    Its another beautiful day in Sinnoh and Matt walks happily along a tree lined path en route to Jubilife city. He can’t help but smile as he enjoys the beautiful scenery around him. Pausing for a moment, Matt reaches down to his belt and grabs a pokeball. With one push of the button on the front of the ball, it grows and fits comfortably in his hand. With one swift motion he tosses the ball into the air.

    “Come on out Piplup, you shouldn’t miss out on this”

    The pokeball opens and Piplup emerges amongst a ray of bright white light. “Piplup!” it exclaims happily as it jumps into Matt’s arms.

    After walking a while, Matt decides to take a break in a nearby clearing. He pulls out a blanket and some food from his back pack. Piplup looks up at him hungrily.

    “Oh, are you hungry too?”

    “Piplup!!!!” Piplup exclaims while shaking its head furiously.

    The two sit and eat their lunch in peace when suddenly a nearby begins to rustle. Without hesitation Matt stands up and gets on his guard with Piplup doing the same. Out of the bushes walks a small green pokemon with a yellow face and red and blue buds on its head.

    “Budew?” It says as it walks toward Matt and Piplup

    “Whoa! I’ve never seen this pokemon before” Matt says as he pulls out his pokedex and points it at the pokemon.

    Budew. The Bud Pokemon. Over the winter, it closes its bud and endures the cold. In spring, the bud opens and releases pollen.

    “Hey little guy are you hungry?” Matt asks the timid pokemon.

    “BUD-BUD-BUDEW!” The pokemon exclaims as it leaps with joy

    The three sit down and begin once again enjoying a meal in the warm rays of the sun.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Meanwhile up in a nearby tree and shadowy figure sits and watches the scene below. The figure proceeds to take out a phone and begin speaking.

    “Sir, its me.”

    “Well, How is the mission going?” says the voice on the other end

    “The target is spotted sir.”

    “Well than begin phase 1”

    “Yes sir.”

    The mysterious person than proceeds to produce a pokeball from somewhere and looks at it with a smile.

    “Well my friend,” Shes says speaking to the pokeball “Its showtime..”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Mean while back on the ground Matt suddenly gets an idea, he turns to Budew and starts to grin. Budew looks a little worried and begins to shake.

    “Hey Budew, how would you like to battle.”

    “Budew!” says budew happily and it runs to an open spot in the clearing, apparently ready for battle.

    “Well Piplup let’s do it”

    “Piplup!” exclaimed Piplup
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Piplup and Budew stare at each other from opposite ends of the clearing each determined to win.

    “Ok Budew you can have the first move”

    And with that the Budew leaps into the air and immediately fires a barrage of glowing yellow seeds directly at Piplup.

    “Oh no that’s a bullet seed attack, Piplup dodge and use peck!”

    Piplup narrowly jumps out of the the way and jumps into the air with its beak glowing. Piplup’s peck attack hits and sends budew flying hard into a tree.

    “Ok Piplup lets finish this up, use bubblebeam”

    “Pip-plup-plup-plup” Piplup exclaims as it unleashes a barrage of bubbles at Budew.

    But before the attack can hit a white monkey like pokemon with a pig- snout , jumps out of a nearby tree and blocks the attack. Soon after accompanied by its trainer who must have been sitting in that tree for a while. The trainer is a female with long purple hair and eyes that match it. She is wearing black biker shorts and a black sleevless vest. Completing the ensemble is a spiked choker around her neck and high heeled boots.

    “Im sorry to interrupt but I just couldn’t resist, would you like a battle with me?” says the trainer

    “Um and who might you be?” Matt asked, surprised at the intruders sudden appearance.

    “Oh! Where are my manners. I’m Claire and you are….?”

    “I’m Matt and Im delighted to take you up on your offer.” Matt says looking around for signs of Budew who apparently ran off during his conversation with Claire
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The two trainers stand on opposite sides of the clearing with their pokemon by their sides. Claire begins shouting the battle rules.

    “This will be a one on one battle! And since I am a girl I will get the first move!” She says with a smirk

    “Of course..” Matt says with a sigh

    “Ok well Let’s get this battle going, Mankey your up! Use karate chop on Piplup!”

    The pig monkey pokemon rushes with its arm bent ready to strike Piplup.

    “Piplup dodge and use bubblebeam!”

    Piplup jumps above the oncoming pokemon and sends a barrage of bubbles down on mankey’s head slamming the pokemon into the ground. A little dazed Mankey slowly gets to its feet.

    “Hurry mankey watch where piplup lands and use low kick in that spot”

    After piplup lands mankey slides in with a low kick causing Piplup to fall flat on its face.

    “Piplup get up!” Matt yells

    Seizing this opportunity Claire orders Mankey to keep hitting Piplup with karate chop. Matt watches helplessly as Piplup gets pounded into the ground, but suddenly he gets an idea.

    “Piplup use bubblebeam on the ground now!”

    Piplup obeys and uses bubblebeam on the ground sending it high out of mankey’s reach.

    “Now piplup use peck”

    Piplup goes into a dive with its beak glowing and comes down hard on Mankey’s head, causing Mankey to wince in pain and faint.

    Claire freezes in astonishment before recalling Mankey.

    “Mankey nice work, return!” as she says this, a beam of red light emits from her pokeball and absorbs mankey into it.

    “Matt you gave me a great battle, that’s some Piplup you got there!” Claire says while admiring his Piplup

    “Thanks Claire your Mankey was very impressive as well!”

    “Say by any chance are you headed to Jubilife City?”

    “Actually yes that is where I am headed” Matt responds curious as to why Claire asked him this

    “Oh well you see that’s also where I am headed , so may I go with you?” Claire asks shyly

    “Of course”. And with that Matt recalls Piplup and begins walking on the trail to Jubilife City. Claire lets Matt get ahead of her before pulling out a phone from a case on her pocket.

    “Sir, phase 1 is complete” she says into the phone

    “Good now from now on I want you to keep an eye on this kid, he may be the one we were looking for.” Says the voice on the phone

    “ I won’t fail you” She hangs up and runs to catch up with Matt.

    “What were you doing back there?” asked Matt suspiciously

    “Oh I was just…tying my shoe” Claire quickly responds

    And with that the two trainers continue on their path to Jubilife City and the mystery surrounding Claire is yet to be revealed.

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    Not bad, but I get the feeling Matt came out of being a criminal a bit too quickly. Thats my opinion, anyways, keep up the good work.
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