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    I am writing this fic 'cause I am bored. Oh, and my co-authors are Mudkip25875 and someone without an account on serebiiforums , named Kevin. And yes I know its short, but it is really an introduction to the fic.

    Chapter 1: New Adventures in Sinnoh

    In the land of Sinnoh their are many creatures known as Pokemon. Many Pokemon are different, like a Chimchar, a red monkey that looks that it has an Italian hair cut, a yellow stomach with a swirl in the in the upper area, and a fire on its butt. Today we are going to follow the adventures of Ryan, a thirteen year old with messy red hair, hazel eyes, a few freckles, about 4'10'', 71 pounds, skinny, a blue zip-up hoodie that he keeps open and says "the little leprechaun pwns", a black t-shirt that says "if you are reading this you just wasted sixty seconds of your life", blue jeans, a cloth rapped around his right arm to show that he is a righty, and old beat up sneakers. Alex, a thirteen year old with a black flat top, kind of fat, 5'2'', an orange t-shirt with a Mudkip dressed in a ninja outfit that says "can't touch dis", light blue shorts, and once again, old beat up sneakers. And Kevin, a black-haired thirteen year old with a buzz cut, about 5 foot, kind of skinny, glasses to help him see, a black t-shirt that says "always takes it to the extreme", black shorts, and finally nice, clean sneakers.

    As our group of weirdoes started walking in a dense forest they decided to listen to the radio. In Sinnoh they use letters instead of numbers for the stations. So they put on WTF Sinnoh and listen to Dingo and The Baby discussing the Fat Man. "I think the Fat Man is fat and retarded, just like Hilary Clinton" said The Baby.

    “Peter isn’t fat……….o.k., he is, but he is ni………o.k., he isn’t nice.” replied Dingo.

    “I’m bored!” yelled Alex

    “Shut-up!” yelled Kevin

    As Ryan was about to get in his first line of the episode they heard some bushes rustle. Coming out of the bushes was a brown creature with a tan stomach, a bone helmet, and a bone in his right hand. “Cubone,” it said.

    “I want that Cubone,” yelled Ryan throwing a red and white capsule, a pokeball, which released a white light. The light formed into a gecko shape before showing the actual thing itself. It was a Treecko; a light green gecko, with big eyes, dark green tail, and a red stomach with black horizontal lines.

    “Treecko!” yelling its name

    “Treecko use Dragonbreath,” said Ryan calmly. Right after hearing the command Treecko shot a blue flame like thing out of its mouth. But just as it was about to hit the Cubone it shot a cold, blue blast of air at the dragonbreath.

    “Wow an Icy Wind! That thing is strong!” shouted Kevin.

    “Treecko use your Iron Tail!” shouted Ryan, he was obviously mad. As his trainer told him, Treecko ran toward Cubone, with its tail glowing white, and swung its tail towards Cubone’s head. Just as it was about to hit Cubone put its bone in the way of the Iron Tail and used a Headbutt attack on Treecko. “Treecko stop playing around and use Solarbeam!” angrily yelled Ryan. Treecko put its head up towards the sun and white lines started to get absorbed into Treecko’s mouth.

    Cubone, wanting to end this fight, shot a Blizzard, which is just what it sounds like a blizzard of snow, from its mouth right towards Treecko. At the last second Treecko shot what it had been storing into a beam of white light. Instead of either the Blizzard pushing the Solarbeam back or vice versa, the Solarbeam combined with the Blizzard making a beam of white light surrounded by a snow storm and it was going straight towards Cubone!

    When the Solarbeam finally hit Cubone was knocked out immediately, with little swirls where its eyes were supposed to be. “Pokeball go!!!!!” Ryan yelled as he threw a Pokeball at Cubone. As soon as the pokeball hit Cubone it opened up and surrounded Cubone in a red light before engulfing it. The pokeball shook a couple times before stopping. “I caught a Cubone!!!!” yelled a happy Ryan to no one.

    “Do you want a medal?” sarcastically asked Alex and Kevin at the same time.

    “No, but I will nickname it Piff,’ said Ryan proudly.

    “Congratulations!!! Now let’s go ya foo,” said Alex who wanted to get the last sentence in the episode.

    “That red-head sure is a hottie,” said a blonde girl who was watching Ryan from behind some bushes.

    “I like the kid with a buzz cut,” said a brown haired girl who was right next to the blonde. Then they both giggled.
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