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    ~*Hoenn's Legacy*~

    Prologue: In the beginning, there were but four Pokémon on the peaceful planet of Earth. Mew ruled over Kanto, Jirachi governed Johto, and Deoxys was the emperor of Hoenn. And above them all, Rayquaza soared endlessly, keeping peace amongst the three sovereigns. One day, Mew, floating above the ocean that much of Earth was composed of, decided that more land above water would be a fun place to play. Deoxys and Jirachi disapproved, thinking that the three Regions were fine as is.

    Mew, the free-spirit of the three, did not agree with this dull decision, and created a new Sovereign: Groudon, the Sovereign of Earth. Mew gave Groudon tremendous power, and the desire to make more land. Groudon did as it was created to do, and walked around the Earth, raising land wherever it pleased. Deoxys and Jirachi tried to banish Groudon, but its power was greater than theirs. Combining their powers, they made a Sovereign of Water, Kyogre. Their original idea was to have the two keep each others' power in check, raising and sinking land when needed. But the two quickly developed a rivalry, and often quarreled over ideal locations for land or sea. Before long, the two declared war on each other.

    Mew, enjoying the constant shifts in land, constantly followed them, flying between geysers and volcanoes. But Jirachi and Deoxys realized the danger imposed by this war, and began mass-producing regular Pokémon. Unlike Kyogre, they gave the new Pokémon normal power. Jirachi and Deoxys gave them the opposition towards Groudon and Kyogre that blazed through themselves. The new Pokémon fought against Kyogre and Groudon, not taking sides. But the absolute power of the two raging Sovereigns overpowered the normal Pokémon. Quickly, Kyogre and Groudon captured the Pokémon, and created armies to fight against the opposition.

    Horrified at their errors, Jirachi and Deoxys flew away from Earth, leaving it to be destroyed by Kyogre and Groudon. Mew, frolicking over the summit of Mt. Moon, saw its companions departing. Only then did it realize the urgency of the situation. Desperately, it called out to Rayquaza for assistance. Rayquaza, infuriated at the actions of its three Sovereigns, banished Mew to an Island on the edge of the Earth. It gave Mew a tropical environment to entertain it while it lived out its exile there. After banishing Mew, Rayquaza turned to the current problem. It flew around Earth, lashing out at Groudon or Kyogre whenever it saw them. But whenever it subdued one, by the time it reached the other, the first victim had recovered and was attacking once more.

    Realizing it could not do this on its own, Rayquaza created three Sovereigns of its own. One formed of ice, one of metal, and one of stone. It sent the three forth into battle. But with Rayquaza's power, its own personalities had been transferred into the three warriors. As a result, they realized they would perish in the war, and established a safe haven near Rayquaza's Earth home, the Sky Pillar. It was a beautiful Utopia, formed by the elements bestowed unto the three warriors. They saved any stray pawn of Kyogre and Groudon, and adopted them into the Utopia. In time, they fashioned names for themselves. Regice, titan of ice, Registeel, titan of steel, and Regirock, titan of rock.

    One day, as the three titans began contemplating rescuing Mew, Kyogre and Groudon drew closer, hearing the news that their minions had been snatched from under their noses. Unaware of the danger, the three titans left, and re-awoke Mew. Meanwhile, Kyogre and Groudon began to destroy their Utopia, recapturing their slaves. They crushed it with rocks from the core of the earth, and shot at it with the water of the huge oceans, forging a truce in the face of a new threat. Once the Utopia had been ravaged, the two Sovereigns left, and continued their fierce war.

    When the Regis returned to their beautiful home, they found it in ruins, destroyed by the reigning Sovereigns on Earth. Enraged, they abandoned their fearful thoughts, and plunged into the war, eager for revenge upon Kyogre and Groudon. And so the story begins...

    ~Chapter One: The Capture~

    Across the land I flew, desperately trying to escape. One small attack, and Kyogre and Groudon focused their efforts upon me. Behind me, I heard crashing and roaring. Without looking back, I knew instantly that Groudon was hot on my tail. As I soared through a dense forest, the ground began rumbling. Praying to Rayquaza that this was not to be an Eruption, I darted faster, trying to get back my home. Suddenly, barely feet from me, a huge jet of water protruded from the parched earth. I stopped quickly, barely avoiding running into the water stream.

    Groudon couldn't do this, I thought. At that moment, I knew Kyogre was after me as well. My bright blue eyes flitted around frantically, looking for a break in the wall of water. Seeing no other escape, and braced myself, and jetted upwards. The wind stung my eyes, but I ignored it, flying higher and higher, hoping to reach the summit of the geyser. Finally, near a mile above Earth, I saw the water erupting into the darkening sky. I made a grand loop, and shot down back to Earth. The water ceased suddenly, and I instantly saw the hulking red figure that was Groudon. Squealing in fear, I leveled out, and went forward. Behind me, I heard Groudon roar in rage. I heard a huge sizzling noise, and stopped in spite of myself. I turned around, and saw a huge flaming X flying at me.

    My hands glowed green, and a glowing verdant orb surrounded my small body. The flame shape hit the sphere full force. The force of the impact threw me backwards. I struggled to keep the force field active against the enormous force the flames exerted. Crimson fire licked the sides of the orb, sliding from the front and off into the distance. Eventually, the flames died out, and I let the force field fade. Exhausted, I dropped to the ground. I panted hard, trying to regain the huge amount of energy that field took to make.

    The ground beneath me quaked once more, and by instinct, I flew into the air. I was too late. Serrated grey rocks jutted from the soil, and cut into my sides. I was trapped in a cage of rocks.

    The ground began quaking again, and I looked back from where I had come. Groudon was marching toward me, its great feet shaking the earth with every giant step. I reached deep inside me, fighting to find any trace of Psychic energy. My exhausted brain contacted a small bit of power, and I immediately drew it to the surface. My eyes glowed red, and I shot out that power, straining to separate the rocks. But, they would not move. At that moment, Groudon had reached me, and towered over me. Its eyes glowed a deep, midnight blue, and I instantly realized its own power had kept the rocks in place. Drained of all energy, I let my tensed legs hang limp. I looked up at Groudon wearily, awaiting my punishment.

    Groudon opened its mouth. At first, I thought it would roar. But instead, magma flew from its mouth. It streamed over me, boiling my fragile body. I screamed loudly, my vocal chords vibrating with the intensity. But, the lava filled my mouth, and I stopped. The magma scorched my mouth, but I could not open it, or I would risk more magma entering my mouth. Succumbing to the consuming heat, I blacked out. Vaguely, I felt the lava hardening around me. All I knew before losing consciousness was one thing: Groudon had caught me.


    Staring down at the encased body, I savored my victory. Kyogre may have a type advantage over me, but with this powerful creature, I could win! I thought happily. Letting the stones surrounding the victim retreat back beneath the ground, I levitated the glowing red form. It floated lifelessly before my eyes. I smiled at the helplessness of the Pokémon.

    I stalked off, returning to the previous battlefield. Kyogre would quiver before the power of this Pokémon, I was positive of it. Though it tried desperately to capture it, I caught it first, and its awesome power is mine! Kyogre did not know it yet, but when I returned, it would be all too apparent that I now harnessed the mighty energy of Mew.

    Alright, that's the first chapter of this lengthy Fic. Please, feel free to comment on my errors, strong points, weak points, or anything else.

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