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Pikachu beats a ****ing Metagross? What the hell?

In Masamune's first episode Pikachu couldn't even beat a Beldum! Now it can take down Metagross! WHAT THE HELL!

So Pikachu can all of a sudden take down a super powered Metagross but it loses to a friggin Meowth?!?!?!
Maybe I should have explained more. Something Swellow did made Ash realise Metagross' weakspot. And so he used Grovyle to attack that weakspot with Bullet Seed, over and over again. Metagross used Meteor Mash to defeat Grovyle, if I recall. Then Pikachu is called out and continues to attack the weak point... it's finally defeated by a Thunder attack at close range, ala Dragonite.

1. Do they show Tetsuya's final match, when he wins the championship?
Nope. We just go straight to Tetsuya getting the trophy from Mr. Goodshow.

2. Were the closing ceremonies included? Fireworks and the like?
...No fireworks, from what I can remember. We just see Tetsuya getting the trophy, Ash saying something, May and Max saying something... and that's pretty much it. And it all takes place in front of Tetsuya getting the throphy. It was actually pretty crappy. We had Glory Day playing in the background too... right before we see the ending. With Glory Day again.

QUOTE]3. Did Masamune and Tetsuya say goodbye to Ash and tell him where they're going?[/QUOTE]

Nope. They didn't say goodbye at all. We didn't have any interaction between Masamune and Ash in this episode apart from Masamune shouting at him in the middle of the episode. Masamune then cries after Ash loses. But in a Torkoaly way, if you get what I mean.

Basically, no farewell or interaction between the three at all after the battle ended.