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    Hi there, everyone. You probably don't know who the hell I am, and with good reason. This is my first Shipping Fic ever, but I enjoyed writing it so much... and I want to share it with you all.

    As the title implies, this is a PinkFlowerShipping One-Shot. What's PinkFlowerShipping? Whitney & Erika. Those lovely GYM Leaders. I went with this Ship because it's one of the few Whitney Ships I've made that has a purpose beyond eyecandy. Those girls click perfectly with each other. They're a bit different, yet similar, and both share this huge attraction toward girls. This pair is also awfully romantic, as you'll see in my story.

    Those factors made of this Ship my #1 OTP, as I can't find another girl that goes better with Whitney. Fact is, it's been long since I enjoyed writing a Fic so much as I enjoyed writing this one. I just hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    Not much else to say without scaring all of you if I go on. Just come in and read...


    The Flower of Love.

    It was quite a hot day in Celadon City. Not the best of days to stay outside and take care of one’s garden. But Erika was always devoted to her flowers, and she had been quite busy lately. What with training her followers and the sudden outbreak of challengers a few months ago. She was glad to have vacations at long last. Being a GYM Leader was sure demanding…

    With a funny pail with the form of a Wailmer in her hand, Erika sprinkled the flowers on her backyard. The Sun made the few drops left in them afterwards sparkle intensely. Erika passed her hand through her black hair, cleansing her face off the sweat she was subjected to right now. The heat was taking quite a toll off her, but she was far from done. Maybe she should take off her Kimono and wear something else? It was always uncomfortable to use any other outfit, though. Guys were such jerks, and would always look at her even if she really didn’t show anything at all. They were all perverts. Her mindset was definitive.

    “Whew. Stupid heat… and I still need to buy some fertilizer. I better do it now…” she thought for herself as she walked back inside her house. It was always lonesome. Even as a Leader, Erika preferred a quiet life. Just a couch, a table with two chairs, a TV, and two doors that led to her room and bathroom. She never needed many luxuries, and neither did her Grass Pokémon. But she was happy that way. She just took her purse and got out, into the hustle and bustle of Celadon City. She sure didn’t like that, but she was used to it by now.

    Even when wearing her yellow Kimono, people looked at her. After all, she was the GYM Leader of the City. One was bound to be at least half-famous. And while a bit disturbing, Erika didn’t mind. And she felt much worse now to even care. The noise was becoming louder. She couldn’t stand it for much longer. And the heat… it was getting much worse as well. Her sight faded away. Slowly. She couldn’t stand still any longer. Her head was spinning. She felt way too hot and sick. She was going to drop down… and she couldn’t do anything about it.

    “Careful!” A rather tall girl wearing what seemed to be a sports outfit and a backpack extended her arms and prevented Erika from falling down to the floor. She picked her up, looking at the fainted girl with her red eyes. She then held her with one arm, while she shook her hand as if it was a fan, to give her some air.

    “Are you OK?” Whitney was starting to worry. Carrying Erika in her shoulders, she walked through Celadon, looking for somewhere to sit down and help her. She turned through the streets, evading all people. She was quite worried about Erika, though she didn’t know her at all. It was good she picked her up before she dropped down to the floor, she thought. After some more turns through the city, she found a vacant bench in a quiet park of the city. Whitney walked to it and sat down, taking off her backpack as she placed Erika’s head on her legs.

    As Whitney felt Erika’s forehead, she became more concerned: it was awfully hot. “She’s got fever! What should I do?” Whitney looked around, trying to find something that would be useful. But besides the trees, several people walking around and the flower fields, she didn’t find anything. Until she looked to the right: there was a small pond. Whitney left Erika in the bench, and she went to the pond. She had to get water for Erika.

    Whitney ripped a sleeve of her white shirt and dipped it into the lake. When the ripped drag was fully wet, she ran back to the bench. Placing Erika’s head back in her legs, Whitney pressed the wet piece in her forehead. “I hope this helps her while I go look for something else!” But she wasn’t sure if it was safe to leave Erika alone. It was quite dangerous in such a big city like Celadon. She decided to wait for a while, hoping that others would notice.

    As things calmed down, however, Whitney took a better glance at Erika. She wore a yellow Kimono, and a red headband held her short black hair. Her face looked as if she was blushing, due to the fever, and her eyes were closed. Whitney thought: “Wow… this girl is beautiful! I wonder who she is?” She pressed the drag with her left hand. Erika’s forehead now felt slightly cooler.

    Whitney looked around to see if anyone offered their help, to no avail. But then, Erika opened her eyes slowly. “Ungh…” she said as she looked around. The first thing she saw was the face of a pink-haired girl, whose funky hairdo with horizontal and spiky pigtails visible at both sides was rather startling. Unaware of the situation, she almost jumped out of surprise. She got up with such a hurry that she almost fell off the bench they were at.

    “Who are you?” asked Erika. But as she looked back at Whitney, she had a better glance at her. Whitney was quite beautiful, she thought. And she felt slightly better as well. The heat was now gone, and she was back to her usual calm self.

    “Hi! I’m Whitney. I just arrived at Celadon, and noticed you were passing out in the middle of the street! I picked you up and brought you here. I was about to get help, but you just woke up. Are you OK?” Whitney’s red pupils were set right on Erika’s brown eyes. Erika felt a sudden blush she couldn’t really explain. She thought Whitney was beautiful. Naturally… she was always attracted to girls in a way that’d scare most so-called ‘sane’ people.

    “So? I think you need more rest! You sure aren’t in all your senses still,” said Whitney, as she smiled back at Erika, whom had her sight lost in Whitney’s eyes. She reacted suddenly, blushing so much she was very red.

    “Ohh… sorry. I’m OK. Thanks for helping me. By the way, I’m Erika. Celadon’s GYM Leader…” That claim surprised Whitney quite a bit, as she grabbed Erika’s hands and looked at her with shiny eyes, as well as causing a very deep blush on Erika.

    “Really? Wow! Never thought I’d meet a Kanto GYM Leader that soon! I’m Goldenrod’s GYM Leader. Since I’m on vacations right now, I thought I should visit Kanto to see new places and meet new people. I was hoping to meet the Kanto GYM Leaders myself. I’m glad I came across you!” Whitney then shook hands with Erika, as if greeting her in a more formal way.

    “Glad to meet you as well, Whitney… very glad. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know where would I be!” said Erika, as she smiled back. Both girls stood in the same bench for a while, looking around at the trees and the people walking though the park. Erika then noticed Whitney’s white shirt and how it had a ripped sleeve. Whitney noticed, and just smiled back.

    “Don’t worry about that, Erika! You had quite the fever, and my shirt was the only drag I had in reach. I ripped it so I could cool your forehead.”

    “Ohh, I see. I’ll seam it later if you don’t mind.”

    “Thanks! Now then… it’s almost meal time. I woke up rather early to get ready, and I feel hungry now!” said Whitney, whose stomach then made a fairly loud rumble. Erika looked at her, while Whitney blushed in shame. “Guess my stomach thinks the same!” She then laughed a bit.

    Erika laughed with Whitney. She was quite amusing to be with. “Well, I know Celadon like the back of my hand. How about we go somewhere to eat? I’ll invite,” suggested Erika.

    “That’d be great! You lead the way, Erika!” Whitney and Erika then got up from the bench and walked out of the park, getting back into the loud streets of Celadon. Erika walked around, turning through streets, while Whitney tried to follow her. Though they were now in a street surrounded by skyscrapers, the Sun was still strong and Erika couldn’t help but feel slightly hot again.

    “You’re walking slower, Erika. Want a hand?” asked Whitney as she approached Erika, now walking by her side.

    “Um… you will?”

    “Why wouldn’t I? That kimono of yours seems to be a bit too hot to wear in those hours! Just lead me, and I’ll go wherever you tell me.” Whitney then grabbed Erika’s hand, which surprised Erika a bit, and caused her to blush again. Both girls then walked on, while Erika told Whitney where to go.

    “Turn right here, and we’ll be in the restaurant.” As they turned, Whitney saw the restaurant. It was rather crowded, as all the tables outside were filled with people. The murmurs and whispers of people were rather loud and startling. Big umbrellas were placed in the very middle of the tables, producing a rather relaxing shadow for the people in them. Many coffee cups, dishes and condiments filled all tables. Whitney looked around, and couldn’t imagine where they’d sit. The restaurant’s indoors seemed to be cluttered as well.

    “Um… is there any other place, Erika? I don’t think there’s any able left for us.”

    “Don’t worry, Whitney. Being a GYM Leader has its privileges. Just follow me!” said Erika, whom felt chipper and colder now. Whitney smiled back as she walked along her, knowing what she was talking about. The girls went inside the restaurant, and several people looked at them. Many people waved hands at Erika, even. As for Whitney, it was mostly guys whom had a nice sight as she walked around, following Erika. With her tight shirt and short shorts, Whitney was always prone to attract the attention of guys. Something she was aware of, but pretended to not notice, or care.

    After making their way through the full tables, the waiters, waitresses and the people moving around to go out or get into the bathroom, Whitney and Erika made it to the counter. A rather handsome attendant stood in the counter, wearing an elegant black Tuxedo and a red necktie. As he bowed down, he proceeded to greet the newcomers: “Welcome to the Golden Clamperl, Mistress Erika. The everyday table?” Erika limited herself to nod. She wasn’t very talkative with guys.

    “Very good. Follow me, Madam.” Erika and Whitney followed the attendant through the full restaurant, until they reached a luxurious-looking table, which had a fancy mantel and a very elegant chair. The table had a flower pot in the middle, filled with all sorts of flowers. The usual condiments and handkerchief holders were on the table as well. Erika walked on to the luxurious chair as the attendant moved it so she’d sit down. Whitney stood still, astounded by so much attention toward her new acquaintance.

    The attendant, unaware of the situation, was about to leave, but she noticed Whitney going near Erika. “Excuse me, miss. This table is exclusive for Mistress Erika. If you want one, you’ll have to register…”

    “She’s with me… so you better get her a chair,” said Erika, looking a bit annoyed.

    “Oh! I’m sorry, Miss. I’ll bring a chair in shortly!” said the attendant as he left in a hurry.

    “That was so courteous of you!” said Whitney as she stood near Erika’s chair, laying in the wall nearby.

    “Well… you’re my companion after all. Nothing to thank me for.” A bit after Erika finished talking, the attendant came with a regular chair, placing it in front of Erika’s one. He then offered Whitney to take a seat as he pulled the chair a bit to the back.

    “Thank you!” said Whitney as she took off her backpack and sat down while the attendant pushed the chair. As he left, Erika noticed a waiter standing in front of her, and giving one Menu to Whitney and herself.

    “I’ll be back in shortly to take your order, ladies.” The waiter then bowed down and walked forth, leaving the two girls behind. Erika and Whitney then proceeded to read the Menu.

    “Let’s see… I always have a hard time choosing!” said Whitney as she laughed. Scanning through the Menu, she read all sorts of dishes: onion soup, fried trout, chicken meat accompanied with Farfetch’d’s pore, seasoned Clamperl, Miltank hamburger… and as she read that last one, she almost collapsed.

    “MILTANK HAMBURGER!? This is INHUMAN!” screamed Whitney as she banged her hands enclosed in fists in the table. Erika freaked out with this reaction, as an agitated waiter ran back to the girl’s table.

    “What’s the problem, Madam?”

    “What’s THIS? You actually sell that? That’s downright awful! I mean, using Farfetch’d’s pore is one thing, but SLAUGHTERING A POKÉMON FOR A MEAL!?” Whitney was almost red out of sheer fury. It was expected, though. Her most favorite Pokémon was precisely Miltank. The mere thought of eating one aroused her biggest anger. Erika was about to stand up and walk out, but then the waiter spoke.

    “Oh! Those must be the old Menus! My apologies, Madam. We thought Pokémon meals would sell well several years ago, but they really didn’t in this Pokémon-driven world. Fact is, we’ve never got a single order of them, and we retired them long ago. My deepest apologies, my Lady.” The waiter then bowed down in shame, as Whitney’s anger diminished just like that.

    “I see. Well… you better! All other meals can be ordered?” she asked as she took a fast glance at the Menu again. Erika was in the back, a bit nervous, but glad that things were cleared up.

    “Of course. You want to take your order right now?” asked the waiter, still a bit agitated after the uproar.

    “Yes! I’d like chicken meat with Farfetch’d’s pore!” said Whitney almost immediately.

    “And you, Mistress Erika?”

    “Um… I’ll take the fried fish please. No vegetables, please…” said Erika. The waiter jotted it all down in his small notebook and then proceeded to pick up the Menus.

    “Thanks. Your order will be done soon!” The waiter then left, and Whitney took a seat again, looking back at Erika, whom was calm, yet a bit surprised still.

    “Sorry! I didn’t know, and when I read that, I overreacted. Happens to me all the time!”

    “No problem, Whitney. I was like that as well, back when they wouldn’t remove them from the Menu.” Erika then smiled.

    “Good thing they did! Now then… what’s your favorite Pokémon Type, Erika?”

    “Grass. No question. And yours, Whitney?”

    “Normal! They’re so cute! But Grass would be definitely one of my top favorites as well.”

    “That’s good to hear. And what could you say about your fellow GYM Leaders?”

    Whitney stood silent for a while, as if trying to remember something. She then started to talk: “Well, I think they’re all fine. They all have a respectable policy, and are great Trainers in their own right. Better than me, I can ensure!” she said as she smiled, looking a bit embarrassed.

    “I see. Any girls besides you are GYM Leaders out there in Johto?”

    “Yup! One is Jasmine. And there’s also Clair. Why do you ask?”

    “Well… to be honest, I’m more interested in women. I despise most guys.” Whitney raised both eyebrows at that claim. Almost unable to believe what she had just heard.

    “Really? But you’re oh-so pretty! I bet guys are all over you!” she said while winking at Erika. In unison, the black-haired girl blushed deeply as Whitney called her “pretty”.

    “… um… and that’s exactly what I hate of them. They’re perverts. I can see them spying on my GYM in a daily basis. Looking up for my assistants, or even myself. They just ogle us women with their uncontrollable hormones. They think of us as objects!”

    “Wow! I see now, Erika. I don’t think they’re THAT bad! Honestly. Some are cute, and even courteous. I do prefer girls as well, though. There’s more, but I’d rather not talk about it…” Whitney’s face seemed to be more serious. Even slightly sad, as if some awful memories had come back with that. But she smiled again almost as soon.

    “Oh. Well… I’m rather paranoid about it, I must admit.” Erika then smiled before saying: “And what about your fellow girl Leaders?”

    “Clair and Jasmine? Um… I’m not close to them at all. Jasmine is awfully timid, and will rarely talk. She’s a cute girl, and I’d like to go out with her or talk more often, but I guess she’s too timid for that. She’s a great battler, though. Jasmine doesn’t even needs a Trainer escorting her!” As she said that, a tall waiter with black hair, wearing glasses, who was just passing by their table, tripped down and almost crushed his falling glasses with his body. He then palpated the floor, looking for his glasses. Erika and Whitney giggled silently and then turned back.

    “Where were we? Ohh yes! Clair is such a snob! She thinks no one’s worthy of her just because she’s the strongest GYM Leader of Johto. Have had a few moments, but she’s just… not my type! So much pride can easily get on your nerves!” Whitney acted a bit angry as she talked, which made Erika get slightly nervous. “Sorry! I’m just so emotional!”

    Erika just smiled. “Don’t worry. To be honest, I like that… somehow. And don’t feel bad. I’m not much fond of my fellow GYM Leaders either. Misty, for instance, just HAS to try and engage me with some guy. All the time. She’s a good girl, but she’s just too much into boys for my liking. I’d rather stay away. Sabrina is also too silent. As if immersed too much into her own thoughts to actually care about others. Janine is fine, though. Her father asked me to keep an eye on her from time to time, and naturally, I got to meet her. She’s young and pretty much a beginner in this GYM Leader business, but she’s got lots of potential. She’s very well mannered and comprehensive as well, albeit slightly sneaky. That’s expected, though, given her Ninja tradition.”

    “Oh! They sound kinda interesting to say the least. But I doubt I’ll like any of them as much as I like you, Erika!” said Whitney in response. Erika found this to be very unexpected, yet enjoyable. As before, she blushed as her fondness of Whitney grew with every moment passing. She had felt attracted to other girls before, but now it was much stronger and different. She felt so well talking with Whitney… it made her awfully happy.

    Both girls stood shut for a while, as if they had ran dry of topics. Whitney thought of a topic after a while. “Now… what about guys?” said Whitney, but then, the waiter had arrived with their food in a big plate. He went back to where Erika was and served her first, and then served Whitney. The waiter then made a bow and left the table. Both girls were rather hungry, what with Erika not having any breakfast whatsoever, and Whitney having it so early in the morning. Both of them were almost drooling at the smell of their food.

    “Well… enjoy your meal, Erika!” and so, Whitney pinched her chicken meat with her fork, while Erika just nodded at her claim. They didn’t utter a word as they dipped down in their respective meals. Both were awfully hungry, and as Erika ate her food, she felt much better. It had been a combination of heat and hunger what caused her to faint back then. She wasn’t regretting it much, though. She was very happy of getting to meet Whitney.

    Whitney was having a great time as well. She really liked Erika deep inside. They just had met, but they got along so fast and well she just couldn’t help it. Besides her apprentices at the GYM, she rarely had a chance to talk with girls. And most weren’t really fond of her. Mary, the DJ of Goldenrod Radio, was one of few exceptions. She preferred girls as well, but had very few girls she could say that actually liked her.

    Both girls finished their meals rather fast, seeing how hungry they were. Their dishes clean and their glasses empty, they just waited for the waiter to come back. He came rather fast and limited himself to pick up the dishes and place them on his big plate. He then left a black folder made of leather in the table. Erika opened it.

    “Well… I said I’d invite,” Said Erika, whom was a bit unwilling to pay as she read the bill. Whitney grabbed the small fold with the paper inside, and looked at it.

    “This is outrageous! I won’t let you pay on your own, Erika. That’d be just wrong! I’ll pay half of it!”

    “But…” Whitney got her hand inside her pocket and took out her wallet. She picked up some money paper and placed it inside the folder. It was half the bill for the meal.

    “Don’t worry, Erika. That’s too much for one person to pay alone! Plus, I bet you want to buy something else.” Erika was kind of touched. Whitney cared about her quite a bit, though maybe she was just being herself. Erika got out her wallet as well, adding on the money needed to pay the rest of the bill and the tip.

    “Thanks, Whitney. And you’re right… I wanted to buy something else. Would you like to come with me?” asked Erika, a bit embarrassed.

    “But of course!” Both girls then walked out of the restaurant, as the waiters and waitresses bowed down. With the usual glaring of all people directed at both of them, Erika walked on faster, for she hated it. Whitney didn’t mind, though. But she tried to go at Erika’s pace.

    “It was delicious, Erika! It’s good to see you have such glamorous places in Celadon. The restaurants in Goldenrod are mostly those of multinational companies. Horrid fast food, in short! It’s OK, but one would like a change of pace from time to time!” said Whitney as she followed Erika through the streets of Celadon.

    “I know. I’m glad you liked it. I tend to eat there frequently. Good service and food,” said Erika as she slowed down. She knew where to go next, and made a few turns around the city, while crossing streets, and Whitney walked alongside her.

    “So, what are you going to buy, Erika?”

    “Oh. Just a few things for my garden. I’m out of fertilizer, and I was going to buy some in the morning.”

    “Oh! You have a garden? It must be beautiful!” Erika blushed at Whitney’s statement.

    “Thanks… oh. We’re almost there. Just follow me, Whitney.” Erika and Whitney walked on through the street, until they reached what seemed to be a commercial area. Several shops filled the lane. The stores were of all sorts: clothes, electronics, books, computers, food, and other things. Around halfway through the lane, Erika turned to one store which had a small garden-like entrance arranged in front. Flowers of all sorts filled a long pot below the windows of the shop. There was a small post near the entrance door, which said: ‘Florina’s Gardening Shop’.

    “Here… let’s go inside.” Erika opened the door, as a bell attached to the door chimed with the push. Whitney followed Erika, whom walked right toward the counter. Whitney looked all around: stuff like shovels, seeds and pots filled the shelves, all neatly arranged and cleanly classified. She was fond of flowers as well, but she surely didn’t have the same love toward them as Erika did.

    “Good afternoon, ladies.” Erika felt a small twist within her as the rather grave, yet funny voice of the attendant was heard. He was a glass-wearing guy. He was about Erika’s height, had brown, curly hair, and was slightly chubby. He was smiling at Erika as Whitney came along and noticed whom he was.

    “Charly! Hi there!” said the pink-haired girl at the sight of the fatty attendant. Charly limited himself to extend his right hand, which Whitney grabbed right away and shook enthusiastically.

    “Hi, Whitney. What are you doing here in Celadon?” asked Charly as he smiled at Whitney. Erika just looked at them, a bit grumpy.

    “I’m just in vacations. And I should ask that same question! I expected you to be working at Goldenrod Radio, as you always do!”

    “Well… I do enjoy working out there. But this time, I wanted a part-time job related to flowers. You know very well that Grass Pokémon are my favorite. Plus, this job is better paid. And seeing how the manager had to go away all of a sudden, she offered a good pay if I stood around while she was away. And I’ll need the money for my next training trip to Shinou…” Whitney smiled back at Charly as he finished. All of a sudden, Erika let out a growl, which made both Whitney and Charly giggle in embarrassment.

    “I’m sorry. How can I help you, Erika?” asked Charly as he turned to her. Erika tried to look somewhere else. Apparently, the glare of this guy annoyed her more than usual.

    “I want fertilizer please. Muk and Tyranitar, if possible…”

    “On my way!” Charly turned his back and looked around the counter’s backside. He grabbed a big brown bag and carried it. He then placed it on the counter. The bag had a Tyranitar stamp in it and released a rather high, gross stench. Charly then turned back again, as if looking for something else. He even got afar for a while, and then came back empty-handed.

    “I’m sorry, Erika. We haven’t received Muk fertilizer yet. Would Grimer’s suffice?”

    “Fine…” said Erika, still avoiding Charly’s gaze. He then turned back and grabbed a bag that was smaller than the previous one, and placed it on the counter as well. This one had a Grimer stamp instead, but it had a stronger stench.

    Whitney was kind of fascinated. “Wow! So they make fertilizer out of Pokémon’s…?”

    “Indeed, Whitney. It’s said that the stronger the Pokémon, the stronger the fertilizer. However, the strongest ones are those made out of Grimer’s and Muk’s body fuids. They’re just awfully strong in both smell and… fertilization. Muk’s are badly poisonous, though. It goes through a de-poisoning treatment before sent to stores all over,” replied Charly.

    “Wow! A bit gross, but very interesting!” said Whitney. Erika got some money out of her wallet and left it in the counter.

    “Wait up, Erika. Remember you have a special discount from this store’s part. And a discount from my part!” said Charly, smiling at Erika. Whitney giggled as Charly gave back a bunch of money to Erika. She wasn’t much happy for this, though. “You’ll also need this.” Charly got out a big white bag, and there, he stored both fertilizer bags. He then handed the bag to Erika, whom grabbed it and then turned back.

    “Let’s go, Whitney…” said Erika, as she grabbed her hand. Whitney walked on with Erika.

    “Bye Charly! See you another time!” shouted Whitney as both girls walked on to the exit. Charly got out a camera, and took a swift snapshot of the girls going out… and holding hands.

    “Hehe. Good stuff!” he said as he looked around the shop he was in charge of. The girls crossed the door and got back into the busy streets of Celadon.

    “Gosh… I hate that guy. I hope Florina comes back soon…” said Erika, walking fast through the lane. She was pulling Whitney in a rather fast pace, and she slowed down as she felt the pull of her companion. “Sorry. I’ll slow down.”

    “No worries, Erika. And well… he’s a nice guy. One of the best, I’d say! He was SO concerned when I broke in tears as he defeated me. He took me to have a coffee! And he always visits me whenever he has time. He lives in Goldenrod!” Whitney then walked alongside Erika, seemingly hugging her arm. This made Erika blush as well, as they walked through the street, causing murmurs and whispers amongst the people that managed to see them.

    “I think he’s a pervert, like most of them. But well… he isn’t SO bad. I guess…” said Erika, rather unenthusiastic. “Thanks for coming, Whitney. You’ve been a great companion.”

    “No problem! I’m having a superb time as well! There’s so many things you have to do, it’s entertaining.”

    “Just the usual, really.” Erika and Whitney walked on, while Erika wondered whether Whitney would like to go to her house. “Um… Whitney.”

    “Yes?” asked Whitney, with her usual happy tone.

    “Would you like to come… to my house?” Erika blushed a bit, expecting her to accept.

    “Of course! That’d be great! Plus, I’ll need a place to sleep at today. Are you OK with that, Erika?” asked Whitney, who was quite enthusiastic and happier about the prospect than Erika ever imagined.

    “No problem at all, Whitney. Just follow me.” Both girls walked on through the busy streets of Celadon. They avoided people like nobody’s business, and even lost a few fans that wanted Erika’s autograph, or something else. After walking several lanes, they found themselves in a quite peaceful street. It was almost empty, and had a couple of divisions in it, both ending in a house. Erika turned to the one in the right. “That’s my house.” Whitney looked at it incredulously. She expected Erika to have a much luxurious place. Not a quiet house in the middle of nowhere.

    “You live there? I was expecting a mansion of sorts!” said Whitney, while looking at Erika with a rather funny face. They approached the house, and Whitney could notice many pots arranged in front of the house’s windows, all filled with flowers. The place was quite clean as well, and an air of peace could be felt emanating from it.

    “It’d be nice, and I guess I could afford it. But a life of luxuries doesn’t attracts me in the slightest,” said Erika, as she giggled a bit. Rather unusual in her.

    “I should know. My place is a mess! Yours seem to be nice.” Whitney giggled as well, while Erika went to the door and opened it. She entered first, and Whitney followed. There stood Erika’s lone table, fitted into a rather small room. The kitchen and the fridge were there as well. Erika walked on to the door beyond the table, and opened it.

    It was just beautiful… in every way. The backyard of Erika’s house was a fully green area. Adorned with stylish grass and all kinds of flowers all over. There was a wall that delimited the area, which was full of vines as well. Erika walked on. "Come along, Whitney,” she said, as the pink-haired girl followed, still astounded by the beauty of it all. The still-strong Sun of the afternoon hit every corner of the garden, which bloomed kindly at its caress. The short grass in the floor was shining, as Erika walked through the lane she had set up to not harm the plants. Whitney kept looking around, with her mouth open. Almost drooling.

    “Erika… this is… amazing! This garden is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!” she said, still looking all over. She even stopped for a bit to smell some flowers. All of different colors and fragrances, the garden was a sight to behold. It was natural, though. Erika was completely in touch with flowers and plants, and she dedicated a good chunk of her everyday life to take care of it and the garden at her GYM as well. Erika slowed down, and looked back. Whitney was looking all over, fascinated with the garden she had worked so hard on… it made Erika very happy. And she wanted to teach her more. She dropped the bag with the fertilizers on the lane, and then went back with Whitney.

    “I’m glad you like it. One of the biggest joys of a gardener is that people like what they’ve been working so hard on. Thanks, Whitney…” Erika blushed a bit as she looked at Whitney, whom was smiling, and apparently loving it all.

    “Hey! No problem at all! You earn all praises. This is so beautiful. You must love it! I have a small garden adorning my GYM as well. Two girls that live nearby did it. They’re also gardeners, but they’re nothing compared to you! This is just great, Erika. Like nothing else I’ve ever seen!” Whitney then grabbed Erika’s hands. She felt so well around all those flowers… and Erika looked even more gorgeous when surrounded by them. Whitney loved this the most, adding on to the enjoyment she had experienced already.

    Erika blushed even more, but she then said: “I’m… honored. But I’d like to teach you a bit, Whitney… if you’re OK with it.”

    “Really? Thank you, Erika! I would LOVE it!” And all of a sudden, Whitney jumped on to Erika and hugged her. Erika went almost completely red, as she couldn’t do nothing else but hug her as well. Slowly, both girls let go, both feeling fuzzy inside.

    “Ah… no problem… at all,” said Erika, with some difficulty. Her attraction toward Whitney growing every moment passing, she reached for her Kimono’s right pocket, and got out two Poké Balls. “They’ll help us as well. Go, Bellossom. Go, Jumpluff.” Erika threw both of her Poké Balls, and they opened to reveal two Grass Pokémon, possibly her favorites. Bellossom was a small Pokémon, with two red flowers on top of her head, a green body, short arms, and a skirt made of petals. She smiled as she looked around, end even smiled at Whitney with enthusiasm. Whitney giggled as she did that. The Jumpluff was rather cheerful as well, hopping on with her small feet and moving her cotton fluffs while smiling. Her round blue body was very cute. After greeting Whitney, they turned to Erika. She just ducked and told them something, and the Pokémon moved around. Bellossom started to walk through the garden, and Jumpluff floated with the gentle wind of the place.

    “Don’t worry, Whitney. They’ll help me out later. As of now… you want to lend me a hand? I’ll teach you as we work together.” Erika then went back to her house, which had a small walkway of sorts. Shelves with gardening tools filled this walkway. Erika dropped the fertilizer bags in it, and then grabbed a small bottle, which was filled with seeds. “First up is planting the seeds. Follow me.” Erika walked on through the straightforward path in her garden, and then turned left almost nearing the wall that signaled the end of her home. A short way led to an empty patch of land. Brown and almost dead, it could opaque the beautiful garden had it been bigger.

    “You’re going to plant seeds in this patch?” asked Whitney, looking at it and its dry appearance.

    “Yes. It’s the easy part. Just come here…” Erika walked into the dirt, and then ducked. She then started to move off the sand to the sides, making a small hole. She placed a seed in it, and covered it back. Whitney watched carefully. “That’s all… want to try it? Just grab a seed inside the bottle and do what I just did.” Erika then got up and picked another seed. “Try that they’re not too close, but not too spread so there’s enough space for them all. Use all space at your disposal,” said Erika, as she noticed Whitney picking up a few seeds.

    Whitney then went a bit farther in the patch, and dug up a small hole as well. She then placed the seed in the middle and covered it with the dirt afterwards. She did it again a few feet away, and went on all over the patch of land, alongside Erika. “Hey! This is easy!”

    “Sure is. But it gets tricky as you advance! I’ll be sure to teach you to the best of my ability, though,” said Erika, as she looked at Whitney, smiling in unison. Both girls finished planting all seeds within a span of few minutes. The patch of land had small mounts all over it, which showed the location of all seeds the girls had just planted.

    “Done. You sure are a big help, Whitney. I’d take at least one hour, even with my Pokémon helping. It’s hard for them. Human’s hands are better suited for this job.” Erika then got up, and Whitney followed her back to the lane near her house. Erika then picked up a small pail from a shelf, which was the same one she used in the morning: it was shaped like a Wailmer. She had other pails there as well, but they were old models: rough metal with a long protuberance ending in a shower-esque base, and a curved metal to pick it. There was a big one, and a smaller one. Erika grabbed one and gave it to Whitney, and then she walked a bit through the way in her garden and gave the smaller one to Bellossom. The Grass Pokémon was smelling all the flowers, and dancing peacefully, but picked the pail as her owner gave it.

    “Next is watering the seeds, Whitney. Let’s go.” Erika led the group, as Whitney and Bellossom walked behind her into the patch of land. Erika then pointed her pail at one of the small mounts, and it sprinkled a bit of water in it. Erika stood like that for a while and then got up. She walked to another mount. “This is simple as well. Just go to a mount and pour water on it with the pail.”

    “Like this?” asked Whitney as she approached a mount and poured a bit of water in it.

    “Good enough. Just don’t pour too much.” Erika then went and grabbed the pail Whitney used, lifting it so Whitney would stop dropping water on it. “Try to do it like this. Not too much water.”

    “OK.” And Whitney moved on to another rise. Bellossom helped as well, as she inclined the pail to pour water in a mount. She had to use more strength and even move most of her body, though. The girls only needed to move their arms, and duck a bit. This took a bit longer, but sooner rather than later, they were done with all the mounts… or what was left of them. Humidity lowered them, and the patch was now almost flat. The girls and Bellossom walked out of the patch as they finished.

    “Remember to water the seeds before adding the fertilizer to the land. Also, water all sprouts and the growing plant everyday. Water is the primordial element for plants to remain alive for a long time,” told Erika to Whitney as they walked back to the lane. Whitney nodded as she tried to store all the advice in her mind. She was learning quite a bit.

    “You’re very good at this, I must say! What’s next, Erika?” asked Whitney, as Erika turned back to her and made a face of repulsion.

    “The most disgusting part: dumping fertilizer in the land.” Erika then laughed nervously. Whitney looked at her with a rather funny face, which showed an ill will toward this next task.

    “Um… guess I’ll just let you do it yourself!” said Whitney to Erika, with a few noticeable sweat drops over her head, and with a rather funny smile.

    “Oh! Don’t worry. I’ve got the equipment right here. Ohh yes. That’s right. You’re free now, Bellossom.” The small Grass Pokémon nodded while smiling at her Trainer. She then returned to the garden, and started to smell the flowers again, dancing around whenever she stopped. The girls went back to the lane, and Erika then picked a big oven of sorts. She then searched around the shelves, and found two oxygen masks. She fitted one into her face, and then turned to Whitney, whom was looking at her actions most interested.

    “You’ll need to put this on, unless you enjoy the smell of manure,” said Erika, with a funny voice caused by the mask. Whitney looked at her almost incredulously, and grabbed the mask without asking. She fitted it immediately.

    “I just KNOW we’ll need this!” said Whitney, with a distorted voice as well. Erika then went to the shelves again and fitted two thick gloves into her hands. She gave a pair to Whitney as well. Erika got hold of a shovel as she was done, and then proceeded to open both fertilizer bags, which had been resting in the lane for quite a while. She dumped the content of both in the big oven she had left in the floor, and then crushed it all with the shovel. It was very sticky and gross. But the smell couldn’t even be felt thanks to the masks. Whitney just looked at Erika doing this, feeling slightly sick. Erika finished after a while, and grabbed another shovel. She handed it to Whitney afterwards.

    “Now, follow me… and help me with this.” Erika carried the big oven containing the gross manure, and Whitney helped her by holding one of the sides. The girls walked on to the patch of land, which was drying up now, even with the Sun about to hide. Erika and Whitney left the oven in the walkway, and then Erika dipped her shovel into it, filling it with manure, which she then dumped in the farthest part of the land. She crushed it a bit and then walked back. “This is a bit gross, but simple, Whitney. Just pick a bit of fertilizer and then dump it in the land. Try to crush it a bit and then repeat. We have to fill the entire patch.”

    “Okay!” said Whitney, and started to perform the same action as Erika: she picked some fertilizer with the shovel, walked into the land and then dumped it far away of her feet, crushing it a bit. Albeit easy, doing this over and over was tiresome. The girls were sweating out of the effort of walking, crushing and picking up with the shovel. Whitney never imagined that planting new flowers was so hard, and started to admire Erika for her diligence, sense of duty, but most of all, her love toward flowers and plants.

    After about half an hour, the girls spent all of the fertilizer Erika had bought, and managed to cover the entire patch of land with it. They then walked back to the house’s lane. Erika dumped the empty oven and brought a hose close to it. She opened the key of water and filled the oven with it. She turned it off afterwards, left the shovel inside the oven and took off both the mask and the gloves. Whitney followed suit and took off all the equipment while leaving her shovel inside the oven full of water. Both girls were sweating.

    “Whew! That was tiring. You always do that whenever you want to plant new flowers, Erika?” asked Whitney as she cleaned off a bit of sweat with her arm.

    “Yep. I know it’s hard, but it’s the best for the plants. And my Pokémon help me… though I could use human help often. Your help is proof of it. It’s also much easier to maintain the garden in my GYM, as my disciples help me with it.” Erika cleaned her sweat as well, as she smiled. Whitney smiled back, which made her blush. The evening was approaching, and then Erika whistled all of a sudden. A blue creature descended from the skies as the sound spread. Jumpluff then stopped in the floor, looking at her owner. Erika patted her and then said: “It’s your turn to work, Jumpluff. You know what to do.”

    Jumpluff nodded and floated again. This time, however, she jumped softly on the flowers nearby, barely touching them. She did the same with the flowers ahead, and continued with all flowers in the garden. Whitney looked at the blue Pokémon wondrously, and couldn’t help but ask: “What’s Jumpluff doing, Erika?”

    “It’s simple, Whitney. She’s pollinating the flowers. She picks the pollen in the flowers and as she jumps all over, so the pollen is dropped inside the flower’s pistils. That’s how the flowers reproduce themselves. Animals and Pokémon just accelerate the process. Eventually, they’ll drop seeds, which will plant themselves in the floor. I pick some of them to plant them myself later on as well.” Whitney looked at the garden, as she heard Erika’s explanation. It was beautiful, but also commoving. Erika was completely in touch with nature. She understood it, and knew how it worked.

    “You’re amazing, Erika. You’re so wise, and hardworking! You’re one person worthy of being admired!” Whitney looked at her, with happy, yet deep eyes. Erika acknowledged it and blushed.

    “Um… I just enjoy it. That’s all.”

    “But you also understand it! You’re moved not only by beauty, but love, Erika! This is the feeling your garden irradiates. Its beauty is thanks to the love you’ve given to it!” Whitney kept on looking at Erika, but also blushed as her words came out. Erika was so kind and full of love. It could be said she felt a powerful attraction toward Erika now…

    “Whitney… you’re so honest. Your words say the truth. I guess I try to be too modest… but yes. I love my plants, and I’d do everything for their benefit. And you… you’re like the friend I never had. You understand me… completely…”

    They both stood silent for a while, looking at each other, their mutual feeling growing every moment. Erika then noticed Whitney’s white shirt and her ripped sleeve. “That’s right! I said I’d seam your shirt, Whitney…”

    “Ohh yes! But really Erika, it’s no problem!”

    “You ripped it in my stead. That’s the least I should do. Come in, please.” Erika then walked into her house and Whitney followed. Immediately, they were into the kitchen. Erika walked toward the door on the left, and opened it. “I’ll get some thread and a needle. Wait here, and serve yourself at home.” Erika went into her room, while Whitney just looked around.

    Erika came out soon enough and placed the materials in the table. “Here… now lend me your shirt and the ripped sleeve, Whitney.”

    “OK!” Whitney opened the buttons on her shirt and took it off. Below it, she only wore a short, blue top covering her breast. “Now… where’s the sleeve? Oh!” Whitney skulked the right pocket in her shorts and got a small white sleeve, which had a red stripe in it. She gave Erika the shirt first, and the ripped sleeve last. “Here!”

    “Thanks… this will be fast. Don’t worry.” Erika smiled at Whitney, and couldn’t help but scan her body. She was in such a good shape, and had quite marked proportions. Shaking it off, Erika turned to the shirt. She fitted the thread in the needle with ease, and then overlapped the sleeve, which was a bit ruggy and kind of wet. She found the way it fitted fast as well and started to seam it back into the shirt. It took her a few minutes. “Done. Check it out.” She gave the shirt back to Whitney.

    “You did it fast!” Whitney picked the shirt, and tried it on. It fitted just fine. The sleeve was back to normal, although the thread used for the seam was a bit visible when looked closely. “It’s done, Erika. Thanks!” Whitney smiled at her. Erika limited to shake her head.

    “No problem at all, Whitney.” Erika left the thread and the needle in the table, and she got up. “I’ll go out to see if Jumpluff finished with the pollination.”

    “I’ll go with you!” said Whitney, and both girls went through the back door. Jumpluff was still floating, but she wasn’t jumping on the flowers anymore. She floated down to the lane, and Bellossom tagged along. Both Pokémon let out a soft, happy cry, smiling at their Trainer.

    “Well done, my darlings. You come back now!” Erika got her Poké Balls out, and called her Pokémon back inside them. A red beam shot out of the sphere, and in contact with the Pokémon, it engulfed the creatures back inside it. Erika then stored the Balls, and noticed Whitney wasn’t standing anymore. Instead, she lay in the grass closest to the lane near to the house. Erika walked toward her, and gave her a glance.

    “Come and lay down, Erika! Let’s have a bit of relaxation,” said Whitney with a smile. Erika went down and sat in the floor, close to Whitney. She then lay down. She looked above at the sky. It was now a very dark tone of orange, and she could see a few stars taking shape all over it, sparkling with their dim light. She then turned to Whitney, whom was looking at the sky, but then turned to Erika.

    “I’m so tired! I now understand how attending a garden is hard job as well!”

    “You’re right. But as long as you enjoy it, all’s good.”

    “That’s true! You know? I help my uncle at times. He runs a Miltank dairy near Ecruteak. It’s not much work, but it’s enjoyable. It makes me love Miltank even more!”

    “So, she’s your favorite?”

    “Of course! Miltank is so calm, funny and pink! And she’s also strong in battles. Mine is rarely beaten by new challengers! She’s just unstoppable.”

    “I should know…”

    “And what’s yours, Erika?”

    “Well… I’d say it’s Bellossom. I love all my Pokémon equally, but Bellossom is just the most beautiful. She’s small, and cuddly for the same reason. She’s also in touch with me all the time, and helps me whenever she can. She’s not the best in battles, but she can hold her own, which is all that matters as far as I’m concerned.”

    “You’re right. Pokémon are just so cute!”

    “Yeah…” said Erika, and she couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Both girls kept on looking at each other, as night befell upon the garden. Automatically, two lights in the roof of the house turned on, as well as many others all over the garden. They made the grass and the flowers sparkle with beauty.

    “You know, Erika? I’m glad I got to meet you. You’re the kindest, nicest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever met! I never expected you’d be like that when I first came across you! Thanks for everything as well. I’ll take care of the small garden in my GYM myself when I go back. Using the lessons you gave me!”

    “Thanks, Whitney. I’m glad we met as well. I would be grave had you not helped me back in the city. And you’re a nice girl as well. Not to say gorgeous. And…” the eyes of both girls sunk in each other, and this feeling invaded Erika. She felt they were connected beyond a mere friendship… that they both wanted to be more than just friends. They looked at each other for quite a few moments. Moments that seemed to be years for Erika. Her heart pumping with nerves and determination combined, she couldn’t delay it anymore. It was the moment, and she knew it. Erika moved her head closer to Whitney’s… their faces in front… and closer with every second… that was it. Erika closed her eyes as she was just inches away of Whitney’s face, and then, her lips touched Whitney’s. Erika then let her be taken by the moment and wrapped Whitney among her arms in a passionate hug. The girls kissed each other. It was a moment Erika would never forget… but it didn’t last long. Whitney freaked out and pushed Erika abruptly. She then looked at Erika, but not with her usual smile. Rather with an expression that showed both disbelief and confusion…


    [Continued in next post...]
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    [Sorry for the Double Post. The story was too long to fit in one post. Here's the rest.]


    Erika was impressed and heartbroken. She had blown it… completely. “I… I’m…” Whitney got up, and so did Erika, whom still felt guilty for all this.

    “I feel a bit too tired now, Erika. Where can I go and get rest?” asked Whitney with a serious tone. "If I can stay, that is."

    “Eh… sure. Come, please.” Erika walked inside her house, and Whitney followed. Erika went into her room, and extended her hand to signal her bed. Her heart felt heavy, guilty. Whitney didn’t want it. She had been wrong all along. “You’ll sleep in my bed.”

    “And where’ll you sleep?” asked Whitney, with the same indifferent tone she had used for a while.

    “I’ll sleep in the small couch there,” said Erika, as she signaled a couch near the bed. Whitney dipped herself inside the bed.

    “Night…” Whitney said nothing else. Erika then walked toward the couch. Her heart broken, and guilt growing up, she sunk into a sudden depression. She sat in the couch and covered her body with a thick sheet. She fell asleep rather fast, but what had just happened made her shed several tears, which kept flowing for a while until she could conciliate the dream…


    It was around Ten O’clock when Erika got up. Her eyes red because of the tears she shed yesterday, she looked around her room. The sheets of her bed were spread already, and Whitney wasn’t in it anymore either. She was gone… forever. Erika was about to sink into deep sadness yet again, but decided to get up. She walked slowly through her room, and went through the door. However, she grabbed a beautiful pink flower with upward and tight petals before going out into the kitchen…

    “Good morning, Erika!” The voice… the words… they filled Erika’s heart just like that. Whitney was still in her home! She was facing at the kitchen, apparently preparing something. “I got up early, and thought of making a breakfast for both you and me before I leave!” The smell emanating from the kitchen smelt like eggs with beans. “You’re such a sleepy head! I got up early because I’m used to it, and you were still sleeping peacefully!”

    Erika faked a giggle, still unable to understand Whitney. “Well… I’m very irregular with my naps. I feel tired all day, to the point I even snore when I’m at the GYM.”

    “That’s very funny! I would never figure it out myself!” said Whitney, and soon thereafter, she turned off the stove and served the breakfast in two plates. She then took them to the table in the middle. She placed one in one side and the other in the opposite. Erika was still flabbergasted. Whitney’s face was back to her usual happy expression. “Sit down! Let’s eat together one last time!” said Whitney as she grabbed the chair closest to her and took a seat.

    “Ah… OK.” Erika took a seat, and grabbed the utensils Whitney had placed in the table already. She left the pink flower she had taken out of her room near her dish, trying to hide it from Whitney. A bottle filled with white liquid and with a Miltank stamp was in the middle of the table as well.

    “I got this outta my backpack! Try it, Erika. I’ll serve you!” Whitney grabbed the glass near to Erika’s dish, and opened the bottle with milk. She poured it into the vase, and then gave the glass back to Erika. She served some into her vase as well and placed the bottle back in the table. “Now… have a good meal!”

    Erika was still confused. It just didn’t make sense. But she decided to eat the breakfast Whitney had prepared. It was delicious… but still didn’t make her much happier. As she tried the milk, however, she couldn’t help but put a rather happy face. It was downright scrumptious! “What’s this, Whitney? It’s superb!”

    “That, my friend, is Miltank milk processed by me! I brought some bottles to give all GYM Leaders I get to meet in my trip through Kanto. You’ll get as many as you want!” Whitney smiled at Erika, and then took a gulp out of her glass. She then kept on eating. Erika blushed… happy and confused. And yet guilty. Whitney was probably just being nice because she was leaving soon. Or maybe…

    Both girls finished the breakfast quite soon. They left the dishes in the table, as Whitney got up and grabbed the backpack she had left in the couch. “Here, I’ll leave you 3 bottles so you can drink whenever you want, Erika!” But the doubt was too huge to hide anymore. Erika had to know.

    “Um… Whitney…” She was wondrous, but Erika couldn’t contain her deep sadness anymore. She felt awfully guilty of what had happened yesterday, and also the prospect of never seeing Whitney ever again destroyed her heart. Whitney turned at Erika, whom was shedding tears of regret and guilt. “I’m very sorry about yesterday. I just thought you wouldn’t get angry… and that… you wanted to…” she couldn’t say anymore. Erika’s voice was cut by her sadness and her tears. She covered her eyes, but the tears didn’t stop. However, what came next was breaking for Erika.

    Whitney held her shoulders tight with both her hands. She then placed her head near hers, and said: “It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or that I didn’t want to, Erika. It was just unexpected and I didn’t know how to act. But deep inside…” Whitney moved Erika’s hands out of her face. Tears still flew through her cheeks. Whitney held Erika’s left shoulder with her right hand, while she kindly slipped her other hand through Erika’s face, cleaning the tears she had shed. “I’m sorry for my attitude… I truly am. I’m sorry if I hurt you, Erika. I never wanted to. But I know there’s one thing… that’ll cleanse it all.”

    Whitney raised both of her hands at Erika’s cheeks, and pulled her face to hers. She closed her eyes and joined hers and Erika’s lips in an awfully passionate kiss. Erika was shocked, but happy. Still, she couldn’t help but shed some tears as Whitney kissed her. Both girls then lowered their hands, and hugged each other while still kissing. Their hearts beating, their thoughts merged… they only thought of each other. It was just a moment, but it was eternal for them, as well as fully joyous. They stopped slowly, with a deep blush filling their cheeks. They detached their lips, but their hug lasted another moment, as both of them looked at each other. Whitney slipped her hand through Erika’s face again, getting rid of all tears.

    “Erika… I love you. I just didn’t want to hurt you when I left today.” She knew she had overreacted, and that she didn’t think things out well because of the sudden course of actions. But she didn’t regret it had happened. Neither yesterday nor today. As she understood Erika’s feelings, Whitney started to cry silently as well. “I cry when I lose a battle. But if I had lost you… I don’t know what I would have done. I was a fool… I’m sorry…” And Erika did the same Whitney had done twice. She cleansed her face out of the tears with her soft hands.

    “I love you too, Whitney… you’re the only girl for me. And I’m glad… we got to meet each other. It was the best day of my life.” Those words filled the hearts of both girls, as they looked at each other. Whitney cleaned her face off a few tears that still fell through it, while Erika went back to the table and grabbed the flower she had hid before. “Still… we won’t be afar. You’ll always live in my heart, Whitney. And whenever you want to come back… I’ll be here. But… take this with you. Look at this flower whenever you’re thinking of me. And be sure that, without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll always be with you. As a memory of our day, our adventure… our love.”

    Whitney grabbed the flower, and looked at it with happiness. “Erika… thank you. It’s beautiful. I’ll always take it with me... and you keep the milk. Not as a souvenir, but as a proof of what we lived. Enjoy it!” Whitney then hugged Erika again. They looked at each other as the hug ended, knowing they had to part ways… for now. Whitney picked her backpack and started to walk to the exit of the house. “I’ll come back when my trip is over, Erika!”

    “And I’ll be here, waiting, Whitney. Good bye…” and after a last glance, Whitney went outside, closing the door behind her. Erika placed both hands in the middle of her chest. She was awfully happy. A happiness that couldn’t be described with words…

    Whitney walked on, remembering all of it. The meal, the walking, the shopping, the gardening lessons, the kiss, and the flower… she was awfully cheerful, albeit a bit sad. She knew she almost blew it with her stupid attitude, but she was glad that it all went well in the end. Never before had other girl shown so much concern and love toward her as Erika, and she was happy. Happy with the knowledge, but most of all, the feeling, that they’d be together. Always…

    At last, Whitney was in Celadon’s exit. She turned back, her hands on her chest, and with the flower encased within them. “Erika…” she said, her heart full of joy and love at the sound of that name. Whitney turned back, and walked on in direction to the next city in her trip… keeping the pink flower close to her heart.


    *Sniff* They're just meant for each other... ^^

    That's it. Comments are always welcome. And anyone that can identify the two cameos gets a random e-prize.

    Got nothing else. I just hope you enjoy it. See you around!
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    Cute! Kawaii! Cute! I didn't really thought of this pairing...but now, your fanfic made me like it! I like how Whitney and Erika met, and how they planted the flowers, and how they confessed! It's just


    It's sad that Whitney had to leave, though. But she'll meet Erika again, anyway...I loved this One-Shot! It's just too...too...cute! ^^
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    Real sorry for not replying earlier... because I was the first person to read this fic, I think.

    I can pretty much find no faults, especially on the relationship between them. It's not forced, and there's even a cliffhanger at the near middle. And the cameos were awfully funny, especially the waiter!

    Honestly, I like it a lot. Hope you write some more!

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    Oh my gosh. What a cute and touching story. ^^ Even though it's a Yuri ship. Yuri never hurt though. =) It was sad Akane had to leave though. These two are ment for each other. ^_^
    do you believe in magic?

    credit to mah bffl. <3
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    PinkFlowerShipping = <3 [the only shoujo-ai couple I like now, and I thought I would never like shoujo-ai xD] Whitney is just adorable, btw. Them planting flowers together was so cute, and the kiss scene and Whitney leaving were as well, even if I didn't expect Whitney to leave. ;; Description was awesome, and length was as well. Great job! ^_^

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    Aw.. that was really good and cute and all that good stuff. I did not see any errors. Orion-Sama, you have turned me into a PinkFlowerShipper :P. This is a really cute pairing.
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    WHOA. O.O Just, whoa. This is probably one of the best one-shots I've ever read. Just, whoa. It was cute how Whitney and Erika met when Erika was trying to go buy fertilizer, and... -dies- That was really good.

    (Hey, btw, is it ok if I put a link to this fic in my "Read-Worthy Fics" section of my site? Yes, I will give credit.)

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    ....that made me cry. I really never thought about it...they're perfect...

    Great Job! I hope you add more to it though.EH,it was brilliant otherwise...

    Magical things happen when you buy fertilizer...-_-*sigh*

    As always,be kind to the mime.
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    That was interesting and well written. The only reason I read it was to read a story that's shipping was unique and not very well known, and I'd never even heard of PinkFlowerShipping before now, so I decided to read it. And, it turned out to be a good thing. This was a breath of freash air from the three main shipping fics, and you did a good job at writting it. I didn't notice any mistakes, so that's another plus! All in all, I give it 4.5/5 stars.

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    Thanks for your comments, everyone. You don't know how happy you make me. I placed my heart and soul in this story. More than I've ever done before. I'm glad it paid off. I even managed to make you support this Ship! It's just too joyous. I'm awfully happy... I'm glad you came across it. And that you didn't regret doing so.

    Thanks again, everyone. I'd normally respond individually, but there's no need to. I can't say much else... *Bursts in tears* You're the best. All of you. Whether you just read it and didn't post, or actually posted, I'm happy to see this didn't went off ignored.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitteh
    (Hey, btw, is it ok if I put a link to this fic in my "Read-Worthy Fics" section of my site? Yes, I will give credit.)
    I'd be honored if you did. ^^

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    Wow. O.O I normally dislike yaoi and yuri fics for a variety of reasons but you definately nearly converted me back then! The only reason I read this fic was because it had such a unique couple and I don't regret reading this! The writing is just beautiful and the quality is astoudingly high. You got me hooked and I now full heartedly support PinkFlowerShipping! Continue writing, please. A well deserved 4.5/5 for this fic!

    By the way, I noticed some person has nominated your fic and you in the Oscars as Best Girl x Girl Fic and Best Girl x Girl Author. You should check it out!

    Under the Same Sky - PG-15||Completed

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    this was theh first pinkflower shipping i have read on anyfourum.
    i must say, i wasn't expecting much out of it, but OH MY how i was wrong!!!!
    it was brilliant, you really captured Erika IMO, and your description in it is really vivid. the paring suprised me, but WOW how it does work ^^ yay!

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    That was in one word - BRILLIANT.

    It made me really appreciate how much i like both of them gym leaders (I even call myself Erika on games sometimes such as Tiger Woods and Ruby and im a guy, although i still like Whitney a lot) and it drew me in so much that i felt as if i was there watching it happen and i was a bit tearful at times - especially the end.

    If you want proof i thought this was brilliant im not normally a shipping guy but this has made me think again about the whole issue - I may actually start to read more of them. Pinkflower shipping is just right for a shipping as it has the two perfect people for each other - in fact it was this and that they are two of my favourite gym leaders i decided to read it and im definitely glad i did. I just wish it had not ended as it was a beautiful story with two beautiful people written in a beautiful style.

    I would be honoured if you would let me know if you made anymore fics like this as you are definitely a talented fic author. This clearly deserves 5/5. Well Done!

    To finish i want to say one thing: Rock on PinkFlower Shipping!
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    Quote Originally Posted by masterwannabe
    Wow. O.O I normally dislike yaoi and yuri fics for a variety of reasons but you definately nearly converted me back then! The only reason I read this fic was because it had such a unique couple and I don't regret reading this! The writing is just beautiful and the quality is astoudingly high. You got me hooked and I now full heartedly support PinkFlowerShipping! Continue writing, please. A well deserved 4.5/5 for this fic!

    By the way, I noticed some person has nominated your fic and you in the Oscars as Best Girl x Girl Fic and Best Girl x Girl Author. You should check it out!
    Thanks for your comments. I'm very glad you liked the story. It makes me so happy. And I understand what you said. As a Yuri fan, I know that most Yuri Ships have the sole purpose of eyecandy. VERY few hold actually working couples. Even those I make, which actually work in one way or another, are just because the girls click and look pretty cute/hot together. PinkFlowerShipping, however, is different. And it goes without question that, when you put your heart and soul in things, they come out much better than ever expected. Thanks for your comments again! ^^

    And I checked... wow. I'm just wordless.

    Quote Originally Posted by berty106
    this was theh first pinkflower shipping i have read on anyfourum.
    i must say, i wasn't expecting much out of it, but OH MY how i was wrong!!!!
    it was brilliant, you really captured Erika IMO, and your description in it is really vivid. the paring suprised me, but WOW how it does work ^^ yay!
    Thanks for reading and for posting. I'm glad you liked it. And well... naturally. I created PinkFlowerShipping, and I'm its biggest fan definitely. It's good to see people want to deviate from the norm and come read those unknown, yet interesting pairings. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperGlalie
    That was in one word - BRILLIANT.

    It made me really appreciate how much i like both of them gym leaders (I even call myself Erika on games sometimes such as Tiger Woods and Ruby and im a guy, although i still like Whitney a lot) and it drew me in so much that i felt as if i was there watching it happen and i was a bit tearful at times - especially the end.

    If you want proof i thought this was brilliant im not normally a shipping guy but this has made me think again about the whole issue - I may actually start to read more of them. Pinkflower shipping is just right for a shipping as it has the two perfect people for each other - in fact it was this and that they are two of my favourite gym leaders i decided to read it and im definitely glad i did. I just wish it had not ended as it was a beautiful story with two beautiful people written in a beautiful style.

    I would be honoured if you would let me know if you made anymore fics like this as you are definitely a talented fic author. This clearly deserves 5/5. Well Done!

    To finish i want to say one thing: Rock on PinkFlower Shipping!
    Thanks for your comments and for reading. I know what you mean, completely. Still, I'm impressed to see you share my vision and that you liked it SO much. And no... the honor is mine. I'm just flabbergasted to see people liked this so much. Again, thanks a lot. I wouldn't say I'm an extraordinary writer at all, but I must admit this is my best work indeed.

    As for other Fics... this was my first and possibly only Ship Fic. Not only I can't think of many more couples that work as well as this one and that I can write up with my heart and soul again, but I also like to keep some continuity in this kind of universe that is my works of fiction. Still, the big response I got for this one-shot is making me reconsider. I have other jobs such as "The Uprise of Cipher" (Link in sig if you wanna see. ), which are more in the order of Adventure, and while OK, I would say they're nowhere near as good. Still, I'm glad to see you're interested in my writing.

    Thanks for the reply again. I'm glad I got you to love Whitney and Erika more, and that you enjoyed it.

    And well... to end this... I'm just overjoyed, people. I just never expected such a response! I mean, it was my first Ship Fic, and it also concerned a rather unknown couple. Never expected more than 5 replies. Seriously... thank you. I can't express how happy you make me. Never have I experienced the joy to see my writing actually made people appreciate those things I love in such a fashion as I do. That IS the ultimate joy of a writer. And it's much more special because I put all of my own self in writing this. As the creator and biggest fan of PinkFlowerShipping, you all have my highest gratitude. I feel like crying... the joy is too much. I'm just happy... that you all enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I even evoked the same emotions it evoked in me! I'm just... impressed. Thanks... again. Words can't express how happy I am.

    More replies, if any, are always appreciated. Still, it's enough with knowing that you took some of your time to read this, which I wrote with all my heart and soul. Sincerely... thank you.

    Paired with the adorable Avegaille ~ <3

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