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    Default My first fic (contestshipping)

    This is my first fic ever, so there's a good chance that it will suck. Mostly rated PG because of some future chaps, but first few chappies are G (mostly).Read if you care:

    EDIT: Title(may change it later) :Beyond the Desert Sands


    Ash lost in the Houen league, and decided to move on.

    "Brock, which region should we head to next?" Ash asked. The loss replayed in his mind, but it was all over. Over.

    His messy black hair waved as the wind blew, and his yellow mouse compnion, Pikachu, sat on top of his red and black hat, which matched his tanned skin.

    Brock was even tanner than his friends, and his incredibly small eyes searched a booklet. He had spiky brown hair.

    "Hm, I read in a handbook that this region named Orre is in need of tough trainers to drive out an evil conspiracy. The reward is a free pass to the Mt. Battle challenge." Brock flipped the page. "Mt. Battle has 100 trainers in a row, and the winner gets-"

    Ash cut him off. "It's settled. Mt. Battle, here we come!"

    May, another one of the group turned around and shook her head, swaying her brown hair. Her blue eyes blinked angrily at her friend.

    "Ash, wait! We haven't settled anything!" May said. She turned to Brock. "Are there any contests there?"

    Brock shook his head. "Sorry, May. They do have the evil conspiracy..."

    "So I'm coming along, defeating evil, then Ash gets the free pass? Even if I get a pass, it's not like it's worth it! To me, at least..."

    "May, we could use your help," Ash said.

    May sighed. "I' ll think about it."
    * * *
    May sat at the park bench, feeling hopeless. If she went to Orre, she'd have to retire her passion for contests for a while. If she didn't go, where would she go?

    "Hey," said a familiar voice.

    May looked up to see Drew. "Hi Drew," she said quietly.

    Drew had green hair the same color as his eyes.

    "You're not your usual self today," Drew said.

    "Who asked you?"

    "Nobody did, that's obvious," Drew said, pretending to be snobby.

    May said nothing.

    "May, something's up, and I know it. Why don't you just tell me?" Drew asked, surprised that May hadn't flipped out because of his fake rude additude.

    May sighed. "My friends want me to come with them to Orre, and there are no contests there."

    "That's what most co-ordinators think," Drew said.

    May seemed really surprised. "What do you mean?"

    Drew smiled at her curious tone. "It's not like I'm going to tell you-"

    "What?" May interrupted.

    "If you come with ME to the Orre region, I can SHOW you what I mean."

    "But what will Ash and-" May began.

    Drew got up. "I'll talk to them, 'kay?" he calmly assured her.
    * * *
    "If my sis goes with you, I'm coming with you too," Max said.

    Max was May's brother. He loved to adjust his glasses to reflect light off of them, giving him a "I-know-something-look" when he did it.

    "If it's fine with Drew, it's fine by me," May said.

    Drew chuckled. "You have my approval."

    "The ferry leaves tomorrow at noon. Don't be late!" Brock and Ash waved goodbye.

    The new trio went to their hotel room. There were two bunker beds and the walls were a cheery yellow. There was also a phone.

    "Gosh it's late. Max-"

    Max had already taken off his glasses and climbed into one of the beds. "I know, it's bedtime."

    May was relieved that for once, she didn't have to remind her brother to go to bed. She untied her bandana and "waist pack" and climbed on the top of the bed opposite her brother.

    Drew didn't seem to like heights that much, so he climbed on the bed under May, after taking off his purple short-sleeved jacket. Max managed to mutter a "good night sis" before dozing off. May soon fell asleep, too, but Drew couldn't get those eyes shut. he listened to the light snoring of Max and soft breathing of May and finally fell asleep too.

    Whaddya think? Comments/crits please!
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