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    Great episode. It was almost awesome enough to make up for the crap we got last week. :s It's good to see Musashi-tachi back in Kanto with the rest of the Rocket-dan, and their interaction with Yamato and Kosaburou was comical as always. I'd like to know what they said to Sakaki to get him to smile... did they just basically tell him that the Maguma and Aqua-dan had disbanded?

    Satoshi's battle with Kikuko was excellent. Gengar pulled off some crazy moves and it really made me thankful that the episode had such good animation. It was so fast paced and energetic, I wish all Satoshi's battles could be this good. And Gengar is always awesome, so that was a plus from the beginning.

    The music they used throughout the episode was great as well. I especially liked the use of Mezase Pokemon Master. It was really fitting with Satoshi going back home and everything. Though I was disappointed with his reaction after walking inside his house. What kind of boy shows no emotion whatsoever upon seeing his best friend and his mother for the first time in likely over a year? >_> He just stands there with a dumb look on his face like he forgot who they were.
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