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    Wow. Compared to this one the previous episode looked even crappier ^_^
    First off, Team Rocket was awesome. The scenes in the headquarters were hilarious and a very nice motto later with excellent animation.

    I liked Agatha's and Scott's voices, they were fitting them pretty well. The battle in the gym was awesome as well with some very nice effects (lol at Gengar speeping over the floor).

    lol, thank God Ash hasn't lost his appetite. Seeing AG 125 and 127 already made me think his obsession for food was completely gone XD *makes a big deal about totally random things*

    Well, overall this was a great episode that made me looking forward to the Battle Frontier.

    Site note: Did Ash say 'Nyoro' instead of 'Nyoromo' when he saw that Poliwag? If he didn't, my ears either need a clean-up or he spoke very unclearly.
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