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Thread: The Love of my Life! {Ash/Mars Shipping}

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    Default The Love of my Life! {Ash/Mars Shipping}

    Mars is stealing trying to take a legandary Pokemon that was stone at first for 300 years. Mars and her team mates are trying to figure out what Pokemon this is by locking into its date a drive with there technology. Some thing happens making an explosion from the Mountains causing Ash/Dawn/Brock to see this. They head to the area to see what's going on and realize these are no ordinary people there dealing with. Team Galica say who they are and run with the stoned Pokemon they have yet to find out about. Ash trys to head them off, he runs a head of the gang and jumps in front of them. Ash blocks Mars and her teams enternce, Mars looks into his eyes for a split second and pushes him down and runs past him. She looks back at him but keeps going. Ash gets up, dusts himself off and trys to catch up with them. Mars and her team make it to there head quarters but she can't stop thinking about Ash eyes, she sneaks out from her team mates to find him but her team mates find her throw in a closet tied up. Ash manages to find there head quarters thanks to Pigeoto and trys to break in. But gets caught and gets thrown into the same closet as Mars tied up. Ash looks at Mas confused, she looks at him dazed. For a moment they look into each others eyes, and kiss on the lips. They break apart and realize they have to break out, they manage to cut there ropes do to one of Ash Pokemon he could reach from his Pockets. They climbe through the vent together and get back to the head quarters. Her team mated find out about this and tell her shes a traitor, Ash backs up for her telling her there's nothing wrong with being good. Mars betrays Ash to proove her team mates that she really is on there team by releasing the Pokemon they found. Ash stairs at Mars in shock and calls Profeser Oak and asks what to do, he tells him to get it back to its orginal place to it can rest without being turned back into stone. Ash trys to lure it out of the area but is not doing such a good job so far, Mars drives in a car to save Ash, she manages to grab a hold of his hand and put him in the car of hers without having her two team mates knowing. Her team mates are trying to catch the Pokemon from behind but are not succedeeding. Ash and Mars drive as bait for the Pokemon to his rest area. Mars hears her team mates coming and tells Ash to into hiding, he looks at her and asks her to join the good guys, she looks at him into his eyes for a split second seriously, she pulls him in for another kiss {Lip to lip} and breaks apart running for her team mates. She tells them it was a fluke and to grab another Pokemon, she shews her team mates away and looks back at the bushes where Ash is hiding, they stair at each other agian and she runs off with her team mates. Ash stairs at the area where she left and goes off to his friends, he says she can't stay on there team forever.

    Let me know if you guy's want me to make a ful transcript of it. Also let me know your opinions of this so far, please...

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    Down your pants. =D


    Well, you have a unique plot here... I would suggest you to make your lines more spaced because it's kinda hard to read it so close together. And add a rating - so your fic won't be closed.

    I have to admit...your pairings of shippings are very...populous and well UNIQUE! The story so far is good, but I never read a sotry so surreal like this one. I'll keep on reading, but you HAVE to add humour - then I'll be one Happy Chappy!

    Good luck with the next chapters! Keep Smiling! Oh, and if you have a PM list, can I please be added to it? C YA! ^_^

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    No rating and too short. Try again. *closed*
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