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Thread: Rose Love Bonds (contestshipping) PG-13

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    Wink Rose Love Bonds (contestshipping) PG-13

    I don't know if I should continue this fic at all, that's all up to you. This is my second fic, and my second contestshipping fic. it may seem rushed, I'm working on two fics at the same time now, just to challenge myself. The begining may sound a little "Aladin" ish. OK then, lemme just cut to the chase (or whatever):

    Chapter 1: Rags and Rescue!

    Prince Drew gazed out over the edge of the balcony, recovering from his horrifying encounter from meeting Princess Grace.

    His father wanted him to get married, but he had to find the suitable princess.

    Grace was awful! She was too tall and to recklessly physical. One slap had sent him flying across the room!

    He had been meeting princesses from all across the world, and only one seemed to catch his attention: Princess Kasumi from Kanto. He liked her tomboyish attitude. She was the only one with orange hair. But she had one problem: she didn’t like him.

    Drew leaned on the rail, and a tear slid down his face and fell into the rose garden.

    He felt like a prisoner in his father’s castle. At least it was his free time today, but there was nothing to do, and so much time.

    He peered over the castle wall, envying the villagers, who were bustling about with so much to do.

    ~ ~ ~

    May and her brother Max hid behind the wall.

    Max shuddered. “Sis, are you sure we won’t get caught stealing food again?”

    May laughed at him. “Scardey-cat! Fine, I’ll do it! You’ll be eating in no time!”

    Max didn’t bother to make a comeback.

    May watched as the salesman turned around and took off, aiming for an apple.

    The salesman quickly turned around and caught her by the arm. “You again!” He yelled menacingly.

    May struggled to be freed of his grasp, but she was too weak. Guards in silver armor and weapons gathered around her and took her to the palace.

    ~ ~ ~

    A guard walked into the room and bowed to the king. “Your majesty, we have a visitor.”

    The king frowned and pointed at one of his servants. “You, go fetch the prince.”

    The maid nodded and hurried up the stairs.

    ~ ~ ~

    Drew sat on his bed, bored. He flopped onto the green pillow and stared up at his ceiling, which was painted a ground view of the top of the trees. He also had a sunroof, but it was cloudy today, deeming the glass useless. Then he turned his attention to the glass vase with roses. No, the maid had already changed them today. He took one out and sniffed it. It soothed his spirit.

    There was a rushed knock at the door, but whoever knocked didn’t wait for permission to come in. The hired girl rushed in.

    “Karla, what is it?”

    “Your father needs you,” she said, panting. “In the throne room, we have a visitor.”

    ~ ~ ~

    Drew stood next to his father’s throne. It was ruby red velvet, edged with gold swirls. It stood taller than the King himself, so there was a stairway up to the seat.

    The guards pushed a girl in.

    She looked up and gazed around her surroundings. She had chestnut brown hair, and sapphire blue eyes that sparkled fearfully. She was dressed in dirty rags.

    The king stared down at her. “Identify yourself, peasant.”

    The girl obviously did not like being called such a degrading name and scowled. “May.”

    Drew looked at her, amazed by her voice. It sounded somehow precious. It sounded like pearls dropping into water. It sounded rounded and sweet.

    The king ignored her pleasant voice and boomed at her. “What did you do?”

    May shuddered under his booming voice. “I tried to steal from the market.”

    Several of the servants gasped. The king ignored them and shouted at her. “The punishment is up to you: Death or Servant.” He smirked, knowing she would probably chose to work for him, as everyone else who worked for him had.

    May choked as she said, “Death.”

    A maid in the room fainted.

    The king chuckled. “You are a brave one, but off with your head! Guards?”

    Drew’s heart stopped beating. What was she thinking? How could his father be so humorous when he was cruel? He bit his lip. “Stop!” He yelled.

    The guards froze. The king glared down at his son. “Drew, what are you thinking? This is going to be fun! Besides, what’s so special about a peasant?”

    The last question tore at him. May had triggered something in his heart that had been triggered twice before; when his mother died and he met Kasumi. But he had not known why he felt like that.

    How could it be fun, anyway? Killing someone is bloody, disgusting, and evil. He gulped, not knowing what to say. “Uh, she should work for us.”

    May stared at him and gave him a “what-are-you-doing” look as the guards released her.

    Drew grinned at her sheepishly. Even he didn’t know why he did that.

    The king massaged his chin in thought. “OK, then, your job is to trim the rose bushes once a week.”

    Drew looked at his father. Why had he given her such an easy job after almost gleefully killing her?

    The king stared down at his son and gave him a wink.
    ~~~~~ <--(added in an edit, of course)
    Yes, I'm going to leave Max out for a while, if I continue. So, what do you think?

    -Pichu Gurl
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