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Thread: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! (M08)

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    So I finally got round to watching my copy of this movie - now that it's finally arrived! Let me just say how amazing it is, the quality of the animation, not so great a story though I didn't think. It also had the obligatory upsetting ending, which I've come to expect and respect now - Lucario (though I will continue to call him Rukario) will definitely have a place in my future team!
    Also, did anyone else notice how more mature the characters were?
    One other question though...Why were all the red blob cleanser things all taking the form of the prehistoric fossil Pokémon?
    Ok, one more - in the end credits, you see Lucario and Aaron-Sama walking together again in what seems like their own time period because of the clouded scenery (like it was in the beginning of the film), but how do they return to that era? It might be I missed something in the translation, but if anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, would like to know please.
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