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Thread:'s "Make a Picture of Light" Feature (something for fun)

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    Default's "Make a Picture of Light" Feature (something for fun)

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.

    Just wanted to let everyone know about some interesting feature on the Japanese Pokemon Movie 12 website. Even if you can't read it, it can still be fun. And if you can't see the Japanese characters in this post, well, sorry. Shouldn't make it that much more difficult though.

    This feature is like a little search-and-find game where you need to find five plates scattered throughout the website. Along the top of the page, you'll see a crystal-like banner with the yellow Japanese characters 光の絵をつくろう (Make a Picture of Light). Clicking on the words will take you here, where you'll see the Arceus-shaped picture of light, a counter, and a gauge showing available downloads.

    It says that if you can collect all five plates, you'll be able to add your own star to the Arceus-shaped picture of light. Your star will include your name (or nickname) and a message to your favorite Pokemon. By clicking on various areas of the picture of light, you'll be able to see several messages left by other people. And as more peopl leave messages, the more downloads are available. Right now, it's just a wallpaper. Next is a screensaver.

    As you go around the site, you'll see that a small crystal-like banner on every page with the words 光の絵をつくろう and プレート (Plates). This will help you keep track of all the plates you've found.

    If you want to find them yourself, you can. It's not hard at all. Below are the links anyway to all five pages with plates. (Extra: Insert アルセウス into the text field to view various poses of Arceus)

    Once you get all five, you'll be prompted to click on a large red button. It will take you to the page mentioned earlier. You'll see a brown box on the right with a large orange button (メッセージを送る). Click on it to enter the information for your star. Below is the order in which it'll ask for your information. There's also the option to use letters from the English alphabet. Click on the red button (けってい) on the bottom-right corner when done with that step.

    1. Nickname
    2. Favorite Pokemon (only five characters possible; if you wish go here for Japanese writing)
    3. Message (two lines; gap in text area means new line)
    4. Choose Message Template (more eventually becomes available as gauge fills)
    5. Confirm

    Once you're done with that, it'll place your star on the picture of light (no choice of location I think) and give you the option of printing out a sort of certificate. The certificate is in Japanese (obviously), but it also shows the area in which your star is located, your chosen nickname, and the date. Doesn't say your message though. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to save a digital copy of the certificate (I have no color ink!) to save or print later.

    You'll be able to see your message from your computer whenever you visit the site. I think it'll take a day or so before you can see it on the whole list of messages. As I mentioned earlier, to see the lists of messages just click on an area and click on the button on the right with the number 3 on it (it's indicating the month of March). Judging by appearance, they may separate messages by month.

    From what I can tell, you can make more than one (made one for Pidgeot since couldn't remember where Plates were). May require clearing your browser's cache or something though...

    Here's my first one. Yeah, I just chose to message Pikachu...

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    Ha ha, this is pretty neat.

    I did it, though it was hard finding the characters for Articuno.
    My message was stupid "Arceus-is awesome". I couldn't think of anything better to say.

    My star is located about mid-way up the lower right box

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