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Thread: Gen 1 Type Coverage Team Build

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    Default Gen 1 Type Coverage Team Build

    I just recently got Pokemon Yellow for my 3ds and have got to thinking about what the best team would be in terms of type coverage. The only restrictions are no legendaries, all in the team need to be dual type, and no type can be used for more than one pokemon. In doing this a team should be able to cover 12 out of 15 types. Having looked at it on my own I have come up with the following:

    Poliwrath: Water/Fighting
    Gengar: Ghost/Poison
    Dragonite: Dragon/Flying
    Jynx: Ice/Psychic
    Parasect: Bug/Grass
    Rhydon: Ground/Rock.

    Can anyone come up with any better options for the team, barring the swap of Rhydon for Golem as I prefer Rhydon and won't be changing that? Also as far as this team build is concerned what would be the best movesets to give them all to make it the most viable ingame?

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    You should post in either the ingame team rate forum or the help sticky in this forum if you're looking for team advice.
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