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EDIT: I have a nice story to tell about my experience with the link cable. X3 I completely had forgotten about this to. XD Ok well my friend and I wanted to battle my Red Version against my Blue Version. Being the complete dope she was then she actually stuck the Red Version into the Gameboy the wrong way... * reveresed with the sticker side facing the back of the Gameboy into the slot* And the game got stuck... I got it out with a knife , and then we began the link battle. Well just before I defeated her final Pokemon in the line up , the Pokemon fainted and then it said "* what ever the name was of Red in my Red Version* Sent out Arcanine!" And then it fainted and sent out another Arcanine , and it kept doing the same thing over and over. It'd get sent out and then faint automatically. XD
Err....knives are dangerous. To people and games!